On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, May 2019

In May our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 219 items to the Center for Restoration Studies, Rare Books, and Taylor Hymnals collections.  Some are new to us; in other cases these new additions gave us a second copy.  This batch of new items brings us several fine hymnals and songbooks.  Among the 219 new items are books, periodical issues (bound and unbound), while others are tracts and almost 50 are A/V in the form of  cassette tape, CD’s, VHS, and a few sets of filmstrips. Further, the work performed on some items reflects original cataloging, which is a tremendous contribution to knowledge about information resources from and about the Stone-Campbell Movement.

The Library in Daisy Hall.  Jesse Sewell reads a book at a table surrounded by shelves of books.

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

219 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research:

Aegerter, Richard, Marriage, divorce and remarriage : what the Bible really says
Aegerter, Richard, Marriage, divorce and remarriage : what the Bible really says
Airline Drive Church of Christ (Bossier City, La) The admonisher
Allen, Ronald J. (Ronald James), Contemporary biblical interpretation for preaching
Almanza, Joe, God called me from my prison cell
Armour, Michael C. (Michael Carl), Pytevoditepb po biblii : bremena, sjuzhetbi
Atchley, Rick, The greatest story ever : the prodigal sons
Atchley, Rick, The born again identity
Babbitt, Ron, Inspiring the church to see the world with the eyes of Jesus
Barnett, Joe R., The Churches of Christ … : Who are these people?
Baxter, Clarice Howard, Select church songs : a select collection of songs suitable for every worshipful, religious service
Blackburn, Barry. Theios anēr and the Markan miracle traditions : a critique of the theios anēr concept as an interpretative background of the miracle traditions used by Mark
Boll, R. H. (Robert Henry), Lessons on Hebrews
Book Writing Ministry Team (St. Mark Church of Christ), Pressing toward the mark
Brewer, G. C. (Grover Cleveland), Congregations and colleges / by G.C. Brewer
Brewer, G. C. (Grover Cleveland), Customs and Christianity : with a special discussion of bobbed hair : should women wear men’s garments?
British Broadcasting Corporation. The BBC hymn book
Bryant, Rees, Rees Odeil and Patti Mattox Bryant Papers, 1957-2007
Bryce, Brady Dean, Echoing the story : living the art of listening
Bybee, Howard, On trial in Italy : for preaching the Bible
Central Chesterfield Church of Christ (Richmond, Va.) Virginia Christian
Central Church of Christ (Birmingham, Ala,) Bulletin
Central Church of Christ (Stockton, Calif.) [Bulletin]
Chumbley, Philip E. (Philip Evestus), Must we eat together : an examination of the controversy regarding a “second serving” of the Lord’s Supper
Church of Christ ( Vancouver, Wash.) The spirit of Vancouver
Church of Christ (Bentonville, Ark.) Family life : news for and about God’s family in Bentonville
Church of Christ (Salinas, Calif.) Heaven-word
Church of Christ (Vero Beach, Fla.) Lifeline
Church of Christ at Whispering Hills (Broken Arrow, Okla.), Church of Christ at Whispering Hills : our history 2002-2019
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. First Presidency. A brief statement of principles of the gospel : based largely upon the compendium (Richards-Little), with excerpts from other writings : including also church chronology, priesthood ordinances, selected hymns
Clayton, John N. The problem of human suffering
Clubb, Merrel Dare, Discussion: Is instrumental music in Christian worship scriptural?
Coleman, Robert H. (Robert Henry), Service songs : containing hymns suitable for all the services of the churches but prepared especially for use in the sunday school
Coleman, Robert H. (Robert Henry), Glad tidings
College Church of Christ (Searcy, Ark.) Family news
Colley, A. O. (Asa O.), The binding of Satan : one thousand years reign with Christ : the first resurrection / by A.O. Colley
Conchin, Willard. A systematic study of 1 Timothy through Hebrews
Conchin, Willard. A systematic study of James – Jude
Conchin, Willard. A systematic study of the Book of Acts
Conchin, Willard. Harmony of the Gospels
Conchin, Willard. A systematic study of Romans
Cope, Mike, A fearless future
Cope, Mike, Raised “Lutheran” in the Church of Christ
Cottrell, Jack. Gender roles and the Bible : Creation, the Fall, and Redemption : a critique of feminist Biblical interpretation
Cullum, Edward Neely, A Simplified study of the Holy Spirit : thirteen lessons treating such topics as divine healing, conversion, inspiration, the new birth, gifts, and sins against the Holy Spirit, designed for high school and adult level
Cullum, Edward Neely, A Year with God : let the Word speak for itself ; a guided tour of the entire New Testament in just 52 lessons
Dean, Emmett S. Crowns of glory : a book of gospel songs for Christian work and worship
Fairview Christian Church (Carthage, Missouri) Heartbeat : the pulse of the Fairview Christian Church
Filbert, Jacob A., Songs we sing. a selection of songs that never grow old which have inspired the saints through decades
Finegan, Jack, Let my people go; a journey through Exodus.
Franklin, M. C. (Marion Clyde) The chain that saves
Fraze, David, A powerful present
Fudge, Edward, Romans
Fudge, Edward, Revolutionary people
Graves, Joshua, Good news begins with God
Gray, Glen, Originals : handouts
Greenwood Park Church of Christ (Bowling Green, Ky.) Messenger
Hailey, Homer, Attitudes and consequences in the restoration movement
Harris, Larry M., Sixty-plus years as a song leader
Harris, Loyd, God called me from my Christian home
Harris, Randy, Let the chains of indifference fall away
Hartford Music Co. Rainbow gleams : a book of gospel songs for use in conventions, schools, churches and other religious gatherings
Haynes, William Albinus, The glories of the inner sanctuary, as have been revealed in the epistle to the Hebrews : or, The busy man’s commentary upon the Bible
Homewood Church of Christ (Birmingham, Ala.) Homewood bulletin
Hooper, Robert E., A century of memories
Howard, Alton, Favorite songs of the church : a collection of songs, hymns, and spiritual songs suitable for congregational services of the Lord’s Church
Johnson Street Church of Christ (San Angelo, Tex.) Christian reflections
Johnson, Ashley S. (Ashley Sidney), Letters to a young Methodist preacher
Kearley, F. Furman. Essays, outlines and collected notes on prophetic literature
Kearley, F. Furman. Minor prophets : Lessons 1-16.
Kearley, F. Furman. Syllabus for Old Testament Study Bible 2301
Keesee, Dayton, Jeremiah
Kelley, Timothy W. Possessions and the message of the kingdom in Luke-Acts
King, Daniel H., We have a right : studies in religious collectives
Knight, Paul S. Heart melodies
Lanier, Roy H. Outlines of Bible history
Lawrence and Randolph Counties Bible Lectureship The church through the ages
LeCroy, Douglas. A history of the church of Christ, 1900-1925
Lewis, John P. (John Parham), Studies in the non-Pauline part of Acts
Living Stream Ministry. Hymns
Love, Stuart. Good news for marriage
Lyon, Mack. Holy and reverend is his name
MacArthur Park Church of Christ (San Antonio, Tex.) The reminder
McLaughlin, Don, His unmistakable voice : the soul truth
McLaughlin, Don, Fear vs faith
Meade, Patrick, Evangelism here and now
Meade, Patrick, Restoring the heart
Meade, Patrick, Restoration as a verb
Meade, Patrick, Brokenness begins with me
Messecar, Cathy. A still & quiet soul : embracing contentment
Mickey, Wayne, Bible geography and history
Moorman, Jack A. Modern Bibles : the dark secret
Morris, Homer F., Calvary songs; a choice collection of gospel songs, both old and new
Morris, Homer F., Calvary songs; a choice collection of gospel songs, both old and new
Nichol, C. R. God’s woman
Oliphant, W. L. (William Landon), A debate between W. L. Oliphant … and Charles Smith … held in the church of Christ, Shawnee, Oklahoma, August 15 and 16, 1929 …
Opsitch, Yann, Le Dieu de la création et de la révélation
Opsitch, Yann, La sagesse et l’adversité
Opsitch, Yann, Le cœur et l’invisible : souvenirs et réflecxions personnelles
Osborn, Ronald E. The education of ministers for the coming age
Overland Church of Christ (St. Louis, Mo.) Getting us together
Parmenter, Bruce, Christians caught in the divorce trap : helping families recover from divorce
Pullias, C. M. (Charles Mitchell), Greater Christian hymns; a collection of spiritual songs and hymns for all occasions of Christian work and worship
Quaker Avenue Church of Christ (Lubbock, Tex.) Table talks : meditations at the Lord’s table, Quaker Avenue Church of Christ, Lubbock, Texas, 1987
Ramsay, William Mitchell, The letters to the seven churches of Asia and their place in the plan of the Apocalypse
Reed, Janice Day. 52 devotional talks & programs for youth and adults
Reid, Robert Bickley, Bursting with life : triumph through cerebral palsy
Rodeheaver, Homer A. (Homer Alvan), Rodeheaver’s gospel songs : for church, Sunday school and evangelistic services
Rogers, Genie Banks, From the frontier to the future : a history of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Columbia, Missouri
Rush, Dusty, Let the urgency of compassion surge
Rush, Terry, Light the fire for our journey
Rush, Terry, Let the chains of inferiority fall away
Rush, Terry, How to keep from giving up in ministry
Schneider, Willy Was man über Musik wissen muß Musiklehre für jedermann
Shappley, H. Dewayne, Despues de la muerte: una serie de 16 lecciones sobre la vida y los acontecimientos despues de la muerte
Smith, F. LaGard (Frank LaGard), The cultural church
South Baton Rouge Church of Christ (Baton Rouge, La.) China for Christ
South Baton Rouge Church of Christ (Baton Rouge, La) The southside
Stone, Barton W. (Barton Warren), The biography of Eld. Barton Warren Stone
Suggs, M. Jack. The Gospel story
Tanner, Jerald, Mormonism : a study of Mormon history and doctrine
Tanner, Jerald. The Negro in Mormon theology
Taylor, Donald R., The apocalypse : A revelation of Jesus Christ
Thornton, Jason, Let the urgency of confidence surge
Thurmon, Roy B. The Sabbath today : a reply to A.G. Hobbs
Thweatt, Enoch B., What does “horse, horse, tiger, tiger” have to do with understanding agape love?
Timberlilne Church of Christ (Tallahassee, Fla.) The outlook
Tyler, Granville W. Old Testament lessons
Voorhis, Bruce Van, China and Hong Kong : congregations and meeting points
Walling, Jeff, The battle for your mind : faith survival in our Babylon
Walling, Jeff, The secret to l.i.f.e. : living intentionally for eternity!
Walling, Jeff, The power to unseal the lips of the silent believer : love speaks
Wardle, James D. Selected changes in the Book of Mormon
Westgate Church of Christ (Beaumont, Tex.) Westgate
Westminster Church of Christ (Westminster, Md) Westminster witness
Williamson, W. C., The three dispensations and the two covenants
Wineinger, Richard H., Stand therefore stand : Ephesians 6:14
Plum Creek almanac.
Translation of the Gospel of John from English to Persian
Pepperdine College lectures.
Best sermons : 1962 Protestant Edition
The faith we share
Churches of Christ in the United States
Bogalusa liberator.
Heaven’s lamp : our second 1943 book for singing schools, conventions, etc.
Harbor bells, no. 5 : our 1936 book for singing schools, conventions, etc.
Golden gates : for singing schools and conventions
Faithful guide : our 1941 book for singing schools, conventions, etc.
Sharon’s Rose : our second 1950 book for singing schools, conventions, etc.
The Beacon light : a new song book for the church, Sunday school, revival, singing class, singing convention, etc.
Song and service book for ship and field : Army and Navy
Christian worship, a hymnal.
Hymnbook for Christian worship.
Brightest beams : our 1939 book for singing schools, conventions, etc.
Leading light : our 1935 book for for singing schools, conventions, etc.
Sharon’s Rose : our second 1950 book for singing schools, conventions, etc.
Heaven’s gates : our first 1951 book for singing conventions, singing schools, Sunday schools, etc.
Crystal rays : our 1929 book for Sunday-schools, singing schools, revivals, conventions, and general use in all religious gatherings
Special radio selections
Tuneful praise : our 1932 book for Sunday-schools, singing schools, revivals, conventions and general use in all religious gatherings.
Favorite revival songs
Virgil O. Stamps’ favorite radio songs : a collection of sacred songs, new and old
Crowning carols : a superior collection of sacred songs for the church, Sunday school, singing class, singing convention, etc.
World wide revival songs : for the church, Sunday school and evangelistic meetings
Golden dreams : our first 1955 book : for singing conventions, singing schools, Sunday schools, etc.
Highest praise : our second 1947 book for singing schools, conventions, etc.
Rainbow rays : our first 1946 book for singing schools, conventions, etc.
Divine praise : our first book for singing conventions, singing schools, Sunday schools, etc.
Revival songs : containing the cream of the popular gospel songs and standard church hymns in use today, also a goodly number of the choicest new songs by the world’s best song writers for evangelistic services and all church worship
Songs of praise: labor day meeting 1980
Radio and revival special : a book of super specials, with soul appeal, for all religious services, in shaped notes only
Stamps Quartet specials : a special collection of favorite sacred and spiritual songs for use in radio broadcasts, congregational singing, evangelistic work
Sacred songs of the church
Never-ending praise : songs and hymns from yesterday and today to our everlasting God
Glory to God.
Book of worship for United States forces : a collection of hymns and worship resources for military personnel of the United States of America /
Guiding hand : our second 1948 book for singing conventions, singing schools, Sunday schools, etc.
Sacred jewels : a book of special favorites
Sing praises to Jehovah
All-American church hymnal
Cornelius[‘] rudiments and music reader
Classic gospel hymns
Best of southern gospel
Songs for worship and  praise
The Hymnal
Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs

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