On the Shelf: New books added to Center for Restoration Studies, Taylor Hymnals, ACU Archives and other collections, June 2018

In June 2018 our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 104 items to five discrete sets in Special Collections: Center for Restoration Studies (books and periodicals, both bound and unbound); Taylor Hymnal Collection; ACU Archive; ACU Authors, and to the Milliken Office staff’s reference shelf:

Abilene Christian University. Students. Sing song
Abilene Christian College. Department of Music. A capella chorus : Abilene Christian College
Abilene Christian College. Department of Music. A capella chorus : Abilene Christian College
Abilene Christian College. Department of Music. Concert band : Abilene Christian College /cdirector, Charles Traylor ; associate director, John Hollifield.
Abilene Christian College. Department of Music. Youth sings! : The A Cappella Chorus
Kenya church of Christ. Indoiywech bukuit ne tilil
Fudge, Edward, The fire that consumes : a Biblical and historical study of final punishment
The Eureka golden melodies : an unexcelled collection of sacred songs, for sunday schools and all church work and worship
Fells, Nick. Creating digital audio resources : a guide to good practice
Royse, Nyal D., Seeking the New Testament church in the 20th and 21st century
Warren, Thomas B. (Thomas Bratton), The God question : a response to an historic conference on the existence of God
Meadows, James Lee, Some errors of premillennialism refuted
Billings, VIcky, Bethany learns about the Lord’s Supper
Richesin, L. Dale. Chicago Disciples Union one hundred years, 1887-1987 = Chicago Jīyok Jejahoe Yunhaphoe 1887-1987 : 100 jooyon sunkyo yaksa = Union de Discipulos de Chicago 1887-1987 : cien años de ministerios cooperativo
Boyd, James W., O, give me a home
Deaver, Mac, The hopelessness of humanism
Conchin, Willard, The preacher and his work
Truex, Milton E. (Milton Eldridge), A short history of the Springfield Missouri Church of Christ
Waldron, Jim E., The lamb/lion : a commentary on the Revelation in question form
Rushmore, Louis, Preaching the whole counsel of God : sermon outlines
Mitchell, Donna, Beneath misty mountains
Holland, Thomas H. (Thomas Hayes), The gospel declared and defended : a workbook study of Galatians
Blankenship, Daniel A., Race relations in the Church of Christ during the civil rights movement
Hilburn, Jason, Defending divine doctrine pertaining to prayer
Wade, Ronny F., Twelve reasons why you should investigate the Church of Christ
Fort Worth lectures Gleaning from the gospel accounts
Wright, Cecil N., Critique of a ‘brief critical review’ of the New International version of the Bible by A.G. Hobbs
Deaver, Mac, The Holy Spirit : (center of controversary — basis of unity)
Billings, Vicky, Bethany learning about preaching the gospel
Saunders, Landon B., Life that loves to happen : no matter what happens
Coats, W. Wayne, A study of using outsiders to assist in worshipping God
The whole truth about homosexuality.
Chilton, Ernest, How to organize a cradle rool department in the Sunday morning Bible school / Mrs. Ernest Chilton, Mrs. Earl Whited, Jim Bill McInteer.
Williams, Tex (R.H.) Paul’s letters to Timothy & Titus
CCTE studies.
Libraries & culture.
Johnson, Ashley S. (Ashley Sidney), The great controversy
Contending for the faith.
Contending for the faith.
A handbook on the minor prophets
Whiteside, Robertson L. Bible studies
West Visalia Church of Christ lectureship From God’s mind to man’s pen : the 28th annual West Visalia church of Christ lectureship
Lanier, Roy H. 3 years of the gospel preacher
Lanier, Roy H. 3 years of the gospel preacher
Contending for the Faith/Spring Church of Christ lectureship Morals : from God or man? : 2005 Contending for the Faith/Spring Church of Christ lectureship
Kiamichi clinic
Golf Course Road Church of Christ (Midland, Tex.) The Christian caller
Contending for the faith.
Bychkovsky, Serhiy, Рідна пісня на чужині =  Red song for happy /
Great songs of the church, number two : a treasury of six hundred sacred songs suitable for all services of the church /
A calling to care : nurturing college students toward wholeness /
Jacoby, Douglas, True & reasonable /
Jones, Thomas A., God’s perfect plan for imperfect people : the message of Ephesians /
West Visalia Church of Christ lectureship The Bible in 3D : God’s word revealed through Bible geography /
McWhorter, Jane, Roses in December : why God gave us memory /
Chapman, Paul, Encamped toward heaven : a history of the Nolanville encampment /
Cole, Cheryl, Little wicker basket : personal stories of the families who built Michigan and Ontario Churches of Christ in the early 1900s /
Pledge, Charles A. The blood of Christ and other sermons /
A profession of faith : Christ, character & career /
A profession of faith : Christ, character & career /
Kriete, Henry, Worship the King /
Ministering to youth : a strategy for the 80’s /
Knowles, Dale Victor. Stepping stones : poems for a better way /
Visions and dreams : a brief history of the International Churches of Christ /
Bristow, Benny B., From knee pants to romance /
Taylor, Myron J., Preacher of the gospel : Myron Jackson Taylor /
Stephens, Richard E. (Richard Eugene), Vocal or instrumental music — which? : thirteen lessons for teens and adults of all ages /
Shipp, Glover, Marriage is a covenant, not a contract /
Claiborne, Winford. Divine relationships : five minute gospel messages from 1 Peter /
Why we stayed : honesty and hope in the Churches of Christ /
Bellview lectures The blight of liberalism : thirtieth annual Bellview lectures /
Klinker, Harriette Grayson. The First Christian Church of Vincennes : a century and a half of discipleship /
Triplett, Dawn, Church of Christ at Barker Creek and Rapid City Michigan /
Hogland, George A., Did Jesus use individual cups? : a reply to Benjamin Lee Fudge’s tract, “The one cup doctrine” /
Hogland, George A., “The one-cup persuasion” : a scriptural fact ; a reply to “A critique of the one-cup persuasion within the Churches of Christ” by Yeow Chin Kiong /
Hickey, Brett, The Lord’s Supper : unity in one loaf and one cup /
Hogland, George A., Coordinate assemblies : worship services & Bible classes /
Directory of the ministry : a yearbook of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ.



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