Written by the Instructional Design Team

Many faculty find online assessment features useful for administering daily quizzes. The grades are automatically reported and recorded in the gradebook, students are held accountable for class preparation, and such retrieval practice helps make learning “stick” (Brown, Roediger, & McDaniel, 2014).

When administering quizzes online, students using different devices may experience a variety of problems, from the quiz not loading properly to the quiz seemingly not submitting properly. The problems can be dramatically reduced if students take some steps proactively.  We have some suggestions that may help students minimize problems when taking quizzes in OpenClass.

As you have students take the quiz or test, you can display this slide before students log in and during the assessment so students can troubleshoot before they ask for help.

For added success in using the technology, have students restart their computer or iPad and empty their browser cache before they log in to OpenClass.  Students should also consider applying updates to their programs before a test, since automatic updates can be disruptive in the middle of a quiz.  You might also want to ask students to close other programs and browsers that are not relevant for a quiz.

This prevents the most common problems and can save precious class time.