University online digital repository unveils native streaming

After several months of beta testing we are pleased to announce that our online digital repository now supports native streaming for audio and video files.  This development significantly enhances the user experience by allowing users to preview media files in a web-browser prior to download.  Users will still be able to download each file, but this development makes listening much easier, much faster, and the overall user experience much better.

Interior of Sewell Auditorium, 1939 Bible Lectureship, from the Jesse Sewell Photograph Collection. The earliest Lectureship recordings were of sermons and classes delivered in this room, used for plenary Lectureship events from 1929 to 1967.

To pilot this upgrade, our partners at BePress implemented streaming for the West Islip (New York) Church of Christ Collection.  This small set of magnetic tape audio reels preserves primary source material pertaining to the Exodus Movement, a unique church-planting concept employed among Churches of Christ in the 1960s.  After a successful implementation for the West Islip files, we enabled streaming capabilities for the remainder of our audio, video, and historic films:

Herald of Truth film1 video file from 1960, a television broadcast featuring the Union Avenue Church of Christ, Memphis, Tennessee

Summit video: 6 video files of plenary Summit speeches

Lectures on Preaching12 audio files of Landon Saunders at the 21st Annual Lectures on Preaching held in 1971 

Vernon Boyd audio18 audio files of rich and historically significant oral histories pertaining to African-American Churches of Christ

Leroy Garrett audio26 audio files of recordings of Leroy Garrett’s teaching and lecturing

LeMoine Lewis audio246 audio files of Dr. LeMoine Lewis’ lectures on church history

Herald of Truth audio534 audio files of historic Herald of Truth radio broadcasts, 1950-1994, featuring speakers such as Batsell Barrett Baxter, James D. Willeford, E. R. Harper, Harold Hazelip, John Allen Chalk, Humphrey Foutz, James Walter Nichols, George Bailey, Landon Saunders, and many more.

Summit and Bible Lectureship audio5395 audio files of every known recording from the annual Bible lectureships


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