Looking to use your iPad in new, fun ways with your students? Below are a couple free apps that you may find useful.

Talkboard is a simple and intuitive collaborative whiteboard app. Anyone you invite to your Talkboard can write or sketch on the board. It updates live so everyone can see as the board evolves and share what is created.

  • Showme   is an interactive whiteboard that allows you to create voiceover whiteboard tutorials and share them online.


All the Write Moves

As students use their iPads more for writing, they may find these apps helpful in coordinating with their laptap and transferring docs back and forth.

  • My Writing Spot:  The blog buzz is that this is the best writing app. Not free ($4.99).  It syncs with an associated desktop writing app, so that you don’t have to work out of multiple files, or go through the annoyance of transferring plain text files into whatever format you want to work with on your desktop or laptop computer

  • Pages:  The most robust, pricey ($9.99), but the cadillac of writing apps. Works with iCloud.

Getting Organized

The beginning of the semester is always a good time to start thinking about these apps. Students may ask you for help. If they do, here are some apps you can suggest:

  • MyHomework Student Planner: Students may like this cross-platform planner as a way to get organized with various classes and multiple learning management systems.

  • CourseNotes:  Handy little app that let’s students organize their notes in one spot.  $4.99 (although, it is healthier than a McD value meal 🙂 )