On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, March 2020

In March our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 404 items to the Center for Restoration Studies, University Archives, and Rare Books collections.  Among them are books, periodical issues (both bound volumes and many boxes of unbound issues), a few tracts, many A/V items in various formats, and new catalog records for three archival collections. Most are new to us but a handful of the print materials are second copies.  The work performed on some items reflects original cataloging, which is a tremendous contribution to knowledge about information resources from and about the Stone-Campbell Movement.

‘The Late Mrs. John Lawrie’ from Jubilee Pictorial History of Churches of Christ in Australasia, 1903, page 31

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

404 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research:

Catalog Author Catalog Title
Abilene Christian College. A self-study
Abilene Christian College. The Graduate School of Abilene Christian College
Abilene Christian University (Abilene, Tex.) Graduate advising handbook
Abilene Christian University. The Graduate catalog
Abilene Christian University. Undergraduate catalog
Abilene Christian University. University seminar instructor’s manual
Abilene Christian University.   College of Business Administration College of Business Administration Self-evaluation report
Abilene Christian University. Alumni Association. Alumni directory : Abilene Christian University, 1987
Abilene Christian University. Alumni Association. Alumni directory : Abilene Christian University, 1995
Abilene Christian University. Alumni Association. Alumni directory : Abilene Christian University, 1995
Abilene Christian University. Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication. AnswerBook
Abilene Christian University. Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication. Optimist stylebook
Abilene Christian University. Faculty. Significant faculty accomplishments
Abilene Christian University. Students’ Association. The fish bowl
AISN student nurses association (Abilene, Tex.) AISN student nurses association cook book
Andrews, Benjamin R. (Benjamin Richard), Economics of the household; its administration and finance
Atchley, Rick, Worship and praise
Atchley, Rick, Don’t bother your brother
Bammel Road Church of Christ (Houston, Tex.) Bammel update
Bammel Road Church of Christ (Houston, Tex.) Seeker
Bartley, Rogers L., Campus advance :   a strategy to penetrate the campus of the University of Florida with the gospel of Christ
Beck, Richard Allan, Unclean : meditations on purity, hospitality, and morality
Beck, Richard Allan, Reviving Old Scratch : demons and the devil for doubters and the disenchanted
Beck, Richard Allan, Slavery of death
Beck, Richard Allan, Stranger God : Meeting Jesus in disguise
Beck, Richard, Trains, Jesus, and murder : the Gospel according to Johnny Cash
Benson, George S. (George Stuart), [George Benson speaking at ACC Lectureship 1963]
Boise Bible College (Boise, Ind.) Boise Bible College News
Brand, Danelle, Graduate school thesis guide
Brazil Christian Mission (Wichita, Kans.) A report from Brazil Christian Mission
Brecheen, Carl Spiritual formation in Christian families
Burch, T. E. Talks to church leaders
Butt, Robert Kyle, A patient man from Uz
Choate, Betty Burton, Growing in the image of Christ / our commitment in response to Christ’s eternal sacrifice
Clayton, John N., Do exorcisms take place?
Coffman, Thelma Bradford. Sissy’s collection of fantastic recipes
College Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Church Herald
College Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Christian Helper
College Church of Christ (Searcy, Ark.) Today at College Church of Christ
Connally, Andrew M. The fundamentals
Connally, Andrew M. So you want a glorified holiday? : missions, missionaries, methods … all to the glory of God
Connally, Andrew M. The dangers of liberalism : current issues facing us today
Corey, Stephen J. (Stephen Jared), Beyond statistics; the wider range of world missions
Crites, Russell. Counseling
Curlee, Carole. “Here-you want something to eat?”
Dakota Bible College (Huron, S. Dak.) Dakota evangel
Department of Church Services, University Affairs (Malibu, Calif.) Kerygma
Dugger, Andrew Nugent, The Dugger-Porter debate, a written discussion on the Sabbath and the Lord’s day …
Eastside Church of Christ (Muskogee, Okla.) The Eastside Edifier
Englewood Christian Church (Indianapolis, Ind.) The Englewood Christian
Falls Church Church of Christ (Falls Church, Va.) Aromas
Farmer, Fannie Merritt, The Boston cooking-school cook book
Featherston, John, John Featherston’s story:   Drugs
Ferguson, Anita B., Favorite recipes from the vintage tea room
Fillmore, A. D. (Augustus D.), The Polyphonic ; or Juvenile choralist : containing a great variety of music and hymns, both new & old, designed for schools and youth generally, also adapted to use in religious meetings, and in the home circle ; in three parts
First Christian Church (Washington, Mo.) Niños news
First Church of Christ (Altoona, Penn.) The Altoona Christian
Forest Park Church of Christ (Forest Park, Ga.) Taking the gospel to the Pacific Islands
Gatesville Church of Christ (Gatesville, Tex.) [Bulletin]
Griffith, Anna M. (Anna Marilyn). From Paul to Philippi with love
Hailey, Homer, That you may believe : studies in the Gospel of John
Halbrook, Ron (Richard Oliver Nason), The Halbrook-Freeman debate on marriage, divorce & remarriage
Halley, Henry H. (Henry Hampton), Halley’s Bible handbook : an abbreviated Bible commentary
Hampton, Teresa Allene, Let the little children come : vacation Bible school – three year program – centers/stations format
Harding, R. C., (Ralph Conrad), Handbook for elders and deacons
Hendrick Medical Center Auxiliary. Cooking capers plus
Heseltine, Marjorie Moulton. Good cooking made easy and economical
Highland Church of Christ  (Abilene, Texas) The high view
Highland Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) The Single Page
Highland Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Highland helper
Highway 36 Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Hwy. 36 Church of Christ weekly newsletter
Hillcrest Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Hillcrest Newsletter
Hillcrest Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Personal evangelism news
Hillcrest Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Hillcrest Newsletter
Holland, Thomas H. (Thomas Hayes), The ways of wanderers : an explanation, an exhortation, designed for restoration
Holt, George Phillip, George Phillip Holt, Sr. Papers, 1971-1972
Hood, Kregg, Leaders in Christian education
Johnson Bible College (Kimberlin Heights, Tenn.) Blue and white: the voice of Johnson Bible College
Jones, Jerry, Reaching out to others because he wants us to
Jones, Jerry, Reaching out to others because he will be with us
Kinneavy, James L., Aims and audiences in writing
Kinneavy, James L., Writing–basic modes of organization
Kyushu Christian Mission (Kagoshima, Japan) Linkletter
Lanier, Roy H. Gospel sermons
Lawrence, A. R., What we teach
Lawrence, J. B. (John Benjamin), Paul’s Bible school on baptism
Lawson, J. H., Heartfelt religion : and exposition of the mourners’ bench system of getting religion
Layton, Mac, The grace of giving
Layton, Mac, A snake, a captain, a blind man and baptism
Layton, Mac, The church is 1900 years old!
Layton, Mac, The old and the new
Layton, Mac, The second law of pardon
Layton, Mac, Point of pardon
Layton, Mac, A good steward
Layton, Mac, The music God wants
Layton, Mac, Why I attend all services of the church
Layton, Mac, 36 reasons why Christians should not dance
Layton, Mac, The oneness of the church
Layton, Mac, A divided house
Layton, Mac, How much is liberal
Layton, Mac, Why I go to every service of the church
Layton, Mac, The truth about hell
Ledlow, W. F., Hereditary total depravity: modern arguments on total depravity, stated and refuted
Lee, Irven, A friendly letter on benevolence
Lemmons, Reuel G. Glorify God in this name
Lemmons, Reuel G. Salvation by blood
Lemmons, Reuel G. The authority of Christ
Lemmons, Reuel G. The church and the temple
Lemmons, Reuel G. When the gospel was first brought to Europe
Lemmons, Reuel G. God’s international law
Lemmons, Reuel G. The challenge to the church
Lemmons, Reuel G. A challenge to youth
Lemmons, Reuel G. The problems we face
Loft, William E., Quisqueyana newsletter
Love, Bill R., Bill R. Love Papers, 1979-1993
Madison Church of Christ (Madison, Tenn.) Madison marcher
McGavran, Donald A. (Donald Anderson), How churches grow; the new frontiers of mission
McKelvain, Robert. Excellence : a Christian commitment : the handbook for university seminar
McLen, John R., The role of the counselor in the local ministry of the church
Meier, Paul, Strengths and weaknesses of the typical Christian family
Meier, Paul, Strengths and weaknesses of the typical Christian family
Midtown Church of Christ (Fort Worth, Texas) Midtown Church of Christ bulletin
Morrison, Charles Clayton, The meaning of baptism
Mullings, N. Carlton, Christian adventurer
Music, Goebel, Easy-to-Read Version : easy to read or easy to mislead? : a multiple purpose book relating to the Easy-to-Read Version produced by the World Bible Translation Center
Nesta, Dick. Counseling
Northwest Christian College. NCC Bulletin
Pacific Christian College. Pacific Christian College bulletin
Prestoncrest Church of Christ (Dallas, Tex.) Family matters
Rochester Church of Christ (Rochester Hills, Mich.) Reach : connecting people to Jesus and to each other
Roper, David L., Zoey likes to ask questions!
Rose, Ron. Fatherhood revival leading the next generation
Rushmore, Louis Everette. Beverage alcohol
Rushmore, Rebecca, What makes us tick? : a look at personality and the Bible
Schultz, Rudolph G., Toward a complete education: the story of Tennessee School of Religion and other religious activities at the University of Tennessee
Scroggins, Randy. Calling young teens to spiritual maturity junior high
Seibt, Betty Kay, Home Cooking :   recipes from Hendrick Home
Shannon, James James Shannon Papers, 1849-1857
Shelly, Rubel, Neither protestant, Catholic nor liberal
Shipp, Glover, The pilgrims : missionary life, in cartoon and text
Showalter, Mary Emma, Mennonite community cookbook : favorite family recipes
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Report of the Reaffirmation Committee of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools : Abilene Christian University
Southwest Church of Christ Ngamiland :   Mission team report
Southwest Church of Christ (Austin, Tex.) Pierced
Sunset School of Preaching (Lubbock, Tex.) The Correspondent
Teague, William J. With all our might :   a report from the president
Third & Central Church of Christ (Lovington, N. Mex.) The central source
Thompson, James W. (James Weldon), Acts
Unger, Merrill F. (Merrill Frederick), Unger’s Bible handbook; an essential guide to understanding the Bible
University  Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Classics Newsletter
University Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) University Church of Christ bulletin
University Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Set Free! : Christ’s prison fellowship western region newsletter
University Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Senior Service Worship Assembly
University Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Hilltop herald
University Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) University banner : a weekly publication of the University Church of Christ, Abilene, Texas
University Church of Christ (Abilene, Texas) University Church of Christ Worship Program
Vertz, Marvin Paul. The twelve steps a model for Christian wholeness
Wallace, Foy E., (Foy Esco), God’s prophetic word : a series of addresses delivered in the Music Hall in Houston, Texas, January 21-28, 1945, exposing modern millennial theories
West, Larry, Evangelism:   one on one
Western Christian College, Women’s Service Club (North Weyburn, Canada) Western cooking capers
Wheeler, David A. (David Anthony), A cry for relief
Whiddon, Bob, (Robert E.), From children to brethren : how do I know when my child is ready for baptism?
Women for Christian Education Recipe book
Women for Crowley’s Ridge College (Paragould, Ark.) Workable concepts of the reliable culinary arts
Woodroof, Jim, Jesus Christ:   the light of the world
Woodroof, Jim, Reaching out to others because of what we are
Woodroof, Jim, Reaching out to others because we care
Woodroof, Jim, What does a ‘child of light’ look like?
Yamamori, Tetsunao, Introducing church growth : a textbook in missions
Youth Ministers’ Seminar Youth Ministers’ Seminar
Student directory
The Shinnery review
Dr. John’s perpetual calendar :  one hundred years of ACU history, one day at a time
Abilene Christian University : President’s annual report
Abilene Christian University : President’s report
Abilene Christian University Library:   Circulation annual report
Graduate School of Theology:   visiting committee
Multicultural student resource guide
Abilene Christian University Library:   Circulation annual report
Report of a self-study Abilene Christian University for Texas Education Agency, April 17-20, 1979
Student directory
Abilene Jaycee-ettes salad luncheon
A book of favorite recipes
Modern Living Mall Cookbook
District 15 Business & Professional Women’s Club Cookbook
Modern Living Mall Cookbook
Adventures in good cooking and the art of carving in the home
The Junior League of San Angelo, inc. cook book
Trail cookery for Girl Scouts
The new reliable cook book
Resisting Babel : allegiance to God and the problem of government
Bible chair lectures of Churches of Christ
Seventh annual Bible chair lectureship : August 27-29, 1963, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
The Christian architect
The Sunday school question
Treasury of recipes
Teacher workshop for men
Silver Anniversary Cookbook
Our favorite recipes
Treasured recipes
From Hortensia’s kitchen with international flavors
Christianity among the needy
Bethel College spiritual emphasis week
CCCU National Forum
New Testament Christianity : the Phillipine Christian monthly
Documentation for David Kaser’s report
Christian companion
Boston Church of Christ
Teaching from Zion
The pulpit digest
Hidden manna
The builder
Gospel advance : dedicated to advocacy of apostolic Christianity
The Christian forum
Revival fires
Christian news for the deaf
Helping hands
The compass : organ of the Ozark Bible College
Pacific church news : a news journal for Churches of Christ on the West Coast
Biblical insights : reflections on sacred themes
Revue biblique
Restoration herald
The Alabama restoration journal : an historical perspective of Churches of Christ in Alabama
Christian’s expositor extra
The Word of life
The Vindicator
The Way of Truth
Faith family news
Family matters
The gospel outlook
Sherwood informer
Sword of peace
Stone-Campbell journal : SCJ
The Christian preacher, consisting of monthly discourses and essays by living writers
Contending for the faith
Restoration herald
Christian standard

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