Stage 1

A professional video studio designed around one-button tools.
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Where is Stage 1?

Stage 1 is located through the Media Lab at the front of the Learning Studio, on the top floor of Brown Library.

Green Screen

Pro green screen footage with
preset lighting and backdrop

Center Stage

Flexible shooting for a single
subject or small groups


Introduce your ideas visually by
talking while you write

One Button Studio x 3

All three zones can leverage our new One Button Studio cart. Combine the simplicity of recording in the One Button Studio with higher quality video, audio, pro lighting and backdrops.

Learn more about the One Button Studio…

Reserve Stage 1

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Filming in Stage 1

After receiving access to Stage 1, you will choose between filming your project with the One Button cart or with a camera and tripod you check out at the front desk.

Stage 1 also offers a range of other tools that add flexibility and production value to your project.

Lighting Presets (Zones 1-3)

Studio Lighting Presets

Though you can use the checkout LED lighting kit in the studio, Stage 1 also provides custom lighting presets for lighting fixtures already designed around each zone. In addition, zones 1 and 2 also offer colored wall washers that can further transform your scenes.

LED Light Kit for checkout


Green Screen (Zone 1)
Teleprompter (Zones 1, 2)

Working with a Teleprompter

The iCue Teleprompter is also an easy way to add polish to speeches and presentations delivered directly to the camera.

iCue Teleprompter app for iOS

Lightboard (Zone 3)

Using the Lightboard

The Lightboard allows faculty students to produce short videos introducing concepts visually on a glass markerboard as they speak directly to a camera. They write directly on the illuminated glass with neon markers to illustrate points and concepts as they talk. A PowerPoint image can be merged to appear in the video as if it has been projected onto the writing surface. Lightboard is useful for a lecture, a lab demonstration, presentations or project demos, problem explanations, homework explication, and more. This feature is only available in Zone 3.

More about Lightboard