On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, October 2019

In October our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 697 items to the Center for Restoration Studies, University Archives, and Rare Books collections.  Among them are books, periodical issues (bound volumes and many boxes of unbound issues), a few tracts and dozens of A/V items in formats from cassette tapes to 8-tracks to LP albums. Most are new to us but a handful are second copies.  The work performed on some items reflects original cataloging, which is a tremendous contribution to knowledge about information resources from and about the Stone-Campbell Movement.

The Library in Daisy Hall.  Jesse Sewell reads a book at a table surrounded by shelves of books.

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

697 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research:

Catalog Author Catalog Title
[Thompson, Eva], Student teaching home economics education:   handbook
29th & Yale Church of Christ (Tulsa, Okla.) The mediator
Abilene Christian College Bible Lectures Abilene Christian College Bible lectures, 1934 : delivered in the auditorium of Abilene Christian College, Abilene, Texas, February 1934
Abilene Christian College. Class of 1923 : 45th anniversary
Abilene Christian University, Celebrating 75 an uncommon commitment : the commemorative magazine of the seventy-fifth anniversary of Abilene Christian University
Abilene Christian University. Opening assembly
Abilene Christian University. Hope for the future this is a special video letter for you
Abilene Christian University. Opening day chapel
Abilene Christian University. ACU President’s Circle dinner
Abilene Christian University. Hope for the future this is a special video letter for you
Abilene Christian University. The making of Jacob’s dream
Abilene Christian University. ACU. Development Office. Heritage of heroes
Abilene Christian University. Choral Society. Alumni choral reunion
Abilene Christian University. Department of Music The men of ACU
Abilene Christian University. Students. Sing song
Allen, Crawford Leonard. Discovering our roots : the ancestry of churches of Christ
Amis, James T., (James Thomas), Civilization and war
Anderson, Julie A. Choosing gladness : letting God occupy your heart
Anderson, Lynn, Robert Lynn Anderson Papers
Arceneaux, Early, On J.N. Cowan’s trail
Ash, Anthony Lee. Dealing with divorce
Atchley, Rick The greatest story ever : the prodigal sons
Atchley, Rick, Let the chains of inadequacy fall away
Atchley, Rick, Let the chains of inadequacy fall away
Atchley, Rick. Together again : restoring unity in Christ after a century of separation
Atchley, Rick. Experiencing God by hearing his voice
Atchley, Rick. Who’s your 1? : every 1 can bring some 1 to Jesus
Atchley, Rick. Experiencing God by hearing his voice
Atchley, Rick. Who’s your 1? : every 1 can bring some 1 to Jesus
Atchley, Rick. The Bible doesn’t say that!
Bagby, James T. Bagby-Trice discussion on the design and action of baptism
Baird, James O. (James Oscar), And I say unto you … : a study of eight positions on divorce and remarriage in view of Matthew 19:3-12
Baker, Joanna. God’s grace for hearts broken by abortion
Balás, David L. [Metousia Theou] : man’s participation in God’s perfections according to Saint Gregory of Nyssa
Baldwin, James, School reading by grades : seventh year
Banowsky, William Slater. The mirror of a movement; Churches of Christ as seen through the Abilene Christian College lectureship
Bardy, Gustave. La conversion au christianisme
Baril, Chuck. The Christmas present
Barnett, Joe R., Some quiet place : the loving words of Jesus
Barrett, Ethel. Fanny Crosby
Barrington, Jovan, You are loved
Bazonoona, Ida. The adventures of God in Uganda
Beam, Joe Experience the power of releasing control
Beck, Richard Allan, How to open the hearts in every congregation
Beck, Richard Allan, Where radical hospitality will take us
Beck, Richard Allan, Why we fail to welcome others
Becton, Randy. Chosen path : Christian lifestyle essays
Bell, Terry, Watch the Lamb : a fresh look at Jesus
Belmont Church of Christ (Indianapolis, Ind.) The belmont banner
Bennett, Charles E. (Charles Edwin), A Latin grammar,
Bixler, William Allen, Chalk talk made easy : crayon and blackboard drawing simplified ; a complete course of self instruction with over 300 sketches
Boglin, Major. Parenting : how to develop as a thinking parent
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), A commentary on the Gospel by Luke
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), A commentary on the Gospel according to Matthew
Boring, Holland, Light reflectors
Bouchelle, Dan, What will be the look of the future church?
Bowles, Larry. Islam is a true false religion we need not fear
Bowles, Larry. How Jesus is being welcomed in the world of Islam
Boyer, Kathryn, Many mansions : lessons of faith, family, and public service
Brantley, Kent. Speak life from his wild action
Brewer, G. C. (Grover Cleveland), The model church
Brewer, G. C. (Grover Cleveland), A review of brother Homer A. Strong’s pamphlet entitled The use of instrumental music in Christian worship is scriptural
Brewer, G. C. (Grover Cleveland), Instrumental music in the worship : does psallo authorize it? : A review of O.E. Payne’s book
Brewer, G. C. (Grover Cleveland), Can I be just a Christian? : a discussion between Stranger, Partyman, and Brewer
Brice, Tanya Smith. Through the looking glass : a discussion on race relations in the churches of Christ
Broken Arrow Church of Christ (Broken Arrow, Okla.) Weekly communicator
Brumley, Albert E., Albert E. Brumley’s songs of the pioneers : A collection of songs and ballads of the romantic past
Butterfield, Ryan. The addicted church : brokenness misunderstood
Campbell, Alexander, An Alexander Campbell reader
Campbell, Alexander, Christian baptism, with its antecedents and consequents
Campbell, Alexander, The Christian system : in reference to the union of Christians, and a restoration of primitive Christianity, as plead in the current reformation
Campbell, Alexander, Debate on Christian baptism : between Mr. John Walker, a minister of the secession, and Alexander Campbell : held at Mount-Pleasant, on the 19th and 20th June, 1820, in the presence of a very numerous and respectable congregation : to which is added a large appendix
Cartwright, L. D. The use of the prophetic material in religious education for the high school age
Casey, James. In defense of girl’s [i.e. girls] praying
Caskey, Guy V. (Guy Vernon), If therefore the whole church
Caskey, Guy V. (Guy Vernon), A reply to a Moslem
Central Church of Christ (Bakersfield, Calif.) The central courier
Central Church of Christ (Tulia, Tex.) The Tulia evangel
Central Church of Christ (Valdosta, Ga.) The exhorter
Chan, Francis, Experience the transforming power of God
Chan, Francis, Experience the presence of God’s spirit
Choate, J. C., A survival message
Christian and Missionary Alliance. Himnos de la vida cristiana : una colección de antiguos y nuevos himnos de alabanza á Dios
Church of Christ (Charleston, Ill.) Church of Christ of Charleston
Church of Christ (Quincy, Ill.) The preceptor
Church of England. La liturgia Ynglesa, o, El Libro de la Oracion Comun y administracion de los sacramentos, y otros ritos y ceremonias de la Yglesia, segun el uso de la Yglesia Anglicana : juntamente con el Psalterio ô Psalmos de David, y tambien el libro de la cansagracion y ordenacion de los obispos, presbyteros, y diaconos
Churches of Christ. Ghana. Kristofo Nnwom = Christian hymns
Cloudcroft Church of Christ (Cloudcroft, N. Mex.) Gospel call
Coffman, James Burton. The mystery of redemption
Cogdill, Roy E. (Roy Edward), The origin and claims of Roman Catholicism
College Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) College Church bulletin
College Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) The News
College Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) The Minute-monitor : bulletin of the College Church of Christ
College Street Church of Christ (Lebanon, Tenn.) Good news
Collegeside Church of Christ (Cookeville, Tenn.) Collegeside : a weekly newsletter for the family of Christians at Collegeside
Columbia Avenue Church of Christ (Glasgow, Ky.) Newsletter
Combs, David. How to put the local church into motion
Combs, David. Community ministry : bread of life for a hungry world
Conference on Youth and Family Ministry Recovering spirituality : youth and family conference
Cope, James R. (James Rogers), Where is the scripture? : A review of Batsell Barrett Baxter’s tract, “Questions and issues of the day in the light of the Scriptures”
Cope, Mike, Experience hope in the midst of pain
Costa Mesa Church of Christ (Costa Mesa, Calif.) Life
Cox, Hannah. Ladies : why it’s important you lead
Cox, Kerry. Sharing your faith in spite of your fears
Cox, Kerry. Becoming a church that reaches the lost
Cox, Kerry. Bridging the racial gap
Cox, Kerry. Taking people from crowd to conversion
Cox, Monte, How to move alongside the “spiritual but not religious” generation
Cox, Reg (Reginald Allen), The X-odus files
Cox, Robert, Reaching legion : for the blessings are many!
Crane, William Iler, Wheeler’s literary readers, with interpretations…
Crane, William Iler, Wheeler’s literary readers, with interpretations…
Cukrowski, Kenneth L. (Kenneth Larry), A fly on the wall : what elders are thinking at gender-inclusive churches  (thinking textually)
Curl, Billy, God’s had enough : Isaiah 1:2-17
Curtis, George B. Baptist church history chain examined
Dabbs, Matt. Practical ministry to a missing generation : ministry to 20s and 30s
Davila, Francisco. Making Christ known through mercy to a hurting world
Davila, Francisco. Making Christ known through mercy to a hurting world
Davis, M. M. (Morrison Meade), How the disciples began and grew : A short history of the Christian Church
Deaver, Mac. Can one know truth?
Dickard, Daniel. Experiencing the stability of Jesus in a wobbly culture
Diggs, Steve. Can’t we just all get along? : conflict avoidance, management, and resolution, and the 5 truisms of brand you
Diggs, Steve. The 8 keys to a worry-free money life
Diggs, Steve. Rethinking success : God’s way
Diggs, Steve. The fine art of mentoring : 6 traits of the great mentors
Dobbs, John. Pursuing unity in the middle of a broken religious world
Dobbs, John. Small groups : a refreshing approach for exasperated leaders
Dorris, C. E. W. (Charles Elias Webb), A commentary on the Gospel by Mark
Eastside Church of Christ (Stephenville, Tex.) [Bulletin]
Ellis, Lloyd E. Gospel treasure graded Bible lessons : intermediate students, year I-III
Evans, Jack, The God of a second chance
Fambrough, Andy. Effective church communication
Faulkner, Sandy, Wholly God : the story of a perfect God and his peculiar people
Felix, Charles. Mud, blood, and barbed wire : prose and poetry of war
Ferguson, Charles A. Lessons in contemporary Arabic
Ferguson, Les, Is it okay to have doubt?
Ferguson, Les, The weakness of God
Finch, Terry. How God heals the broken behind bars
Finley, Trey. The law of the lid : how leaders can avoid limiting their volunteers
Fisher, O. C. (Ovie Clark), The Texas heritage of the Fishers and the Clarks
Forest Hill Church of Christ (Cleveland Heights, Ohio) [Bulletin]
Foster, Douglas A. (Douglas Allen), Will the cycle be unbroken? : churches of Christ face the 21st century
Foster, Otto, Scriptural government of the church
Fry, Virgil M. Rekindled : warmed by fires of hope
Fry, Virgil M. Disrupted : finding God in illness and loss / Virgil M. Fry
Fudge, Bennie Lee, Helpful hints for Bible teachers : especially designed for teachers of the “Use your Bible” workbooks
Fudge, Bennie Lee, Intermediate book …
Fudge, Bennie Lee, Junior book …
Gallaway, B. P. The ragged rebel : a common soldier in W.H. Parsons’ Texas Cavalry, 1861-1865
Gary, Sally, Ministering to the needs of those impacted by same sex attraction
Gary, Sally, Same sex attraction
Gates, Arthur I. (Arthur Irving), Magic hours
Gentry, Dawn. Moving forward : leaving the past behind in the cost of following Jesus
Gentry, Dawn. Attracting guests : puting your best foot forward
Gentry, Dawn. Teamwork : how spiritual gifts build a local church
Geringswald, Richard J. Lieutenant C. Vincent Hall : the “Alexander Campbell” of Jamaica and the “Young Indiana Jones” archaeologist in the valley of the kings in Egypt
Gill, Randall (Randall Lee), The history of our music
Gragg Avenue Church of Christ (Memphis, Tenn.) The key word
Granberg, Stanley E., Sharing faith in the 21st century
Graves, Joshua, Story of us
Graves, Joshua, Who is my enemy? : the practical reason to engage Muslims in the U.S.
Graves, Joshua, But what if my neighbor is a Muslim?
Graves, Joshua, Hope fools : death is running the show
Graves, Joshua, But what if my neighbor is a Muslim?
Gregory, Gregory Thaumaturgus Address to Origen
Griffith, Buck. The days of our years
Grimsley, R. W. (Robert William), The church that Jesus built
Guin, Jay. What God wants most from elders
Hagood, Fate. Peep knowledge
Hale, Ruth M., Sowing the seed
Hall, Larry E. No longer I : being transformed into the image of Christ
Hall, Robert J., Grandpa says : a heritage of wisdom for the next generation
Hamilton, Mark W. Given as a light to the nations : Isaiah 49:1-13
Hamilton, Mark W. A theological introduction to the Old Testament
Hamilton, Mark W., Jesus, king of strangers : what the Bible really says about immigration
Hamm, Darin. How the church makes church too difficult…. and what to do about it
Harper, E. R. (Ernest Rosenthal), An examination of “Why Herald of Truth is wrong” : (Debate notes of Yater Tant)
Harrington, Paula. Dare to die
Harrington, Paula. A little encouragement for children’s ministry workers
Harrington, Paula. Dare to die
Harris, Randy, Fearless Christians : surviving an election year with your hope intact
Harris, Randy, When hostility is converted to hospitality
Harris, Randy, How to be human : a guidebook for vulcans
Harris, Randy, The human dilemma : a guidebook for martians
Hartman, Gertrude, Builders of the old world
Hayes, Daryl. Blessings : they’re not just for sneezing!
Heard, John Bickford, Alexandrian and Carthaginian theology contrasted
Heie, Harold, Evangelicals on public policy issues : sustaining a respectful political conversation
Hemphill, Steve. Prayer study
Hemphill, Steven. Growing into Christian manhood
Hemphill, Steven. Baptism : a new slant on an essential matter
Hersh, Sharon A., The last addiction
Hersh, Sharon A., How families can become allies rather than enemies
Hicks, John Mark. Loving creation : from darkness to light
Higdon, Elmer Kelso, New missionaries for new days
Hill, Howard C. (Howard Copeland), Reading and living, for upper grades
Hill, Russell. How to upgrade our community connections
Hinds, John Thomas, A commentary on the book of Revelation
Hines, Jacob Lee, Instrumental music digest : Sermons delivered over radio station WRR, Dallas, Texas
Hinton, Jimmy. Protecting the children : sexual abuse in the church
Hippolytus, Commentaire sur Daniel
Hodge, Charles B., Confessions of a cross-bearer
Holloway, Gary, Living God’s love : an invitation to Christian spirituality
Holmes, Gary L., Erased : God’s complete forgiveness of sins
Hook, Cecil, Free to accept
Hostetler, Bob, How to survive the end of the world
Hougey, Hal, Manual for home Bible study classes
Hunt, Jasper Newton. The progressive course in spelling : in two parts
Hunter, J. Marvin (John Marvin), A brief history of Bandera County, covering one hundred years of intrepid history
James, Larry M., How to make a difference in our communities
Jarboe, Jay. Brokenness through missionary eyes
Jarboe, Jay. Go new : it’s time for a new day in missions
Jarboe, Jay. Brokenness through missionary eyes
Jividen, Jimmy, Le chant dans le culte chretien
Jividen, Jimmy. Inspiration and authority of the scriptures
Johns, Randy. The art of spiritual conversation
Jones, Barron, In returning and rest : Isaiah 30: 1-3, 8-18
Kasinger, Josh. How can I keep from singing?
Kee, W. Paul, Cameroon report
Kelcy, Raymond C., First Corinthians
Kemp, Charles F., The pastor and vocational counseling
Kentucky Christian College (Grayson, Kent.) The voice
Kentucky Christian College (Grayson, Kentucky) Forward
Kidwell, J. M. (James Monroe), Grub ax upset : a review of Grub-ax and infant baptism
Kingcade, Josh. Don’t cut class
Kinnamon, Michael. Truth and community : diversity and its limits in the ecumenical movement
Knowles, Victor, The crushing load of Islam, the living power of love
Kurfees, M. C. (Marshall Clement), Review of O.E. Payne’s book on Psallo
La Mesa Church of Christ (La Mesa, Calif.) Newlife newsletter
Lake Cities Church of Christ (Trophy Club, Tex.) Belgian Breeze
Lake Jackson Church of Christ (Lake Jackson, Texas) Newsletter
Lakewood Church of Christ (Lakewood, Col.) The messenger
Lambert, Orlando Clayton, Roman Catholicism un-american
Langdon, Don. Lord of the harvest
Langdon, Scott. All eyes on the cross : a dramatic presentation of the life of Jesus
Langdon, Scott. The red letter edition : a dramatic presentation of the words of Jesus
Lawndale Church of Christ (Houston, Tex.) Bulletin of the Lawndale Church of Christ
Leach, Max, College, classroom, campus, and you
Lemmons, Albert G., Prayer enrichment seminar
Lemmons, Reuel G. A decade of reflection : Image editorials, 1985-1995
Lewis, Elbert G., Elbert G. Lewis papers
Lewis, Jack P. (Jack Pearl), The minor prophets
Lingleville Church of Christ (Lingleville, Tex.) The weekly messenger
Lipscomb, David, A commentary on the epistles of the New Testament. I, II Thessalonians ; I, II Timothy ; Titus, and Philemon
Lipscomb, David, A commentary on the Gospel by John
Lipscomb, David, A commentary on the New Testament Epistles : Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians
Lockhart, Clinton, The Messianic message of the Old Testament
Long Beach Church of Christ (Long Beach, Calif.) Family talk
Love, Mark, Seeking a lasting city : the church’s journey in the story of God
Lucado, Max God’s story, your story
Lucado, Max. In the grip of grace
Lucado, Max. No wonder they call him the Savior
Lucado, Max. In the grip of grace
Lytle, Rick. Abandon the ordinary : what’s the big idea
Lytle, Rick. Experience the stretch of church growth
Lytle, Rick. Abandon the ordinary : when in charge, take charge!
Magnusson, Eric. Transformation
Mantooth, Darrel. How to shepherd so the church can grow
Marrs, Rick R., Look to the holy one : Isaiah 31:1-9
Marshall, Carl C. (Carl Coran), The model arithmetic for commercial colleges and department schools …
Martin, Casandra. Outrageous joy
Matthews, David. Grief recovery : life after loss is possible
Maxey, Al, Bridging our brokenness
Maxey, Al., Healing grace for broken marriages
Maxey, Al., Calling for reformation : spirit-led love
May, Richard. Saving marriages is worth the cost
McDonald, Walter. Faith is a radical master : new and selected poems
McDoniel, Chet. You were worth the cost
McDormand, Thomas Bruce. Judson concordance to hymns
McGavran, Donald A. (Donald Anderson), Church growth and Christian mission
McGlothlin, Kay, First steps in Bible land
McGuffey, William Holmes, McGuffey’s sixth eclectic reader
McGuffey, William Holmes, McGuffey’s fourth eclectic reader
McGuffey, William Holmes, McGuffey’s third eclectic reader
McGuiggan, Jim, Seeing freedom through the lens of the Lord Jesus
McLaughlin, Don, Twice born : initiation into the good news commission
McLaughlin, Don, Have I got a story for you!
McLaughlin, Don, Twice born : initiation into the good news commission
McLaughlin, Don, Have I got a story for you!
McLaughlin, Don, Reach your neighbor
McMurry, Charles A. (Charles Alexander), The method of the recitation
Mead, Patrick. Wrestling with God : when your name is Jacob
Mead, Patrick. Distant from God : when your name is Isaac
Mead, Patrick. Following Jesus is worth the cost
Mead, Patrick. The transforming power of love
Mead, Patrick. Following Jesus is worth the cost
Mead, Patrick. Speaking life from
Mead, Patrick. Believing in the impossible
Midway Church of Christ (Jasper, Ala.) The Bible way
Milligan, R. (Robert), Epistle to the Hebrews
Monterey Church of Christ (Lubbock, Tex.) Monterey
Moore, Carl. Being deaf : finding answers in Jesus
Moore, Carl. Is there a cause worth dying for?
Moore, Carl. Letting Christ speak
Moore, Carl. Working as a team for the Lord
Morgan, Trey, Why the good news is better than ever
Morgan, Trey. 8 jaw-dropping things about Jesus
Morgan, Trey. 8 things I’ve learned about God from being a parent
Morrison, Ryan. Helping without hurting : how to truly help the poor
Mountain Avenue Church of Christ (Tucson, Ariz.) Goodnews newsletter
Mountainside Church of Christ (Albuquerque, N. Mex.) The mountainside messenger
Mudd, Larry, Good news for a broken world : the Revelation
Mudd, Larry. Love seed : putting a fresh face on an ancient tale
New Beginnings Church of Christ (South Houston, Tex. ) Namikango mission
Nichol, C. R. (Charles Ready), God’s woman
Nichol, C. R. (Charles Ready), God’s woman
Nielman, Kevin. Married but divorced : how to get from “me” to “we”
Ninth and Jefferson Church of Christ (Cookeville, Tenn.) Ninth and Jefferson AveNEWS
Nored, James. Why churches of Christ are shrinking
Nored, James. How churches of Christ can have hope and a future
Northside Church of Christ (Stephenville, Tex.) Bulletin
Northwest Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Northwest newsletter
Origen. Homélies sur le Cantique des cantiques
Origen. Selections from the commentaries and homilies of Origen
Origen. Prayer. Exhortation to martyrdom
Origen. The Song of Songs; Commentary and Homilies
Origen. Ōrigenēs Kata Kelsou en tomois 8 tou autou Philokalia = Origenis contra Celsum libri octo ejusdem Philocalia
Origen. The Philocalia of Origen; the text revised, with a critical introduction and indices
Origen. Origen on first principles : being Koetschau’s text of the De principiis translated into English, together with an introduction and notes
Origen. Geist und Feuer
Osburn, Carroll D. Women in the church : reclaiming the ideal
Oskaloosa Church of Christ (Oskaloosa, Iowa) London mission
Palmer, Rochelle. Loves God, loves gays
Palmer, Sean. Strong and kind : living at peace in a diverse and divide world
Pamkhurst, Zeth. Methods used to speak to deaf children
Pankhurst, Zeth. Is it worth it to follow Jesus?
Parkway Drive Church of Christ (Lubbock, Tex.) Parkway Drive Bulletin
Parry, Lewis. Is it worth it to give up my family for Jesus?
Pemberton, Dana Kennamer, I will change your name : messages from the father to the heart broken by divorce
Peters, Craig. Ministering through God stories
Peters, Craig. Nexus
Peters, Craig. Nexus speak life
Peters, George Llewellyn, The Disciples of Christ in Missouri, celebrating one hundred years of co-operative work
Phillips, Marvin, I was in prison and you came to me
Phillips, Marvin, Grabbing for the gusto!
Pleasant Valley Church of Christ (Little Rock, Ark.) Pleasant Valley reporter
Potts, Clark. Catch the dream
Prater, Robert. Can God make the skeletons of your life dance?
Prestoncrest Church of Christ (Dallas, Tex.) Prestoncrest family news
Price, Barbara. Hands on and story telling techniques in the children’s ministry classroom
Price, Barbara. Reaching and teaching in the children’s ministry classroom
Price, Barbara. 50 practical & exciting preschooling ideas
Pyles, Tim, Blessings in brokenness : affirming God’s welcome for the differently-abled (living and learning with a special-needs son)
Pyles, Tim. God against the odds : improbable triumph in life’s impossibilities
Reese, Jeanene. Bound and determined : Christian men and women in partnership
Riley, Jamie. Growing minds, growing relationships, growing disciples
Ritchie, John W. (John Woodside), Human physiology; an elementary text-book with special emphasis on hygiene and sanitation
Roberts, Keith. The cost of an authentic prayer life
Robertson, Phil. Reaching the world is worth the cost
Robinson, William, The Biblical doctrine of the church
Rodriguez, Daniel A., Sent to bring good news : Isaiah 61:1-11
Rollans, Darrah. Mothers and daughters : generating faithful energy
Ross, Josh, Good news in the middle of a bad news culture
Ross, Josh, Church owned by the mission
Ross, Josh, Good news in the middle of a bad news culture
Ross, Josh, Equipped to engage
Ross, Rick. A walk to remember : the journey of grief
Rush, Dusty, Behold the king in beauty : Isaiah 33:2-12, 17-22
Rush, Dusty, How great is our God
Rush, Dusty. Experience the presence of God
Rush, Dusty. 5 things to avoid if you want to stay shallow
Rush, Dusty. How we live the story we tell
Rush, Dusty. Treatment for Christian dementia
Rush, Terry, Brokenness is no respecter of social class
Rush, Terry. Living in the here and wow!
Rush, Terry. Experience opportunities for God now
Rush, Terry. What should be the look of the present church?
Rush, Terry. Speak life from his wild adventure
Rush, Terry. Bruised, broken, and battered to reach the world
Rust, George, A letter of resolution concerning Origen and the chief of his opinions
Sanderson, James E., Saving souls in the 21st century
Sanderson, Leon B., Sing and praise
Saunders, Landon B., Reaching our young is worth the cost
Schopper, Jeremy. Developing leadership for smaller congregations
Schopper, Jeremy. Developing an outward focus for smaller congregations
Scott, Harold L. Restoration outlines
Scott, Winston, Bells, Bibles and Baptistries : a history of the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches in Jamaica
Seek the old paths Lectureship Preaching needed for the nineties
Seibles Road Church of Christ  (Montgomery, Ala.) Seibles Road Church of Christ
Seidman, Chris. God in the dark
Shank, Harold, Creating a new heavens : Isaiah 65:17-66:2
Shedd, Macky. Men : why it’s important you lead
Shelburne, Curtis K. How to measure a rainbow : celebrating the colors of God’s love
Shelly, Rubel The second incarnation : a theology for the 21st-century church
Shipp, Glover. Separate for me : a study of mission motivation and education at the grassroots level, the local sending church
Showalter, G. H. P. (George Henry Pryor), The Showalter-Clark discussion on the Lord’s day Bible school : involving a consideration of the class system and women teachers
Shulam, Joseph, A commentary on the Jewish roots of Romans
Sigle, Jeremy. Not dead, not a mega-church : small church ministry
Sixth & Izard Church of Christ (Little Rock, Ark.) Keynoter
Skidmore, David. Uprising : a class especially for teens
Smith, C. A. Smith-Tant debate on Campbell’s baptism : was Alexander Campbell baptized in order to obtain remission of sins?
Southern Hills Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Vision from the hills
Southern Hills Church of Christ (Shreveport, La..) Southern Hills heartbeat
Southern Hills Church of Christ (Tulsa, Okla.) Family Album
Southside Church of Christ (Lexington, Ky.) The southside signal
Sparks, Curt. Learning to listen to God
Speck, Henry E. (Henry Eli), The church’s educational program
Spink, Greg. Giving the poor a handup and not a handout
Spoon, Will. Children through the eyes of God
Srygley, David. How to reclaim your life for the kingdom of God
Stein, Stephen J., The Shaker experience in America : a history of the United Society of Believers
Storment, Jonathan, Let the urgency of capability
Stringfellow, Lynn. The missing generation : practical evangelistic ministry to 20 somethings
Stringfellow, Lynn. Be dangerous
Stringfellow, Lynn. Structuring your ministry for outreach
Stringfellow, Lynn. Be dangerous
Sunny Glen Children’s Home (San Benito, Tex.) Sunny Glen reporter : a pictorial view of your investment in developing Christian character
Swinford, Chris. Good news worth sharing (how anyone can lead a Bible study)
Tant, J. D. (Jefferson Davis), The gospel X-ray
Taylor Boulevard Church of Christ (Louisville, Ky.) The religious reminder
Taylor, Creed, Tall men with long rifles; the glamorous story of the Texas revolution
Taylor, Frances Lilian, Two Indian children of long ago
Taylor, Greg, Converge panel : perspectives on outreach
Taylor, Justin. Teens – ME : experiencing eternal life now
Taylor, Justin. Nexus
Taylor, Trent. In for the long haul
Teddlie, Tillit S., Golden harvest hymns
Thomas, J. D. (James David), Spiritual power
Thompson, Merritt Moore, An outline of the history of education
Thornton, Jason. I’m broken… where can I find healing?
Thornton, Jason. The liberation of now
Thornton, Jason. Never give up
Thornton, Jason. Speak life from his wild creation
Tilotta, Becky. Give them God’s way
Tollinton, R. B. (Richard Bartram), Alexandrine teaching on the universe, four lectures
Towers, Holly. Caring for the modern-day orphan : the church’s role in foster care and adoption
Tugman, Rusty. Preachers : how to stay on fire when the cold water hits
Turner, Josh Alan Speak life from his wild frontier
University Avenue Church of Christ (Austin, Tex.) Outreach
University Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Youth stuff /   University Church of Christ
University Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Worship program
University Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) University Church of Christ bulletin
University of Michigan. Department of Near Eastern Studies. Contemporary Arabic readers
Valley View Church of Christ (Jonesboro, Ark.) European evangelist
Van Wagoner, Merrill Y. Spoken Iraqi Arabic
Vidacovich, Chris. How to improve the church’s conversion process
Walker, Chad. 21st Century Christians in a third world church : where video games and gospel meet
Walker, Gary. “The forsaken village” : a study of rural churches of Christ in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, South India
Walker, Jack. The Discipleship songbook : songs for growing, singing, worshiping, praising
Walker, Noel. 21st century spiritual practices for young adults
Walling, Jeff, The journey : spiritual disciplines in the digital age
Walling, Jeff, No regrets! : the secret Moses knew about living the life you want today
Walling, Jeff, Can anyone put Humpty Dumpty back together again?
Walling, Jeff, Holy hands! the church has left the building!
Walling, Jeff, Holy Jesus! the impact that can’t be denied
Walling, Jeff, Holy terror! fear is a blessing?
Walnut Hill Church of Christ (Dallas, Tex.) Walnut Hill newsletter
Wardle, Terry. Untamed Christian unleashed church : the extravagance of the Holy Spirit in life and ministry
Webb Chapel Church of Christ (Dallas, Tex.) Webb Chapel’s world : news from Webb Chapel Church of Christ
Wellons, Blanche, A junior anthology : book two
West, Willis M. (Willis Mason), The ancient world from the earliest times to 800 A.D
Westside Church of Christ (Bakersfield, Calif.) The Westside word
Westside Church of Christ (Fort Worth, Tex.) The Westside weekly
Westwood church of Christ (Glasgow, Ky.) The Westwood study
White Rock Church of Christ (Dallas, Tex.) White Rock Bulletin
Wilburn, Mitch. When slaying Goliath isn’t enough : developing a conquering spirit within your church
Wilburn, Mitch. From darkness to light
Wilhite, J. Porter (John Porter), The trail blazers : heroes of faith
Wilkes, Joseph C. Dangers and guidelights along the heavenly way
Willis, Darryl, If I really believe, why do I have these doubts? : study guide
Willis, John T., My servants, the prophets
Wilson, Eric. How can I be intentional about spiritual growth?
Witt, Paul C. (Paul Chandler), Sounding forth the word : radio sermons
Wood, Jimmy, The Italian lectures : delivered at the Crescent Hill Church of Christ, Brownfield, Texas
Woodell, Jim. Reaching through Romans
Woodell, Jim. From addiction to recovery : John 3:17
Woodell, Jim. Reaching through Romans
Woodell, Jim. How to set up and conduct an evangelistic Bible study
Woodell, Wes. Disciplemaking : twenty-something ministry
Woodruff, Stacie. New ways to tell the old, old story to kids
Woodruff, Stacie. Teachers : how to teach effective children’s classes
Woodruff, Stacie. New ways to tell the old, old story to kids
Woodruff, Stacie. Teaching ancient words : for children’s teachers
Woodruff, Stacie. Using spiritual milestones to equip 21st century parents to teach their kids
Woodruff, Stacie. Children’s ministry forum
Woodruff, Stacie. Equipping children for the youth group and beyond
Woods, Guy N., A commentary on the New Testament Epistles of Peter, John, and Jude
Woods, Guy N., A commentary on the Epistle of James
Wu, Sharon Cohn, The journey to justice
Young, Doug. Mending fences : reconciling the wrongs committed in Jesus’ name
Zorn, Jack, Lads to leaders and leaderettes
The Wycliffe Bible encyclopedia
The word in the English classroom : best practices of faith integration
Good shepherds : more guidance for the gentle art of pastoring
Like a shepherd lead us : guidance for the gentle art of pastoring
Treasure chest
Transformations at the edge of the world : forming global Christians through the study abroad experience
Grandma Says
Like a shepherd lead us : guidance for the gentle art of pastoring
The transforming of a tradition : Churches of Christ in the new millennium
Chapel devotionals from Abilene Christian University
The Church in Exile God’s Counterculture in a Non-christian World
Don Heath Morris 1940-1965 :   commemorative dinner honoring the president of Abilene Christian College
A day with a legend :   Byron Nelson
Don Morris Society dinner
The promise
Moral exhortation : a Greco-Roman sourcebook
Homélies pascales
Bulletin of Northeastern institute for Christian education
Religious survey A manual for use by local congregations
Standard eclectic commentary on the International Sunday-school lessons
The Christian international lesson commentary
Along Tanganyika trails
Taylor County area directory, members of Churches of Christ
Gathered at the river : The story of the Churches of Christ in and near Chattanooga
Recipes and remembrances : a collection
How shall I be remembered
Easy games for young children
Are you going to heaven alone? invite, invite, invite!
No tears in heaven : I want to be there!
Let’s talk children’s ministry
Saving our kids while we save others
Choate’s quarterly
The Word and work
The Bible way
La verdad para hoy
The Challenge of Africa
Missionary tidings
Alternativa 2000
European evangelist
The Philippine Christian
Missions bulletin
Gospel defender
The Vindicator
The Tipton Home messenger
Global samaritan :   serving the hurting in the name of Christ
Gospel light
Children’s worship bulletin : ages 3-6
Children’s worship bulletin : ages 7-12
Journal of faith and the academy
Edification quarterly
Tennessee Valley Christian
Primitive Christian
Gospel Defender
First Century Christian
Better work
The New church hymnal
Cantos espirituales : para usare en todos los servicios de la Iglesia de Christo
Sacred songs for children
Blackwood Brothers radio favorites no. 3 : a special collection of favorite gospel songs for radio, concert and revival use
Songs that teach and admonish
Songs of faith and praise
Songs of faith and praise
Great songs of the church, no. 2 : a treasury of six hundred sacred songs suitable for all services of the church
Favorite hymns of praise
Sing out
Rejoice! and sing to the Lord
The Singer’s worship series : I & II ; contemporary Christian music arranged for the church and family
White Station Sings
Favorite songs and hymns : a complete church hymnal
Songs we share
Canticos de alegria
Cantemos de corazon
Joyful singing
Rejoice! and sing to the Lord
Songs of praise :   Campus youth
Songs of praise
Come let us all unite and sing
Nziyo dze makristu
Nziyo dze makristu
Songs for such a time as this
Songs we share
The new humanity songbook
Chvalte pana jezisa = Praise Mr. Jesus
Songs we share
Church gospel songs & hymns : a choice selection of inspirational hymns and gospel songs, old and new, for all services of the church and special occasions
Crusade songs : designed for revival campaigns
The temple choir : a collection of “choir” anthems with Psalm texts
The Singer’s worship series : a seven year collection; contemporary Christian music arranged for the church and family
Cántico Nuevo : Himnario evangelico
Celebremos su gloria

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