In August How to Read a Book hit 20,000 views. Congrats Hilary!

At the end of the semester, we get a lot of notes from faculty with strong examples of student video projects (we’ll share of few of those this next week). It’s typically a good sign when students begin sharing links to their classmates’ projects. High praise indeed.

This example came from a couple students who thought Hilary Commer’s “How to Read a Book in 2013” was the complete package. Strong, sharp writing. Carefully composed visuals. And directing and performances that accentuate humor without overdoing it. And shot on Learning Studio camera to boot! A great combination we think you’ll enjoy.


How to Read a Book in 2013

Produced for Cade White’s Introduction to Visual Media,  How-To Video assignment

“Did you find an odd box with pieces of paper inside? It might be a book! Some of them still have real pages—and I’ll show you just how to read one.”