On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, January 2020

In January our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 185 items to the Center for Restoration Studies, University Archives, and Rare Books collections.  Among them are books, periodical issues (bound volumes and boxes of unbound issues), a few tracts and several A/V items in various formats. Most are new to us but a handful are second copies.  The work performed on some items reflects original cataloging, which is a tremendous contribution to knowledge about information resources from and about the Stone-Campbell Movement.

‘The Late Mrs. John Lawrie’ from Jubilee Pictorial History of Churches of Christ in Australasia, 1903, page 31

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

185 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research:

Catalog Author Catalog Title
American Theological Library Association Summary of proceedings
Anderson, Charles G. The Texas tornado :   James Fulbright’s story of World War II
Annual Lectureship The power of His penetrating presence
Baird, W. David Churches of Christ in Oklahoma : a history
Blatz, William E. Nursery education, theory and practice
Boatman, Russell What the Bible says about the end time
Bonner, Clint A hymn is born
Bryce, Brady Dean Echoing the story : living the art of listening
Buckner, Chester Arthur Educational diagnosis of individual pupils; a study of the individual achievements of seventy-two junior high school boys in a group of eleven standardized tests
Burch, Walter E. Untitled memoirs
Burford, Leonard Transcripts of an oral interview Lawrence Smith made with Jack and Mable Burford and “Overcoming handicaps,” chapel talk
Butt, Robert Kyle God made the world
Camp, Ashby L. The myth of natural origins : how science points to divine creation
Church of Christ (Merkel, Tex.) Merkel messenger
Clayton, John N. God’s revelation in His rocks and in His word
College Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) College Church bulletin
Corwin, Edward Tanjore A history of the Reformed Church, Dutch : the Reformed Church, German ; and the Moravian Church in the United States
Cotham, Perry C. Please don’t revive us again! : the human side of the church of Christ
Crane, William Iler Wheeler’s literary readers, with interpretations…
Date, Henry Pentecostal hymns, number three [-number four]; a winnowed collection for evangelistic services, young people’s societies and Sunday schools
Daughrity, Dyron B. Understanding world Christianity : India
Disciples of Christ International convention, Disciples of Christ
Emurian, Ernest K. Famous stories of inspiring hymns
England, Donald A Christian view of origins
Fowler, James Franklin The adaptation of modern principles and practice to Sunday school teaching …
Freed, A. G. (Arvy Glenn) English grammar : how to study and teach it
Harrub, Brad God made dinosaurs
Hawkins, Yisrayl The book of the songs of praise to Yahweh
Hobbs, John Searching for Biblical truth
Hobbs, John The compelling power of the cross : a deeper look into the meaning of Christ’s death
Hobbs, John Seeking spiritual strength
Hobbs, John Building our most holy faith
Hobbs, John, The word was God : a deeper look into the nature, character, and teaching of Jesus
Hobbs, John Christian evidences : the truth of Christianity verified by factual evidence
Hobbs, John Ask for the old paths : a call for God’s people to return to God’s word
Hobbs, John Christian ethics : if the life of Jesus is not our pattern, the death of Jesus will not be our pardon
Hodge, Charles. Satan
Jackson, Larry C. Choosing sides : a history of the Churches of Christ in Austin 1847-2018
Jackson, Wayne Clouds without water : a critical review of the ACU one-volume BIble Commentary
James, Larry M. The wealth of the poor : how valuing every neighbor restores hope in our cities
Johnson, B. W. (Barton W.) John : a commentary for the people based on both versions
Kearley, F. Furman Syllabus for Old Testament Study Bible 2301
King, Homer L. Favorite spiritual songs : a superior collection of both old and new spiritual songs …
Kinnamon, Michael Can a renewal movement be renewed? : questions for the future of ecumenism
Lanier, Roy H. Outlines on Bible history and the church : designed for general class work
Lanier, Roy H. Mistakes of Jehovah’s Witnesses : (a review of Russellism)
Lavender, Billy Boyd A pioneer church in the Oconee territory : a historical synopsis of Antioch Christian Church – Disciples of Christ 1807-2005
Lewis, John P. (John Parham) Studies in the non-Pauline part of Acts
Lewis, Phillip V. Longevity in leadership : essential qualities of longtime leaders
Lewis, W. B. (William Benjamin) Paradise in Texas
Lippitt, Louisa C. (Louisa Christiana) Personal hygiene and home nursing : a practical text for girls and women for home and school use
Lucado, Max Unshakable hope : building our lives on the promises of God
Lucado, Max He did this just for you
Lyons, Eric God made animals
M’Crie, Thomas Life of John Knox; containing illustrations of the history of the reformation in Scotland: with biographical notices of the principal reformers, and sketches of the progress of literature in Scotland during the sixteenth century; and an appendix, consisting of original papers
McCabe, James D. The centennial history of the United States. From the discovery of the American continent to the close of the first century of American independence
McMurry, Charles Alexander Special method in reading in the grades, including the oral treatment of stories and the reading of classics
Milliken, Callie Faye A guide to selected archive/manuscript/special collections holdings in Abilene Christian University library, David Lipscomb College library, Freed-Hardeman College library, Great Lakes Christian College library, Harding University library, York College library
Milliken, Callie Fay The church library : an outline of procedure
Nicholson, Randy Hindsight is 20/10 : reflections on life with unveiled eyes
Northside lectureship Priesthood, sacrifice and covenant
Note, Margot Creating family archives : a step-by-step guide to saving your memories for future generations
O’Shea, M. V. (Michael Vincent) Mental development and education
Pack, Frank Lessons in church history
Pennell, Mary Elizabeth The teaching of reading for better living
Pintner, Rudolf Educational psychology : an introductory text
Pope, Alexander An essay on man : in four epistles to H. St. John, Lord Bolingbroke ; to which is added, the universal prayer
Preaching the whole counsel of God lectures The Existence of God and His Attributes : the fifth annual Preaching the whole counsel of God lectures
Pyle, William Henry The outlines of educational psychology : an introduction to the science of education
Randall, Eugene From the balcony to the board room : a brief history of Black Disciples in Kentucky and surrounding regions
Robertson, John Luke Willie’s redneck time machine
Rudin, Cecilia Margaret Stories of hymns we love
Sanford, Don Popular hymn stories
Schertz lectures Studies in Luke : the Schertz lectures, formerly the annual Denton lectures
Schertz lectures The Bible : salvation and history
Schertz lectures Studies in Ezekiel
Schertz lectures Studies in Daniel
Schertz lectures Studies in Jeremiah and Lamentations
Sears, Jack Wood Conflict and harmony in science and the Bible
Seeley, Levi Seeley’s question book; containing methods of teaching all subjects commonly taught in the public schools, together with questions and answers fully covering these subjects. For teachers’ use in personal review, preparation for the recitation or in actual class work
Shakespeare, William Shakespeare’s Tragedy of Macbeth
Steffer, Robert W. Saving Cane Ridge
Stoppard, Tom Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead
Storm, Grace Emily Reading activities in the primary grades
Sydnor, James Rawlings The hymn and congregational singing
Tarr, Ralph S. (Ralph Stockman) New physical geography
Tarr, Ralph S. (Ralph Stockman) New geographies, first [-second] book
The Gospel Journal Rocky Mountain Lectures Lord, teach us to pray
Tomlinson, L. G. (Lee Glenn) Churches of today in the light of Scripture
Turner, James A. Syllabus on Hebrews
University Avenue Church of Christ (Austin, Tex.) Outreach
Vinzant, Carol Mitchell Meet me in the gloaming : out of the twilight of the Great Depression dawns an unforgettable story of love
Walker, Robert L. Footprints in Aggieland : remembrances of a veteran fundraiser
Washburn, Charles C. (Charles Campbell) Hymn interpretations
Weed, Libby. A cloud of witnesses : centennial history of Austin Graduate School of Theology
Whaley, Vernon M. Understanding music & worship in the local church
Whipple, Guy Montrose Manual of mental and physical tests; a book of directions compiled with special reference to the experimental study of school children in the laboratory or classroom
Wright, Ted Commentary on the Book of Hebrews
Xenophon Xenophontis Cyropaedia
The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments
Dr. John’s perpetual calendar :   one hundred years of ACU history, one day at a time
The Studia Philonica annual : studies in Hellenistic Judaism
Rare and valuable government documents : a resource packet on identification, preservation, and security issues for government documents collections
Restoration and philosophy : new philosophical engagements with the Stone-Campbell tradition
The ethics of citizenship : liberal democracy and religious convictions
Sessions of the Kiamichi Clinic
The Bible study New Testament : the Good news for  modern man and the New international version
The Christian family : 5-day VBS course
Just a moment
Christian chronicle
Glad moments
The golden book of favorite songs : a treasury of the best songs of our people
Quartet choir and chorus : a special collection of chorus, glees, part songs, anthems, home, school and patriotic songs designed for use in vocal classes, normals, public schools, home and concert entertainments
Christian hymns for the use of young people’s societies, Sunday schools and church services
The one year book of hymns
Worship and praise : for the church and Sunday school. Printed in round and shaped notes

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