This year student filmmakers involved in FilmFest had the opportunity to work with DSLR cameras with HD video provided by Canon. The Learning Studio managed checkouts for a wide variety of camera bodies and lenses, including Canon’s popular 5D we discussed in a recent post.

Friday night at a premiere event at the historic Paramount theater winners were announced.

  • “Hazel & Jack,” directed by Lawson Soward and produced by Caitlin Bardford, took home awards for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Producer.
  • “Smile,” directed by Ben Weaver and produced by Nathan Vail, earned the People’s Choice Award and Best Original Composition.
  • “The Reunion,” directed by David McMichael and produced by Trevor Cochlin, won Best Independent Film.
  • The screening also included Best Picture for last semester’s 24-hour FilmFest, “Pages,” directed by Jordan Havens and produced by Ben Weaver.

Then on Saturday a panel of guest judges met with students to provide feedback on each film as well as share their experience in the entertainment industry. Thanks to the judges for taking time to join us and to Tom Craig and his student production team for putting on a remarkable event.

And thanks to Canon for providing equipment that challenged our students to produce a higher caliber of work this year.