Dr. Monty Lynn Receives Teaching Award

Dr. Monty Lynn Receives Teaching Award

When you walk into Dr. Monty Lynn’s office, you are struck with a sense of peace and quiet and are greeted with a warm handshake and an even warmer smile. Talking with him, you get the sense that you are heard and paid attention to, that everything said in that room is important to him. Recently, Dr. Lynn was honored with the Christian Business Faculty Association’s Teaching Award. Once a year, business faculties in a network of 110 faith-based schools meet to share ideas about teaching and research and to honor outstanding members in the CBFA. The CBFA Teaching Award was established by the Christian Business Faculty Association to perpetuate Christ-like teaching and to recognize Christian business faculty members who emulate the character, engagement, and calling of Christ to the work and ministry of transformational education. These are all certainly descriptors of Monty Lynn and we could not think of a more fitting person to receive this award.

Dr. Lynn is held in very high esteem by his peers and students. Mark Phillips, Professor and Management Sciences Department Chair, describes Dr. Lynn as the ‘face’ of COBA to many generations of new business students, as they begin their academic career in Dr. Lynn’s Intro to Business course. Phillips recalls students describing Dr. Lynn as incredibly, unbelievably nice, which made it all the more shocking when they learned that he gives such hard exams. “Everything he does is accomplished with excellence and grace,” says Phillips. “Monty exemplifies the type of faculty member we try to hire and retain.” Dr. Lynn treats everyone with the utmost respect; you are always given his undivided attention and he is very intentional in the curriculums that he teaches and the advice that he gives. He teaches business in a context that reflects how one can use their skills to benefit others and to be a selfless person in the world. Dr. Lynn invests in his students. He is gifted in his ability to leave a lasting impression on those who encounter his words of wisdom. While teaching students the fundamentals of business, he is also instilling in future generations how to combat the challenges of this world with an empathetic heart and a servant’s mentality. Elisabeth Danelski, a junior finance major, and Dr. Lynn’s student worker, said that Dr. Lynn is one of the biggest blessings she has received in her time here at ACU. “Now he is not only my mentor but someone who I share my daily stories with. I come to him when I’m at my wits end seeking advice and most importantly, someone who I hope to have in my life long after I graduate,” she said. “I am so excited the humblest person I know is receiving recognition for the dedication and passion he brings to his field in such a Christ-like manner.”

It is clear how others see Dr. Lynn – gracious, intentional, and Christ-like. Dr. Lynn says that he always imagines himself as a student when he teaches a class and asks himself what he would want to learn, what he would be curious about, and what he would need to know. Dr. Lynn said that no class of his is ever the same. “I always tweak my classes every semester,” he said. “You have to change because things change in business constantly; there are always new examples, insights, and experiences.” Dr. Lynn’s engagement with his students is evident in this way; he makes every semester better and more relevant to that specific group of students so that they can learn and grow in the specific ways they need. His intentionality with students makes him beloved. Dr. Lynn’s commitment to lifelong learning also contributes to his status as an excellent teacher. It says something when a teacher is more eager to learn than they are to teach and his love for learning shows in the way he carries himself in the classroom. He treats every day as an opportunity to gain a new perspective and to allow the experiences of others to change the way he sees this world. We could not be more proud to call Dr. Lynn one of our own and are excited to see how he continues to teach and impact every student that walks into his classroom.

On the road again…

Junior Marketing major Tyler Sutphen just completed a seven concert, nine-day tour for his capstone project as part of his semester at the CCCU’s Center for Contemporary Music based in Nashville, TN.  They traveled 1600 miles and visited six CCCU campuses. Read more about the tour here. And click here to read more about the music business program for ACU students here.

Marketing major Tyler Sutphen at the CMC in Nashville

Want to be in the music business?

Junior Marketing major, Tyler Sutphen, wants to be in the music business. He’s not exactly sure what he wants to do in the music business – producer, performer, promoter – so he headed to Nashville this semester to learn about all the possibilities. Tyler is attending CCCU’s Contemporary Music Center this Spring. He’s earning 15 hours of credit and is smack dab in the middle of the music industry. We caught up with Tyler his second week there. Here’s what he had to say:

Tyler in action at the CMC in Nashville, TN

The faculty here are all pretty seasoned veterans of the music business. They include professional artists, songwriters, and people that have held almost every job in the industry. You couldn’t ask for better staff. They have already provided access to so may opportunities for us.

I already feel really close to some of the students here. There are 30 of us, and, to be honest, this whole experience feels more like camp than school. We’re becoming a tight knit group already.

Within the first week we visited Toby Mac’s studio, Kelly Clarkson’s musical director’s house, and Blackbird Studio, which is arguably the best studio in the world. Not to mention that the first night we arrived, Kelly Clarkson herself actually showed up to sing us a few songs. I’m really looking forward to who we get to meet next.

I’m really looking forward to being able to play music everyday. Almost everyone here, regardless of what track they are in, plays an instrument, and loves to jam.

I can’t wait to go on tour. The week that we will be traveling around playing shows is going to be as real as it gets. I’m going to be on tour with a band, and getting school credit for it.

Here’s what the director, Warren Pettit, wrote about Tyler:
“He is doing a great job and we love having him around. Students from ACU have always been among our best applicants and we look forward to serving more of your students in the near future.”

For more information on the Center for Contemporary Music, visit their website here.