I Love to Sing the Story: Exploring Stone-Campbell Hymnody

i love to sing the story, poster 3Summit 2014 is in the books.  I taught three classes on the earliest hymnody of the Stone-Campbell movement.   The first session focused on the Abner Jones-Elias Smith movement in New England; then a day on James O’Kelly and the ‘Christian Church in the South’; and then a class on Barton W. Stone.

I pointed out that we could easily spend three days just on Alexander Campbell.  And that would only get us to the Civil War!  So for three days and three classes I chose to stay in the earliest traditions.

I have PowerPoint presentations and handouts for each class; the audio should be available on iTunes shortly.  Before I upload the PP and handouts, I have some editing/polishing to complete.  And I want to compile a short list of resources for further study.  I will upload the PP, the handouts and the resources (with links to electronic sources) to this blog shortly.  Plus, we have an exhibit of hymnals in ACU LIbrary (if you are in Abilene, come on down to the first level of the library and take a look in person).  We are putting the finishing touches on an online version of that exhibit so if you are not in Abilene, you can still enjoy the exhibit.  Stay tuned for the announcement and URL for the exhibit.