On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, January 2019

In January our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 132 items to the Center for Restoration Studies and Taylor Hymnals collections.  Some of these were new to us; in other cases these new additions gave us a second copy.  Further, the work performed on some of these items reflects original cataloging, which is a tremendous contribution to knowledge about information resources from and about the Stone-Campbell Movement.

The Library in Daisy Hall, with a Jesse Sewell reading a book at a table and shelves of books around him.

Our goal is a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

132 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research:

Huegel, John E., Herald of the cross: the life and work of Frederick J. Huegel (1889-1971)
Waddey, John H. (John Howard), Back to the fountain-head : studies on the Restoration of New Testament Christianity
Waddey, John H. (John Howard), The testimony of the twelve minor prophets
Beals, George F., How implication binds and silence forbids : studies in Biblical hermeneutics
Kemp, Charles F., The pastor and vocational counseling
Kemp, Charles F., Pastoral preaching
Thurston, Bonnie Bowman. The widows : a women’s ministry in the early church
Welsh, Wiley A. Villains on white horses : sermons on passages from Paul
Williamson, Clark M. God is never absent
Gaventa, Beverly Roberts. From darkness to light : aspects of conversion in the New Testament
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, Thy sea so great : a book of verses
Aspley, Joe W. On blooming where you are planted : (and other messages)
Patterns of preaching : a sermon sampler
Allen, Ronald J. (Ronald James), Contemporary biblical interpretation for preaching
Allen, Ronald J. (Ronald James), Preaching the topical sermon
Allen, Ronald J. (Ronald James), Preaching : an essential guide
Allen, Ronald J. (Ronald James), Our eyes can be opened : preaching the miracle stories of the synoptic Gospels today
Allen, Ronald J. (Ronald James), Preaching verse by verse
Colina, Tessa. Missionary programs for the church
Jacobs, Norman E. (Norman Ernest), Christians learning for Christian living : introductory course : guidebook
Burton, Charles Luther, A sense of urgency : memoirs of a Canadian merchant
Cochran, Louis, Row’s end
Cochran, Louis, FBI man; a personal history
Cochran, Louis, Hallelujah, Mississippi
Cochran, Louis, Boss Man
Maus, Cynthia Pearl, The world’s great Madonnas; an anthology of pictures, poetry, music, and stories centering in the life of the Madonna and her Son
Jones, G. Curtis (George Curtis), Candles in the city
Jones, G. Curtis (George Curtis), The naked shepherd : a pastor shares his private feelings about living, working, and growing together in the church
Cardwell, Brenda M. Journey toward wholeness : a history of black Disciples of Christ in the mission of the Christian Church
Ashby, Homer U. Our home is over Jordan : a Black pastoral theology
Allen, Ronald J. (Ronald James), Preaching is believing : the sermon as theological reflection
Osborn, Ronald E. The spirit of American Christianity
Hobgood, William Chris. Born apart, becoming one : Disciples defeating racism
Payne, John Wade, Park Avenue Christian Church : 200 years of seeking justice, embracing diversity, inspiring imagination
Cartwright, Colbert S., People of the chalice : Disciples of Christ in faith and practice
Cook, Virginia D. Guideposts for worship
A Hope of wisdom; two essays on education
Partners in new possibilities
Enmore incorporated : pioneers of Churches of Christ in New South Wales
Henry, Alice Cobble. Congo kaleidoscope
Ames, Van Meter, Out of Iowa : a poem
Kelly, Mary Frances E. Some Chinese friends of mine
Unleashed : the church turning the world upside down
Lindner, John B. By faith : Christian students among the cloud of witnesses
Rossman, Parker. Faiths next door
New flags! : a study book
Fiers, A. Dale (Alan Dale), The Christian world mission
Tippett, Alan R. (Alan Richard), Verdict theology in missionary theory
Staton, Knofel. Timothy–Philemon
Eubanks, David L. Hebrews
Hicks, Olan, What the Bible says about marriage, divorce, and remarriage
Hudson, David. A diverse community of believers and seekers : a history of the First Christian Church in Iowa City, Iowa, 1863-2013
Fountain, Maxine Eleanor Taylor. Herstory: the Hillyer woman : a story of the women’s work at Hillyer Memorial Christian Church, Raleigh, North Carolina, 1916-1974
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). General Assembly Business docket and program, General Synod/Assembly, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Kansas City, Missouri, July 13-17, 2001
Kuntz, Kenneth A. The congregation as church
Moseley, J. Edward (Joseph Edward), Evangelism — commitment and involvement
Standard lesson commentary
Moon, Everard R. (Everard Roy), I saw Congo
Cochran, Louis, Flood tides : a novel
Wakefield, E. B. (Edmund Burritt), Standard eclectic commentary on the International Sunday-school lessons for 1893 …
Maus, Cynthia Pearl, Time to remember; the memoirs of Cynthia Pearl Maus
Christian women share their faith : a book of herstories
Paulsell, William O. (William Oliver), Spiritual inheritance : claim it! live it!
Hearn, Ben, The fanning of the flame : Women of the Church in Texas, 1885-1973
Dietze, Charles E., God’s trustees, to whom much is given
The Power of one : men and women of faith who make a difference
Adams, Harry Baker, Priorities and people
Lee, Allan W. The burro and the Bibles; and other vignettes of a summer in Mexico
Moseley, J. Edward (Joseph Edward), The many faces of aging
Voices : selected poetry from the writings of George Earle Owen [and others]
Ward, Mae Yoho. The seeking heart : the prayer journal of Mae Yoho Ward
Johnson, H. Eugene. The Declaration and address for today
Azlein, Arthur A., A history of the Disciples of Christ in the National Capital Area
Celebrating 100 years : history of the Granny White Church of Christ
Watkins, Harold R. Continuity, conservation, cutting edge
Griffeth, Ross John, Crusaders for Christ
Huron, Rod. Love, laughter and leadership : the ministry of Wayne B. Smith
Lollis, Lorraine. The shape of Adam’s rib: a lively history of women’s work in the Christian Church
Johnston, W. G. (William Grovener), The evangelistic message
Channels, Vera. The layman builds a Christian home
Kemp, Charles F., Life-situation preaching
Finegan, Jack, Space, atoms, and God; Christian faith and the nuclear-space age
Taylor, Myron J., Preacher of the gospel : Myron Jackson Taylor
McLean, Archibald. Epoch makers of modern missions
Standard lesson commentary
Cochran, Louis, The story of the lowly gnome; When the sea king’s daughter came out of the sea; How the red rose came to be red
See, Frank Edmund. Feeling kind of temporary
Cochran, Louis, Son of Haman
United Christian Missionary Society. Handbook of the United Christian Missionary Society : a board of missions and education of the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ).
Spice, Marjorie Davis. Marica of Paraguay
Hobgood-Oster, Laura. Crossroads choices : 2000-01 study book
Savage, Murray J. (Murray James), Haddon of Glen Leith : an ecumenical pilgrimage
Hamm, Richard L. (Richard Lee), From mainline to front line : an invitation to dialogue with the General Minister and President
Zollars, E. V. (Ely Vaughan), The great salvation
Go quickly and tell
Carter, J. W. (John W.), The diary of J.W. Carter, class of 1850, Bethany College, Bethany, West Virginia
Brewer, Don D., A century of caring, 1904-2004 : a pictorial history of Colorado Christian Home
Elliott, Mal. Hillside Christian Church : the first eighty years : Wichita, Kansas, 1922-2002
Jubilee, 1903-1978
Howson, Embrey Bernard. A history of the First Christian Church of Pikeville, Kentucky
A passion for Christian unity : essays in honor of William Tabbernee
Sikes, Walter W. On becoming the truth; an introduction to the life and thought of Søren Kierkegaard
Pope, Richard M., Our changing and changeless faith : reflections on the human adventure
Jones, Clara Ada. That Jones family
Osborn, Ronald E. La fe que afirmamos : creencias básicas de la Iglesia Cristiana (Discípulos de Cristo)
Haywood, Janice. Enduring connections : creating a preschool and children’s ministry
Our Christian heritage : a reading book
Makin, Royce E. You are the Christ? : nine one-act plays
Green Harris. Chinaberry summer : Riverton, Alabama 1947
West, Robert Frederick. God’s Gambler
Bayer, Charles H. The Babylonian captivity of the mainline church
O’Neal, Joseph E. Preacher : the life story of Clarence Greenleaf and the Grundy Church of Christ
Eubank, L. Allan. Dance-drama before the throne : a Thai experience
Stevenson, Dwight Eshelman, The fourth witness
Murphey, Paul W. Living life, facing death : a better way of living and dying
Murphey, Paul W. Death and dying : bibliographic resources
Peters, Eugene H. (Eugene Herbert), The creative advance; an introduction to process philosophy as a context for Christian faith
Ferré, Gustave Adolph. The layman examines his faith
Sessions, Will. Week of the cross
Lunger, Alberta. Roadside tables
Olds, J. Howard. Led to follow : leadership lessons from an improbable pastor and a reluctant CEO
Fraser, Ian M. I’ve seen worse
Davison, Frank E. (Frank Elon), Thru the rear-view mirror
Hamilton, Sam M. The logic of language in the language of logic :   manual and workbook for a course in elementary logic
Fortune, A. W. (Alonzo Willard), Adventuring with Disciple pioneers
Festival of homiletics : preaching 2001
Praise for the Lord

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  1. Hi Bob, yes there will be many new-to-us items, both for special collections and some also useful for the circulating collection, and added bonus! Thank you!

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