On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, April 2019

In April our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 430 items to the Center for Restoration Studies, Rare Books, and Taylor Hymnals collections.  Some are new to us; in other cases these new additions gave us a second copy.  Some are books, others are tracts, and over half the items added this month (245 items) are A/V in the form of  cassette tape, CD’s, VHS, and a few sets of filmstrips. Further, the work performed on some items reflects original cataloging, which is a tremendous contribution to knowledge about information resources from and about the Stone-Campbell Movement.

The Library in Daisy Hall, with a Jesse Sewell reading a book at a table and shelves of books around him.

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

430 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research:

Abilene Christian College. Faculty Abilene Christian College Faculty Handbook
Abilene Christian College. Faculty Abilene Christian College Faculty Handbook
Abilene Christian College. Faculty Abilene Christian College Faculty Handbook
Abilene Christian University Employee handbook
Abilene Christian University. Friends of the ACU Library Library-friends news : newsletter for ACU faculty and friends of the ACU library
Abilene Christian University. Friends of the ACU Library Library-friends news : newsletter for ACU faculty and friends of the ACU library
Adair, Truitt The greatest conversion stories I have ever heard
Adams, Connie W. Echoes from the nine foot road : an autobiography : a personal history of gospel preaching and issues of concern from 1945-2009
Almanza, Joe God called me from my prison cell
Almanza, Joe Prison ministry “a mission filed in the USA”
Almanza, Joe How God reached me in my prison cell
Almanza, Joe Prison ministry “a mission filed in the USA”
Almanza, Joe God called me from my prison cell
Anderson, Bob Organization and growth in deaf ministries
Anderson, Lynn The shepherd’s song
Andrews, Raymond Patterson Simple times — simple faith : the Churches of Christ in Dixie 1940-1960 as seen through the eyes of a southern preacher’s kid
Archer, Timothy We have an enormous amount of telling to do
Armour, Michael C. Love in action
Arn, Charles. Growth; a new vision for the Sunday school
Atchley, Rick Workshop Wednesday night at Memorial
Atchley, Rick The born again identity
Atchley, Rick The greatest story ever : the prodigal sons
Atchley, Rick Called
Atchley, Rick Greater than my past
Austin, Sharolyn Preparing your children to meet God
Babbitt, Ron Inspiring the church to see the world with the eyes of Jesus
Bales, James D. The scope of the covenants : with a review of Keeping the lock in wedlock
Bales, James D. Soils and seeds of sectarianism
Barnett, Jim College students and young professionals : almost the same age but very different life stages
Barnett, Jim Motivating young adults to serve : it’s easier than we think
Baxter, Batsell Barrett The Baxter personal work series : why and how to be a New Testament Christian
Bird, Catherine The art of amen : a creative prayer experience
Black, Doris. Reach for your spiritual potential
Black, Garth W. The Holy Spirit
Black, V. P. (Vanderbilt P.) My God and my money
Blondell, David N They called him brother masters : John Wesley Masters a mountain pioneer evangelist 1854-1924
Bonthu, Dhanaraju The unseen hand of God at work mysteriously in the life of Dhanaraju Bonthu
Boosinger, Elby A. Christian life retreats : a handbook
Bouchelle, Dan Hear the cry of hearts world-wide
Brents, T. W. (Thomas Wesley) The gospel plan of salvation
Brewer, G. C. (Grover Cleveland) Christ crucified : a book of sermons : together with a lecture on evolution, delivered in the First Baptist Church auditorium, Fort Worth, Texas, September 18th-October 2nd, 1927
Brown, Kenneth From out of the past : history of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union
Brown, Suzy God called me from the despair of divorce
Brown, Suzy Called to be his presence to those broken by divorce
Bruce, Gary For worship leaders only : more than a song
Brunson, Eric Sharing the road map
Bryant, Marvin Revolution : helping people overcome struggles
Bryant, Patti Mattox, Divine choreography
Cage, Caleb S. Truth, faith, and liberty : collection of essays honoring Gary T. Cage
Camp, Ashby L. The myth of natural origins : how science points to divine creation
Campbell, Bell For church leaders only : how to build a healthy congregation
Cannon, John H. (John Harold) Where there is vision : a history of the Lamar Avenue Church of Christ, Paris, Texas, 1869-1980
Carlson, Ronald B. Stay dreams : journey toward multi-cultural congregations
Carlson, Ronald B. Evangelism next door : planting churches among 100 million Hispanics
Carlson, Ronald B. Building collaboratives among autonomous churches
Robinson, Edward To lift up my race : the essential writings of Samuel Robert Cassius
Chae, Yoon Kwon My dear American friends : excerpts from the letters of brother Chae, 1962-1974.
Choate, J. C. Bible themes
Coffman, Shane Worship planning 101
Collins, Michael L. Inherit the joy– continue the quest, 1890-1990 : a history of First Christian Church, Wichita Falls, Texas
Combs, David How to change the church to be open to the poor
Connell, Lori Hear the cry of women from third world countries
Confidence in fact : a study in fundamentals : thirteen lessons
Coombs, J. V. (James Vincent), Religious delusions; a psychic study
Cope, Mike A fearless future
Cope, Mike Raised “Lutheran” in the Church of Christ
Cottrell, Jack What the Bible says about God the Creator
Cottrell, Jack What the Bible says about God the redeemer
Cox, Robert How to extend freedom to mundane times
Cox, Robert How to extend freedom in difficult times
Cummins, D. Duane. Kenneth L. Teegarden : the man, the church, the time
Daffern, Monty, Walking in the shoes of today’s college-age Christians
Dark, Harris J. (Harris Jeremiah) Gospel sermons at the Mosque
Davila, Francisco De la fosa de la muete, a siervo de Jesus
Davila, Francisco De siervo a amigo de Jesus
Davis, Clint God’s journey in Africa
Davis, William Hatcher Philosophy of religion
Diggs, Steve Failure : the first step to financial success
Diggs, Steve The A,B,C’s of Christian money management
Disciples of Christ International convention, Disciples of Christ, Denver Colorado, October 16-21, 1938. Story of the convention, pictures and biographies of the speakers, addresses, convention sermon, resolutions.
Disciples of Christ Year book of Churches of Christ (Disciples)
Dobbs, John Grief : a long, dark, journey back to life
Dunlap, Spencer Evangelistic revolution : the church is a people of rescue
Dunlap, Spencer Evangelistic revolution : curing illnesses, not symptoms
Dunlap, Spencer Imitation is the highest form of flattery
Dunlap, Spencer Doing good opens ears
Dunlap, Spencer Evangelistic revolution : curing illnesses, not symptoms
Dunning, Dwaine E. Schism by syllogism : s study of division among Churches of Christ
Edwards, Betty Nowlin Does God delight in me?
Emurian, Ernest K. Living stories of famous hymns
Ferguson, Everett The everlasting kingdom : the kingdom of God in Scripture and in our lives
Ferguson, Everett Backgrounds of early Christianity
Ferguson, Everett The Church of Christ : a biblical ecclesiology for today.
Finegan, Jack Light from the ancient past; the archeological background of the Hebrew-Christian religion
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) (Edmond, Okla.) A century of witness: 1899-1999
Fort Worth lectures Gleanings from Galatians & Ephesians
Fraze, David A powerful present
Fraze, David Intergenerational connection – part 2
Fudge, Edward Revolutionary people
Fudge, Edward Revolutionary power
Fudge, Edward Let the chains of spiritual blinders fall away
Furr, Joe Ed, How song leaders impact church growth
Galloway, Scott, How to reach the kids in your community
The search for further truth
Garrett, Leroy What must the church of Christ do to be saved?
Garrison, Winfred Ernest Variations on a theme: “God saw that it was good”
Graves, Joshua The vocabulary of faith : heaven
Graves, Joshua Good news begins with God
Grigg, Bob How to survive “death by church”
Grigg, Bob How house churches can set us free
Guymer, Lois Woman to woman : learning to share God
Hailey, Homer From creation to the day of eternity : God’s great plan for man’s redemption
Hailey, Homer Attitudes and consequences in the restoration movement
Hale, Bill Recovery revolution : partnering with the recovery community
Hale, Lewis G. (Lewis Glenn) Except for fornication : Guilty or not guilty? : Who can remarry?
Hall, Tim Ready, set, go!
Hamlin, Griffith, A. The Missouri School of Religion : a century and still counting
Hamm, Darin Practical ideas for community impact
Hammontree, Virgil The Gospel : God working among us!
Hare, William Richard Biblical correctness on divorce and remarriage
Harris, Loyd You can be a soul winner
Harris, Loyd Keep the Bible out front
Harris, Loyd God called me from my Christian home
Harris, Randy Jesus and the quest for cool
Harris, Randy Let the chains of indifference fall away
Harris, Randy Deep Christians – would you trust you?
Harrison, Russell F. (Russell Francis) The Chi Rho Fellowship handbook
Hatch, Nathan O. The democratization of American Christianity
Hearn, Roy J. Handbook on materialism : a discussion of the question, does man have an immortal spirit?
Herald of Truth Coordinator’s Workshop God’s work in our day : the opportunities of mass-media evangelism via the Herald of Truth Ministry
Herndon, Bob Senior adults are just getting started in ministry
Hester, S. F. Words of wisdom
Hiatt, Harrold E. Origins of United Disciples Christian Church :   including the histories of Western Heights Christian Church of Garland and First Christian Church of Richardson
Hiatt, Harrold E. A history of First Christian Church, Richardson, Texas, 1874-1999
Hicks, Craig Impossible wonder : it just keeps happening
Hicks, Craig Words of Christ in red
Hicks, Craig If they could, we can!
Hicks, Craig Impossible wonder : it just keeps happening
Highfield, Ron God, freedom, and human dignity : embracing a God-centered identity in a me-centered culture
Hisle, Joe Let no man despise thy youth : a book of sermons
Hodges, Wade A deeper kind of righteousness
Holloway, Gary Certain hope : an encouraging word from Hebrews
Hooper, Eli I act like I’m going to heaven
Hooper, Mark God’s journey in Asia
Hoover, Arlie J. The case for Christian theism : an introduction to apologetics
Horton, Roy F. Inspiration Point and its personalities
Hughes, Richard T. (Richard Thomas) Called to serve : a biography of the South National Church of Christ, Springfield, Missouri
Humphrey, Don How to be evangelistic : sharing your faith
Jackson, Jerran The earliest history of Clarksburg Christian Church (originally Salt Creek Church of Christ) 1831-1851
Jackson, Larry C. Choosing sides : a history of the Churches of Christ in Austin 1847-2018
Jacobs, J. Vernon (James Vernon), 81 short speeches for 44 occasions
Jamerson, David Tools for building a Biblical world-view : AWANA
Johnson, Chris It requires pressing on
Jorgenson, E. L. (Elmer Leon) The new alphabetical hymnal : great songs of the church, number two ; a treasury of six hundred sacred songs suitable for all services of the church
Keith, Noel L. (Noel Leonard) Paul’s message for today; echoes from William C. Morro & Granville T. Walker
Kimbrough, Earl The Restoration in Russell’s Valley and Northwest Alabama 1842-1945 : the life and times of a religious movement advocating apostolic faith and practice in Russell’s Valley and the adjacent regions of Northwest Alabama.
Kirby, El Marie Nelson The history of East Main Church of Christ : the first 48 years
Kirby, Joneal How God can use grandmas, widows, and you
Kirby, Joneal Women living out loud and on purpose
Knowles, Victor Inspiring reports of God among us
Knowles, Victor Asleep at the switch while muslims invade
Knowles, Victor Break the chains for unity’s sake
Knowles, Victor Asleep at the switch while muslims invade
Langdon, Dan Operation : Scotland
Langford, Ben How to make the short-term missions trip and report it back home
Langford, Ben How to lay the groundwork for short-term missions
Laycook, Lora One way to Heaven : the airplane crash
Lightfoot, Neil R Now that I am Christian
Lightfoot, Neil R. Can we believe the Bible?
Lotz, Philip Henry The altar hour; fifty-two worship services and interpretative meditations
Lyons, Betty Looking back through 150 years
Major, Philip Fruit of the spirit – kindness and goodness
Major, Phillip Fruit of the spirit : faithfulness
Marcear, Dick Geezerology
Marsh, Nellie E. Hymn dramatization
Marshall, Frank Hamilton Phillips University’s first fifty years (October 9, 1906-October 9, 1956)
Martin, S. O. 15,000 miles to the truth
Mathews, David How to live forward through grief recovery
Maxey, Al From law to grace
Maxey, Al From faction to family
Maxey, Al Break the chains of rigidity : frail hermeneutics
Maxey, Al Break the chains of rigidity : stale worship
Maxwell, James O., The tangled web of deceit : lessons on doctrines including two religious discussions
Maynard, Hollis Training to grow in deaf ministries
McCutchen, Brian How to keep from giving in, giving out, and giving up
McGarvey, J. W. (John William) The lost outlines of J.W. McGarvey
McGarvey, J. W. (John William) Sermons : delivered in Louisville, Kentucky
McKay, Graham Psalms, hymns and spirituals
McKay, Graham A hymn a day
McLaughlin, Don Recover revolution : claiming thousands of addicts/alcoholics for Christ
McLaughlin, Don His unmistakable voice : the soul truth
McLaughlin, Don Fear vs faith
McLaughlin, Don Possibility thinking : nothing less than winning the world
McLaughlin, Don Recover revolution : claiming thousands of addicts/alcoholics for Christ
McLaughlin, Don For preachers only : how to move deeper into the word
McLaughlin, Don His unmistakable voice : the soul truth
Mead, Patrick Evangelism here and now
Mead, Patrick Restoration as a verb
Mead, Patrick Restoring the heart
Mead, Patrick Brokenness begins with me
Mead, Patrick Touchstones and faith
Minck, Franklin H. Christian stewardship
Monser, Harold E. Topical index and digest of the Bible
Moore, Carl Counseling and growth in deaf ministries
Moore, Carl Fruit of the spirit : patience
Moore, William J. (William Joseph) The Bible on Mount Oread : a history of the Kansas Bible Chair
Morgan, Trey Blogging… great outreach tool
Morgan, Trey The journey toward Christ-likeness
Morgan, Trey Remove the chains of a self-centered marriage
Morris, Judge Living with the odds
Moser, K. C. (Kenny Carl) Redemption in Acts and The Letters
Nash, Donald A. (Donald Allen) Is man a monkey?
Nelson, Peggy Life with Lord Byron : laughter, romance & lessons learned from golf’s greatest gentleman
North, Stafford How to create an evangelistic congregation
Norton, Landon Tools for Bible study : Logos Bible software
Novotny, Louise Miller Women and the church; a manual and textbook for women’s organizations,
Oglesby, Robert K. (Robert Kerry) A group discussion study : Gospel of John
Olison, Kennon D., Sr. Music in worship : an examination of the contemporary music in the churches of christ
Orr, Fred Fruit of the spirit – self control
Page, Kirby Kirby Page, social evangelist : the autobiography of a 20th century prophet for peace
Paher, Stanley W. The church shark : a pernicious dogmatism revealed
Parker, John H. (John Howard) Abide with me : a photographic journey through great British hymns
Parry, Lewis Personal work and growth in deaf ministries
Parry, Linda Free at last : how to convert the deaf from sin
Pence, Liz Revolution : hope revealed when suffering temptation
Pence, Liz Revolution : hope revealed when suffering pain
Pence, Liz Revolution : hope revealed when suffering unbelief
Pence, Liz Transforming desire : perfect submission
Pence, Liz Transformed suffering : perfect love
Pence, Liz How to break the chains of doubt
Pence, Liz How to break the chains of fear
Peters, George Llewellyn The Disciples of Christ in Missouri, celebrating one hundred years of co-operative work
Phillips, Marvin Wonder working power
Phillips, Marvin One church : a vital voice from 1809
Phillips, Marvin Loving Jesus when life hits you in the face
Phillips, Marvin Loving Jesus over the long haul
Phillips, Marvin How to break free from the chains of those who won’t change
Philputt, James McBride “That they may all be one”: autobiography and memorial of James M. Philputt, apostle of Christian unity
Presley, Kevin W. Glory echoes
Presley, Kevin W. Abiding hope
Presley, Kevin W. Wonderful name
Presley, Kevin W. Ceaseless praise
Rideout, N. Kenneth The truth you know you know : Jesus verified in our global culture
Roberts, Keith For prayer warriors only : how to move stubborn darkness
Robertson, Troy Arms of hope : a ministry to the least of these
Rold, Louis His guiding hand : 50 years of romance
Ross, Josh Scarred faith : this is a story about how honesty, grief, a cursing toddler, risk-taking, AIDS, hope, brokenness, doubts, and Memphis ignited adventurous faith
Ross, Josh Wait/go : the double-edged sword of evangelism
Ross, Josh Risk-taking 201 : taking risks in relationships
Ross, Josh Evangelism : gaining confidence to wait
Ross, Josh Risk-taking 301 : taking risks for our communities
Ross, Josh Baptism : transformed to join in Jesus’ mission
Ross, Josh Lord’s supper : renewed to serve relentlessly
Rouse, Dan How to keep the soul winning fires burning
Runion, Charles Living legacies : a centennial reflection of the Churches of Christ in Christian Union
Rush, Dusty Silent evangelists
Rush, Dusty Let the urgency of compassion surge
Rush, Terry How to keep from giving up in ministry
Rush, Terry Evangelism : our journey to realizing the spirit
Rush, Terry Light the fire for our journey
Rush, Terry Let the chains of inferiority fall away
Rush, Terry How shall we adjust our minds to build winning congregations?
Rush, Terry How to keep from giving up in ministry
Sampson, Tom S. Only by grace : a candid look at the life of a minister
Schow, Randy, How to approach your work expecting great things from God!
Scott, Linda, VBS revolution
Scott, Linda, We’re all in this together : children and your church family
Seals, Thomas L. God’s Word for Warriors Returning Home Following Deployment
Sechler, E. T. (Earl Truman), Leaves from an Ozark journal
Selby, Roberta Ridgway Go- I will go with you : 50 years in the Philippines
Shank, Harold, Listen to the heartbeat : how God fixes the broken
Shank, Harold, Listen to the heartbeat : how God rights the wrong
Shannon, J. Michael Celebrating the Resurrection : sermons, outlines, illustrations, meditations, and program ideas
Shelly, Rubel Simple studies about Christ’s church
Shelly, Rubel The second incarnation : a theology for the 21st-century church
Shelly, Rubel Divorce & remarriage : a redemptive theology
Shepherd, Roger E. The lamb and the dragon : the revelation of Jesus Christ
Shipp, Glover Militant Jihad : the mentality of Muslim terrorists
Sidders, Danny The lies that we believe
Skidmore, Kevin For the mission-minded only : how to keep the soul winning fire burning!
Skidmore, Kevin For the mission-minded only : how to peg proper focus
Small, Ethel Lorraine Webb Ethel Lorraine Webb Small Papers, 1960-1980
Smith, Bobby God is on the move! dare to dream!
Smith, Charles F. The restoration of the restoration church
Smith, Charles Marriage in the image of Christ
Smith, Jean Hurt Lemons Hendersonville Church of Christ
Smith, John A radical discipleship : I surrender all
Smith, L. Thomas, Above every other desire : a history of Johnson University, 1893-2018
Smith, Terry S. Delta blues : from darkness to light
Speck, Morris The Bible in story
Spencer, Jarrod Ideas of where to start with church technology
Spencer, Jarrod Church websites : creating, maintaining, and updating
Spencer, Jarrod Ideas of where to start with church technology
Spoon, Will For children’s ministries only : how to enhance a vital work
Steele, Steve The tough love of Jesus : tough on whom?
Stevenson, Jeffery Scott All people, all times : rethinking Biblical authority in churches of Christ
Storment, Jonathan Calling all prophets
Sweazey, George E. (George Edgar) The Christian answer to life’s urgent questions.
Tanaro, Trent, No one travels alone
Taylor, Austin Austin Taylor Papers, 1916
Taylor, Donald R. The righteousness of God : a study of Paul’s Epistle to the Romans
Thomson, Harry Linn Short talks around the Lord’s table
Thornton, Jason Rest accelerates our journey
Thornton, Jason Revolutionary evangelism : patient urgency
Thornton, Jason Let the urgency of confidence surge
Treat, Taylor The real crown : grace under pressure, achieving your goals
Tye, Wilma More Southeast Asia kaleidoscope
Umphrey, Don Christ’s hope for the addicted
Valentine, Bobby Holy spirit : unchained according to the world
VanCamp, Judith Montpelier, Indiana Church of Christ : 206 West Huntington Street Montpelier, Indiana
Waller, George M. (George Macgregor), Butler University : a sesquicentennial history
Walling, Jeff The battle for your mind : faith survival in our Babylon
Walling, Jeff Life.next : when “holding our own” is a sin
Walling, Jeff The secret to l.i.f.e. : living intentionally for eternity!
Walling, Jeff Two men and a father : how an ancient parable changed my life
Walling, Jeff The power to unseal the lips of the silent believer : love speaks
Walling, Jeff The secret to l.i.f.e. : living intentionally for eternity!
Walling, Taylor, The secret to livin’ large : reclaiming God-sized dreams
West, Earl The search for the ancient order : a history of the restoration movement, 1849-1906
White, Donald E. First Christian Church : a history : Bentonville, Arkansas
Wilburn, Mitch Ministry in tragedy
Willis, John T. The message of Old Testament history
Willis, John T. My servants, the prophets
Willis, John T. God and man:  then and now
Willis, Timothy M. Jeremiah and Lamentations
Wiser, Wymer A history of the Fairfield Church of Christ, Bedford County, Tennessee, 1896-1996
Wookey, Steve As angels of light?
World Convention of Churches of Christ (Disciples) Doctrines of the Christian Faith
Worley, David Ripley God’s faithfulness to the promise : the hortatory use of commissive language in Hebrews
Wright, Gerald N. The one baptism : a handbook on Christian baptism
The Shinnery review
Holy Bible : containing both the Old and the New Testaments, red letter reference edition, King James version
The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments : translated out of the original tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and revised by his majesty’s special command
The quest for Christian unity, peace, and purity in Thomas Campbell’s Declaration and address : text and studies
A century of grace and faith : a 100 year history of the Senatobia Church of Christ
Bat, scalpel, sheepskin, beneath the cross : narratives on the life of Gail Eason Hopkins
Redeeming the times : addressing issues of the church in the present age
History of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Mexico, Missouri, 1842-1987
Twenty-two years on Broadway : a collection of 52 television sermons and other things
Jesus Christ, son of God : 3rd annual Central Oklahoma Lectureship
The God-breathed scriptures : 5th annual Central Oklahoma Lectureship
Islam vs. Christianity : the Quran or the Bible? : 9th annual Central Oklahoma Lectureship
The home as God would have it : 11th annual Central Oklahoma lectureship, September 8-11, 2005
Gleanings from Philippians and Colossians: the thirty-eighth annual Fort Worth lectures
First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Paris, Illinois, 1855-1985
Essays on women in earliest Christianity
The living restoration : being the Abilene Christian University annual Bible lectures, 1986
Christianity and carnal warfare : a series of lecture studies presented at the Church of Christ in Moline, Illinois, on March 25 and 26th, 1968
The Old Testament books and their messages in the Christian age
Performing the Psalms : with essays and sermons by Walter Brueggemann, J. Clinton McCann Jr., Paul Scott Wilson, and others
Pepperdine College lectures
Teacher training kit for ministry to young children : a multimedia course with 9 training sessions
Bible slides library
Teacher training kit for ministry to adults : a multimedia course with 9 training sessions
Teacher training kit for ministry to elementary children : a multimedia course with 9 training sessions
Teacher training kit for ministry to youth : a multimedia course with 9 training sessions
Teacher training kit for ministry to growing churches : a multimedia course with 9 training sessions
Visualized Bible study series
A living hope:  song book
Christian hymnal
Sing praise to the Lord : youth and devotional songs
Hebrews 13:8 Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow

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