How do we improve student learning? How do we support our students and provide them access to a quality education? How do we develop new opportunities and overcome our limited resources?

Institutions of higher education around the world are using blended learning to enhance student learning, facilitate student access, meet instructional and institutional goals, and find solutions for diminishing resources. Faculty members and instructional designers use the blended mode to enrich teaching and learning. Administrators strategically incorporate blended programs in order to help fulfill their institutions’ missions and goals. Students draw on blended offerings to take advantage of the flexibility and to improve their time to degree.

Join your colleagues at the 10th Annual Sloan Consortium Blended Learning Conference and Workshop as we problem-solve, exchange ideas, and explore effective strategies about blended learning. The conference provides the opportunity for instructors and faculty members, instructional designers, student advisors, administrative leaders, and researchers to share best practices, strategic considerations, models of practice, and challenges revealed through our experiences in practice and research.

We will be streaming the following sessions in the Woods room in the Adams Center:


8:30 am: Ensuring Quality in Blended Courses Through Faculty Development and Engagement
1:00 pm: Scaling Lessons: Design and Implementation of NGLC Blended Learning Projects
2:00 pm: Blending Resources for Blended Teaching and Learning: The CUNY Hybrid Initiative Site
3:00 pm: Blended Learning Faculty Development Practices & Models in Traditional Higher Education Institutions
4:30 pm: Blended Learning in a Networked Age


9:10 am: Fostering Blended Learning: Successful Partnerships and Faculty Development for Institutional Change
10:10 am: Flipping the Faculty: Transforming Tradition Faculty Into Effective Blended Instructors
11:20 am: The ‘Other’ Classroom: An A-Class Blended Learning Experience

For full descriptions of each of the streamed sessions, visit the conference website.