Cornerstone Spotlights are a tradition. Once a week during the fall semesters, freshmen at ACU have packed into Cullen Auditorium to hear a member of ACU’s faculty give a talk about their respective field of study. The Learning Studio has been intimately involved from the beginning, helping structure, design and film each presentation, and preserving them online for later viewing.

[Watch: What is Cornerstone?]

The talks, called Spotlights, have long represented the largest weekly course gatherings on campus—a polished, professionally produced experience in which virtually every ACU student from the past decade has participated. But auditorium lectures aren’t very pandemic-friendly, so this year the Learning Studio needed to help Cornerstone adapt, without losing the engaging and dynamic ethos that has always characterized the live talks.

In filming sessions before and during the semester, Learning Studio staff filmmakers Matt Maxwell and Nathan Driskell, along with Cornerstone Director Trey Shirley, met with Cornerstone faculty and produced each of their talks direct-to-camera, packaging them with a uniform look and feel that included custom graphics and animations.

Each of this year’s 11 Cornerstone Spotlights is available to watch online.