imovieMacMany students and faculty who visit the Learning Studio are new to video editing. Apple’s iMovie software comes free on all Macintosh computers, so it’s the most obvious place to begin. 

The iLife suite–including iMovie, iPhoto, and GarageBand–is available on any Macs in the Learning Commons or Learning Studio. iMovie was designed around the ability to organize, edit, and share your video as quickly as possible. With the addition of the tapeless camcorders, now available for checkout in the Learning Studio, this means you’ll have your clips loaded and ready to edit almost immediately.

Here are a few ways you might use iMovie for projects this semester:

  1. Import footage from a checkout camera or mobile device and cut it into a short video.
  2. Bring images from iPhoto or the web and assemble them into a narrated slideshow with panning effects.
  3. Combine still images, video footage, and audio tracks to create a basic digital story.
Please watch this short video on Saving an iMovie Project in the Learning Studio lab. We use the same DeepFreeze software to lock down lab computers, so be aware that failing to save properly could mean starting your project over again. .



Getting Started

For those new to iMovie, here are a few short videos to help get you started.


What’s Next

Once you’ve gotten some experience in iMovie, you also have the opportunity to work with pro video editing systems in the Learning Studio: