On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, April 2021

In April our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 766 items to the rare books, University Archives, and Center for Restoration Studies collections.  All but a handful of them supplemented the books, periodicals (bound and unbound), and A/V subsets within the Restoration collection.  The University Archive, ACU Authors and Taylor Hymnal collections also received a few new items.  Some of the additions are newly published, others are new-to-us, and still others represent a second copy or a new-to-us edition or printing.  You’ll notice this is quite a bit more items compared to recent months.  For the past several weeks our student workers and I worked through a backlog of gift books.  At about the same time Technical Services had some additional availability after closing out a few projects of their own.  And, with the academic and fiscal year winding down, book purchasing for the circulating collection paused.  All that means some additional time became available to tackle our backlog.  Even with 700+ items now shelved from April, we still have a full queue that will last us through the summer.  The short version is the quality and scope of the collection will grow in some significant areas over the summer.

Abilene Christian College. Prickly Pear, Yearbook of Abilene Christian College, 1952, yearbook, 1952; Abilene, Texas. University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History, https://texashistory.unt.edu; crediting Abilene Christian University Library.

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

766 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research: 

Catalog Author Catalog Title
Just as I am :   Congregational singing with Frank Cleaver
Abilene Christian Schools (Abilene, Tex.) Panther pride
Abilene Christian University. Faculty. Significant faculty accomplishments
Adams, Hampton, Vocabulary of faith
Adams, Harold, History of Eureka College
Adams, Harry Baker, The life of faith in God : a study course for adults
Adams, Harry Baker, God confronts man
Agee, Marie Bryant. Mud on your own boots : the story of Health Talents International
Allen, Betty, Looking back on my life
Allen, Jimmy, The American crisis, and other sermons
Ames, Edward Scribner, Beyond theology : the autobiography of Edward Scribner Ames
Amick, Fred A. (Fred Ashton), Hearing for eternity
Anders, Mickey, An ever flowing stream : a history of South Elkhorn Christian Church 1767-2014
Anderson, Leroy Dean, Strangers and pilgrims
Anderson, Lynn, Talking back to God : speaking your heart to God through the Psalms
Anderson, Robert Phillips, The new junior worker’s manual : a text-book of junior work
Armour, Michael C. (Michael Carl), Systems-sensitive leadership : empowering diversity without polarizing the church
Arnold, David L., Delinquent moms and dads
Austin, Spencer P. (Spencer Peter), Evangelism
Bader, Golda Elam. I married a minister
Bailey, George W., Sermons of George W. Bailey
Baird, William, The Corinthian church; a Biblical approach to urban culture
Bajko, Paul, A history of the Churches of Christ in Poland
Bales, James D., Miracles or mirages?
Bales, James D., Christ’s body, the church
Bales, James D., The originality of Jesus Christ
Bales, Norman. A sense of belonging
Bane, Gordon. The geocentric Bible
Bankes, Robert D. (Robert Dewey), Jesus Christ
Bare, Charles W. Do you still believe in the devil?
Barton College. Bulletin of Barton College.
Bates, M. Searle (Miner Searle), Religious liberty: an inquiry
Batts, Alvin, Nichols-Batts Debate
Bawcom, Louanna M. (Louanna McNeil) Journey with joy
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, When life tumbles in : conquering life’s problems
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, Speaking for the Master; a study of public speaking for Christian men
Baxter, William, Life of Knowles Shaw : the singing evangelist
Bearden, Bryan, Your young heart : where it should be and how to get it there
Beauchamp, Gary R. He told it like it is : [a practical treatment for daily living]
Beaver, R. Pierce (Robert Pierce), Ecumenical beginnings in Protestant world mission; a history of comity
Beazley, George G. (George Grimes), The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ): an interpretative examination in the cultural context
Beck, Richard, Hunting magic eels : recovering an enchanted faith in a skeptical age
Becker, Edwin L. Yale Divinity School and the Disciples of Christ, 1872-1989
Benjamin, Paul. The vision splendid
Benjamin, T. Garrott. Mama’s boy : [a rejected boy who became a respected man of God]
Benjamin, T. Garrott. Boys to men : a handbook for survival
Berquist, Jon L. Ancient wine, new wineskins : the Lord’s Supper in Old Testament perspective
Bethel Theological Seminary (Saint Paul, Minn.) Heart & Mind
Biddle, Conley J., Trails, trials, triumphs
Black, J. Lloyd. Membership development
Black, V. P. (Vanderbilt P.), Sermons for this crooked generation
Black, V. P. (Vanderbilt P.), We persuade men
Blackwood, Andrew Watterson, The Protestant pulpit, an anthology of master sermons from the Reformation to our own day
Blazer, Dan G., (Dan German), You were born to work : so let’s approach it God’s way
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo), The Holy Spirit, His personality, nature, works
Bond, L. Susan. Contemporary African American preaching : diversity in theory and style
Boone, Pat. Pray to win : God wants you to succeed
Boone, Pat. A new song
Boone, Shirley. One woman’s liberation
Boyd Christian School (McMinnville, Tenn.) BCS newsletter
Bradley, Omar Nelson, A general’s life : an autobiography
Brauer, Jerald C. Protestantism in America : a narrative history
Briley, Garland (Stretch), The greatest love story ever told : workbook
Broadus, Loren. How to stop procrastinating & start living
Brown, Genevieve. Growing edges in home missions for Disciples of Christ
Brown, L. Eugene. A memoried people, remembering, made whole : a retrospective selection of 20th century writings germane to 21st century living
Brown, T. Pierce. Pertinent principles : a compilation of articles written over the past fifty years by one of the brotherhood’s most prolific authors
Browning, Don S. Generative man: psychoanalytic perspectives
Brownlee, John C., Excuse me, did you know Him? : eight sermons and orders of service for Lent
Brownlow, Leroy. Why I am a member of the Church of Christ
Brownlow, Leroy. Flowers for mother
Brownlow, Leroy. Seed for the sower, three hundred suggestive sermons
Bruner, B. H. (Benjamin Harrison), This sacred hour; communion meditations and prayers
Bryant, Marcus David. The art of Christian caring
Burroughs, Jeremiah. The rare jewel of Christian contentment
Butler, Lee H., Liberating our dignity, saving our souls
Butler, Lorine Letcher. History [of the] First Christian Church, Paris, Kentucky
Butt, Kyle, Out with doubt : a look at the evidence for Christianity
Campbell, Alexander, Popular lectures and addresses
Campbell, Alice S. A kaleidoscope of poems
Campbell, Joan B. Living into hope : a call to spiritual action for such a time as this
Campbell, Selina Huntington, Home life and reminiscences of Alexander Campbell.
Cannon, Lou. Reagan
Caro, Robert A. The years of Lyndon Johnson : the path to power
Carson, Timothy L. Your calling as a Christian
Carter, Mary Ellen. Edgar Cayce on prophecy
Cartwright, Colbert S., He taught them saying
Cartwright, Lin D., Evangelism for today
Castleman, William J., On this foundation; a historical literary biography of the early life of Samuel Guy Inman … covering the period 1877-1904
Cauley, Kevin. The worldly university : the apostasy of A.C.U.
Center forum The question of the women’s role
Chenault, Bessie Hardin All the children : a collection of true stories from around the world for junior and intermediate-age children
Cherryhomes, George, Who goes there? : one man’s journey into mission
Choate, J. C., World evangelism today : thirteen lessons to emphasize the importance, need, and possibility of world evangelism today
Christ’s Haven for Children (Keller, Tex.) Christ’s haven messenger
Christensen, James L. Contemporary worship services; a sourcebook
Christian Children’s Home (Boise, Idaho) Christian children’s home news
Christian Children’s Home of Ohio (Wooster, Ohio) Shareline
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Yearbook & directory of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Christian Church Foundation. Generous living : lasting legacies of faith & witness ; a history of the Christian Church Foundation
Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) Year book of Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ)
Churches of Christ in Great Britain and Ireland. Churches of Christ yearbook and … annual report.
Claiborne, Winford, Christ : the prophet, priest and king (an analysis of Hebrews)
Claiborne, Winford, The general epistles
Clark, Thomas Dionysius, Pleasant Hill and its Shakers
Coats, Wayne. A review of another liberal digressive effort : as proposed by James Woodruff to change the Church of Christ
Coffey, H. D. (Henry Davis), Using God’s power : new, pointed, practical scriptural sermons
Cogdill, Roy E. (Roy Edward), Walking by faith
Cogdill, Roy E. (Roy Edward), The New Testament church
College of the scriptures (Louisville, Ky.) College of the Scriptures Report
Combs, George Hamilton, I’d take this way again, an autobiography
Conchin, Willard, A systematic study of Romans and Galatians
Consultation on Church Union. COCU, the official reports of the four meetings of the Consultation
Consultation on Church Union. A plan of union for the Church of Christ Uniting
Consultation on Internal Unity of Christian Chuches The second consultation on internal unity of the Christian Churches
Cooperative Curriculum Project. A design for teaching-learning
Corey, Stephen J. (Stephen Jared), Among central African tribes journal of a visit to the Congo mission
Corey, Stephen J. (Stephen Jared), Among South American friends; the journal of a visit to South America
Cotham, Perry C. One world, many neighbors : a Christian perspective on worldviews
Cottrell, Jack. Baptism : a biblical study
Cottrell, Jack. Romans
Craddock, Fred B., The Bible in the pulpit of the Christian Church
Craddock, Fred B., As one without authority
Craver, Foye, As little children
Creath, Jacob, Memoir of Jacob Creath, Jr.
Crouch, Owen L. The Prison Epistles : a diagram of the Greek New Testament with notes, Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, Philemon
Cullum, Edward Neely, A Simplified study of the Holy Spirit : thirteen lessons treating such topics as divine healing, conversion, inspiration, the new birth, gifts, and sins against the Holy Spirit, designed for high school and adult level
Cummins, D. Duane. Dale Fiers : twentieth century disciple
Cummins, D. Duane. A handbook for today’s Disciples in the Christian church (Disciples of Christ)
Dallas Christian College (Dallas, Tex.) Dallas Christian college visitor
Davis, W. E. Caring and curing in Congo and Kentucky
Davis, Wayne. The kingdom of God
Davis, William E. Water under the bridge
Dayton Youth Chorus Jesus is well and alive today
De Welt, Don. The power of the Holy Spirit
Deason, Larry, “Come follow Me”
Deason, Larry. Losing life & finding life
Deason, Larry. Romans : “the righteousness of God”
DeGroot, A. T. (Alfred Thomas), Central of Des Moines; the story of Central Christian Church (Disciples), written for its eighty-fifth anniversary, 1945
DeGroot, A. T. (Alfred Thomas), Check list, Faith & Order Commission official, numbered publications: series 1, 1910-1948 …
DeHoff, George W., Why we believe the Bible
DeHoff, George W., Sermons on great Bible characters
Dexter, Harriet Harmon. Friendship
Disciples of Christ. Council on Christian Unity. Issues in unity : preparatory materials for 10 area consultations on Christian unity
Disciples of Christ. Historical Society. Preliminary guide to Black materials in the Disciples of Christ Historical Society
Disciples of Christ. Historical Society. Alva Wilmot Taylor : a register of his papers in the Disciples of Christ Historical Society
Dittemore, Isabel Maxey, He leadeth me : forty years in Asia
Dowling, Enos Everett, Praise his name
Duncan, Marion H. (Marion Herbert), West Virginia whisperings
Dungan, D. R. (David Roberts), On the rock : or, Truth is stranger than fiction : a story of souls whose pathway began in darkness, but brightened to the perfect day
Dunn, Hurley Harland, From rags to riches : Isaiah 64:6 – 2 Corinthians 8:9 : a book of sermons
Dutt, Meade Ervin, Jesus Christ in human experience
East Tennessee Christian Home (Elizabethton, Tenn.) ETCH etchings
East Tennessee School of Preaching and Missions lectureship Things pertaining to life and godliness : studies in the Epistles of Peter, John, and Jude
Eastern Christian College (Bel Air, Md.) The Eastern Christian
Eichman, Phillip. Understanding evolution : a Christian perspective
El Paso Christian College (El Paso, Tex.) Ambassador
El Paso School of Missions (El Paso, Tex.) International missionary
Ellas, John W. Clear choices for churches : trends among growing and declining churches of Christ
Elliott, Mal. Hillside Christian Church : the first eighty years : Wichita, Kansas, 1922-2002
Ellis, Joe S. The church on target : achieving your congregation’s highest potential
Exum, Jack. Amazing Grace : God’s power to be!
Exum, Jack. The Holy Spirit : how He works in the life of the Christian today
Fakes, Bonnie DeHoff. The district governor in action : a look at Dr. George W. DeHoff as governor Rotary district 676, 1971-72
Farley, Edward, The transcendence of God, a study in contemporary philosophical theology
Farrar, Grace J. Stand by and see what the Lord will accomplish : the story of one family serving the Lord in Nigeria
Ferguson, Everett, Baptism in the early church : history, theology, and liturgy in the first five centuries
Ferguson, Everett, La historia del canto a capella an la adoración pública Christiana
Ferguson, Everett, Church history : early and medieval
Fey, Harold E. (Harold Edward), Life, new style : how the hope for a new style of life for humanity was advanced by the Fourth Assembly of the World Council of Churches meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, July 4 to 20, 1968
Fields, Wilbur The glorious church : a study of Ephesians
Fiers, Alan Dale. Lord, teach us to pray : a study guide on prayer
Fife, Robert O. (Robert Oldham), The church must always be reforming
Fife, Robert O. (Robert Oldham), Reflections on a neglected “restoration” principle
Filbeck, David. Called! to preach where Christ was not known : the story of David and Deloris Filbeck, pioneer missionaries among the Lua (Tin) in Northern Thailand
Finegan, Jack, Like the great mountains
Finegan, Jack, Space, atoms, and God; Christian faith and the nuclear-space age
First Christian Church (Maysville, Ky.) [Bulletin]
Florida College Annual Lectures The Restoration heritage in America : a biblical appeal for today
Floyd, Harvey. Is the Holy Spirit for me? : A search for the meaning of the Spirit in today’s church
Ford, Gynnath, Power to win even when you’re losing
Fort Worth lectures Gleanings from the Holy Bible : Joshua through Samuel
Fort Worth lectures Gleanings from the gospel accounts
Foster, Montie McGinty. A higher plane : a study for Christian women
Foster, T.E. Offerings of faith and love
Fowler, Henry Thatcher, The origin and growth of the Hebrew religion
Franklin, Benjamin, The gospel preacher : a book of twenty-one sermons
Freed-Hardeman College Lectures Love for God and His word : 1988 Freed-Hardeman College lectureship
Freed-Hardeman University Lectures When we hurt : tragedy and triumph in Job ; 2003 Freed-Hardeman University lectureship
Freed-Hardeman University Lectures At his coming
Freed-Hardeman University Lectures Opening our eyes to Jesus : from darkness to light in Acts
Fuller, Corydon Eustathius. Reminiscences of James A. Garfield, with notes preliminary and collateral
Garrett, Leroy. What must the church of Christ do to be saved?
Garrison, J. H. (James Harvey), Christian union: a historical study
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, Catholicism and the American mind
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, Variations on a theme: “God saw that it was good”
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, The quest and character of a united church
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, Affirmative religion
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, Variations on a theme: “God saw that it was good”
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, The quest and character of a united church
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, Thy sea so great : a book of verses
Genung, Dan B., A street called love : the story of All Peoples Christian Church and Center, Los Angeles, CA
Georgia Christian School (Valdosta, Georgia) Progress report
Georgia Christian School (Valdosta, Georgia) L.I.F.E. at Georgia Christian School /   Georgia Christian School
Gerdtell, Ludwig von, Miracles under fire, a treatise for modern thinkers
Gibson, H.K. Oral history library
Gilbert, Daniel D. A humble legacy : “Never forget where you came from, son” ; a personal memoir of challenge and growth
Gill, Clinton R., Hereby we know; a study of the Epistles of John
Gilliam, Doyle D. Topical index of the Bible
Gonzalez, Fidel J., P. P. Martinez, Texas pioneer, civic leader, philanthropist, real estate tycoon, and tobacco manufacturer : Dallas, Texas 1880-1935, and his nephew Fidel J. Gonzalez, Jr., Dallas, Texas 1916-
Gooden, Clayton (Elmer Clayton), A fork in the road
Goodwin, W. Harold (William Harold), From crinoids to Sunrise Club
Grace Schools (Long Beach, Calif.) Xapis:   Grace Schools News
Graham, Ronald W. (Ronald William), The Christian Church in the Upper Midwest 1972-1998 : a brief history
Grasham, Bill, Prophecy
Grasham, Bill. A path through the Bible : the story of Israel and the life of Christ in history and archaeology
Gray, Edward A. Marriage mentoring : twelve conversations
Great Lakes Christian College. GLCC Reports : educating for the abundant life
Groover, Ralph Edwin. The well ordered home : Alexander Campbell and the family
Guild, Claude A. (Claude Adrian), A man and his mission : an autobiography : a text on missionary methods
Hailey, Homer, Sondons les ecritures
Hallock, G. B. F. (Gerard Benjamin Fleet), One hundred best sermons for special days and occasions
Hamilton, W. T., Why has all this happened to us? : [the question of human suffering]
Harding College Lectures The biblical doctrine of the last things
Harding College. A Cappella Chorus. Concert favorites
Harding College. A Cappella Chorus. Hymns from Harding : hymn favorites
Harding University School of Business (Searcy, Ark.) The entrepreneur
Harkrider, Robert, Hebrews : a study workbook for teachers and students
Harper College (Harper, Kansas) Bulletin Harper College
Henderson, Donald Warren, Severed from our roots : a survey of Alexander Campbell’s concept of scripture and its relation to faith
Hendry, Jack. A study in corrective church discipline
Hicks, Olan, What the Bible says about marriage, divorce, and remarriage
Hill, Marilynne. Threads of gold : a study book
Hiscox, Edward T. (Edward Thurston), The standard manual for Baptist churches
Hobgood-Oster, Laura, Crossroads choices : 2000-01 study book
Holloway, Gary, The main thing : a new look at Ecclesiastes
Hook, Cecil, Grit in my gizzard
Hope International University (Fullerton, Calif.) The Hope International University Magazine
Hopper, Myron T., New Testament life and literature
Hostetter, Richard L., Thirteen lessons in missions
Hough, Lynn Harold, The living church
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Gospel radio sermons by V. E. Howard
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), 55-50 years, are you listening
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), 50 years, are you listening?
Huke, Robert E. Shadows on the land : an economic geography of the Philippines
Humbert, John O. A house of living stones
Humble, Bill J., Proof from the past : how archaeology confirms the Bible. [Filmstrip]
Humble, Bill J., Light from above the life of Alexander Campbell
Hunt, George Laird. A guide to Christian unity
Hutton, John A. (John Alexander), The best of John A. Hutton
Hutton, Samuel Ward, Worship highways : guideposts for spiritual engineers
Idleman, Finis S. (Finis Schuyler), Peter Ainslie, ambassador of good will
Ijams, E. H. (Elvin H.), For the perfecting of the saints (Ephesians 4:12) : thematic studies for adults based on Corinthians epistles
Ijams, E. H. (Elvin H.), The reality of God
Institute for Christian Studies (Austin, Tex.) ICS report
International Bible College  (Florence, Ala.) The lamplighter
Iowa Christian College (Des Moines, Iowa) Iowa Christian College news
Iowa Christian College (Des Moines, Iowa) The equipper
Jackson, Gordon E., You are my people : a manual for adult communicants’ classes
Jenkins, Ferrell. Flesh and spirit : a word study
Jenkins, John Ancil. The biography of a gentleman : A.G. Freed
Jennings, Alvin Ray, Direct mail for Christ
Jeter, Joseph R. Re/Membering : meditations and sermons for the Table of Jesus Christ
Johnson, Aubrey. The Barnabas factor : realize your encouragement potential
Johnson, H. Eugene (Harry Eugene), Unity of faith and practice
Johnson, H. Eugene (Harry Eugene), The Christian church plea
Jones, Clara. Smoking flax
Jones, E. Ray. Sermons for the space age : 10 sermons true to the Bible and in tune with the times
Jones, E. Stanley (Eli Stanley), The Christ of the Indian road
Jones, Edgar De Witt, The pulpit stairs
Jones, Edgar De Witt, Fairhope; the annals of a country church
Jones, Edgar De Witt, Ornamented orthodoxy; studies in Christian constancy
Jones, Edgar De Witt, Sermons I love to preach
Jones, Edgar De Witt, Lincoln and the preachers
Jones, Edgar De Witt, The influence of Henry Clay upon Abraham Lincoln
Jones, Edgar De Witt, Blundering into paradise
Jones, Edgar De Witt, A man stood up to preach, and fifteen other sermons
Jones, G. Curtis (George Curtis), Strongly tempted
Jones, G. Curtis (George Curtis), Christian stewardship : what are you worth?
Jones, Jerry, What does the Boston movement teach?
Kaldor, Peter. Where the river flows : sharing the Gospel in a changing Australia
Kemp, Charles F., The preaching pastor
Kennedy, James W. (James William), No darkness at all; a report and study guide on the Third Assembly of the World Council of Churches. New Delhi, India, November 19-December 5, 1961
Kershner, Frederick D. (Frederick Doyle), The restoration handbook : studies in the history and principles of the movement to restore New Testament Christianity
Kindred, Charles Granville, The autobiography of God
Knott, Harold E. (Harold Elrin) How to prepare an expository sermon
Knowles, Victor, Taking a stand : the story of the Ottumwa Brethren
Knowles, Victor, Good and faithful servant : the simple, stimulating story of Donald G. Hunt
Lair, Loren E. From restoration to reformation
Lambert, Gussie, Back to the Bible correspondence course
Lambert, Gussie, In memoriam : in memory of and with honor to great gospel preachers who gave their lives to help spread the gospel in all the world
Lambert, Orlando Clayton, Catholicism against itself : volume 1 (abridged)
Lambert, Orlando Clayton, Rumblings from Rome
Langford, Thomas A. (Thomas Alexander), Recovering our restoration ideals
Lanier, Roy H. Outlines of Bible history : one hundred thirty-two lessons, Genesis through Acts
Lappin, S. S. (Samuel Strahl), Run, Sammy, run; sixty-five years a preacher man
Lavender, Billy Boyd, A pioneer church in the Oconee territory : a historical synopsis of Antioch Christian Church – Disciples of Christ 1807-2005
Lawson, E. LeRoy, The family of God : the meaning of church membership
Lawson, E. LeRoy, Blessed are we : experiencing joy as the beatitudes of Jesus turn our priorities upside down
Lawson, E. LeRoy, Questions for God
Lawson, J. Gilchrist (James Gilchrist), Great sermons on world peace
Leary, Ed. Indianapolis : the story of a city
Lee, Peter, Authority within the Christian church
Leggett, Marshall Genuine ministers
Lemmons, Albert G., New heaven and new earth
Lemmons, Albert G., Worship with fasting : an insightful look at a forgotten discipline
Lemmons, Reuel G., The church and the temple
Lester, Hiram J., Inasmuch– the saga of NBA
Lewis, Jack P. (Jack Pearl), The instrumental music issue
Lewis, Jack P. (Jack Pearl), Ethics of the prophets
Lewis, Jack P. (Jack Pearl), Archaeology and the Bible
Liggett, Thomas J. Where tomorrow struggles to be born; the Americas in transition
Lightfoot, Neil R. How we got the Bible
Lipscomb University. Alumni directory
Long, Michael G. Have the time of your life : living for God in each moment
Love, Bill. The core gospel : on restoring the crux of the matter
Lucado, Max 3:16 : the numbers of hope
Lucado, Max Fearless : imagine your life without fear
Lucado, Max. God so loved you : a 40-day devotional
Lucado, Max. Facing your giants
Lucado, Max. Max on life : answers and inspiration for life’s questions
Lucado, Max. Traveling light : releasing the burdens you were never intended to bear
Lucado, Max. Bli lik Jesus
Lucado, Max. Six hours, one Friday : anchoring to the cross
Lucado, Max. God’s inspirational promise book
Lunger, Harold L. The Bible and our social responsibility
Lunger, Harold L., Finding holy ground
Lutz, Henry F. (Henry Frey), To infidelity and back: a truth seeker’s religious autobiography, how I found Christ and His Church
Lyall, Leslie T. New spring in China? : a Christian appraisal
Magnolia Bible College (Kosciusko, Miss.) Preacher talk
Manhattan Christian College. Manhattan Christian College News
Martin, Florence, Observing national holidays and church festivals; a weekday church school unit in Christian citizenship series for grades three and four
Martin, Luther W. A choice collection of facts : concerning some Bible truths! concerning Catholicism! concerning N.T. Koine Greek!
Martin, William C. (William Curtis), The layman’s Bible encyclopedia …
Matsler, Win R. The independent movement within the Christian Church : an historical study
McCasland, S. Vernon (Selby Vernon), The pioneer of our faith
McCord, David M. Let us give : a resource book of stewardship meditations
McCord, Don. The revelation of Jesus Christ – a commentary
McCord, Hugo, Fifty years of lectures
McLean, Archibald, The history of the Foreign Christian Missionary Society
Mead, Frank S. (Frank Spencer), Handbook of denominations in the United State
Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship Lessons in lyrics : thirty-second annual Memphis School of Preaching lectureship, Memphis, Tennessee, March 29-April 2, 1998
Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship The epistles of I and II Timothy, Titus : challenges of first century preaching : twentieth annual Memphis School of Preaching lectureship, Memphis, Tennessee, March 30-April 3, 1986
Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship The Apostle Paul : great soldier of the cross
Messman, Kenny. The harvest is plentiful
Michigan Christian College (Rochester, Mich.) Michigan Christian college bulletin
Mid-South Christian College (Senatobia, Miss.) The MCC news
Midwest Christian College. Midwest Christian College bulletin
Miller, Bobbie. Stairway to teaching
Miller, Herb, Tools for active Christians
Miller, Linda J., Coaching for Christian leaders : a practical guide
Milligan College. Milligan Milepost
Milligan, R. (Robert), Analysis of the New Testament, with leading queries and illustrations, designed for the use of Sunday-schools, Bible classes, etc.
Mohler, Jimmy, Compassion corner : 52 weeks of provocation and praise for God’s givers
Moore, Jerome Aaron, Texas Christian University : a hundred years of history
Moore, Mark, How to study the Bible
Moore, William J. (William Joseph), The Bible on Mount Oread : a history of the Kansas Bible Chair
Moore, William Thomas, The new living pulpit of the Christian Church; a series of discourses, doctrinal and practical, by representative men among the Disciples of Christ; with introduction on the history of preaching and brief biographical sketch and halftone portrait of each contributor
Morgan, Carey E. (Carey Elmore), The harvest is white : thirteen lessons for senior, young people’s and adult classes in preparation for a revival
Morrison, Charles Clayton, Can Protestantism win America?
Morton, Clement Manly. Isle of enchantment; stories and people of Puerto Rico
Morton, Clement Manly. Kingdom building in Puerto Rico : a story of fifty years of Christian service
Moser, K. C. (Kenny Carl), Sự cựu-chuộc trong công-vụ và các thơ-tín = Redemption in Acts and the letters
Mouton, Boyce. “– these two commandments– “
Moyer, J. Lloyd (Jasper Lloyd), Sermons from Psalms
Muncy, Eloise. Making history : Ray Muncy in his time
Munro, Harry C. (Harry Clyde), Fellowship evangelism through church groups
Murch, James DeForest, The Protestant revolt; road to freedom for American churches
Myers, Edward P. (Edward Paul), If I had just one more sermon to preach
Myers, Oma Lou. This one thing I do : a biography of Frank Hamilton Marshall, pioneer Christian educator
Nance, Ellwood C. (Ellwood Cecil), Faith of our fighters
National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Special Committee on the Curricululm Guide. A guide for curriculum in Christian education
Neal, Charles M. (Charles McKendre), Neal-Wallace discussion on the thousand years reign of Christ; conducted at Winchester, Kentucky, January 2 to 6, 1933
Nelson, Jeff Celebrate Jesus
Nelson, Jeff. Battleground
Nelson, Robert Gilbert Disciples of Christ in Jamaica, 1858-1958; a centennial of missions in the “Gem of the Caribbean.”
Nomura, Motoyuki. Fruits of adversity : started for atonement, ended in God’s grace.
North American Christian Convention/National Missionary Convention author. Thy will be done on earth
Northwest Christian College. Academic catalog
Nunnelly, Donald A. The people of the table : a photographic documentary of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Kentucky
O’Neall, Kelly. I have called you friends
Ohio Valley College (Parkersburg, W. Va.) The highlander
Ortiz, Juan Carlos, [Sermons]
Osborn, Ronald E. Ronald Osborn on memory and narrative : featuring the lectures of Ronald E. Osborn
Pack, Frank, Preaching to modern man
Paint Lick Christian Church (Paint Lick, Ky.) Feeding body and soul for 100 years :   1904 to 2004
Paley, William, A View of the evidences of Christianity. In three parts
Patrick, Dale. Arguing with God : the angry prayers of Job
Patterson, Bessie. Wisely train the younger women
Patton, William. Bible wines : or, the laws of fermentation and wines of the ancients
Pepperdine University. Annual Bible lectures
Podmore, Frank, Robert Owen a biography
Porter, Harvey, Bible cities and geography : Porter Film Series
Quaker Avenue Church of Christ. Labor Day Weekend A Weekend to remember : celebrating a heritage of singing
Raines, Loren N. What doth the Lord require?
Reeves, Robert E. Faith promise program for church growth
Reid, John Calvin, On toward the goal; sermons of hope and encouragement
Reynolds, James Glen, [Sermons]
Robinson, William, What Churches of Christ stand for. the origin, growth, and message of a nineteenth century religious movement
Rogers, Richard, A study of the Holy Spirit of God
Rogers, Vere Hudson, The Disciples of Christ : a study and discussion course
Rood, Wayne R. The art of teaching Christianity; enabling the loving revolution
Rose, Ron. Building stronger families : Son Words
Ross, Charles Marion. Christian Education
Rush, Terry. The Holy Spirit makes no earthly sense
Saunders, Landon B., [Sermons]
Saunders, Landon B., Sermons on I John
Saunders, Landon B., e Sermons at Santa Barbara
Schultz, Charles A., Provide & protect : important life and death decisions
Sechler, E. T. (Earl Truman), Leaves from an Ozark journal
Sechler, Earl T. Our religious heritage : church history of the Ozarks (1806-1906)
Sessions, Will A. (Will Anderson), Greater men and women of the Bible : a series of 52 Bible studies for adults
Sessions, Will. Week of the cross
Sewell, Ken (Kenneth G.) They went to carry the gospel to the world
Shank, Robert, Life in the Son, a study of the doctrine of perseverance
Shannon, Robert, Practical ministry in the real world
Sharp, Eddie Leon, Comfort when the shadow falls : encouraging the dying and those affected by grief
Shaw, Henry K. (Henry King), Hoosier Disciples; a comprehensive history of the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) in Indiana
Shelburne, Gene, Homes that last : Christ’s message for families today
Shelly, Rubel What Christian living is all about : studies in James
Shelly, Rubel Genesis : the beginnings of faith
Shepherd, Helen McCarty. Shepherd’s Psalms
Sherwood, Henry Noble, Man’s growing idea of God : a study of Hebrew thought from Moses to Jesus
Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch (Shelbina, Missouri) Results
Short, Howard E. (Howard Elmo) Doctrine and thought of the Disciples of Christ
Skillman Avenue Church of Christ (Dallas, Tex.) Doctrinal discourses at Skillman Ave. Church of Christ, Spring 1965
Smith, C. C. (Colin Charles) The life and work of Jacob Kenoly
Smith, Dale, Happiness in Christ! : the way to an abundant life now
Smith, Leslie R. (Leslie Raymond), Two sides of the Disciple coin
Smith, Loyd L. Gospel preachers of yesteryear
Smythe, Lewis S. C. (Lewis Strong Casey) The Christian in today’s world : inner city to world community
Southern Christian Home (Morrilton, Ark.) The Home visitor
Southern Illinois Lectureship Premillennialism
Southwick, Jay (Jennie S.) We are known as Christ’s Disciples
Spainhower, James I. Pulpit, pew, & politics
Spiritual Sword Lectureship Spiritual sword lecture :   1980
Spiritual Sword Lectureship Spiritual sword lecture :   1981
Spiritual Sword Lectureship Spiritual sword lecture :   1982
Srygley, F. D. (Fletcher Douglas), Seventy years in Dixie : recollections and sayings of T. W. Caskey and others
Stafko, Chad, Holiness
Starratt, Rose M. A sesquicentennial review of the Park Avenue Christian Church, New York City
Staton, Knofel. Spiritual gifts for Christians today
Stauffer, C. Roy. A history of the National Evangelistic Association of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Stelzle, Charles, If I had only one sermon to preach; sermons by twenty-one ministers
Stevenson, Dwight E., Monday’s God
Stevenson, Dwight E., Strong son of God
Stevenson, Dwight E., The fourth witness
Stevenson, Dwight E., Faith takes a name
Stevenson, Dwight E., Your face in this mirror
Stevenson, Marion, Studies of the books of the Bible : Advanced Standard teacher training course, first year
Stone, Sam E. Grounded faith for growing Christians
Strain, Dudley. The measure of a minister
Straton, Hillyer H. (Hillyer Hawthorne), Thinking where Jesus thought
Straub, Gary. Your calling as a deacon
Straughn, Harold. Five “divorces” of a healthy marriage : experiencing the states of love
Summers, Sandra Kay. Teaching missions : a plan and a program
Sweeney, Z. T. (Zachary Taylor), Pulpit diagrams : with brief notes of explanation
Tant, Fanning Yater, J. D. Tant : Texas preacher : a biography
Tate, Willard. Seasons of life
Taylor, Mark A. Reach out to Jesus
Taylor, Mark A., Leader’s guide : for discovery learning
Teegarden, Kenneth L. We call ourselves Disciples
Tennessee Bible College (Cookeville, Tenn.) Newsletter of Tennessee Bible College
Tennessee Valley Historical Society (Florence, Ala.) The Journal of Muscle Shoals history
The Anchors Songs from the heart
The International University (Vienna, Austria) Bulletin
The Maude Carpenter Children’s Home (Wichita, Kansas) The home journal
The singing youth of Denver The singing youth of Denver
The Trilogy The heavens declare the glory of God
Thomas, Robert A. (Robert Arthur), Where in the world are we going? : the overseas ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Thompson, Bert. Is Genesis myth? : The shocking story of the teaching of evolution at Abilene Christian University
Thompson, Clyde, The life story of Clyde Thompson, EX 83 : as told to Chaplain Ray on the International Prison Broadcast
Thompson, James W. (James Weldon), Preaching like Paul : homiletical wisdom for today
Thornton, E. W. (Edwin William), 600 doctrinal illustrations
Thurman, Thomas D. Jesus, the Son of God
Thurston, Bonnie Bowman. Spiritual life in the early church : the witness of Acts and Ephesians
Timmerman, Samuel Frederick, Afin que l’homme de Dieu soit accompli
Todd, Cecil, God is not dead just missing!
Toulouse, Mark G., Joined in discipleship : the shaping of contemporary Disciples identity
Treudley, Mary Bosworth. Prelude to the future; the first hundred years of Hiram College
Trimble, Lula, Law and grace
Trout, Jessie M. (Jessie Mary), Forward in missions and education : Disciples of Christ help build the Kingdom ; a study course for adults and young people
Trout, Virgil R., A Christian view of a technical age
Trout, Virgil R., Christian fundamentals : a modern examination
Turner, J. J. (Johnny James) Called to be champions
Turner, Mark. Messages from the minor prophets
Tye, Norwood B. (Norwood Burl), Journeying with the United Church of Christ in the Philippines : a history
United Christian Missionary Society. Handbook of the United Christian Missionary Society : a board of missions and education of the Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ).
Vail, Charles Sylvester. The man in the crowd
Van Buren, James G. The search : the living God seeks man
Vieth, Paul H. (Paul Herman), Teaching for Christian living; a practical discussion on the principles and practice of making a curriculum for the church school which shall center in life experience,
Waddey, John H. (John Howard), Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon : an exposition
Waldron, Jim E., The lamb/lion : a commentary on the Revelation in question form
Waldrop, W Earl. What makes America great?
Wallace, Foy E., (Foy Esco), God’s prophetic word : a series of addresses delivered in the Music Hall in Houston, Texas, January 21-28, 1945, exposing modern millennial theories
Wallace, Foy E., (Foy Esco), The sermon on the mount and the civil state
Wallace, Foy E., (Foy Esco), The present truth : a biography of the author’s articles and debates over the period of forty controversial years covering current issues from 1930 to 1977
Wallace, Foy E., (Foy Esco), The one book : analyzed and outlined
Wallace, Foy E., (Foy Esco), The Book of Revelation : consisting of a commentary on the Apocalypse of the New Testament
Wallace, Foy E., (Foy Esco), The gospel for today : an extended edition of The certified gospel
Wallace, Foy E., (Foy Esco), A review of the new versions, consisting of an exposure of the multiple new translations
Wallace, Foy E., (Foy Esco), Bulwarks of the faith : a series of addresses delivered in the Music Hall, Houston, Texas, in January 1946, refuting the dogmas of Roman Catholicism and the doctrines of Protestant denominationalism
Wallace, Foy E., (Foy Esco), Number One gospel sermons : a series of gospel sermons preached at the Nashville Road church of Christ in the Number One Community between Nashville and Gallatin, Tenn., Feb. 5 to 26, 1967
Wallace, Foy E., (Foy Esco), Commentary on Romans, Galatians, and Ephesians
Wallace, G. K. (Gervias Knox), A critical review of a new modernism : a plea for unity
Wallace, Lew, The fair god; or, The last of the ‘Tzins. A tale of the conquest of Mexico
Ward, Mae Yoho. Disciples of Christ in Latin America and Jamaica
Ware, Charles Crossfield, Coastal plain Christians
Ware, Charles Crossfield, Rountree chronicles, 1827-1840 : documentary primer of a Tar Heel faith
Ware, Charles Crossfield, Albemarle annals
Ware, Charles Crossfield, Mill Creek story
Weaver, Gustine Courson, “Towed In”
Webster, Gary, Laughter in the Bible
Weedman, Gary. Jesus; an interesting, to-the-point digest of: what Jesus did for you, what Jesus says to you
Weisberger, Bernard A., They gathered at the river; the story of the great revivalists and their impact upon religion in America
West, Earl, The search for the ancient order : a history of the restoration movement
Wharton, Edward C. The church of Christ : a presentation of the distinctive nature and identity of the New Testament church
Wheeler, J. Clyde, Light for dark days
White, Richard C. (Richard Clark), The vocabulary of the church: a pronunciation guide
Whiting, Thomas A. Don’t be afraid of the dark
Wickizer, Willard M. (Willard Morgan), A functional church organization
Wickizer, Willard M. (Willard Morgan), A functional church organization
Wiggins, Ronnie, Interpreting the scriptures
Wiggins, Ronnie, Romans
Wiggins, Ronnie. Churches of Christ at the end of the twentieth century
Wilburn, James R., Leadership for Christ in the local church : leader’s guide and filmstrip narration
Willett, Herbert L. (Herbert Lockwood), The call of the Christ, a study of the challenge of Jesus to the present century
Williams, D. Newell (David Newell), Ministry among Disciples : past, present, and future
Williamson, Clark M. Baptism : embodiment of the Gospel, Disciples baptismal theology
Willingham, Ron, Life is what you make it; a guide for self-discovery and goal-setting
Willingham, Ron, How to speak so people will listen
Willis, John T., The book of Genesis
Wilmeth, P. D. (Perry Davis), Love, courtship and marriage
Wilmeth, P. D. (Perry Davis), The Christian home
Wilmeth, P. D. (Perry Davis), A father talks to teenagers
Wilson, Bert, The Christian and his money problems
Windler, Penny Nichols. Placid; a collection of authentic tales centering around Placid Plantation, Person and Cranville Counties, North Carolina, during the period 1861 through 1865
Wonderful Word A Cappella Chorus Each step I take
Wonderful Word A Cappella Chorus. Our God–He is alive
Wonderful Word Chorus Sing to me of heaven
Wonderland Quartet. The lighthouse
Wonderland Quartet. A lotta’ heaven
Woods, Grace Winona Kemp, Revival in romance and realism
World Convention of Churches of Christ (Disciples) Doctrines of the Christian Faith
World Council of Churches. Central Committee. Uppsala to Nairobi, 1968-1975 : report of the Central Committee to the 5th Assembly of the World Council of Churches / David Enderton Johnson, general editor
Wrather, Eva Jean. Creative freedom in action; Alexander Campbell on the structure of the church
Wright, Gerald N., Sabbatarian: concordance and commentary
Yell, Rebel. Hitchhiker’s dream
Zerr, E. M. (Edward Michael), Bible commentary
Zollars, E. V. (Ely Vaughan), Bible geography; a series of lessons on the Old and New Testament worlds
Hispaniola : encuentro de dos mundos
Thayer Street Church of Christ fall meeting
Disciples on the rim of Asia : a study book
Concern that makes a difference : a study book
The American pulpit series Book 1-
Best sermons
The Expositor’s ministers annual
Standard lesson commentary
Christian women share their faith : a book of herstories
Preachable sermons
The renewal of the church : the panel reports
Conservative, moderate, liberal : the biblical authority debate
The crusader
Uppsala speaks : section reports of the fourth assembly of the World Council of Churches, Uppsala 1968
Best sermons 1925
Church and world : the unity of the church and the renewal of human community : a faith and order study document
The crusader
El explorador
Petit jean
The sheaf
The falcon
Doctrinal and practical tracts
Revell’s minister’s annual
Manual : plans and methods for the development of woman’s missionary socieites and young woman’s missionary circles auxiliary to the Christian Woman’s Board of Missions
The growing world mission of Disciples of Christ
Richland Hills Christian Church 1973-1986
The Parables of our Saviour
Public faith : reflections on the political role of American churches
A Mutual witness : toward critical solidarity between Jews & Christians
A handbook on Bible translation : the Ninth Annual Shenandoah Lectures
Rightly dividing the word
Factionalism : a threat to the church
Ancient errors and modern issues : the fourth annual Southwest lectures, April 14-17, 1985
Christian faith seeking historical understanding : essays in honor of H. Jack Forstman
The American pulpit series …
Freed-Hardeman lectures, 1953-2002
Yearbook of American & Canadian churches
1968 directory, churches of Christ outside the 48 adjacent U.S. states
Christian growth in family life
Directory of the ministry : a yearbook of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ
Autobiographical reflections on southern religious history
The Epistles of Peter and Jude : the sixth annual Southwest lectures, April 12-15, 1987
The Church and the Restoration movement : the fifth annual Southwest lectures, April 13-16, 1986
Selected lenten meditations from Fellowship of prayer
The Current digression : the first annual Shenandoah lectures
The narrated Bible : in chronological order
The home : a series of addresses
The Epistles of Peter and Jude : the sixth annual Southwest lectures, April 12-15, 1987
Unto the uttermost : missions in the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ
Manual : plans and methods for the development of woman’s missionary socieites and young woman’s missionary circles auxiliary to the Christian Woman’s Board of Missions
Disciples home cooking sampler
Christianity in Korea
Sociology in the new Philippine setting
Messin’ in the kitchen :   a collection of recipes from the Davis-Messman class First Christian Church
Out of my treasure : a sourcebook for your church paper, your church bulletin, your sermon illustration, your personal devotions
The church of Christ in Laredo, Texas : 1937-2010
Cane Ridge bicentennial sampler : commemorating the 200th anniversary of the 1791 construction of Cane Ridge Meeting house
The evidence of God in an expanding universe : forty American scientists declare their affirmative views on religion
What do you know about God? : the fourth annual Missouri-Kansas lectures
Pepperdine College lectures
Directory of the ministry : a yearbook of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ
Studies in the First book of Samuel, for the use of classes in secondary schools and in the secondary division of the Sunday school
A new song
Delaware reunion
Restoration history
Restoration history
Center for Christian education
Delaware reunion
Ben-Hur : a tale of the Christ
Pepperdine University Bible lectures :   1981
Pan American lectures
Come up to the mountain
In Christ we are :  unconditionally guaranteed
Eschatology according to the Bible
Does God exist?
AIDS one prodigal’s journey back to God, a video interview
Gospel defender
Christian chronicle
Junior Gospel Quarterly
Teacher’s gospel quarterly
Senior gospel quarterly
Cherokee courier
Children’s home journal
Advanced quarterly
Southeastern Evangelist
African Christian schools bulletin
Alumni newsletter
The envoy
Cornhusker courier
RSVP newsletter
The concern
The Vanderbilt hustler
Southeastern news
Children’s Home of Lubbock : [newsletter]

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