On the Shelf: New books added to Center for Restoration Studies, Taylor Hymnals, ACU Archives and other collections, August 2018

In August our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 143 items to the Center for Restoration Studies, Taylor Hymnals, ACU Authors, ACU Archive, and general rare books collections.  In nearly every case these were new to us.  Further, the work performed on some of these items reflects original cataloging, which is a tremendous contribution to knowledge about information resources from and about the Stone-Campbell Movement.

The Library in Daisy Hall, with a Jesse Sewell reading a book at a table and shelves of books around him.

Our goal is a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

143 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research:



Coughlin, Paul T. Free us from bullying : real solutions beyond being nice
Layfield, Lavelle. When marriages bomb, there is a balm in Jesus Christ : marriage, divorce and remarriage
Woodroof, James S., Sayings that saved my sanity : journey to freedom
Moffitt, Jerry. A manual in non-boring preaching : how to speak so that people listen up!
Shank, Harold, Children mean the world to God : the profound importance of children in your life, your congregation, your world
Pepperdine College lectures The George Pepperdine college lectures, by G.H.P. Showalter and L.S. White, delivered at … George Pepperdine college, Los Angeles, California, January, 1944.
Williams, Jon Gary. A practical guide to Bible study : in easy-to-use outline format
Hailey, Homer, Prayer and providence
Baker, Cindy Sue, Lord, give me pretty feet
International Churches of Christ, Acts studies series
Speaking as the Oracles of God Lectureship Time and eternity. when the morning breaks eternal
Baker, Cindy Sue, March on : my year in the Vanuatu bush
Elkins, Garland, One grape at a time
Stage Road forum Issues facing the church : fellowship
Crowley’s Ridge Lectureship Mark : the gospel of action.
Westside lectureship That we all may be one : John 17:20-21
“Stewardship in history, scripture and the church”
Oklahoma City School of Biblical Studies lectures The first century church
Ashville Road Church of Christ lectureship “That ye may believe” : 1998 Ashville Road church of Christ lectureship.
Ashville Road Church of Christ lectureship Seeing what John saw : 1999 Ashville Road church of Christ lectureship.
St. Louis Area Wide Lectureship Christians vs. the world : I John 2:15-16
Kansas Expressway Church of Christ and Bible Institute of Missouri Lectureship The whole of man : spring lectureship
Kansas Expressway Church of Christ and Bible Institute of Missouri Lectureship “That you may know …” spring lectureship
Cretsinger, Kathy, From Glade to Walnut Grove : the history of Walnut Grove Church of Christ
Permian Basin lectures Some questions about Christian living
Central Mississippi Lectures Growing in the grace and knowledge of the Lord
Seek the old paths Lectureship Preaching needed for the nineties
Hodge, Charles B., Will God run?
Ohio Valley Lectureship Sermons presented at the twenty-fourth annual Ohio Valley lectureship : problems confronting the church today
Freed-Hardeman University Lectures Proclamation and promise : major themes in the minor prophets
Freed-Hardeman University Lectures We will serve the Lord : conquest and deliverance in Joshua and Ruth
Freed-Hardeman University Lectures Give us a king : faith, failure, and forgiveness in Samuel
Newberry, Alfred L., The divine pattern advocate
Mazzalongo, Michael, Une courte histoire de l’Église du Christ au Québec = a brief history of the Church of Christ in Quebec
Olbricht, Owen D., “Seek and find” : Matthew 7:7
Gravel Hill Church of Christ Lectures Back to basics
Gray, Leonard M., What have you heard about the Church of Christ?
Firm Foundation West Coast Lectures Paul : servant of Christ
Curry, Christopher, A history of the Churches of Christ in the Bahamas
Langfield, Weldon, Will you come home? : a plea to return to the Lord from someone who cares
The Moffitt-Deaver correspondence on Holy Spirit baptism : a doctrine on the run
Moffitt, Jerry, Deaver doctrine on Holy Spirit baptism : explained and denied
Campbell, Roger D., The seven one’s : body, spirit, hope, Lord, faith, baptism, God
Moffitt, Jerry, Is elder reaffirmation scriptural
McKamie, J. Wayne, Words of love. a book of sermons
The history of the Mt. Leo Church of Christ.
Herald of Truth Radio and TV Programs (Abilene, Tex.) Pictures of truth : a present-day look at the parables of Jesus
Hickey, Brett, Christian chronicle interview on the Lord’s Supper
Wade, Ronny F., Reasons why you should investigate the Church of Christ
Cogburn, Buddy, Theories of belief
Pledge, Charles A., The resurrection body
Cloer, Eddie, Come, let us magnify the Lord : presenting a heart of gratitude and praise to the God of all grace
McLaughlin, Don Heaven in the real world : the transforming touch of God
Errett, Isaac, First principles : or, the elements of the Gospel ; analyzed and discussed in letters to an inquirer
Preston, Don K. Seal up vision & prophecy : a study of the 70 weeks of Daniel 9
Williams, J. P. (Johnnie Price), Fifty TV sermon outlines
Smith, Grumpy. Everyday Christianity : Life learned lessons and observations from an ordinary man
Beauchamp, Gary R. It’s all about grace
Stewart. William Wayne, Father to father : a legacy of faith
Ash, Anthony Lee. Djela apostolska : uvod i komentar.
Collier, Gary D., Scripture, canon, & inspiration : faith in pursuit of conversation
The book of Acts : now and then
The Pastor’s church growth handbook
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, Whence and whither the Disciples of Christ
Bales, James D., Apostles or apostates : have the Latter-day Saints perverted the New Testament teaching concerning apostles of Christ?
Woodroof, James S., Struggles of the kingdom
Willingham, Willie Cleone White, Family reference book of the lineage of Jim Williams – Barber, Buie, Crawford, White, Williams, Woodward; Hugh Williams – Jones, Rogers, Williams; Enoch A. White – Brannans, Gartmans, Marshalls, McMillians, Pearsons, Whites, Youngs; Dallas P. Willingham – Baker, Brummett, Willingham; J.M. Livingston – Cornelius, Livingston, Maso
Lemmons, Reuel G., Radio sermons
Young, David M. (David Michael), New day : restoring the revolutionary mission of Christ’s church
Freed-Hardeman lectures, 1953-2002
Hodge, Charles B., Will God run?
Young, David M. (David Michael), New day : restoring the revolutionary mission of Christ’s church
Whiddon, Bob, (Robert E.), The lily of the valley : the history of the Church of Christ, Van Nuys, California in the heart of the San Fernando Valley
Tabor, O. H. (Orbin Herschel), Fountains of love
Ferguson, Gordon Revolution! : the world-changing church in the book of Acts
Fortune, A. W. (Alonzo Willard), The conception of authority in the Pauline writings / by Alonzo Williard Fortune.
Overton, Basil, Conversions in Acts
Carr, Aulden W. You shall know the truth
Babik, Roger, Call against the will : God’s call to a stubborn phone man created MASTER Provisions, a global Christian clothing ministry
Satzler, Ron. How to finish restoring the Church of Christ
Lubbock Lectureship Your adversary the devil : a study of Satan and satanism
The untold story : a short history of black disciples
The sesquicentennial history of Mt. Zion Christian Church, Madison County, Kentucky, 1852-2002
Our century of faith, First Christian Church, Tyler, Texas, 1889-1989
Spice, Byron, Discipulos americanos = (Spanish American Disciples) ; sixty-five years of Christian Churches’ ministry to Spanish-speaking persons
Badger, Bryant D., A history of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Colorado and the Central Rocky Mountain region, 1873-1997
Todd, Cecil. The church of God’s choice
Fowler, Willis H., I preached on Wild Dog Mountain
Downen, Ray (Ray LeRoy), Proper Bible understanding leads to Christian unity
Blazer, Dan G., (Dan German), You were born to work : so let’s approach it God’s way
Dulin, Gene, The faith promise missionary conference
Lingerfelt, Russell. The warrior of Ephes Dammim : when teenagers overcome their giants
Poll, Charles Arthur. My life : the memoirs of A.P. the preacher man
Bajko, Paul, A history of the Churches of Christ in Poland
North American Christian Convention Unity and freedom through restoration : being a faithful record of the addresses presented to the 1953 North American Christian Convention meeting in Canton, Ohio
Chae, Yoon Kwon. Praise through pain
Pifer, Lester E. (Lester Eugene), The Christians only of Cypress Creek
McFadden, Paul, Crowley’s Ridge College : the first 40 years, 1964-2004
Grafton, Mona R., A house not made with hands : the first 125 years in the life of the First Christian Church of Mattoon
Gresham, Charles, What the Bible says about Resurrection
Past is prologue to the future : historical summary of 53 churches
Congregational history of the Churches of Christ in Woodward County, Oklahoma, 1903-2000
Cox, Loretta C., Abingdon Church of Christ : the first half-century: a history of the first fifty years of the Abingdon Church of Christ
The History of a Church : the forty-year history of Memorial Road Church of Christ.
Olbricht, Thomas H. Missouri memories (1934-1947)
Cobbins, Jennifer Myles, For His glory : a history of the development of North Tenneha Church of Christ 1935 -2010
Elliott, B. Raymond, Ann Street memories : the early years, Montgomery Bible School-Alabama Christian College 1940s & 1950s
Tumlinson, Samuel H. Tumlinson : a genealogy
Towner, D. B. (Daniel Brink), The tabernacle hymns
Shipp, R. Mark, Timeless : ancient psalms for the church today
Glorious praise at the Colonies
Praise hymnal : a collection of contemporary songs for praise and worship
A New hymnal for colleges and schools
Spiritual life songs …
The American tune book: a complete collection of the tunes which are widely popular in America, with the most popular anthems and set pieces. Preceded by a new course of instruction for singing schools,
Carols : a book of songs and services for the beginners and primary grades of the Sunday school.
The Harmonist : being a collection of tunes from the most approved authors : adapted to every variety of metre in the Methodist hymn-book. And, for particular occasions, a selection of anthems, pieces, and sentences.
Funk, Joseph, Harmonia sacra, being a compilation of genuine church music. Comprising a great variety of metres, all harmonized for three voices, together with a copious explication of the principles of vocal music.
Mason, Lowell, The new Carmina sacra, or, Boston collection of church music : comprising the most popular psalm and hymn tunes in general use, together with a great variety of new tunes, chants, sentences, motetts, and anthems, principally by distinguished European composers : the whole being one of the most complete collections of music for…
The choir: or, Union collection of church music. Consisting of a great variety of psalm and hymn tunes, anthems, &c. original and selected …
Carradine, Beverly, The best of all : complete
Hymns of faith and life : for church worship, hymn festivals, assemblies and schools
Blackwood Brothers radio favorites no. 3 : a special collection of favorite gospel songs for radio, concert and revival use
Uplifted voices : a 20th century hymn book for Sunday-schools and devotional meetings
Youth sings : a praise book of hymns and choruses.
Primary songs
Leslie’s challenge : a class and chorus book
Minter Lane Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) The Minter Lane hymnal
Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Hymn and tune book of the Methodist Episcopal church, South.
Songland melodies : a new song book for revivals, praise and prayer meetings, singing and Sunday schools, and churches, normals, conventions, school and home
Songs of Spring : for radio and general use.
Silver carols : a collection of new music for district schools, high schools, seminaries, academies, colleges, juvenile conventions and the home circle
McIntosh, R. M. (Rigdon M.), New life : or, songs and tunes for Sunday-schools, prayer meetings, and revival occasions
All-American song book : a community song book for schools, homes, clubs and community singing
Minter Lane Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) The Minter Lane hymnal
Songs of Zion : our second 1973 book for singing schools, conventions, etc.
Eddy, Sarah J. (Sarah Jane), Songs of happy life for schools, homes and bands of mercy.
Immanuel’s praise
Gospel hymns nos. 5 and 6 combined : For use in gospel meetings and other religious services
International praise for the Sunday school and church
Select gospel songs.
The B.F. White Sacred harp.

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