Those of you who have been with us in Cornerstone this fall got a glimpse of one of our summer projects. This was our second kick-off film to welcome freshmen to campus and the ACU Core–Kyle Trafton produced “You Are ACU” for us in 2010.

“Counting the Days” was produced by Matt Bardwell and Nathan Driskell, our media production specialists in the Learning Studio, and offered a creative break from our work on the Year One Report this summer. Enjoy.


Behind the Scenes

The film combines time-lapse photography with a tilt-shift effect and graphics done in post-production. After we premiered the film in Cornerstone, the guys received a number of questions about how it was put together, so Matt walks through how the shots were done with a couple favorites that didn’t make the final cut.

Special thanks to Scot Colley, Kristian Allen, and Joel Swedlund for help getting some of these shots.