On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, March 2023

In March our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 377 items to Special Collections holdings.  The tract cataloging project continues with over 200 new items. Between tracts and other print items, the REST collection grew by 260 items.  About 40 A/V items in various formats came into the REST A/V collection.  The remainder went into the general rare books collection (55 items), the Taylor hymnal collection (2 items), and about 15 items into ACU Archives collection which contains items published by the University.

Library, Abilene Christian College, 1917. The library was in the Administration Building on the old downtown campus. The Prickly Pear Yearbook for 1917 is available at: https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth39970/m1/44/

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

377 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research: 

Catalog Author Catalog Title
Abilene Christian University. Abilene Christian University catalog
Abilene Christian University. Concert Band. Abilene Christian College Concert Band
Abilene Christian University. Faculty. Significant faculty accomplishments
Abilene Christian University. Strategic plan. 21st century vision : ACU’s strategic plan
Adams, Louise H., [Songs for children’s Bible class] /
Ainslie, Peter, The message of the Disciples of Christ for the union of the church : including their origin and history : lectures
Alisky, Marvin. Government of the Mexican State of Nuevo Leon
Annual National Lectureship From tragedy to triumph : exploring man’s fall and God’s call to redemption [program]
Annual National Lectureship Preparation for the next generation (old and new, tried and true) [program]
Arroyo Llano, Rodolfo, Ygnacio Zaragoza, defensor de la libertad y la justicia
Austin Graduate School of Theology, Austin Graduate School of Theology Records
Bailey, Courtney A., History, hermeneutics & church polity in the International Churches of Christ in Jamaica
Bales, James D., The Sabbath question
Barnhart, E. Glen, Apostacy among “churches of Christ”
Bates, Bobby, Personal evangelism I : syllabus
Baxter, Batsell Barrett Hidden hunger
Beam, Joe, A new beginning : three-day interactive marriage seminar
Bel Canto Singers (Musical group) Songs of the twenty-fourth tour of the Bel Canto Singers
Bentley, Virgil. The beauty of age
Bentley, Virgil. Glory days : 366 daily readings for mature christians
Bentley, Virgil. On eagles’ wings
Berrueto González, Arturo. Diccionario biográfico de Coahuila
Berrueto Ramón, Federico. Ignacio Zaragoza
Berrueto Ramón, Federico. Ignacio Zaragoza
Big Purple, The Big Purple
Burke, Gary T., God’s woman revisited
Burks, David B. (David Basil), Camaraderie : celebrating faith, learning and living at Harding University 1987-2013
Burleson, Douglas Y., The essence of practical Christianity : Alexander Campbell’s view of the church
Cámara Nacional de Comercio de Monterrey. Monterrey en cifras, 1970
Cámara Nacional de Comercio de Monterrey. Monterrey en cifras, 1970
Cantrell, Paul, A study of last things
Carpenter, Bob, Church growth in the “other Brazil”
Case, O. F. (Dick), Increasing in knowledge
Case, O. F. (Dick), Increasing in knowledge
Castle, Jane, Bible class workshop : Florida college summer camp
Cavazos Garza, Israel, Cedulario autobiográfico de pobladores y conquistadores de Nuevo León
Cavazos Garza, Israel. Catálogo y síntesis de los protocolos del Archivo Municipal de Monterrey
Cavazos Garza, Israel. El Colegio Civil de Nuevo León; contribución para su historia
Cavazos Garza, Israel. El Señor de la Expiración del pueblo de Guadalupe
Church of Christ at New Richmond, Ohio. Historical collections of the Church of Christ, New Richmond, Ohio, 1842-1980
Church of Christ Bible Chair Church Leadership
Clark, Eugene L., Songs you love, no. 3
Coffman, John, To teach a teacher
Columbia Christian College Choir. The timeless message of Jesus
Columbia Christian College The Son-Shine Company The Son-Shine Company : (Bring Son-shine to your heart)
Columbia Christian High School Gospel Messengers. Concert Devotional
Cornerstone (Musical Group) Lost & found
Cox, John D. (John Dee), The power of faith : thirteen lessons
Crowley’s Ridge Lectureship So that you may know…the gospel according to Luke
Crowley’s Ridge Lectureship Ezekiel : the watchman of Israel
Crowley’s Ridge Lectureship Isaiah : the messianic prophet
Crowley’s Ridge Lectureship Romans : the righteousness of God
Cummings, Jeremiah. I can see clearly now : Crusade for Christ at Indianapolis
Daniel, Eleanor Ann, Come, follow Jesus : junior teacher grades 5 and 6
David Lipscomb College. A Cappella Singers [Songs of devotion]
Davis, Vance S., Historical Christian evidences
Dawson, Samuel G., Fellowship–with God and his people : the way of Christ without denominationalism
Deaver, Mac, Philippians and Christian ethics : (a study of Christian ethics as set out in the Book of Philippians)
Deaver, Roy (Roy Clifton), A study of Matthew 19:9
Deaver, Roy (Roy Clifton), Marriage, divorce, and remarriage
Deaver, Roy (Roy Clifton), Fundamentals II : God’s plan
Dunning, Guy B., Commentary on Hebrews : the book of Christ’s priesthood
Dunning, Guy B., How the early church selected its leaders
EmbanetCompass Embanet Compass knowledge group update
Erhardt, Aaron, Contend : the writings of a great contender, A. C. Grider
Evans, Louise Bates. The family album
Exum, Jack. The glory of the ordinary
Eynon, Dana, Christ’s way, my way : junior pupil
Finerty, John F. (John Frederick), John F. Finerty reports Porfirian Mexico, 1879
Finerty, John F. (John Frederick), John F. Finerty reports Porfirian Mexico, 1879
Flores Tapia, Oscar. Coahuila : la Reforma, la Intervención y el Imperio, 1854-1867
Foster, Cedric W. The student’s role in the world today
Foster, Lewis, Leader’s guide for discovery learning to use with The true life
Fuentes Mares, José. Miramón, el hombre
Fuentes Mares, José. Monterrey, una ciudad creadora y sus capitanes
Fuentes Mares, José. Juárez y el Imperio
Gallegos, José Ignacio, Compendio de historia de Durango, 1821-1910
Gallegos, José Ignacio, Compendio de historia de Durango, 1821-1910
Gerard, William A., Walter Scott : frontier disciples evangelist
Geringer, Sarah, Hidden manna on a country road : seeing God’s daily provision all around us
Gleaves, Les, Salt :   using your God-given talents for the Lord
Graham, Edgar, The thirteen apostles and what became of them
Hamilton, Mark Wade, The Baal cultus and the reform of Jehu
Harding College. A Cappella Chorus. Hymns from Harding
Harding College. A Cappella Chorus. Hymns from Harding : sweet hour of prayer
Harding College. A Cappella Chorus. Hymns from Harding : Songs of Comfort
Harding University. Chorale. He’s got the whole world in his hands
Hazelip, Harold. The committed marriage
Hernández Rodríguez, Rosaura. Ignacio Comonfort: trayectoria política, documentos
Hill, Wayne, Love him serve him : CYF summer conferences, Disciples of Christ
Hillin, W. D., Gleanings from Genesis 1-11
His Image (Musical Group) Til he comes
Hobgood, William Chris. Born apart, becoming one : Disciples defeating racism
Houston Bible Training Work. Removing roadblocks to church growth : Annual Bible Workshop
Houston Bible Training Work. Church growth through…home studies & new convert training : annual Bible workshop
Humble, R. G., Sgt. Alvin C. York : a Christian patriot
Huron, Rod, My saviour teaches me : junior pupil
Huron, Rod, Good news is…Jesus
Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas. Research Foundation. Annual statistical report of the ICUT Research Foundation
Ionescu, Adrian-Silvan. Tristǎ istorie a preeriei
Jenkins, Jerry, Discipline in love
Jha, Sandhya R. Room at the table : the struggle for unity and equality in Disciple’s history
John, Elizabeth Ann Harper, Storms brewed in other men’s worlds : the confrontation of Indians, Spanish, and French in the Southwest, 1540-1795
Johnson, Ashley S. (Ashley Sidney), The Holy Spirit and the human mind
Johnson, David, Words of life : radio messages
Kasinger, Steve, Mission:Happiness : Misión:Felicidad
Keuning, John, Traveling with Christ through John 3:16
Kunsman, William E. People of the Book of Mormon : a complete schematic index
Ladrón de Guevara, Antonio, Noticias de los poblados de que se componen el Nuevo Reino de León
Laird, Bill, The life of a cotton picking coaching preacher
Lee, Irven, The story of Jesus
Letson, Samuel Brisbin, Christian Science as it is (an analysis)
Lockhart, Stanley Amos, Fragile moments
Lubbock Christian College A Capella Chorus (musical group), 18 Christian hymns 18 Christian composers
Lynch, Norman, Puzzle fun Bible-grams
Massey, Jim Does God exist? : would you look at the proof? 18-lesson study course
McAdow, Lewis H. (Lewis Harlowe), How to achieve a resurgence of Christian life
McIndoo, Robert G., The McIndoo-Nichols correspondence on “Instrumental music in Christian worship” ; McIndoo’s presentation on “Music in Christian worship”
Millard, David, Millard, David, The true Messiah exalted, or, Jesus Christ really the Son of God, vindicated; in three letters to a Presbyterian minister
Miller, Jule L. Visualized Bible study series
Mitchell, Carolyn Kellogg, Practical theology for incorporation of children into body life of Churches of Christ
Mitchell, Lynn E., Reconciling the Bible and science : a primer on the two books of God
Mitchell, Lynn E., The apologetic method of C.S. Lewis.
Moore, Michael S. Faith under pressure : a study of Biblical leaders in conflict
Morfi, Juan Agustín, Diario y derrotero, 1777-1781
Murray, Taylor, Stop saying i’m fine : finding stillness when anxiety screams
National Academy of Western Art. National Academy of Western Art : seventeenth annual exhibition, June 9-September 10, 1989
New Beginnings (Musical group) New beginnings
North, Ira Lutts, The rhetorical method of Alexander Campbell
North, Stafford, Studies in Daniel : teacher’s guide
North, Stafford, How to explain : sixteen lessons on basic Christian doctrines
North, Stafford, Study guide for the book of Revelation
Norton, Howard, Orientaĉo b̕blica
Pérez-Maldonado, Carlos. La ciudad metropolitana de Nuestra Señora de Monterrey, CCCL aniversario de su fundación, 1596 septiembre 20, 1946
Petty, Jo, Apples of gold
Ramsey, Richard, Lesson notes on the books of first & second Timothy and Titus / Lesson notes on the books of First and Second Timothy and Titus
Reese, Jack, Report on distance education :   Graduate School of Theology /
Renner, Jennie Steindorf (Jennie Louise Steindorf), One world – around
Richardson, Cecil N., Cecil N. Richardson Papers
Roel Melo, Santiago, Nuevo León : apuntes históricos
Rogers, Richard, In the furnace of affliction : book of Job
Ronne, Jessica, Married with grit and grace : straight talk about romance, fun, sex, and the tough stuff too
Roper, David, The day Christ came (again)
Roper, David, The day Christ came (again)
Ruckman, Peter S., Five heresies examined
Ruckman, Peter S., Why I am not a Campbellite
Runcie, Robert A. K. (Robert Alexander Kennedy), The Unity we seek
Rutherford, Rod, Survey of the New Testament
Salcido L., Francisco Jaime, Marcas y señales para identificación de ganado : Estado de Sonora
Saldaña, José P. Casos y cosas de Monterrey
Salon d’automne À la decouverte de l’ouest Americain : National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center, art contemporain
Sawyer, Wyatt, Panoramic views of the Bible
Scott, Harold L., Restoration outlines
Shank, Robert, Elect in the Son; a study of the doctrine of election
Shank, Robert, Life in the Son, a study of the doctrine of perseverance
Sinclair, D. W. Dryden, God cares
Singleton, Stanley, Stories with stick people
Slater, Joe, Church? : why bother?
Smelser, Dale, The rule of elders : on the relation of elders and congregations
Southern, Paul, God’s son and worship
Southern, Paul, Knowing and loving God’s son : vacation Bible school [primary]
Spain, Elizabeth. When you’re married to a minister
Spence, Hartzell, The story of religions in America : the Disciples of Christ
Squire, Bobby. Who rules your life? : exploring the kingdom parables of Jesus : teacher’s manual-resource kit
Stevens, Grover, The rapture: tribulation and premillennialism
Stewart, Ted, Eschatology : a study of events related to the second coming of Christ
Stieglitz, Alfred, Alfred Stieglitz : photographs from the collection of Georgia O’Keeffe
Stovall, James A., Jesus Christ — son of God
Suba, Pat. Now that you’ve asked : A study in sexuality for Christian girls
Tallman, Jerry, His eternal plan : becoming a New Testament Christian
Taylor, Marilyn, The power of a transformed people : the Book of Acts
Terry, Bruce. Mormon apostle’s admission
The Dallas Choraliers (Musical group) A selection of favorite hymns in a cappella
The Gloryland Singers. The touch of his hand
The Gloryland Singers. The gloryland way
Thomas, George Ernest, An adventure in stewardship
Time of Day (Musical group) The Time of Day
Torre Villar, Ernesto de la, El triunfo de la república liberal, 1857-1860; selección de testimonios de la Guerra de Tres Años, con un estudio preliminar y notas
Torre Villar, Ernesto de la, La intervención francesa y el triunfo de la República
Trent, Carroll C. Lessons for living : for Christian women
Turner, J. J. 100 starter outlines
Tuten, Jimmy, Class notes : the revelation of John
Tuten, Jimmy, Miracles of Calvary : the crucifixion
Underwood, Jonathan, The Lord of victory : leader’s guide
United Christian Missionary Society. Foreign Division. Strategy of world missions
Vidaurri, Santiago, Correspondencia particular de d. Santiago Vidaurri, gobernador de Nuevo León (1855-1864)
Walker, Ray, Songs for little hearts
Ware, Charles Crossfield, Centennial play, Christians’ reveille : a drama of the beginnings of North Carolina Disciples of Christ
Warren, Thomas B. (Thomas Bratton), The day a church member died
Weber, Herman C. (Herman Carl), Stewardship: the key for our time : a guide book for stewardship year
Webster, Allen, Why not be a prodigal? the far country will cost you more than you want to pay
Webster, Allen, Parenting verbs
Webster, Allen, Women glorifying God
Webster, Allen, Salvation : who needs it?
Webster, Allen, This is going to sting a little
Webster, Allen, Don’t bet on it : answering the twelve arguments for a lottery
Webster, Allen, Does heaven have a smoking section?
Webster, Allen, In pursuit of faith
Webster, Allen, Closet Christianity
Webster, Allen, Our allegiance to God should show on Sundays
Webster, Allen, 5 steps of salvation
Webster, Allen, In pursuit of excellence
Webster, Allen, Introduction to the Bible
Webster, Allen, God believes in you, too!
Webster, Allen, Was God praised in the church service today?
Webster, Allen, Finding the church of the Bible
Webster, Allen, God’s plan of salvation
Webster, Allen, How parents can help their child go to heaven
Webster, Allen, Feet swift in running to mischief
Webster, Allen, Under a bushel of bushels : keeping our lights shining brightly
Webster, Allen, Christian Soldiers
Webster, Allen, Lo que esperas cuando t͠ visitas la Iglesia de Cristo
Webster, Allen, El Bautismo del Nuevo Testamento
Webster, Allen, When I survey the wondrous cross
Webster, Allen, The Kingdom of Christ
Webster, Allen, Can God really forgive me?
Webster, Allen, How to love your spouse the way God wants
Webster, Allen, Wait till the honeymoon?
Webster, Allen, A baptism of the New Testament
Webster, Allen, A false witness that speaketh lies: Proverbs 6:19
Webster, Allen, Trust & obey : a study of the life of young Samuel for young people from 1 Samuel 3
Webster, Allen, Hands that shed innocent blood : Proverbs 6:19
Webster, Allen, A proud look : Proverbs 6:17
Webster, Allen, He that soweth discord among brethren : Proverbs 6:19
Webster, Allen, A heart that devises wicked imaginations : Proverbs 6:18
Webster, Allen, Can I change?
Webster, Allen, Did Jesus make intoxicating wine?
Webster, Allen, Married for life
Webster, Allen, Does Jesus love poor people? : do we?
Webster, Allen, How men can stay faithful to their wives
Webster, Allen, A Biblical view of human sexuality
Webster, Allen, When Jesus went on a picnic
Webster, Allen, The Devil loves to fish in troubled waters
Webster, Allen, When Jesus was a boy
Webster, Allen, In pursuit of compassion
Webster, Allen, Is the kingdom the same as the church?
Webster, Allen, A brief introduction to the Bible
Webster, Allen, The amazing history of instrumental music
Webster, Allen, The discipline of children
Webster, Allen, My offering
Webster, Allen, Advice to the grieving
Webster, Allen, In pursuit of dreams
Webster, Allen, Watch out for bad apples
Webster, Allen, The reason we have two ears and one mouth
Webster, Allen, Is the church Jesus built on the earth today?
Webster, Allen, Where to turn when there’s nowhere to turn
Webster, Allen, God’s law versus man’s law
Webster, Allen, Jesus made a blood donation for you
Webster, Allen, Dealing with sexual temptation : learning what not to do from David and Bathsheba
Webster, Allen, Abortion wrongs
Webster, Allen, Salvation is free but it’s not cheap
Webster, Allen, Lead me to some soul today
Webster, Allen, Investing time wisely
Webster, Allen, My preacher says…
Webster, Allen, The amazing history of instrumental music
Webster, Allen, In pursuit of knowledge
Webster, Allen, God’s plan for saving man
Webster, Allen, 30 days 30 minutes : through the New Testament
Webster, Allen, Does it make any difference which church I attend?
Webster, Allen, What will we leave behind?
Weed, Libby, A cloud of witnesses : centennial history of Austin Graduate School of Theology
Weed, Michael R. Epîtres de Paul aux Ephésiens, aux Colossiens et à Philémon
Weed, Michael R. Basic Christian beliefs
Weed, Michael R. Manual Biblico : guia para el aprendizaje de la Biblia
Welshimer, P. H. (Pearl Howard), Facts concerning the the New Testament Church
Whittle, Charles, The chaotic road to Russian redemption
Willerton, Chris. Teaching the adult Bible class
Willis, Mike, Truth in life : a group-graded series of Bible class literature [Junior High]
World Bible School, Inc. The family of God
Wyeth, Jamie, Museum edition for the Jamie Wyeth exhibit : Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 19-December 14, 1980 ; Greenville County Museum of Art, South Carolina, January 17-March 29, 1981 ; Amon Carter Museum of Western Art, Fort Worth, Texas, April 23-June 7, 1981
Y.M.C.A., Petersburg, Va. Ladies’ Auxiliary. The old Virginia cook book of 600 tested and proved recipes
Zaragoza, Ignacio, Cartas y documentos
A faith for the generations : how collegiate experience impacts faith
Leader’s guide for discovery learning to use with cracking the code
The worship manual : CWF
Study manual: CWF
Leader’s guide for discovery learning : to use with A Loser, a winner, and a wise guy by David McCord
Knowing Jesus
God has spoken
Expressway teaching program :   Nursery through grade 12
The king’s adventureland
Facts for fives [take home]
Facts for fours / written by Mrs. Carl McKelvey [and] Mrs. Don Hockaday ; art by Mrs. Helen McCracken
The gospel wheel :   wheel no. 1
You can know the true gospel
You can know if you are saved
You can see the kingdom of God
Bible quiz super bowl toss-up questions
The beatitudes
The Books of the Bible :   the divine library
[Pamphlets from 1964-1965 World’s Fair]
The church and the Christian family
Resource kit Africa: for use in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
The Lord’s day lessons : Bible study course a home or Bible class study for adults or youth classes
Evidences for Christianity
Greater things through Christian stewardship–Easter to Pentecost 1951 : a prospectus for pastors and stewardship leaders
Step up and consecration
Walking India’s roads : a program series
FriendSpeak : the book of Luke
Lipscomb lectures
Communicating the gospel
First Christian Church, Richlands, Virginia, history, 1908-1986
Renewing tradition : studies in texts and contexts in honor of James W. Thompson
Starting over : how you can do it
Church growth among the Kipsigis
The Simple English Bible
The Disciples in Hiram : Hiram Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) 1835-1985
1940-41 stewardship year : plans and bibliography. Preach — teach — enlist
Associated Churches of Christ in New Zealand : Conference Report 1992-1993, Directory 1994
365 days with the word :   Bible reading chart
Bible facts :   how much do you know about your Bible?
The layman’s parallel bible : King James Version, Modern Language Bible, Living Bible, Revised Standard Version
Whither Thou goest
Visualized Bible study series
The Pullen family singers
The third annual Christian College choral festival.
The fourth annual Christian College choral festival.
Cantemos de corazon
Bible slides library
The visualized Bible study series : a Biblical and historical survey
California and the Civil War, 1861-1865


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