After the AACSB Business Accreditation Peer Review Team visited ACU’s campus in January, their Board of Directors and Continuous Improvement Review Committee have officially announced the extension of accreditation of the business degree programs offered at ACU’s College of Business Administration.  Accreditation with AACSB is the hallmark of excellence in business education. Accredited business schools must  meet specific standards of excellence, with their deans, faculty, and professional staff committing to ensure and deliver the highest quality of education to students. This accreditation represents the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide, with less than 5% of the world’s 13,000 business programs having earned AACSB Accreditation. Accredited schools produce graduates that are highly skilled and more desirable to employers than other non-accredited schools.

AACSB is a non-profit corporation of business schools, accounting programs, corporations, and other organizations devoted to the promotion and improvement of higher education in business administration and accounting. The organization was founded in 1916 and established its first standards for degree programs in business administration in 1919. To become accredited, a business school must go through a process of self-evaluation and peer review. There are a total of 694 member institutions, with representation in 45 countries. In Texas, there are a total of 36 accredited schools, eight of those being private universities. The private universities include ACU, Baylor, Rice, SMU, St. Mary’s, TCU, Trinity, and the University of Dallas.

The primary purpose of AACSB is to provide exceptional standards, carefully evaluating a business institution’s mission, operations, faculty qualifications and contributions, programs, and other critical areas of the school. An AACSB accredited school ensures students and parents that the business school is providing an exceptional education, as well as employers that these students are ready to enter the business field and perform well due to the high quality education. For the staff and faculty, an accredited institution attracts high-quality students and supports the promotion of research opportunities and global recognition.

COBA initially became accredited through the AACSB in 2004. Every five years, the Continuous Improvement Review Team from AACSB visits the campus to audit the quality and compliance of the business school, talking with students and faculty in regards to the quality of education and learning. 2014 marked the third visit for the team and the process of re-accrediting the college. Mirroring the previous two visits, the team was thoroughly impressed with the high standards and unique culture of COBA. Throughout the visit, members constantly commended COBA for its commitment to faith implementation and superior learning and engagement opportunities, including STAR, study abroad, Leadership Summit, and global leadership development. Faculty’s participation in training, research, development, and preparation also impressed the board.

The overall culture of excellence and hospitality truly made an impact on the team, clearly magnifying the quality and standards that distinguish ACU’s business school from the rest. The persistent drive for constant innovation, engagement, and impact with students, employees, and the community has made COBA excel in all areas, offering an environment that is determined to provide students and faculty with an experience full of value and excellence. COBA strives for innovation, continuously seeking opportunities to learn and expand student’s knowledge by using optimal sources. COBA’s faculty is committed to engaging with students and supplying them with the tools necessary to become successful in the workplace. For years, ACU’s College of Business has engraved these principles into each student and faculty member, integrating leadership and business skills with a firm foundation in Godly and faith-based principles. Becoming re-accredited with the AASCB is a clear confirmation of God’s work taking place in the College of Business Administration at ACU.


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