At the Staff PreSession in August 2018, Berlin Fang, the Adams Center Director of Instructional Design, received one of the two Outstanding Staff Member of the Year awards for the 2017-2018 school year. President Schubert read these words about Berlin before presenting the award:

“This person is brilliant, kind, and has a killer sense of humor. His office is always filled with people looking to him for help; sometimes they even line up outside of his door! His ability to take complex topics and make them operational is invaluable in his role. He is always trying to grow in his own knowledge as well, and brings cutting edge trends and information to ACU. In his spare time, he works to build relationships with and support international students on our campus, helping them find community and mentoring them. This person truly allows God to use his strengths, knowledge, and talents to bless those of us at ACU, and we are blessed to have him here.”

All of these words are true and the Adams Center is blessed and so fortunate to have Berlin as part of our staff. Congratulations!