On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, June 2023

In June our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 203 items to Special Collections holdings.  The tract cataloging project continues with most of the new items coming into that collection. Between tracts, bound periodicals, A/V materials, and monographs, the REST collection grew by almost 200 items.  We added about a half-dozen were hymnals which went into the Taylor hymnal collection, and a few items to other collections. Also underway is a few loose ends in ours years-long project to bring all of our unbound periodical issues under control. There are 829 boxes of them, and counting, and the end is in sight. Through subscriptions and donations we continue to receive a few each month so the collection will continue to grow. But it is very nice to see the bulk of this project come to completion.

Library, Abilene Christian College, 1917. The library was in the Administration Building on the old downtown campus. The Prickly Pear Yearbook for 1917 is available at: https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth39970/m1/44/

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

203 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research: 

Catalog Author Catalog Title
Anderson, Lynn, Baptism in the Bible : who? how? why?
Anderson, Lynn, Acts then & now
Anderson, Lynn, Strength through weakness : II Corinthians
Anderson, Lynn, Holy Spirit : power for living
Anderson, Lynn, Strength through weakness : II Corinthians
Anderson, Lynn, From roots to wings
Anderson, Lynn, Friendship evangelism
Anderson, Lynn, I believe but… :   six messages on faith
Anderson, Lynn, Like father, unlike son :   the dynamics of a father’s relationship with his estranged sons
Anderson, Lynn, Galatians
Anderson, Lynn, To follow Jesus
Anderson, Lynn, Spiritual warfare
Anderson, Lynn, Spirituality
Anderson, Lynn, Steps to life
Anderson, Lynn, Letter of liberty :   a fresh look at Galatians
Anderson, Lynn, Walk on the mountain :   a path to higher living from the Sermon on the Mount
Anderson, Lynn, Jesus and people :   Learning how to treat people (John 1-12)
Anderson, Lynn, Heart of David
Anderson, Lynn, Making a house a home
Anderson, Lynn, Ephesians
Anderson, Lynn, The easy yoke
Bales, James D., A Syllabus for Bible 201 : the life and teachings of Jesus
Bouchelle, Dan, Presenting the gospel to the poor in a multi-social-class congregation
Braden, Clark, The Christadelphian Advocate
Brookes, Iveson L., A defence of southern slavery : against the attacks of Henry Clay and Alex’r. Campbell. In which much of the false philanthropy and mawkish sentimentalism of the abolitionists is met and refuted : in which it is moreover shown that the association of the white and black races in the relation of master and slave is the appointed
Campbell, Alexander, Christian baptism : with its antecedents and consequents [sic]
Campbell, Alexander, The Christian system : in reference to the union of Christians, and a restoration of primitive Christianity, as plead in the current reformation
Campbell, Alexander, Christian preacher’s companion : or, The gospel facts sustained by the testimony of unbelieving Jews and Pagans
Campbell, Alexander, Familiar lectures on the Pentateuch : delivered before the morning class of Bethany College, during the session of 1859-60
Campbell, Alexander, Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs : original and selected
Campbell, Alexander, The Christian hymn book : a compilation of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, original and selected
Campbell, Selina Huntington, Home life and reminiscences of Alexander Campbell
Carson, Glenn Thomas. Remembering the Future
Challen, James. The cave of Machpelah : and other poems
Chrisner, Faye, Through the ages Teacher’s manual
Cope, James R. (James Rogers), The wonderful word worker : First Peter
Cranford, L. E., Marriage and the Christian home : workbook
Curlee, Sheryl Taylor, Building a church, building a city : history of  the first church erected in the city of Dallas, Texas
Daniell, Jack Mathews, The Disciples of Christ in Northeast Georgia
Dixon, H. A., Outline of the book of Romans and Lessons from Galatians
East, David. Bible geography : workbook I – Old Testament
Eldridge, Daniel L., Baptism “for” the forgiveness of sins in Acts 2:38
Ellis, Lloyd E., Gospel treasure graded Bible lessons : intermediate students year II, [books 1-4]
Francis, Fred O. Conflict at Colossae : a problem in the interpretation of early Christianity, illustrated by selected modern studies
Franklin, Benjamin, The gospel preacher…
Fudge, Bennie Lee, “Use your Bible” workbooks
Fuqua, E. C. (Edward Charlton), The commission divinely executed
Gentry, Sloan, Saved through faith
George, Zelma, The “You” in the U.N. : an address
Grant, J. W., A sketch of the reformation in Tennessee
Griffeth, Ross J., Christian maturity
Griffith, Buck, “Loosed & Forgiven” : all about jail & prison ministry.
Guy, Jordan Patrick, Old law and new creation : a possible solution to the apparent dissention between Paul and Jesus concerning the Old Testament
Hailey, Homer, The scheme of redemption : a study of Christ and the church in the eternal purpose of God
Hall, Colby D. (Colby Dixon), The Early Years : A History of University Christian Church 1873-1941
Hall, Robert J., Study of “Jehovah God, time, and eternity”
Hazelip, Harold. 7 ways God can help you be happier
Henley, Ralph T. Georgia on my mind :   on Georgia Israel Greece Turkey
Highland Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Walk thru the New Testament
Highland Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) The gravity of grace :   a study of the book of Romans
Highland Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Galatians :   gospel of grace
Highland Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Oasis meal ministry
Highland Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Would you like to know more about Highland?
Highland Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) Twelve key men
Hill, J. J. Answers to 1200 Bible questions in consecutive order
Hinds, Anna. Anna and the preacher
Hiner, R., Kentucky conference pulpit : being sermons by ministers of the Kentucky Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. On doctrinal, practical, and scientific subjects
Homewood Church of Christ (Birmingham, Ala.) Voice of Truth radio programs
International Missionary Conference of the Christian Church Report of the First International Missionary Conference of the Christian Church : held at Piqua, Ohio, U.S.A., October 16-20, 1901
Jackson, Wayne, Evolutionary creationism : a review of the teaching of John Clayton
James, John Angell, Protestant nonconformity; a sketch of its general history, with an account of the rise and present state of its various denominations in the town of Birmingham
Janes, Don Carlos, Missionary reflections : a collection of missionary statistics, poems, incidents, anecdotes, arguments and other information
Jarman, W. Jackson, Panel presentation : “the implications of an increased student body for the church and higher education”
Kinkade, William, The Bible doctrine of God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, atonement, and faith : to which is prefixed, An essay on natural theology, and, the truth of revelation
Lyles, Cleon, “Ted” radio sermons
Marshall, Robert, An abstract of an apology for renouncing the jurisdiction of the Synod of Kentucky, being a compendious view of the gospel, and a few remarks on the confession of faith
Mason, Samuel, Fraternal delegate
Massey, Jim (James Richard), Christianity is undenominational
Maus, Cynthia Pearl, The triumphant Christ: a service of worship for the sunrise hour of Easter morning
Maxey, R. Tibbs, Jr. Acts notes
McGarvey, J. W. (John William), A commentary on Acts of Apostles : with a revised version of the text
McGaughey, Michael The wall : building the people of God
McMaster, Gilbert, An essay, in defence of some fundamental doctrines of Christianity ; including a review of the writings of Elias Smith
Morris, Anthony W., A Song of Christ : Philippians 2:5-11
Murray, Ted, The story of Mexican mountain mission : “casa hogar” a mission of the independent fellowship of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ
Northcott, Cecil, Hymns in Christian worship : the use of hymns in the life of the church
Oliver, Jack A., A Pastor’s manual on evangelism of boys and girls
Olmsted, Gilford E., The continuing conflict : the modern baals
Overby, Coleman, Systematic study of the Old Testament : (The new series)
Owen, Dan Kelly, African clergy and protestant church strength
Owen, Glenn, Parables from Luke : study notes and tapes
Owen, Glenn, Still God’s church… in spite of immaturity : I Corinthians
Owen, Glenn, Sons of light…the Lord is coming : I & II Thessalonians
Owen, Glenn, Gospel of John
Owen, Glenn, His name is Jesus
Paregien, Stan, Amazing good news : the story of Jesus in plain English
Paregien, Stan, Partners in rhyme : repeat offenders of literary rules
Paregien, Stan, Simple Christianity vs. churchianity : the way forward is back to basics
Paregien, Stan. Twenty-six lessons on the Gospel of John
Paregien, Stanley, The day Jesus died
Pew, Wendell G., The time has come : (Haggai 1:2-9)
Plummer, Frederick, A public discussion on the doctrine of the trinity, between Elder Frederick Plummer, Christian ; and the Rev. William L. M’Calla, Presbyterian held at Ridley, Delaware County, Pennsylvania on the 18th, 19th, and 20th and 21st of January, 1842
Priest, Josiah, A view of the expected Christian millennium : which is promised in the Holy Scriptures, and is believed to be nigh its commencement, and must transpire before the conflagration of the heavens and the earth. Embellished with a chart, of the dispensations from Abraham to the end of time
Raines, A. (Aylett), A discourse on sin and its cure
Rice, N. L. (Nathan Lewis), Campbellism : its rise, progress, character, and influence
Richeson, Forrest L., The Servant of the servants of God : an address
Rogers, Bob, Covered and uncovered when praying or prophesying : I Cor. 11:1-6
Saunders, Landon B. Feeling good about yourself
Saunders, Landon B. Heartbeat Tape-of-the-month
Saunders, Landon B. Feeling good about yourself
Saunders, Landon B. The heart of the fighter
Saunders, Landon B. Exuberance :   a seminar with Landon Saunders
Sawyer, Wyatt, Panoramic views of the Bible
Scott, Walter, The union of Christians ; and, the death of Christ
Sharp, C. J. (Cecil James), New training for service : forty lessons, complete first year standard teacher training textbook
Shelly, Rubel Liberalism’s threat to the faith
Sherman, Eleazer, The narrative of Eleazer Sherman, giving an account of his life, experience, call to the ministry of the gospel, and travels as such to the present time
Sloneker, G. Mark (Gerald Mark), “You can’t do that!” : the life and labors of Burris Butler : an account of a ministry at Christian Standard and with Standard Publishing Company
Smith, Jeremiah, Is slavery sinful? Being partial discussions of the proposition, Slavery is sinful, between Ovid Butler, esq., a bishop of the Christian Church, at Indianapolis, Ind., and Jeremiah Smith, Esq., late judge of the 11th and 13th judicial circuits, Ind.; and between Elder Thomas Wiley, late pastor of the Christian Church, at Union
Sockman, Ralph W. (Ralph Washington), What betrays a Christian : a radio address
Sockman, Ralph W. (Ralph Washington), The heart of a nation : a radio address
Sommer, Daniel, A report of skirmishes : between a religious journal and a religio-secular college
Strain, Dudley, More than we have dared to ask : a sermon
Taylor, Clifford, [History]
Taylor, Richard L., The destiny of disciples in the Republic of Congo : a destiny lecture
Thompson, Ray Mack, The origins of the Pecos cantaloupe industry
Thompson, Silvanus P. (Silvanus Phillips), Michael Faraday, his life and work
Thorp, Roy L., Responsible disciples in Christian stewardship : manual of suggestions for stewardship leaders
Todd, Garfield, Challenge of the next century : an address
Trefzger, John, Biblical study presentations : with colored slides taken in the Middle East
Tye, Norwood B., 100th anniversary of coming of first Disciples of Christ missionaries to the Philippines : October 20, 2001
Underwood, Gary M. First principles : topical studies for new converts
Vaughn, William J., A survey of the visitation evangelism conducted by Bayne E. Driskill in Texas from October 1949 to November 1950
Waddey, John, Two points of view : Christianity and atheism an exchange of letters between John Waddey and others
Waddey, John, Does God exist? : correspondence between a Christian and an atheist
Waldron, Jim E., The gift of the Holy Spirit
Waldron, Jim E., The Joy of giving
Waldron, Jim E., Does the gospel sanction the use of beverage alcohol in different countries according to local custom?
Waldron, Jim E., Marriage and divorce : what makes a marriage?
Waldron, Jim E., Waldron missions : world evangelism and the need to deal with error on MDR [marriage, divorce, and remarriage]
Ward, Rita Rhodes. In the beginning; a study of creation versus evolution for young people.
Ware, Phil. The shadow of the cross : 365 devotionals from the Gospel of Mark
Webb, Henry E., Sixth consultation on internal unity of Christian Churches : address: “[W]hat is the given in reference to unity?” Ephesians 4:1-6
Weber, Chester R., Sixty-eight years with the navy : the history of the Disciples of Christ with the Chaplains Corps U.S. Navy manuscript
Weston, Denis, Science, reason and restoration
White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ (West Monroe, La.) Far and near
Williams, Barbara, History of the Disciples of Christ in Argentina
Willis, Cecil, Church discipline
Willis, John Daily blessings and reminders for Highland staff
Willis, John T. The covenant creator :   a study of the Book of Genesis
Willis, John T., David : man after God’s own heart
Willis, John T., The nature of true religion : studies in Jeremiah
Youngblood, Tom, The fracture between Disciples of Christ and Churches of Christ and the effect on northwest Alabama
Models for Christian higher education : strategies for survival and success in the twenty-first century
Thayer Street Church of Christ fall meeting
Marching for the master : 1966 lecture outlines of the 7th annual Mid-South Training for Service
Letters : exchange on the Holy Spirit
Multiplying ministries movement : a six-part informative lecture series
National directory of the churches of Christ in the United States & Canada
Cane Ridge bicentennial sampler : commemorating the 200th anniversary of the 1791 construction of Cane Ridge Meeting house
Every member canvass : manual
Mid point : local church goals/long range program 1955-56
How to educate and organize your church for benevolence: a quiz program and a worship service
Journey of witness : a slide set with taped narration which tells of the life and work of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Opportunities in Mexico
You can be just a Christian!
Supplement to the magic of love is giving for vacation schools of the disciples of Christ
Program release for Disciples of Christ  : advance copy for national and state program planning leaders and groups
Mark Mordecai Cochran, 1854-1936
The Christianette
Senior Hi study packet[s]
College faith : 150 Christian leaders and educators share faith stories from their student days
College faith 2 : 150 Christian leaders and educators share faith stories from their student days
College faith 3 : 150 Christian leaders and educators share faith stories from their student days
The Quadrennial book, 1891, of the American Christian Convention
The Little Brown Church in story and in song
Following the shepherd’s voice :   Highland Church of Christ elder selection statements
Shiloh News
Newsletter :   a monthly report of the Herald of Truth…radio and television programs
Herald of Truth newsletter
Messenger and advocate
The Gospel witness
Christian journal
Reasoning from revelation
The Six Million Dollar Christian
Restoration Forum XII
Program release for Disciples of Christ  : advance copy for national and state program planning leaders and groups.
Atwifo kristofo asore ne dwom = Liturgy and hymns for the use of the Christian churches on the Gold Coast speaking the Twi language.
The Psaltery : a new collection of church music, consisting of psalm and hymn tunes, chants, and anthems : being one of the most complete music books for church choirs, congregations, singing schools, and societies, ever published

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