Please note that CourseSites uses Eastern Time, and we were told that it is not yet possible to customize it to use Central Time.   This has implications for time-sensitive information.

For instance, if you set your quiz to be available at 9:00AM, the quiz will be available at 8:00AM Central Time.  Students may find it available too early and perhaps unavailable anymore at 9:00 Central Time (if, for example, you made it available for only 15 minutes).    Similarly, if you set your due time for an assignment to be 11:59PM,  students using Central Time here will find they cannot submit after 10:59PM.   It is therefore necessary to set the due date to be 1:00AM the next day.

Here are some of our suggestions to address the issue:

  • Convert your time to Eastern Time and use Eastern Time to set up your tests and assignments.   To convert your time to Eastern Time, check this time zone converter.   Please make sure you tell students what is going on.

  • You do not set the display time for your assessments while using “availability” tool to turn a quiz on or off.  Alternatively, keep the quiz available, and set a password for the quiz.   Announce the password when you intend to start the quiz.

  • Turn the editor mode to “off” to see a student view of your course.  This will allow you to see if your quiz can be seen or not.  You will notice that there is a editor mode button on the top right hand corner of your page.  Click on it once to toggle between “on” and “off”.  When it is “off”, you see the course as students would see it (except the control panel which you can still see.)


Contact Berlin Fang with any questions.