Rare debate now available

The Paton-Williams Debate on Universal Salvation and the Destiny of the Wicked, between John H. Paton and Thomas Williams, is now available for browsing and full-text download.

Paton-Williams Debate on universal Salvation and the Destiny of the Wicked, 1906, front cover

This item, from the Joe Johnson Collection in American Christianity, is the only known copy.  The pamphlet is just a few dozen pages in length and in very good condition. Thomas Williams, editor of The Christadelphian Advocate, represents a Christadelphian position.  The propositions are:

  1. The Bible teaches that all mankind shall finally be saved (Paton affirms; Williams denies)
  2. The Bible teaches that the punishment of the wicked will result in their final destruction (Williams affirms; Paton denies)

The debate may be viewed and downloaded here.  It is the newest addition to the collection of digitized Stone-Campbell Books at DigitalCommons.acu.edu

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