Using Evernote to Mark up Photos

Evernote is a versatile tool for taking notes in a variety of format, including text, audio and picture, which you can easily tag for retrieval and share with people you designate or the general public.

You can also use Evernote to do some quick editing with photos in your notes. This function previously only worked in Skitch, but is now incorporated into Evernote after Evernote acquired Skitch.

Photo editing works especially well on mobile devices. Once you have a photo in your note in your mobile device, double tab on the photo, and then tap on the annotation icon which will bring out a column of markup tools (as shown below) for cropping, pixelating, stamping, highlighting, circling, typing and pointing.


Here are some popular editing features you might find useful:

  • Pixelating, which allows you to hide elements of a photo or other kinds of graphic if there is a need to do so. For instance, you can hide students’ names (for FERPA considerations), contact information, birthdays, faces of minors in a photo, license plates of cars, etc.

  • Pointing and typing. You can use them together to highlight a particular object or person in a photo.

  • Cropping. This allows you to quickly crop a photo without having to use another application such as Photoshop.


For further information on these markup tools, check this video:

Or check here for more information.

All of these can be done within the note that you are editing. Once you have finished such editing, you can sync it to the web, and download it to your computer where you can easily share it using your class sites or send it to others.  Please feel free to check with the Instructional Design team of Adams Center if you need any assistance using this tool.

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