Aaron Wesley Dicus lecture flyer, ca. 1930s-1940s

ACU_DicusAarnWesley_meetingflyer_loanfromErmaJeanLovelandLast week Milliken Special Collections Archivist Emerita Erma Jean Loveland dropped by to donate a few items for our collection.  She loaned this wonderful flyer advertising a series of “historical lecture[s] on religious subjects” by Aaron Wesley Dicus.

Dicus taught at Tennessee Polytechnic (now Tennessee Tech) from 1930 to 1950.  Though undated, it very likely dates to 1935 or 1940 (possibly as late as 1946) since only these years had a ‘Sunday morn.’ to fall on July 28th.

If you are interested in how scholars from Churches of Christ engaged the sciences, then Dicus should prove to be a good subject for your work.

A quick check of our catalog reveals we hold these titles by Aaron Wesley Dicus, Ph.D.:

Sermon outlines and Bible lessons : parts one, two, and three

Church Leadership

While we are talking about Aaron Wesley Dicus, we should note that he penned the song ‘Our God, He Is Alive’ in 1966.  ‘Our God, He Is Alive’ is perhaps best known by its number (728b) in Alton Howard’s hymnal Songs of the Church.  The automobile turn signal is the most notable among Dicus’ several inventions.

For further reading:

Irvin Himmel, “Aaron W. Dicus (1888-1978),” Truth Magazine XXII: 43, November 2, 1978 pp. 697-698.

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