How to Create A Course Calendar

Written by the Instructional Design Team


You probably enjoy the convenience of Google Calendars which give you alerts to events and activities to keep you organized. You could create the same calendars for courses. Course calendars will automatically be pushed to Google calendars of students enrolled in these courses. If you want to create such course calendars for classes you are teaching, follow these steps:

  1. Log into myACU

  2. Under “My Courses” click the wrench icon next to the course that needs a calendar created

  3. Click the Tools tab to manage course tools

  4. Click the Create button next to the Calendar tool (you will get  a pop-up box that asks you confirm your request, click “yes”)

  5. You should receive an email alert once the calendar is created and shared with you.

Note: These instructions are also displayed if you click on the Calendar Edit tool in myACU (instructor-only tool with month calendar icon) and you don’t already have a calendar created for the course.

How long will it take? Between 6am and 10pm this will typically take one hour.

Thank you to Hab Adkins, Director of Computing Services, and the IT department for their work in adding this to our faculty’s course management options.

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