On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, November 2021

In November our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 707 items to Special Collections holdings.  Almost 550 items fed into the main print collection (which we call REST), plus about 120 into REST A/V while the remainder filled in gaps in our Taylor Hymnal Collection, ACU Authors and ACU Archive collections.  Some of the additions are newly published, others are new-to-us, and still others represent a second copy or a new-to-us edition or printing.  The tract project continues, especially this month, with hundreds of new entries.  We will have a fine set of tracts, all cataloged, when this project is complete.

Abilene Christian College. Prickly Pear, Yearbook of Abilene Christian College, 1952, yearbook, 1952; Abilene, Texas. University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History, https://texashistory.unt.edu; crediting Abilene Christian University Library.

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

707 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research: 


Catalog Author Catalog Title
“Ye shall know the truth” TV A Cappella Chorus (musical group) The Love of God
[Westapher, Clarence A.] Ten reasons why a believer must be baptized
Abilene Christian College Prickly pear
Abilene Christian College A Cappella Chorus (musical group) My God and I Pat Boone
Acappella Chorus of Southwestern Christian College (musical group) Walking in the light
Adams, Louise H Mrs. Walter Adams Sing
Ahlgrim, Alan G. Dr. Ludwig von Gerdtell, 1872-1954 : founder of the European Evangelistic Society
Alexander, Wallace, Practicing safe sin
Allen, Jimmy, What is hell like?
Allen, S. N. Why back to God?
Anthony, Robert W., The place of the Protestants in Italy : present needs and future possibilities
Aquila. Is baptism necessary? : a tract
Aquila. Is baptism necessary?
Arceneaux, J. Early. Mormonism : a system of infidelity
Arlington Church of Christ A Cappella Chorus  (musical group) A program of sacred a cappella music
Atkinson, T. Raymond, Origin of denominationalism
Bailey, George W., What about denominationalism?
Bailey, George W., New Testament Christianity : God’s ecumenical movement
Bailey, George W., Will God always bless America
Bailey, George W., Will God always bless America
Bailey, S. C. (Shelvey Cecil), A Baptist preacher forty-eight years then converted : and other articles
Bales, James D., Catholicism and coercion
Bales, James D., Gospel treasure graded Bible lessons: college-age students, year I, book 2
Banister, John H. (John Hugh), Is one church as good as another?
Banister, John H. (John Hugh), The New Testament teaches planned giving
Banister, John H. (John Hugh), How many churches did Christ build?
Barber, Calvin, Accepting bereavement
Barnes, Perry V., Let the Bible answer
Barnett, Joe R., It really works
Barnett, Joe R., I don’t know what to do : a four-step plan for decision-making
Barnett, Joe R., Jesus gives freedom for…
Barnett, Joe R., Thank you
Barnett, Joe R., Thanksgiving
Barnett, Joe R., Born again
Barnett, Joe R., Looking out for number one
Barnett, Joe R., Your new year : owner’s maintenance manual
Barnett, Joe R., “Opened by mistake”
Barnett, Joe R., Workaholic or playboy
Barnett, Joe R., The ultimate “how to” book
Barnett, Joe R., What price freedom?
Barnett, Joe R., The key to self-esteem : dealing with feelings of inferiority and insignificance
Barnett, Joe R., I’m sick
Barnett, Joe R., Please believe
Barnett, Joe R., The power of purpose
Barnett, Joe R., What do you remember?
Barnett, Joe R., What really counts
Barnett, Joe R., I need someone to talk to
Barnett, Joe R., Like little children
Barnett, Joe R., You can win over temptation
Barnett, Joe R., Free at last
Barnett, Joe R., Beatitudes of the aged
Barnett, Joe R., A sure-cure
Barnett, Joe R., Who is this Jesus?
Barnett, Joe R., Me
Barnett, Joe R., “Where ain’t God?”
Barnett, Joe R., He knocks
Barnett, Joe R., Shaped for glory
Barnett, Joe R., The secret is persistence
Barnett, Joe R., The right kind of cover-up
Barnett, Joe R., Four powerful resolutions
Barnett, Joe R., Keep your reputation
Barnett, Joe R., Worry about what?
Barnett, Joe R., Faith : is it reasonable?
Barnett, Joe R., The use of tragedy
Barnett, Joe R., What is the church of Christ?
Barnett, Joe R., You can start over
Barnett, Joe R., A four-step program for spiritual growth
Barnett, Joe R., Destroy your enemies
Barnett, Joe R., “Grudgitis” … killer disease
Barnett, Joe R., Patience in the “instant” age
Barnett, Joe R., Two-faced
Barnett, Joe R., A second start
Barnett, Joe R., Joy…first on the “want list”
Barnett, Joe R., Erasing the shadows
Barnett, Joe R., Handle with care
Barnett, Joe R., Joy. . . God inside
Barnett, Joe R., How sweet it is
Barnett, Joe R., X-ray vision
Barnett, Joe R., It’s not nice to point
Barnett, Joe R., Use of time
Barnett, Joe R., Strength in struggle
Barnett, Joe R., Our hands are tied
Barnett, Joe R., Why me?
Barnett, Joe R., The cost of conquest
Barnett, Joe R., Watch those habits
Barnett, Joe R., The dreamer
Barnett, Joe R., There are days like that
Barnett, Joe R., Victory at Patmos
Barnett, Joe R., Don’t be little
Barnett, Joe R., Someone to talk to
Barnett, Joe R., Life’s added dimension
Barnett, Joe R., Sloppy work
Barnett, Joe R., Open doors
Barnett, Joe R., A skylight toward heaven
Barnett, Joe R., Forget these things
Barnett, Joe R., Time flies
Barnett, Joe R., A day in your life
Barnett, Joe R., You can have real success
Barnett, Joe R., A look into heaven
Barnett, Joe R., God’s plan for marriage
Barnett, Joe R., Rx for depression
Barnett, Joe R., Is God listening?
Barnett, Joe R., How to win over worry
Barnett, Joe R., Are you ready
Barnett, Joe R., Honesty : the best policy
Barnett, Joe R., The ultimate gift
Barnett, Joe R., The blood of Christ
Barnett, Joe R., How to handle failure
Barnett, Joe R., You can be great
Barnett, Joe R., What you say is powerful
Barnett, Joe R., Proud to be an American
Barnett, Joe R., Accepting forgiveness
Barnett, Joe R., Life’s most fantastic promise
Barnett, Joe R., Where trouble can’t hurt you
Barnett, Joe R., So you can’t sleep!
Barnett, Joe R., Shadow and shine
Barnett, Joe R., Jesus gives freedom from…
Barnett, Joe R., Take inventory
Barnett, Joe R., Quiet time
Barnett, Joe R., Making the most of time : a four-step program for effective time management
Barnett, Joe R., The impossible command
Barnett, Joe R., Covering our sins
Barnett, Joe R., Dead or alive?
Barnett, Joe R., Thanksgiving
Barnett, Joe R., Tongue control
Barnett, Joe R., Made in heaven
Barnett, Joe R., Gracious goodness
Barnett, Joe R., Why go on
Barnett, Joe R., Keep your heart
Barnett, Joe R., How to handle trouble
Barnett, Joe R., Television and your child
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, Pentecost
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, The greatest story ever told
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, The Holy Spirit
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, How does one become a Christian?
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, The old paths
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, Come ye out from among them
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, A study of what is the Church of Christ
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, How to have a happy home
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, What about baptism?
Becton, Randy, Memorials with a message :   a television special
Bel Canto Singers (musical group) Songs of the Bel Canto singers
Bel Canto Singers (musical group) Count your blessings
Bel Canto Singers (musical group) Songs of Bel Canto Singers
Bird, Catherine, Armor of God : a Bible study for tweens and parents in today’s spiritual battle
Black, V. P. (Vanderbilt P.), My God and my money
Blazer, Dan G., (Dan German), Depression in later life
Bogard, Ben M. (Ben Marquis), Campbellism exposed
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), Errors of adventism exposed
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), The Lord’s day : the first day of the week
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), Second advent of Christ–the millennium
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), The Sabbath day
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), The two covenants
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), The founders of Adventism : false prophets
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), The…eldership of the churches of Christ
Boosinger, Elby A. Christian life retreats : a handbook
Borden, E. M. (Eli Monroe), The honest gentile : what conclusion would an honest gentile come to when he reads the Bible through?
Boteler, Mattie M. Busy Bible student : the gist of the International Sunday school lessons for adult Bible classes
Boyce Mouton Venture in faith
Bradfield, W. A. (Willie Albert), The way to heaven
Bradfield, W. A. (Willie Albert), Marriage and divorce
Bradfield, W. A. (Willie Albert), A challenge to you : read, study, think, act
Bradfield, W. A. (Willie Albert), The Christian life
Bradfield, W. A. (Willie Albert), Personal evangelism
Bream, Harvey Cleveland, Harvey Cleveland Bream, Jr. Papers
Brecheen, Carl Marriage enrichment film series: Study guide
Brewer, G. C. (Grover Cleveland), Darkness or light?  Catholicism or Protestantism? : Shall we worship a human being or a divine being?
Brewer, G. C. (Grover Cleveland), Evolution
Brewer, G. C. (Grover Cleveland), Be ye steadfast
Bristol, Gerald Men’s questions & God’s answers
Brock, Ray Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?
Brookshine, Dean. Modern idolatry… covetousness
Brothers Quartet (musical group) Wrapped Up
Brown, T. Pierce. Christianity in action
Brownlow, Leroy. Flowers for you
Burcham, Ralph, Love in any language
Burke, Gary T., God’s woman revisited : women and the church
Burns, Leon C. Adult delinquency
Bush, Marion Frances, Marion Frances Bush Papers
Campbell, Alexander, Who wrote the Book of Mormon?
Campbell, Alexander, Address on war
Carter, Oscar W. A physician looks at love and health
Case, Onis Floy, Onis “Dick” Floy and Catherine LaRue Gibson Case Papers
Children of Promise (musical group) Each step I take
Chumley, Charles. You can be a Christian without ever joining any denomination
Claiborne, Winford, Preaching Christ crucified
Clayton, John N., Does God exist? : who created God?
Clayton, John N., A practical man’s proof of God
Clayton, John N., A help in understanding what God is
Clayton, John N., Why I left atheism
Clevenger, Ernest A., (Ernest Allen), A ready reference for personal workers
Clevenger, Ernest. A pocket Bible ready reference for personal workers
Coats, Wayne. How the new liberals dig up the bones of the old liberals
Coffman, James Burton, The influence of the Bible in the building of America
Coffman, Moody, How much should I give
Collins, Willard, The law of exclusion
Cosgrove, Owen, 10 reasons why you should investigate the church of Christ
Cosgrove, Owen, The thief on the cross
Cotham, Perry B. (Perry Boyd), Bible baptism
Cotham, Perry B. (Perry Boyd), The evidence of pardon
Cotham, Perry B. (Perry Boyd), The new birth : “you must be born again”
Cox, Brady Kal, Brady Kal Cox Papers
Danklefsen, Bob, The Assembly of God- is it the church of the Bible?
Danklefsen, Bob, The Lutheran church : is it the church of the Bible?
Dark, Harris J. (Harris Jeremiah), The Bible and the Catholic claim
Dark, Harris J. (Harris Jeremiah), What school do you attend?
Davis, W. M. (William Morton), Bible briefs and sermon outlines a comprehensive view of the Bible in its relation to man as set forth in a series of scriptural themes by which the Bible becomes its own interpreter
Drummond, Henry, The greatest thing in the world
Emch, Eileen R. Indicators of employment success : of mentally retarded persons working in food service occupations …
Errett, Isaac, Walks about Jerusalem : a search after the landmarks of primitive Christianity
Exum, Jack How do you know that you are accepted when you fail and don’t do good?
Exum, Jack I’m a nobody : How can God accept me?
Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America. Committee on Marriage and the Home. If I marry a Roman Catholic
Ford, Gynnath Don’t die on third!
Ford, Gynnath Do our possessions possess us?
Ford, Gynnath Is religious division necessary?
Ford, Gynnath Should I leave my father’s religion?
Ford, Gynnath You, too, can win souls!
Ford, Gynnath Should you join the church of your choice?
Ford, Gynnath Does God love and punish too?
Ford, Gynnath We want you in Bible school
Ford, Gynnath Catholics say, investigate : For catholics
Ford, Gynnath Should we use instrumental music in worship to God?
Ford, Gynnath Are we saved by faith only?
Ford, Gynnath You are important
Ford, Gynnath Nobody knows how I feel
Ford, Gynnath, Is sprinkling really baptism?
Ford, Gynnath. The verdict is yours
Ford, Gynnath. Does it make any difference how we hear Christ?
Ford, Gynnath. A letter from prison
Frazier, Carl. Should I have my baby baptized?
Gaddy, Ryan M., From Jerusalem to Boston : an intimate look at my spiritual journey through the ICOC
Gage Cousins (musical group) The sands of time
Gage Cousins (musical group) Give me thy heart
Gage Cousins (musical group) Love is why
Gage Cousins (musical group) To God be the glory
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, A Protestant manifesto
George, Rusty, After amen : what to do when you’re waiting on God
Geringer, Sarah, Transforming your thought life for teens : renew your mind with God
Glanzer, Perry L. (Perry Lynn), Christ-enlivened student affairs : a guide to Christian thinking and practice in the field
Grandey, Charles E. , The Way
Gray, H. H., Church organization and government
Grubbs, David Alan, Spreading the FAME of Christ : the first forty years, 1970-2010
Guild, Claude A. (Claude Adrian), The home as related to godliness
Hammond, George J. The atonement
Harding College A Capella Chorus (musical group) Tour ’69
Harding University A Capella Chorus (musical group) I’ll walk with Jesus a collection of gospel songs
Haun, Delton , Introducing the church of Christ
Haun, Delton , Is there going to be a rapture?
Haun, Delton. Belong where you worship
Hazelip, Harold, What the Bible says about baptism
Highers, Alan E. (Alan Edward), Response to a speech : a reply to “In quest of unity” by Bill J. Humble
Hill, Fern, Gifts from glory : a collection of true stories on prayer
Hobbs, A. G., Holy Spirit baptism
Hobbs, A. G., Is it right to dance?
Hobbs, A. G., Religious unity … a prayer, a plea, and a plan
Hobbs, A. G., Can a child of God be lost eternally?
Hobbs, A. G., Have miracles ceased?
Hook, Cecil, An exciting approach to understand marriage-divorce-remarriage
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), What must I do to be saved?
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), The Godhead : one or three? Radio addresses
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Que es la iglesia de Cristo
Hunt, Donald G. (Donald Gerald), What the Bible says about the unfolded plan of God
Hurley, Michael / Slovenia mission work
Jackson, Wayne, The mythology of modern geology : a refutation of evolution’s most influential argument
James, Ron, A father and the son
Johnson, Alva Alva Johnson tells the story of his life
Jorgenson, E. L. (Elmer Leon), The new alphabetical hymnal : great songs of the church, number two ; a treasury of six hundred sacred songs suitable for all services of the church
Jorgenson, E. L. (Elmer Leon), Great songs of the church, number two : a treasury of six hundred sacred songs suitable for all services of the church
Keeble, Marshall, Sermons by Brother Marshall Keeble
Kelcy, Raymond C., Christianity is undenominational
Kennon, Jeff, The cross-shaped life : taking on Christ’s humanity
Kenny Reynolds You are graciously invited to the wedding feast-RSVP
King, Clarence Elbert, Clarence Elbert King and Nancy Cloe Barnett King Cash Papers
Kinningham, S. C., God’s only way
Kiser, Mike. The gospel gleaner :   sermon sketches
Kiser, Mike. The gospel gleaner :   sermon sketches
Lanier, Roy H. Authority in religion
Lanier, Roy H. A great change at Corinth
Lanier, Roy H. The new birth
Lanier, Roy H. Church of Christ versus denominationalism
Lanier, Roy H. Lessons from Corinth
Lanier, Roy H. Mormon Doctrine true … false … : a study of the books, doctrines and practices of “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” – Utah branch
Lanier, Roy H. Mistakes of “Latter Day Saints” ; a review of the books, doctrines and practices of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints–Utah Branch
Lawrance, Marion, Service in song : the cream of all the best songs, of all the best writers, together with orders of service, for the Sunday School
Layton, Mac, The oneness of the church
Layton, Mac, “Of all hours fear but one!”
Layton, Mac, The church 1900 years old
Layton, Mac, A good steward
Layton, Mac, How the Spirit saves man
Layton, Mac, The Lord’s supper
Layton, Mac, Point of pardon
Layton, Mac, Is there anything in a name?
Layton, Mac, 36 reasons why Christians should not dance
Lemley 4 (musical group) Look and Live
Lemmons, Reuel G. A New Testament conversion
Lemmons, Reuel G., The church and the temple
Lollar, Todd, Weak is the new strong : God’s perfect power in you
Lovell, James L. (James Lacy), Jimmie Lovell talks heart to heart
Lubbock Christian College A Capella Chorus (musical group) 18 Christian hymns 18 Christian composers
Lubbock Christian College A Capella Chorus (musical group) America’s heritage of song
Lubbock Christian College A Cappella Chorus (musical group) A cappella chorus [#1]
Lubbock Christian College A Cappella Chorus (musical group) A cappella chorus [#2]
Lucado, Max. You’ll get through this : hope and help for your turbulent times
Lucado, Max. On the anvil
Lucado, Max. And the angels were silent
Marik, Tom, From the horse’s mouth : let’s stop horsin’ around
Martin, Rick, Where the saints assemble : a directory of the Churches of Christ
McClung, Paul, Restoring the New Testament church
McDaniel, William Edward, William Edward McDaniel Papers
McGarvey, J. W. (John William), Baptism
McGarvey, J. W., Baptism
McInteer, Jim Bill, What does the Bible teach about “placing membership” with a local congregation?
McKennon, Dal, Once upon a Bible
McKnight, M. F. (Millard Freeman), The end of the world
McKnight, M. F. (Millard Freeman), Mid talks to Christian men about leadership in the church
McMillan, E. W. (Edward Washington), Class notes on sacred history
McQuiddy, J. C. (J. Clayton), Worship : the items composing the worship of the church of Christ on the first day of the week
Medina Home Chorus (musical group) Open my eyes
Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship Purer in heart, O God
Meyer, Jack, Why we do not use instrumental music in worship
Meyer, Jack, Gospel baptism
Meyer, Jack, Is the alien sinner saved by prayer?
Meyer, Jack, The oneness of Christ’s church
Meyer, Jack, What shall we call the church?
Meyer, Jack, The preacher’s library
Meyer, Jack, Why we do not use instrumental music in worship
Meyer, Jack, Gospel baptism
Meyer, Jack, Marriage, divorce, and remarriage
Meyer, Jack, Handling aright the word
Meyer, Jack, What shall we call the church
Meyer, Jack, Holy Spirit baptism
Meyer, Jack, The original pattern of the New Testament church
Meyer, Jack, What is the difference between the Christian Church and the Church of Christ?
Meyer, Jack, The importance of the Lord’s Supper
Meyer, Jack, Marriage, divorce, and remarriage
Meyer, Jack, Is the alien sinner saved by prayer?
Meyer, Jack, The oneness of Christ’s church
Meyer, Jack, Man is a free agent
Meyer, Jack, Miracles abolished
Meyer, Jack, The sabbath abolished
Meyer, Jack, What shall we call the church?
Meyer, Jack, Special revelations
Meyer, Jack, Certain scriptures contradicted by premillennialism
Meyer, Jack, The preacher’s library
Meyer, Jack, Handling aright the word
Meyer, Jack, God requires more than sincerity
Michigan Christian College The A Cappella Chorus (musical group) Abide with me, ’tis eventide
Michigan Christian Junior College A Cappella Chorus (musical group) Arise, my soul, arise!
Mickey, Wayne, Saved before baptism?
Middleton, Chas. B. (Charles Baker), Missionary work : the field, the charge, the possibilities, the responsibilities
Miller, Dave Fallacies and fruits of liberalism
Miller, Jule L, The visualized Bible correspondence course : a complete undenominational Bible study in five fully-illustrated lessons
Miller, Max R., Fake healers : I didn’t see them there!
Mitchell, Woodrow W., The two covenants
Mitchell, Woodrow W., The revelation of Jesus Christ
Moninger, Herbert, The life of Christ made easy : supplemental lessons for the intermediate department of the Bible school
Monroe, Roy E., Neighbors Joe and Jess
Monroy, Juan Antonio, “This is my story” : my work in 1970
Montgomery, Beulah. Are you ready?
Morgan, Elmer, The church : in authority? or under authority?
Morse, LaVerne. Mission: rescue! : adventuring for Christ from Tibet to Burma ; an action picture story of young missionary heroes
Mosby, Ed, What the Bible teaches about marriage
Murphy, Paul D., Timeless sermons for now and eternity volume II
Nichol, C. R. (Charles Ready), Nichol’s booklet (improved)
North, Stafford, Will only the church of Christ be saved?
Northeastern Christian Junior College A Cappella Chorus (musical group) Sing, ye righteous
Northwest Florida School of Biblical Studies Lectureship Northwest Florida School of Biblical Studies twenty sixth annual lectureship February 18th-22nd, 2018: an examination of religious history:33-1500 A.D./editor: Guyton E. Montgomery
Oglesby, Robert K. (Robert Kerry), One story
Oglesby, Robert K. (Robert Kerry), The story
Older adult ministry conference Older adult ministry conference
Opsitch, Yann, Let us come before his presence : 365 days to learn, meditate, and pray from the Psalms and the sermon on the mount
Owen, Robert, The evidences of Christianity : a debate between Robert Owen, of New Lanark, Scotland, and Alexander Campbell, President of Bethany Coll., Va. : containing an examination of the “Social system,” and all the systems of skepticism of ancient and modern times : held in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio, in April 1829
Patterson, Herbert Ray. Herbert Ray Patterson Papers
Payne, John Wade, A grace of seasons : twenty years at Park Avenue Christian Church, New York City
Pepperdine University A Cappella Chorus (musical group) 1973 A Cappella Chorus
Prestoncrest Church of Christ Women’s Retreat Sweet surprises : cakes, breads, & sweet treats cookbook
Project Italy (musical group) Project Italy
Psalms IV (musical group) Thank you, Lord
Psalms IV (musical group) Psalms IV
Psalms IV (musical group) Created in his image
Psalms IV (musical group) Thank you, Lord
Ramsey, Johnny, Gems from Genesis
Ramsey, Johnny, Peace passing understanding
Rankin, R. Bernard, Bible study quizzes with answers : on characters in Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
Rawls, B. S. (Burnell Shelton), The picture show and Christianity
Rea, Lena, Let this cup pass from me
Redpath, Alan. Messages from the prophets : adult Bible studies
Reed, Forrest F. (Forrest Francis), Background of division, Disciples of Christ and Churches of Christ : an address delivered at the Tennessee Assembly of Christian Churches, Disciples of Christ Historical Society breakfast, April 22, 1967 in Memphis, Tennessee
Reed, Jasper N., A sermon
Reed, Kenneth, The greatest loss to the Church in the twentieth century
Reedy, William P., What is the Church of Christ? : being a series of six lectures
Reese, John F., Significance of the Bible
Reese, John, [World Bible School reports]
Reeves, Homer Putnam, What about keeping the Sabbath today?
Reeves, Homer Putnam, What about falling from grace
Reeves, Homer Putnam, What about instrumental music in Christian worship
Reeves, Homer Putnam, What about the name?
Reeves, Homer Putnam, The proper division of the Word
Reeves, Homer Putnam, Druid Hills Church of Christ purged of liberal element : birth of a faction
Reeves, Homer Putnam, What is the Church of Christ
Reeves, Homer Putnam, Work of the Spirit : a sermonette
Reeves, Robert E. Faith promise : a missions success story
Reeves, William, Are infants born sinners?
Reeves, William, Salvation by grace and faith
Reeves, William, Facts about the Bible
Reeves, William, Sin and pardon after baptism
Reeves, William, Do you need baptism
Reeves, William, Catholic, Protestant, or just a Christian
Reeves, William, Do I love God?
Reeves, William, Salvation by grace and faith
Reeves, William, New birth
Reeves, William, Are infants born sinners?
Reeves, William, Walking by faith
Reeves, William, Why we believe
Reeves, William, The Lord’s Supper
Reeves, William, Some judgment day surprises
Reeves, William, What is authority?
Reeves, WIlliam, Restoration in religion
Reeves, William, The importance of the church
Reeves, William, Some good people are lost
Reeves, William, Heaven’s interest in mankind
Rhodes, Lynn, What about instrumental music in worship?
Ribble, S. A., The Bible school idea : some phases of religious education
Rice, J. Loyd, I challenged a priest!
Richardson, W. P. (William Pugh), Mabel Clement reviewed
Roady, J. C., Christ and His church
Robarts, Charme. James : the other side of suffering
Robinson, L. Q., Necessary knowledge for successful Bible teaching : teacher’s manual
Robinson, L. Q., Our glorious God
Robinson, Scott, The gospel of history
Rodgers, Arthur B., Do you believe in George Washington?
Rodgers, Arthur B., Tragedy crosses on the highway
Rogacs, Mike T., A confession from a Catholic
Rogers, Clifton, How much should I give
Rogers, Clifton, How much should I give
Roper, Coy D. (Coy Dee), Is the Church of England (book of common prayer) in harmony with the Bible?
Roper, David L., When the books were opened
Roper, David L., For new converts : “be thou faithful unto death”
Roper, David. The day Christ came (again)
Rouse, W. T. (William Thomas), The church and the kingdom
Rowe, F. L. (Frederick Louis), The Holy Spirit as the Bible teaches
Rowe, F. L. (Frederick Louis), Six hundred Bible questions and answers for all ages
Rowlison, Bruce A., Let’s talk about your wedding & marriage
Rushford, Jerry, Christians on the Oregon Trail : churches of Christ and Christian churches in early Oregon, 1842-1882
Ruth Griffith To Jesus with love
Rutherford, Dudley, One thing : rediscover a simpler faith in our complicated world
Sallee, Dorothy Logan. So great a cloud of witnesses : stories celebrating the first 150 years of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Illinois & Wisconsin
Sanderson, L. O. (Lloyd Otis), Christian hymns : for every purpose in worship
Sawyer, Wyatt, Teaching adolescents
Seaver College A Cappella Chorus (musical group) Hymns of heaven
Shepherd, Frank Beauchamp, Will a man rob God
Short, Edward, The significance of baptism : a study of baptism in the New Testament
Smith, Joseph, The church
Snodgrass, Larry, God gave the song
Speight, Bill W. Sprinkling, pouring or immersion — which?
Stewart, Bill, About Revelation
Stone-Campbell Dialogue Great communion. in conjunction with the Stone-Campbell dialogue
Stop 11 Road lectureship Questions : thirty-ninth annual lectureship
Stop 11 Road lectureship That they all may be one : thirty-eighth annual lectureship
Straughn, Harold Kent, Harold Kent Straughn Papers
Swann, Howard Samuel, Howard Samuel and Mary Alice Hartsfield Swann Papers
Sweet Spirit (musical group) He’s Alive
Taylor, Austin, The songs of Austin Taylor, 1881-1973
The Crusaders (musical group) Our God, he is alive
The King’s Heralds (musical group) Alleluia!
Thompson, Carolyn Roberts, Reading German for theological studies : a grammar and reader
Thompson, T. B., What is Christian education?
Tobin, Thos. P., Echoes of truth philosophy and wisdom : inspirational thoughts that light the way
Tolle, James M., Instrumental music in worship
Tolle, James M., Is the Bible a catholic book?
Tolle, James M., Denominationalism
Tolle, James M., Instrumental music in worship
Towell, Dwayne, C. L. Fallwell : the old man from the country
Treat, J. W. (Jasper Willie), Cantos espirituales : para usarse en todos los servicios de la Iglesia de Christo
Turner, Mark. Operation : victory : homeland defense for the soul
Van Buren, James G. What the Bible says about praise and promise
Wallace, Foy E., (Foy Esco), Instrumental music in the Christian worship
Wallace, Glenn L., The Church of Christ in light of the scriptures
Watson, Paul Layton, Paul Layton Watson Papers
Webb Chapel Church of Christ (Farmers Branch, Tex.) The mission learning center at Webb Chapel Church of Christ presents…
Webb Chapel Church of Christ World Mission Forum A workshop :   the why and how of a mission learning center
Webb, Joseph M., Greek for preachers
Webster, Allen, Can we let our conscience be our guide in religion?
Webster, Allen, Watered down baptism
Webster, Allen, What teens want : (it may surprise you!)
Weddle, Robert S. Drama & conflict : the Texas saga of 1776
Weed, Fred D., “Closed communion?”
Weigle, Luther A. (Luther Allan), Scholarship, education, and the Bible
Welch, Rosa Page, Rosa Page Welch sings your favorites
Weldon, Melvin E., God’s remedy applied
Welshimer, P. H. (Pearl Howard), Facts concerning the New Testament church
Welshimer, P. H. (Pearl Howard), A sermon to quitters
West End Church of Christ (Nashville, Tenn.) West End Church of Christ (Nashville, TN) Records
West, Earl, Sanctification
West, Earl, The good confession
West, Earl, Church of Christ welcomes you!
West, Earl, The church : what is it
West, Earl, The vine and the branches
West, Earl, Baptism of the Holy Spirit
West, Earle H., Fit for the Master’s use : lessons for new Christians
West, J. W., The conversion of Evariste Herbert: French acadian Roman Catholic his great struggle to find the truth
West, J. W., Once in grace always in grace or the eternal security of the saints
West, Robert Frederick, Who are the Christian Churches and what do we believe?
West, W. B., How the New Testament church took care of orphans
Westapher, C. A., The origin of salvation and the Church of Christ
Westapher, C. A., Facts concerning the church Christ built : according to the New Testament
Westapher, C. A., Facts concerning the church Christ built : according to the New Testament scriptures
Westapher, Clarence A. Ten reasons why the Church of Christ is nonsectarian
Westapher, Clarence A., Facts concerning baptism : according to the New Testament scriptures
Westapher, Clarence A., Ten reasons why the Church of Christ is worth investigating
Westapher, Clarence A., The glorified church Christ established
Westapher, Clarence A., The glory and dignity of the church Christ established : according to the New Testament scriptures
Westapher, Clarence A., Ten marks identifying the New Testament church
Westapher, Clarence A., The church of the New Testament : or the Church of Christ according to the New Testament scriptures
Western Christian College A Capella Chorus (musical group) May God and I
Western Christian College Chorus (musical group) Sing and be happy
Weston, P. D., 1 cent. pics. : “1st century pictures”
Wharton, Edward C., The new denominationalism : an exposé of denominationalized cell groups within the body of Christ
Wharton, W. Ralph, Know your Bible : correspondence course
Wheeler, C. A. The heavenly guide
Wheeler, Palmer E., Practical suggestions on voice
White, Edward, A new creature : a lesson for new Christians
White, J. C., A correct pattern
White, L. S. (Lloyd Smith), Church finance
White, Marian, The best seller: workbook for seniors
White, Marian, Bible miracles : summer vacation Bible school or similar work
White, Marian, Animals of the Bible : summer vacation Bible school or similar work
White, R. C., Reconciliation : (2 Cor. 5:17-19)
White, Wayne, Mature in Christ : a study of James
White, Wilbur H., Origin of the races of man
Whiteman, Francis E., The all-sufficiency of the gospel of Christ
Whiteman, Thomas, Poetical meditations
Whitney, Forrest, Is the church a parenthesis
Whitney, Forrest, Was Christ’s coming imminent?
Whitney, Forrest, Hyperboles about your soul
Whitson, Mont. Should I purpose to give
Whitten, D. J., Be not conformed to this world
Wilburn, James R., Now that I am a Christian : (a series of five filmstrips)
Wilhite, J. Porter (John Porter), Operating on a Baptist doctor
Wilhite, J. Porter (John Porter), Some mistakes of Adventists
Wilhite, J. Porter, Silver threads : vol. 1
Wilhlem, Jack, “What’s going on in Churches of Christ?”
Wilkes, J. C., The proof we are Christians
Wilkes, Joseph C., Dangers and guidelights along the heavenly way
Wilkinson, A. D., Sunday : “the Lord’s day”?
Wilkinson, A. D., The truth about hell
Wilkinson, U. G., The great conflict : a discussion of the present day fulfillment of Bible prophecy, especially as related to the great world war and its consequences in determining the history of the church and the world
Wilkinson, U. G., (Ulysses Grant), Why I am not a socialist : an examination of the political, religious and scientific teachings of modern socialism, showing the anarchistic, anti religious, atheistic, inconsistent, false and misleading teachings and claims of that modern infidel cult, so rich in promises and bankrupt in accomplishments
Wilkinson, U. G., (Ulysses Grant), Life-sketch of Eld. U. G. Wilkinson
Wilks, K. W., The daughters are after us : (Rev. 17:5)
Willeford, James D., A letter from heaven
Willeford, James D., Parking and petting
Willeford, James D., How we got our Bible
Willeford, James D., Divorce and remarriage
Willeford, James D., How we got our Bible
Willeford, James D., Mixed marriages
Willeford, James D., The church letter
Willeford, James D., Infant sinners
Willeford, James D., Doing right in our own eyes
Willhelm, E., Making inquisition for blood : Psalms 9:12
Willhelm, E., The old path guide
Willhelm, E., For the truth’s sake: 2 John 1:2
Willhelm, E., The word of life : (1 John 1:1)
Willhelm, E., The ten commandments
Willhelm, E., Testimony of the resurrection
Witt, Paul C. En esto pensad
Witte, Nancy Inez. The Bible tells a Christian woman how to dress
Womack, Morris M. Miracles, fact or fantasy?
Women for Abilene Christian University. Tasteful traditions
Women of ACC. Women of ACC cookbook : recipes from members, ex-students and friends, and ACC specialities
Wood, Edward V., A brief history of premillennialism
Wood, Jimmy, That O’Toole letter
Woodbridge, Judson, Heart-breaking statements : a discussion of present problems and attitudes
Woods, Clyde M. Genesis-Exodus
Woods, Guy N., How the Holy Spirit dwells in the Christian
Woods, Guy N., The menace of the movies
Woods, Guy N., Sermons on sin
Woods, Guy N., Why churches of Christ do not use instrumental music in Christian worship
Woods, Guy N., A defense of orphan homes
Woods, Guy N., The second coming of Christ
Woods, Guy N., Causes of digression
Woods, Guy N., The pattern’s “cordial challenge” accepted!
Woods, Guy N., The case for verbal inspiration
Woods, Guy N., Cooperation in the field of benevolence and evangelism
Woody, D. D., Thief on the cross
Wright, Cecil N. The sponsorship cooperation controversy
Wright, Cecil N., Marriage and family
Wright, Cecil N., Is dancing compatible with Christianity?
Wright, Cecil N., Instrumental music in Christian worship : a series of four fifteen minute radio sermons
Wright, Ramsey, The Bible can be understood
Yeakley, Flavil Ray, Questions and answers about church discipline
Yeakley, Flavil Ray, An essay on the ‘tongues’ phenomenon : and related aspects of the Pentecostal and neo-Pentecostal charismatic movement
Yeakley, Flavil Ray, Bible translations use and abuse
Yocum, Lynn D., God us calling you
Young, A. W., Heartfelt religion
Young, M. Norvel (Matt Norvel), The urgent need for Christian education
Young, M. Norvel (Matt Norvel), What is wrong with dancing?
Young, M. Norvel (Matt Norvel), Apostolic evangelism
Young, M. Norvel (Matt Norvel), Facts you need to face
Young, M. Norvel (Matt Norvel), The congregation at work
Young, William E., The length and breadth of fellowship
Engage all generations : a strategic toolkit for creating intergenerational faith communities
Answered by fire : the Cane Ridge Revival reconsidered
Favorite recipes
Are the heathen lost?
Mid Atlantic directory of the Churches of Christ
Truth in love
Dangers and guide-lights along the narrow way
Nuggets of gold
Golden gems
From the heart : a collection of poems by Canadian Christians
Cheong Gye Cheon restoration
I married a Catholic
What must I do to be saved?
Reflections on valid immersion
[Directory] :  10th & Huisache Sts. Church of Christ
Lands of faith and ferment : Southeast Asia
The Tobacco church. a manual for congregational leaders
Jesus, my power to become
Kiamichi clinic
4th Annual Christian College Chorus Festival
If I can help somebody : psalms, hymns and spiritual songs in memory of Marshall Keeble
Church Ministries International presents the Church alive!
Gospel sing song till midnight.
America’s best loved hymns
God bless the child
Preparing God’s people
What if the Lord were to come right now?
Disability resources incorporated
Light of the Southwest
A community of compassion in Kampala
Continent of great cities :   celebrating 25 years of leading people to God
Christian Bible teacher
Aymar Biblia
Week of Compassion Records
The precious promise Testament, with complete index; being the Authorized version of the New Testament, with all the promises printed in red, and a complete index to every subject and important word in the New Testament
A collection of hymns : for public, social, and domestic worship
The new wonderful songs : for work and worship
Great songs of the church : a comprehensive collection of Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs of the first class, suitable for all services of the church, alphabetically arranged
Cantos espirituales : para usarse en todos los servicios de la iglesia de Cristo
Christian songs = Христианские песни
Missionary melodies
Cantos espirituales : para usarse en todos servicios de la iglesia de Cristo
Spiritual melodies

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