Since the Learning Studio opened in 2011, we’ve enjoyed giving students opportunities to work with professional photographers and equipment. This fall we added Canon 6D full-frame DSLR cameras to our checkout pool, so trained students now have access to pro-level gear with their library card.

This November we also hosted a photography workshop where 14 students had a chance to work with alum Asia Eidson on image making for social media. She introduced students to techniques for capturing striking images and then refining them with Adobe Creative Cloud.  

*To hear about future student workshops and 6D training, send us an email at to get on the mailing list.

If you’ve got some time over the Christmas break, download Photoshop or Lightroom to add some sparkle to your holiday images.

Need some inspiration to #MakeMerry? Here are a few ways Adobe CC let’s you add impact to your photography.

Quick look at Photoshop CC

Quick look at Lightroom CC

Download Adobe CC software

Adobe CC Inspiration

Alexposure Photography, Alex Gabriele (senior, Information Systems)

Alex has been a regular user of our checkout cameras, and last spring he joined us for the first portrait photography workshop. His personality makes him great at working with his subjects, but Asia’s workshops have also improved the level of finish and confidence in his pictures. “If it was not for the Learning Studio access to top-quality equipment, I would not have realized my talent and passion as a photographer.” This summer he took the next step and opened a photography business at

Low-Light Photography, Forrest Lorenzen (junior, Multimedia)

Since coming to ACU, Forrest has produced several short films for classes and FilmFest, ACU’s student film competition. He primarily uses Canon DSLRs for video and Adobe Premiere in his film work, but he experimented this fall with long-exposure photography, shooting with a Canon 6D and bringing photos into Photoshop for RAW processing before creating a short time-lapse clip in Premiere. “Having access to the Learning Studio’s new Canon 6Ds and Adobe software motivates me to create in ways I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. These tools encourage me to experiment and grow as a visual artist and storyteller.”