Teaching in Pajamas: Online Teaching Summer Camp

May 29-30, 2018

Online courses are becoming increasingly attractive for colleges due to the flexibility they provide, space they save, and the opportunity faculty have to reflect on multiple modes of delivery. However, online teaching is much more than just putting your slides online and having a few online discussions. Good course design is essential to student learning outcomes: how can you keep technology from being a hindrance? what is appropriate load? Is the course accessible? How do I orient students to the course? To answer these and many other questions, we invite you to come to these two-day camp (Tuesday, May 29-Wednesday, May 30, 2018), during which the Adams Center will work with you to help make your online course more effective, efficient, and appealing. Click here for your packing list. Please RSVP to rsvp2ac@acu.edu or call (325) 674-2981 to reserve your spot.

Camp Packing List:

-Your syllabus (digital and paper)
-A laptop computer
-Smartphones, iPads, or other devices you use to access a course
-Assessments you usually require in class
-Assignments you usually require in class
-Any pills that may help with allergies to technology
-In lieu of bug spray and itch relief, make sure your computer and devices are “bug-free” and ready to use. If needed, work with Team55 before the camp, as we will not be able to fix specific computer problems during the camp. Specifically, check if you have updated your Flash, Browser, Operating Systems, etc.