On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, September 2021

In September our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 586 items to Special Collections holdings.  Big gains this month for several Center for Restoration Studies collections with 415 items in the main print collection (which we call REST), plus 40 A/V items and 25 new titles of unbound periodicals.  We added 80 new items to the Taylor Hymnal Collection.  Some of the additions are newly published, others are new-to-us, and still others represent a second copy or a new-to-us edition or printing.  In fact several of the print additions to the REST collection are variant printings and editions.  Many of the new entries this month are of tracts and pamphlets.  We should expect to see sustained progress on this project in the months ahead, along with ongoing work on periodical titles for which we have unbound issues.  I anticipate very few of these will be held by any other institution, so the original cataloging will see an uptick in coming months.

Abilene Christian College. Prickly Pear, Yearbook of Abilene Christian College, 1952, yearbook, 1952; Abilene, Texas. University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History, https://texashistory.unt.edu; crediting Abilene Christian University Library.

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

586 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research: 

Catalog Author Catalog Title
[Campus ministry newsletter]
Abilene Christian College Library. McGarvey library collection
Allen, Jimmy, What is hell like
Ames, Edward Scribner, The divinity of Christ
Appalachian Christian Village. Christian village times
Armour, Michael C. (Michael Carl), Systems-sensitive leadership : empowering diversity without polarizing the church
Arnold, David L., A syllabus of the Old Testament
Ash, Anthony Lee. A study of the usages of the word ruach in the Old Testament
Ash, Anthony Lee. The Gospel according to Luke
Avery, Richard K. The Avery and Marsh songbook : accompaniment edition
Bacon, Benjamin Wisner, Jesus the Son of God
Bailey, George W., Sermons of George W. Bailey
Barber, Calvin. Accepting bereavement
Barber, Calvin. What to expect when you visit the Church of Christ
Barber, Calvin. Why human suffering?
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, Speaking for the Master : a study of public speaking for Christian men
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, What must I do to be saved?
Baynes, Richard, 77 dynamic ideas for teaching the Bible to adults
Beauchamp, Gary R. Sermons for today
Berthier, Jacques, Music from Taizé
Berthier, Jacques, Praying together in word and song
Black, Robert E. The Books of Chronicles
Black, V. P. (Vanderbilt P.), Rust as a witness
Black, V. P. (Vanderbilt P.), Lord, teach us to give
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), A commentary on the Gospel according to Luke
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), A commentary on the Gospel according to Matthew
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), A commentary on Acts of the apostles
Boles, Kenny. Heaven : what a wonderful place!
Bourgeault, Cynthia. Chanting the Psalms : a practical guide with instructional CD
Bousman, Ed. New Testament sermons
Boyll, Lloyd A., The Sommer segment in retrospect
Bradshaw, L. Alan. The mysterious, eternal purpose of God : an in-depth study of salvation
Bristow, Benny B., Commentary on Ephesians
Brooks, Phillips, The addresses of Phillip Brooks
Bruner, Ron, Communally discerning a covenant of hospitality for the care of children at Westview Boy’s Home
Burgess, Tom. Documents on instrumental music
Butler, Paul T. Daniel
Calvin, Larry. No fear! : the calling of angels
Camp Hunt (Hubbardsville, N.Y.) Camp Hunt
Camp Shiloh, Inc. (Mendham, N.J.) Hope
Campbell, Alexander, Christian baptism: with its antecedents and consequents
Campbell, Donald K. Nehemiah: man in charge
Carmichael, Ralph, He’s everything to me plus 153
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Yearbook & directory of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Church of Scotland. Special Commission on Baptism. Report of the Special Commission on Baptism, May, 1961
Churches of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland. The Christian hymnary for use of Churches of Christ
Clark, Dan, Man needs a saviour
Cloer, Eddie. The church : the people of God’s purpose : is the church God’s intention or man’s invention?
Clothier, Grant M., A prairie beacon : the Peace Creek, Kansas Church of Christ
Cotham, Perry B., The new birth : or, how and when is one born again?
Cox, John D. (John Dee), A concise account of church history : with questions for group study
Crawford, C. C. (Cecil Clement), Genesis, the book of the beginnings
Croom, A. S. (Adlai Stevenson), The early history of Harding College
Davis, William Hatcher. The freewill question
Deaver, Roy (Roy Clifton), Romans : God’s plan for man’s righteousness
DeHoff, George W., Workbook on First Corinthians
DeHoff, George W., DeHoff’s Commentary
Dixon, Danny Andre.́ Baptism : which one did you receive? …
Dixon, Robert (Robert Ford), Together in ministry : women and men in flourishing partnerships
Dodson, Robert, The truth in love
Dorris, Charles Elias Webb, A commentary on the Gospel according to Mark
Echols, Eldred. The most excellent way : overcoming chronic issues that divide the church
Eckstein, Stephen D., From Golgotha to heaven
Edwards, John L. (John Lowell), Marriage & divorce
Elliott, B. Raymond, The Lord found a place for me in his kingdom : precious memories
Ellisen, Stanley A., A chronology of eschatological events
Episcopal Church The American Psalter; the Psalms and canticles according to the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church, pointed and set to Anglican chants, together with the choral service
Episcopal Church The Book of common prayer and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church
Episcopal Church. The plainsong Psalter : the Psalms of David according to the American Book of Common Prayer, pointed and set to Gregorian chants
Evangelical and Reformed Church. The hymnal : containing complete orders of worship
Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in Thüringen. Neues Thüringer Choralbuch, im Auftrage des Landeskirchenrates der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche in Thüingen
Evans, Gary E. A search for identity : a congregational study of the South Plains Church of Christ
Fair, Ian A. Revelation : visions of victory
Faust, David. Praise under pressure
Ferguson, Everett, Backgrounds of early Christianity
Ferguson, Everett, The New Testament church
Foster, Lewis. Revelation
Foster, Otto, Scriptural government of the church
Foster, R. C. (Rupert Clinton), The everlasting gospel
Fulbright, James. Bound in the bundle of life : ancient lives touch modern lives
Fulenwider, Ray, The servant-driven church : releasing every member for ministry
Gaddis, Clye A. The pages of time. A history of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Palestine, Illinois, 1839-1965
Gallagher, Edmon L., The translation of the seventy : history, reception, and contemporary use of the Septuagint
Gelineau, Joseph. 24 psalms and a canticle
Gelineau, Joseph. Thirty psalms and two canticles
German Baptist Brethren (U.S.) A collection of Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs : suited to the various kinds of Christian worship : and especially designed for and adapted to the Fraternity of the Brethren
Gill, Clinton R., Minor prophets : a study of Micah through Malachi
Gilpin, Eddy, Eternal life : prospect or reality?
Goodwin, Elijah, The family companion : or, A book of sermons on various subjects, both doctrinal and practical, intended for the private edification and comfort of the Disciples of Christ, and to aid the honest inquirer after truth in finding  the true church, and the law of induction into the same, etc., etc.
Graddy, Bill. “Elders in every church”?: Acts 14:23
Hadwin, Milo Richard, The overcomers : sermons on Revelation
Hamilton, W. T., Glory in the church : an expository treatment of Ephesians
Hardcastle, Pat. A homiletic analysis of the Abilene Christian College lectures on preaching : 1951 through 1955
Hardin, Daniel C., Mission : a practical approach to church sponsored mission work
Harding College. A Cappella Chorus. Hymns from Harding
Harding College. A Cappella Chorus. A sacred symphony : and other compositions and arrangements by George Lynn
Harding College. A Cappella Chorus. Wedding songs
Hardy Sr., J. B., Nuts for Arminians to crack : 300 questions searching out the Bible doctrine of the church of Christ and interrogatively exposing the Arminian fallacies of free agency, conditionalism, apostasy, etc.
Harrell, Pat Edwin. The letter of Paul to the Philippians
Harris, Felicia, First in the family : biblical truths for cycle breakers
Harvard University. The Harvard University hymn book
Haun, Delton, Now that you have obeyed the Gospel
Hawk, Ray. Why I left the Methodist Church
Hawkins, Odom. An in-depth study of the Holy Spirit “of promise” : for serious Bible students
Hicks, Olan, How to cooperate with God in your life
Hicks, Olan, Divorce, repentance and the Gospel of Christ : divorce & remarriage : the issues made clear
Hill, Fern. Graduation to glory
Hill, Marilynne. Itoko Maeda : woman of mission
Hinds, John T., A commentary on the Book of Revelation
Hinton, Jimmy. The Devil inside : how my minister father molested kids in our home and church for decades and how I finally stopped him
His Image Singers (Musical Group) How great thou art
Hobbs, A. G., The complete collection of A.G. Hobbs gospel tracts
Hobbs, Lottie Beth. If You Would See Good Days : Help for Daily Decisions
Hodge, Charles B., Writing out loud! : Country philosophy
Holladay, Carl R. The first letter of Paul to the Corinthians
Holloway, Gary, The main thing : a new look at Ecclesiastes
Huber, Jane Parker. Joy in singing : the hymns of Jane Parker Huber
Hughes, Robert W. Churches of Christ in the county of Fife, Scotland
Hurley, Wilfred G. (Wilfred Geoffrey), One church is not as good as another!
Huxtable, William John Fairchild. A book of public worship
Jackson, Bill. “…that ye may grow…”: I Peter 2:2
Jackson, Bill. Elders, those who watch over souls : a scriptural and practical study guide on the functioning of the eldership
Jackson, Wayne, Have you wondered about the thousand-year reign?
Jackson, Wayne, Have you wondered about predestination?
Jackson, Wayne, Have you wondered about falling from grace?
Jackson, Wayne, Have you been warned about the Church of Christ?
Jackson, Wayne, Is the Book of Mormon from God?
Jackson, Wayne, Are Jehovah’s Witnesses true to the Bible?
Jackson, Wayne, Homosexuality – lifestyle or perversion?
Jones, Edwin S. Studies in Genesis
Jones, Edwin S. Studies in Genesis
Jones, William, Close encounters of the prophetic kind : principles from Old Testament prophets
Keeble, Marshall, Sermons by Marshall Keeble
Kelcy, Raymond C., The letters of Paul to the Thessalonians
Kelcy, Raymond C., The letters of Peter and Jude
Kell, Dean, Hymns for now I : a portfolio for good, bad or rotten times
Kellems, Jesse R., The deity of Jesus and other sermons
Kelley, Rhonda. Life lessons from women in the Bible
Kennedy, James W. Nairobi 1975 : a first hand report of the Fifth Assembly of the World Council of Churches
Knapp, James L. Understanding the generations
Kurfees, M. C. (Marshall Clement), Instrumental music in the worship : or, The Greek verb psallo philologically and historically examined : together with a full discussion of kindred matters relating to music in Christian worship /
Labourers Together with God Lectureship Types and antitypes
Leavitt, Guy P. Building a successful men’s Bible class
Lemmons, Reuel G. Abundant living
Leonard, Mayme Rolf, The children’s hour; a week-day project for church schools
Lewis, Jack P. (Jack Pearl), Early explorers of Bible lands
Lewis, Jack P. (Jack Pearl), The English Bible, from KJV to NIV : a history and evaluation : with indexes
Lipscomb, David, A commentary on the epistles of the New Testament. I, II Thessalonians ; I, II Timothy ; Titus, and Philemon
Lipscomb, David, A commentary on the New Testament Epistles : Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians
Lipscomb, David, A Commentary on the New Testament epistles : First Corinthians
Lipscomb, David, A commentary on the New Testament Epistles : Second Corinthians and Galatians
Lipscomb, David, A commentary on the Gospel by John
Lipscomb, David, A commentary on the Gospel according to John
Lipscomb, David, A commentary on the New Testament Epistles
Lipscomb, David, A commentary on the epistles of the New Testament. I, II Thessalonians ; I, II Timothy ; Titus, and Philemon
Lipscomb, David, David Lipscomb: journalist in Texas, 1872
Lowber, James William, The struggles and triumphs of the truth
Lucado, Max Before amen : the power of a simple prayer : study guide
Lucado, Max. Safe in the shepherd’s arms : hope and encouragement from Psalm 23
Lucado, Max. The final week of Jesus : highlights from And the angels were silent
Lucado, Max. An angel’s story
Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Kirchen-Gesangbuch für Evangelisch-Lutherische Gemeinden ungeänderter Augsburgischer Confession : darin des seligen D. Martin Luthers und anderer geistreichen Lehrer gebräuchlichste Kirchen-Lieder enthalten sind
Lutheran Church. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship. Contemporary worship hymns : 1
Lyon, Mack. My Ebenezer : An Autobiography
Lyon, Mack. “With This Ring I Thee Wed”
Mankin, Jim (Jimmie Moore), The role of social service in the life and growth of the Madison Church of Christ
Mankin, Jim (Jimmie Moore), Prescriptions for troubled hearts : devotional thoughts from the Psalms
Masood, Steven. Compendium on Islam
Matlock, Alma Harwell, Teaching above the Arctic Circle
Maxwell, John C., Leadership : promises for every day, a daily devotional
Mayberry, Clyde D. The sincere milk of the word : I shall not be moved: a study of fear
McCann, Forrest M., Hymns and history : an annotated survey of sources
McCubbin, Mike, Panel parables : a collection of cartoons that teach spiritual lessons on a great variety of subjects.
McCurdy, J. C., Supervising of a foreign mission effort
McCurley, Chris, Spiritual breathing : a sermon series on prayer
McDoniel, Jim, Am I old enough to be baptized?
McGarvey, J. W. (John William), A guide to Bible study
McGarvey, J. W. (John William), Thessalonians, Corinthians, Galatians and Romans
McGuiggan, Jim, The power to see it through
McGuiggan, Jim, The book of 1 Corinthians
McKnight, M. F. (Millard Freeman) Organized personal work
McKoy, Charles Francis, The art of Jesus as a teacher
McLaughlin, Don, Love first : ending hate before it’s too late
Meadows, James, Key to lessons on a study of the Holy Spirit : as revealed in the Bible
Metis, Frank. Rejoice! : music for the worship of God in the twentieth century
Meyer, F. B. (Frederick Brotherton), “Tried by fire” : expositions of the first epistle of Peter
Mickey, G. F. The promise of the Father
Middleton, C. B., Identity of the church : and paragraph sermons
Middleton, Chas. B., Eight radio sermons : and sermon outlines, poems, and the alleged bloody oath of the knights of Columbus
Miller, Dave One second after death
Miller, Jule A., The visualized Bible study series
Miller, Jule L. Visualized Bible study series
Miller, Jule, Visualized Bible study series: director’s manual
Miller, Jule, A bold new approach to evangelism : non-members Bible inquiry class
Miller, Jule, Visualized Bible study series: director’s manual
Milligan, Douglas W. “Why doesn’t God hear my prayers?”
Milligan, Robert. A commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews
Minick, Bill, Questions and answers on marriage, divorce, and remarriage
Mitchell family. My favorite sermon
Moninger, Herbert, Bible drills
Monroy, Juan Antonio. Mente y espíritu
Moore, Billy W. A study of authority
Moser, K. C. (Kenny Carl), Attributes of God
Müller, F. Max (Friedrich Max), Memories
Myers, G. A., Hugs from heaven : the Christmas story : sayings, Scriptures, and stories from the Bible revealing God’s love
Nance, Ellwood C. (Ellwood Cecil), Florida Christians, Disciples of Christ
Nichols, Joe W., Smoking, drinking, drug abuse, and Christian youth
Oglevee, Louise McAroy, Cradle roll lessons : a book for the cradle roll class of the Sunday school and for little children in the home …
Oklahoma City School of Biblical Studies (Oklahoma City, Okla.) One heart
Oklahoma City School of Biblical Studies lectures Pre-Millennialism
Olbricht, Thomas H. The message of the New Testament : Ephesians – Colossians
Oliphant, W. L. (William Landon), Following the star and whither have you made a road? : two radio sermons
Olsen Park Church of Christ (Amarillo, Tex.) Olsen Park gospel themes
Orthodox Eastern Church. Hē Theia Leitourgia = The Divine Liturgy = Bozhestvennai͡a liturgii͡a = La Divine liturgie
Osborn, G. Edwin (George Edwin), Christian worship, a service book
Pack, Frank, Preaching to modern man
Pendergrass, Edna. God saw that it was good
Pepperdine University Community of leaders :   1998 annual report
Peters, Ray Divine providence and prayer
Petty, Jo, Apples of gold
Phillips, H. E. (Harlan Elwood), Church officers and organization
Phillips, Thomas W. (Thomas Wharton), The church of Christ
Pickering, Al. Sharpening the sword
Pickett, A. G. (Andrew G.) Preservation and storage of sound recordings : a study supported by a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation
Porter, Walter L., A commentary on the New Testament
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) The service for the Lord’s Day : the worship of God
Prestoncrest Church of Christ (Dallas, Tex.) The Athenian
Ramsey, Johnny, Bible treasures
Ratzlaff, Ruben Ezra and Nehemiah
Richards, Larry, International children’s Bible handbook
Richardson, William J., Where the action is : the role of evangelism in God’s purpose for the church today
Rickard, Darrel. The power to become : a sermon
Roady, J. C. Christ and His church
Roady, J.C., Read your Bible
Roberson, Charles H. (Charles Heber), The life of Jesus
Roberson, Charles H. (Charles Heber), Life of Jesus: begot of Holy Spirit, born of Mary
Roberts, E. L., Immortality
Roberts, E. L., Answering Doctor Baxter
Roberts, E. L., Which one will you believe, God or the Devil?
Roberts, El. L., Answering a sermon
Rogers, John, A discourse delivered in Carlisle, Kentucky, on the first Lord’s Day, in June, 1860 : upon leaving our old house of worship …
Rotherham, Joseph Bryant, Studies in the epistle to the Hebrews
Russell, Bob, May all who come behind us find us faithful
Russell, Bob, When life is a zoo, God still loves you
Rutherford, Rod, Music in worship?
Rutherford, Rod, How much time do I have?
Rutherford, Rod, Have you counted the cost if your soul should be lost?
Savary, Louis M., Popular song & youth today
Schaeffer, Brenda. Signs of addictive love
Schrebe, Marvin D., Eight modern denominational myths
Senter, Lewis, Marriage : the battle of the sexes
Sharp, C. J. (Cecil James), Gospel ammunition : ten brief tracts of Bible facts for ten pennies
Sharp, C. J. (Cecil James), How to plant and organize New Testament churches : ten lessons for classes in church extension
Shelburne, G. B. (George Beaty), Queries of a Methodist answered
Shelly, Rubel Christians only : a plea for unity in Christ
Shelly, Rubel God’s grace
Shelly, Rubel Do you ever have doubts?
Shelly, Rubel Falling in love with Jesus : studies in the book of Luke
Shelly, Rubel What Christian living is all about : studies in James
Shelly, Rubel Living by the rules : the contemporary value of the Ten Commandments
Shelly, Rubel, If I didn’t believe the Bible…
Shelly, Rubel, Can a saved man fall from grace?
Shelly, Rubel, Is the church of Christ just another denomination?
Shelly, Rubel, By what authority?
Shelly, Rubel, The distinctive plea of the churches of Christ
Shelly, Rubel, Some common objections to baptism
Shelly, Rubel. Would you kick a blind man?
Shepherd, Frank Beauchamp, Will a man rob God
Shepherd, J. W. (James Walton), The church, the falling away and the restoration
Shilling, Basil D., The way of salvation
Shilling, Basil D., Truth versus tradition
Shilling, Basil D., The church which Christ built
Shilling, Basil D., Seeking God after the due order
Shipp, Glover. Christianity and Islam : bridging two worlds
Shira, H. I., Why the church of Christ?
Shira, Hugh I., Our plea
Showalter, G. H. P. (George Henry Pryor), Simplified lessons on the Old Testament
Showalter, G. H. P. (George Henry Pryor), Simplified lessons on the New Testament
Showalter, G. H. P. (George Henry Pryor), Is the church of Christ a denomination?
Showalter, Michael E., We come in wonder : SATB
Showalter, Michael E., Be the love of Christ
Shulam, Joseph. Hidden treasures : the first century Jewish way of understanding the Scriptures
Simms, P. Marion (Paris Marion), Youth hymns : hymns, both old and new, and scripture readings for use on all occasions when Christian youth join in worship ; arranged from the suggestions of representative young people and leaders of youth
Sinclair, D.W. Dryden, The miracle of salvation : how and when is a person born again
Sinclair, D.W. Dryden, Keep on trucking
Sinclair, Dryden, The great salvation : When does it happen? How does it happen?
Smith, Alys B., Praying with your spouse
Smith, Bill E. Your religious neighbor’s beliefs : a workbook study of some of the major religions in America …
Smith, Bill E., The Holy Spirit
Smith, Bill, Sharing the good news
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), Eternal home
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), Radio sermons of modern amusements
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), Radio sermons of Christ’s coming and the unpardonable sin
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), The seven churches of Asia
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), The signs of the end
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), The worship in music
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), Rightly dividing the word
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), The Bible is of God
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), The good confession
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), The Lord saith on baptism
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), Miracles and their use
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), The obedience of faith
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), Repentance : the will of God
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), The importance of hearing
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), By grace through faith
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), Your need of a saviour
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), Final victory with Christ
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), Safe or sorry
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney), The church in God’s plan
Smith, Eugene S., Outline of the epistle to the Hebrews
Smith, F. LaGard (Frank LaGard), Baptism : the believer’s wedding ceremony
Smith, James E. (James Edward), I & II Kings
Smith, James E. (James Edward), The Pentateuch
Smith, James E. (James Edward), The Minor Prophets
Smith, James E. (James Edward), Ezekiel
Smith, James E. (James Edward), The Major Prophets
Smith, James E. (James Edward), The wisdom literature and Psalms
Smith, Joseph M. (Joseph Martin), Called to mission and unity
Sorrells, Gary Joe. The Continent of Great Cities ministry : a goal and a strategy for church establishment in urban South America
Spiritual sword Lectureship The Living messages of the books of the New Testament
Spivy, Floyd J., The simplicity of the truth
Stewart, Pamela. Evangelistic women : a study of women’s ministries
Strathdee, Jim, New wine : songs for celebration
Stringer, H. R. , I would rather… wear out than rust out
Stringer, H. R., The three states of man
Stringer, H. R., False teaching exposed and a challenge accepted
Stringer, H. R., A brief summary of New Testament baptism
Stringer, H. R., Will a man mock God?
Stringer, H. R., The importance of unity
Stringer, H. R., A brief outline of the marriage and divorce question
Stringer, H. R., Would you be interested in a safe insurance?
Strong, Sydney, The child in the midst, an exposition of the scene when Jesus took a little child and “set him in the midst”
Sweet, Ralph. Moments on the mount
Tanksley, Perry. For the good times
Tate, Willard. Habits of a loving heart
Taylor, Robert R. Challenging dangers of modern versions
Taylor, Robert R., Marriage, divorce, and remarriage
Taylor, Robert R., Do not sin against the child!
Taylor, Robert R., The work of women in the church
Taylor, Robert R., Misconceptions about the eldership
Taylor, Robert R., The distinctiveness of the church of Christ
Taylor, Robert R., Heaven : glimpses of glory
Taylor, Robert R., If the church does not matter!
Taylor, Robert R., What will you bring to the marriage altar?
Taylor, Robert R., Authority of elders
Taylor, Robert R., What about witnessing for the Lord?
Taylor, Robert R., What about the rapture?
Tenney, Arthur B. As revealed: “responsible human beings should believe and obey the teaching of Jesus Christ, as revealed in the New Testament.”
Thiesen, Mark, Churches of Christ : a history of the restoration movement in Malawi 1906 – 1981
Thomas, J. D. (James David), The doctrine of evolution and the antiquity of man
Thomas, J. D. (James David), 2nd Corinthians : the message of the New Testament
Thomas, Leslie G. (Leslie Grier), Baptism in the Holy Spirit
Thomas, Leslie G. (Leslie Grier), Baptism in the Holy Spirit : what is it?
Thomas, Leslie G. (Leslie Grier), Women and their veils
Thomas, Marlin E. Resolving disputes in Christian groups
Thompson, Bert, The mythology of science : spontaneous generation
Thompson, Bert, The gospel of Christ versus the anti-gospel of humanism
Thompson, Bert, The limitations of science and its method
Thompson, Bert, The gap theory : still another false compromise of the Genesis account of creation
Thompson, Bert, It is not enough to be just a creationist!
Thompson, Bert. Creation’s critics countered
Thompson, Bert. Creation — will it stand the “test of science”?
Thompson, Bert. Scientific humanism
Thompson, Bert. Can America survive the fruits of atheistic evolution?
Thompson, Bert. Theistic evolution : curse of the church
Thompson, Bert. The day the scientists voted
Thompson, Bert. How does science work?
Thompson, Bert. What is science?
Thompson, Bert. Genesis 1-11 : literal & historical or mythological and allegorical?
Thompson, James W. (James Weldon), The letter to the Hebrews
Thrash, Catherine, The onliest one alive : surviving Jonestown, Guyana
Tisdel, Maurice, Cottage meeting manual
Torrance, Thomas F. (Thomas Forsyth), Consecration and ordination
Trench, Richard Chenevix, Notes on the parables of Our Lord
Turner, J. J. (Johnny James) The book of James
Turner, Jim. Brother Bob : the life and times of Robert Gill Neil
Twin City Church of Christ (Twin City, Georgia) Gracious words
Vines, Jeff. Unbroken : 8 enduring promises God will keep
Wake, Arthur N. Companion to Hymnbook for Christian worship
Walker, Tim. Christian living is for real!
Wartick, Wallace W. Lessons on New Testament evidences : a student book for thirteen weeks of study
Watkins, Bert, Have you wondered about feet-washing in worship?
Wear, Bob. Ideas to live by
Weems, Ann, Psalms of lament
Willeford, James D., How we got our Bible : did the Catholics give us the Bible?
Willingham, Ron, Life is what you make it; a guide for self-discovery and goal-setting
Wilmeth, P. D. (Perry Davis), Love, courtship and marriage
Wood, Jimmy, What religious freedom means to the Catholics
Woods, Guy N., A commentary on the New Testament Epistles of Peter, John, and Jude
Woods, Guy N., A commentary on the Epistle of James
World’s Student Christian Federation. Venite adoremus : World’s Student Christian Federation prayer book
Young, John, Redrawing the blueprints for the Early Church  : historical ecclesiology in and around the Stone-Campbell Movement
Listening carefully
The reality of God
The Bible teacher
Somebody must come preaching : a collaborative collection of exposition in African-American Churches of Christ
Standard Bible atlas
To Mr. Howard Cadle: Indianapolis, Ind.
The HarperCollins study Bible : New Revised Standard Version, including the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical books
The New Testament
Thoughts worth considering
A commentary on the New Testament Epistles
Standard eclectic commentary on the International Sunday-school lessons
Churches of Christ in the United States : inclusive of her commonwealth and territories
Understanding the Bible alike
Catholicism, too late! Too wrong!
Power to become a child of God
Looking for the Roman road to salvation
The history of man
One church
Baptism according to the Bible
How shall I be remembered
Visualized Bible study series
Passion with a purpose
Advanced Christian training
Don’t be a sick missionary : a guide to spiritual [sic], mental and physical health in the mission field
Sermons for today
Headed in the direction of heaven
A day of good deeds
Listening to the word : studies in honor of Fred B. Craddock
Christian minister’s manual : containing Scripture selections, funeral outlines, selected poetry, wedding ceremonies, etc.
Charms of the Gaels : hymns and incantations
Oklahoma Disciples Ministers’ Mates Cookbook
Marriage enrichment seminar
Songs of the Bel Canto Singers
Visualized Bible study series
In search of the Lord’s way
Holy God
Footnotes : to ministries in higher education
Pro-Family Forum alert
Atlantic Christian
Bible in the news : a publication of the Southwest Radio Church
Evangelical recorder
The faithful witness
The expositor
Minister’s bulletin : unified promotion
The Expository review (Odessa, Tex.)
The Ellis County evangel
An epistle from prison
East Tennessee Christian
It is written
Front rank journal
Camp Blue Haven
Camp Sunset Newsletter
Gospel exhorter
Gospel hour news
The Presbyterian hymnal : hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs
Pilgrim hymnal
Lutheran book of worship
The Singer’s worship series : contemporary Christian music arranged for the church and family
Hymnal for colleges and schools
Hymnal and liturgies of the Moravian Church
Cantos del camino
Caliz de bendiciones : himnario Discipulos de Cristo
Christian worship, a hymnal
Songs of Zion
African American heritage hymnal
The song-book of the school-room: consisting of a great variety of songs, hymns, and scriptural selections with appropriate music, arranged to be sung in one, two, or three parts; containing, also, the elementary principles of vocal music, prepared with reference to the inductive, or Pestalozzian method of teaching: designed as …
Amazing grace : hymn texts for devotional use
The Old Testament books of poetry from 26 translations
Hymnbook for Christian worship
Chalice hymnal
Hymnal supplement II
Service book and hymnal
Chalice hymnal
Hymnbook for Christian worship
Cantate domino
Hymnal for worship : with worship resources and services
The Saint Dunstan hymnal : plainsong hymns with accompaniments
Sisters and brothers sing!
Carlton R. Young’s Exodus songbook
Kirchen-gesangbuch für evangelisch-lutherische gemeinden ungeänderter Augsburgischer confession, darin des seligen dr. Martin Luthers und anderer geistreichen lehrer gebräuchlichste kirchen-lieder enthalten sind
Folk encounter : the now hymnal.
We shall overcome! : songs of the Southern freedom movement
The Church hymnary. Revised edition : authorised for use in public worship by the Church of Scotland, the United Free Church of Scotland, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, the Presbyterian Church of England, the Presbyterian Church of Wales, the Presbyterian Church of Australia, the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand…
Inclusive-language Psalms from an Inclusive-language lectionary
Evangelisch-lutherisches Gesangbuch der Povinz Schleswig-Holstein
Hymns for now II
Everflowing streams : songs for worship
Venite adoremus II : prayers and services for students
The F.E.L. hymnal : for schools and parishes : containing material for youth and adult congregations
Venite adoremus II : prayers and services for students
New wine 2
Hymns for now
American hymns old and new
Great songs of the church
Hymns and songs of the spirit

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