On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, May 2021

In May our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 892 items to the rare books, University Archives, and Center for Restoration Studies collections.  Most supplemented the books, periodicals (bound and unbound), and A/V subsets within the Restoration collection.  The University Archive grew by a few, but ACU Authors and Taylor Hymnal collections received many new items, with 90 and 108 additions respectively.  Some of the additions are newly published, others are new-to-us, and still others represent a second copy or a new-to-us edition or printing.  You’ll notice this is another month of significant additions.  For the past few months our student workers and I worked through a backlog of gift books.  At about the same time Technical Services had some additional availability after closing out a few projects of their own.  And, with the academic and fiscal year winding down, book purchasing for the circulating collection paused.  All that means some additional time became available to tackle our backlog.  Even with 1600+ items now shelved since April, we still have a full queue that will last us through the summer.  The short version is the quality and scope of the collection will grow in some significant areas over the summer.

Abilene Christian College. Prickly Pear, Yearbook of Abilene Christian College, 1952, yearbook, 1952; Abilene, Texas. University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History, https://texashistory.unt.edu; crediting Abilene Christian University Library.

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

892 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research: 

Catalog Author Catalog Title
Adams, Manette. Following the Christian way : meaning of Church membership for older children and young teens
African Christian Hospitals Foundation (Searcy, Arkansas) African Christian hospitals
Allen, Leonard, The worldly church : a call for biblical renewal
Allen, Leonard, Discovering our roots : the ancestry of churches of Christ
Anderson, Lynn, Longing for a homeland : discovering the place you belong
Anderson, Lynn, They smell like sheep : spiritual leadership for the 21st century
Archer, Timothy, Letters from the Lamb : letters to the seven churches of Revelation : a first century message for a twenty-first century world
Ash, Anthony Lee Prayer
Ash, Anthony Lee. The word of faith
Atteberry, Mark. Let it go : come home from your guilt trip
Bachman, A. J. (Albert John), Sermon outlines : a collection of three hundred original outlines of sermons
Bailey, Cecil T. Paul: pride and penitence
Bailey, John Carlos, My appointment with destiny
Bales, James D., Woe unto you?
Bales, James D., Evolution and the scientific method
Bandy, Thomas G., The fellowship of prayer, 2007 Lenten season : Jesus the Christ, symbol and portal
Barker, James Philip, As I remember : (or as I was told)
Barnett, Joe R., 6 verses that can change your life
Bates, Bobby, Fishing for men : the art of personal evangelism
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, A devotional guide to Bible lands
Baxter, Batsell Barrett, Speaking for the Master; a study of public speaking for Christian men
Baxter, William, Life of Knowles Shaw : the singing evangelist
Bayer, Charles H. A cup of water
Bean, William M. Jesus of Nazareth : is he really God’s son?
Beazely, Jan. King’s ransom : a novel based on a true story
Becton, Randy God’s love in street shoes : initiating spiritual conversations
Becton, Randy. Everyday strength : a cancer patient’s guide to spiritual survival
Bedwell, B. L. Sermons for funeral occasions
Bender, Betty S. To love a child
Benjamin, Paul. How in the world?
Benjamin, Paul. The equipping ministry
Benjamin, T. Garrott. The home alone syndrome : a parent’s handbook for survival
Bennett, Ivan Loveridge, The hymnal, army and navy
Bennett, Marian. Help me, Jesus
Bentley, Virgil. How to find the gold in the golden years
Bethany College (Bethany, W. Va.), The Bethanian
Billingsley, Price, Springs of church might
Blaine, James Gillespie, Twenty years of Congress: from Lincoln to Garfield. With a review of the events which led to the political revolution of 1860
Blanchard, Charles, Building for the centuries : a memorial of the founders and builders. Semicentennial : 1881-1931
Bledsoe, Darrell, Praise hymn
Bliven, Mel. John⁴ Udell (1795-1874) : (John⁴, John³, John² Udell/Udall, Lionel¹ Udall) source book
Bolton, Juanita, Slagle : homecoming and trade days
Book, William Henry, The Columbus tabernacle sermons
Boring, Holland L., Songs for the master
Boring, M. Eugene. Truly human/truly divine : Christological language and the gospel form
Boring, M. Eugene. Revelation
Boswell, Ira M. (Ira Matthews), God’s purpose toward us
Boswell, Ira M. (Ira Matthews), Recollections of a red-headed man
Bouchelle, Dan, The Gospel unleashed
Bower, William Clayton, The living Bible
Boyd, Jack, Just read it
Boyte, Robert H. Spiritual growth in the congregation
Branding, Ronice E. Peacemaking : the journey from fear to love
Bremen Church of Christ (Bremen, Ga.) Georgia outreach
Brents, T. W. (Thomas Wesley), The gospel plan of salvation
Brewer, Charles R. (Charles Richard), Be not dismayed; messages of cheer and lessons of truth
Bristow, John Temple. What the Bible really says about love, marriage, and family
Brock, Paul. Sermon outlines and charts
Brock, Rita Nakashima. Journeys by heart : a Christology of erotic power
Brown, L. Eugene. A memoried people, remembering, made whole : a retrospective selection of 20th century writings germane to 21st century living
Brown, T. Pierce. Pertinent principles : a compilation of articles written over the past fifty years by one of the brotherhood’s most prolific authors
Brownlow, Leroy. Living on the plus side : Biblical answers to strengthen your family’s finances
Brownlow, Leroy. Why I am a member of the Church of Christ
Brumley, Albert E., Albert E. Brumley’s songs of the pioneers : A collection of songs and ballads of the romantic past
Bruner, B. H. (Benjamin Harrison), This sacred hour; communion meditations and prayers
Bruner, B. H. (Benjamin Harrison), Evangelism in the New Testament
Bryce, Brady D., Ministry project reflection on 1994 internship
Buck, Carlton C. At the Lord’s table
Buckner, George Walker, Concerns of a world church
Burger, Wayne. God … hath … spoken unto us by His son … Heb. 1:1 : a survey of the New Testament
Burke, Jessie M. (Jessie Mae), Short stories with long sequels
Burks, Thompson. Religions of the world : a study course for adults
Burns, Robert W., The art of staying happily married
Butterfield, George W. Gospel sermon outlines
Camp, Lee C. Who is my enemy? : questions American Christians must face about Islam–and themselves
Campbell, Alexander, The covenant story of the Bible
Campbell, Alexander, The Christian system : in reference to the union of Christians and a restoration of primitive Christianity as plead in the current Reformation
Campbell, Alexander, A debate between Rev A. Campbell and Rev. N.L. Rice, on the action, subject, design and administrator of Christian baptism : also, on the character of spiritual influence in conversion and sanctification, and on the expediency and tendency of ecclesiastic creeds, as terms of union and communion, held in Lexington, Ky., from the
Campbell, Alexander, A debate on the Roman Catholic religion : held in the Sycamore Street meeting house, Cincinnati, from the 13th to the 21st of January, 1837, between Alexander Campbell … and the Rt. Rev. John B. Purcell, Bishop of Cincinnati, taken down by reporters, and revised by the parties
Campbell, Thomas L. (Thomas Lee), Making the home Christian
Campbell, Thomas, Declaration and address of the Christian Association of Washington
Caroland, George S. (George Scott), What is God like
Carson, Timothy L. So you’re thinking about contemporary worship
Carstensen, Roger N. Job: defense of honor
Cartwright, Colbert S., He taught them saying
Cartwright, Colbert S., People of the chalice : Disciples of Christ in faith and practice
Cartwright, Lin D., Evangelism for today
Castleman, William J., Through Myrtie Barker’s window : a literary biography of the Hoosier columnist, author, speaker, and writer
Cayce, Edgar, The Edgar Cayce collection : four volumes in one
Cedars Church of Christ (Wilmington, Del.) The gospel for Ghana
Century Company. In excelsis, for school and chapel
Chae, Yoon Kwon, A short history of Korean Christian Churches and Churches of Christ : (my witness)
Chang, Iris. The rape of Nanking : the forgotten holocaust of World War II
Channels, Lloyd V. The layman learns to pray
Chatfield, Donald F. Dinner with Jesus and other left-handed story-sermons : meeting God through the imagination
Cheverton, C. F. The bible and social living: bible spokesmen for God, vol.4.
Cheverton, Cecil Frank, The Old Testament for new students
Chisholm, Bob, Step by step : a 90-day walk with Jesus through the gospel of Mark
Choate, J. C., World evangelism today : thirteen lessons to emphasize the importance, need, and possibility of world evangelism today
Choate, J. C., The life of a missionary : thirteen lessons on the life of the apostle Paul, along with supplementary material, with emphasis on his missionary work
Christ’s Korean Mission Inc. (Fairdale, Ky.) Korea calling
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Yearbook & directory of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ) Year book of Christian Churches (Disciples of Christ)
Christian Science Publishing Society. Concordance to Christian Science hymnal and hymnal notes
Christian Theological Seminary. Envoy newsletter
Church of Christ of Campbell (Campbell, Calif.) The Korean reporter
Church of Christ of Campbell (Campbell, Calif.) Korea calls
Churches of Christ. Tarrant County directory, members of Churches of Christ
Cincinnati Bible College & Seminary. Alumni directory
Claiborne, Winford, Silence can be sinful
Claiborne, Winford. Divine relationships : five minute gospel messages from 1 Peter
Clapp, Neal K., The forwarding agent : vital link in direct-support missions
Clendenin, Mary Joe. The melody within : finding inspiration in the everyday
Coffman, James Burton. Tales of Coffman : an autobiography
Colby, Theodore W. A training program in Agriculture at Abilene Christian College for boys returning to the farm
Coleman, Robert E., The master plan of evangelism and discipleship : two books in one volume
Combs, George Hamilton, The Christ in modern English literature
Combs, George Hamilton, The call of the mountains : and fourteen other sermons / by George Hamilton Combs
Combs, George Hamilton, These amazing moderns
Combs, William Walker. Modern music reader
Comer, Lucretia Garfield, Harry Garfield’s first forty years; man of action in a troubled world
Conchin, Willard. A systematic study of 1 and 2 Corinthians
Connor, William Fulton, The natural life of man and its laws conscience and reason in the theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Consultation on Church Union. In quest of a Church of Christ Uniting : an emerging theological consensus
Conwell, Russell H., The life, speeches, and public services of James A. Garfield, twentieth president of the United States : including an account of his assassination, lingering pain, death, and burial
Cook, Charles. Millennium mania
Cope, Lamar. Faith for a new day : the new view of the Gospel of John
Corey, Stephen J. (Stephen Jared), Among central African tribes journal of a visit to the Congo mission
Corey, Stephen J. (Stephen Jared), Among Asia’s needy millions
Cottrell, Jack. Being good enough isn’t good enough : God’s wonderful grace
Cottrell, Jack. Tough questions– biblical answers
Country Club Christian Church (Kansas City, Mo.) 75 years of the spoken word : a collection of sermons of six exceptional ministers who have served Country Club Christian Church, 6101 Ward Parkway, Kansas City Missouri
Cox, Frank L. (Frank Lucius), Revelation in 26 lessons : a complete unit for use in adult Bible classes
Craddock, Fred B., The Gospels
Craddock, Fred B., As one without authority
Craddock, Fred B., Overhearing the gospel
Craddock, Fred B., As one without authority
Crouch, Olivia. All things new
Crowley’s Ridge Lectureship Joshua & Judges : a story of conquest, oppression and deliverance
Cueni, R. Robert. What ministers can’t learn in seminary : a survival manual for the parish ministry
Cummins, D. Duane. A handbook for today’s disciples in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Dains, Mary K., Guided by the hand of God : the history of First Christian Church, Columbia, Missouri, 1832-1996
Davis, Christopher A., Revelation
Davis, Willard O. Evolution and revelation
Davis, William Hatcher. A modern essay on the existence of God
Davison, Frank E. (Frank Elon), I would do it again; sharing experiences in the Christian ministry
Davison, Frank E. (Frank Elon), Let’s talk it over; questions on church work and church problems asked by ministers and lay people, answered with brevity, candor, humor, and understanding
Dayál, Raghuwár, Raghuwar Dayal, sometimes Priest of Vishnu : the true story of his life
DeHoff, George W., Why we believe the Bible
Denison, James L., (James Lee), The history of Christmas
Dexter, Harriet Harmon. Friendship
Dickinson, Burrus. History of Eureka, Illinois
Dicks, Russell L. (Russell Leslie), How to make pastoral calls : for ministers and laymen
Die Evagelischen Kongregational-Gemeinden von Nord-Amerika. Gesangbuch mit Noten für die evagelischen Kongregational-Gemeinden von Nord-Amerika
Dietze, Charles E., God’s trustees, to whom much is given
Disciples of Christ. Christian board of publication. Missionary unit for Triangle clubs, mission study classes and church schools of missions
Disciples of Christ. International Convention. Detroit, 1964. God … reconciling the world : International Convention of Christian churches (Disciples of Christ) Detroit Assembly, October 2-7
Dixon, Michael E. Bread of blessing, cup of hope : prayers at the Communion table
Dora Christian Church (Lagro, Ind.) Recipes
Dougherty, Robert Lee. Jesus speaks
Downs, Cal W., The Christian communicator
Dudley, Carl S., Where have all our people gone? : new choices for old churches
Duhon, Remi, 52 soul-stirring sermon outlines
Dungan, D. R. (David Roberts), Moses, the man of God
Dye, Polly C., In his glad service : the story of Royal J. and Eva Dye
Eastside Church of Christ (Marshall, Tex.) Overseas preaching report
Eberle, Edith. Palm tree and pine : stories of the Philippine Islands
Eckstein, Stephen D., From Sinai to Calvary : an autobiography
Eckstein, Stephen D., The Pentateuch
Ellas, John W. Church growth through groups : strategies for varying levels of Christian community
Elliott, Frances Dwinnell, A history of the Third Christian Church of Indianapolis, Indiana
Ellis, Joe S. The church on purpose : keys to effective church leadership
Emurian, Ernest K. Forty stories of famous Gospel songs
England, Don. God, are you really there?
Episcopal Church. The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the church, according to the use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America : together with the Psalter, or Psalms of David
Episcopal Church. The Book of occasional services
Eubanks, David L. Hebrews : a Bible study on Hebrews
Evangelical Synod of North America, Evangelisches Gesangbuch
Evangelical Theological Society. Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
Exum, Jack. The Holy Spirit : how He works in the life of the Christian today
Exum, Jack. Church leadership
Exum, Jack. Winning over stress : and other articles
Fair, Ian A., Memories–out of Africa! : a chronicle of the past, a search for meaning in the present, and foundation for hope for the future
Faris, Lillie A. (Lillie Anne), Old Testament stories, retold for children
Farmer, Patricia Adams. Embracing a beautiful God
Feldmeir, Mark R. Testimony to the exiles : sermons for GenXers and other postmoderns
Felton, Virgil, Remember me, remember me
Fénelon, François de Salignac de La Mothe-, A guide to true peace; or, The excellency of inward and spiritual prayer
Ferguson, Everett, Women in the church
Ferm, Vergilius, Contemporary American theology
Ferré, Gustave Adolph. The layman examines his faith
Ferre, Nels F. S. God’s New Age : a Book Of Sermons
Ferren, Iris. Understanding the Bible
Fettke, Tom. God’s almighty son : four majestic suites celebrating resurrection victory
Fey, Harold E. (Harold Edward), Life, new style : how the hope for a new style of life for humanity was advanced by the Fourth Assembly of the World Council of Churches meeting in Uppsala, Sweden, July 4 to 20, 1968
Fey, Harold E. (Harold Edward), The Lord’s Supper : seven meanings
Fiers, A. Dale (Alan Dale), The Christian world mission
Filbeck, David. Yes, God of the gentiles, too : the missionary message of the Old Testament
Filbeck, David. Social context and proclamation : a socio-cognitive study in proclaiming the Gospel cross-culturally
Fillmore, J. H. (James Henry), Quartets and choruses for men : a collection of new and old gospel songs to which is added patriotic, prohibition and entertainment songs
Finegan, Jack, Rediscovering Jesus
Finegan, Jack, The orbits of life
Finegan, Jack, The three R’s of Christianity
Finegan, Jack, Rediscovering Jesus
Fink, Larry, George MacDonald : images of his world
First Christian Church (Athens, Ga.) Order of worship : First Christian Church
Fleming, Lance, Wildcat football : three cheers for the purple and white
Fogle, Maurice W. Christians together; reflections on the book of Acts.
Foglesong, William L. Engaging congregational leadership in a transformative experience : study of hospitality for the Dover Place Christian Church
Forest Park Church of Christ (Forest Park, Ga.) Harvesting souls in the Pacific
Fort Worth Christian College Lectures The Christian home : Fort Worth Christian College thirteenth annual lectures
Foster, Douglas A. (Douglas Allen), The story of Churches of Christ
Fowler, George P., Our religious heritage; a guide to the study of the Bible
Fox, Adam, Meet the Greek Testament; two essays and a dialogue intended for those who have little or no Greek
Frankland, Dinelle. What the Bible says about worship / His story, our response
Frazee, William Doniphan, Reminiscences and sermons
Frazier, Jerry, Vital fundamentals : simply discussed
Friedly, Robert L. The search for identity : Disciples of Christ–the restructure years (1960-1985)
Friends University. Friends University bulletin
Frymire, Robert Melroy, William Arthur Frymire, M.D. : his years in Congo Belge, Africa 1931-1928
Fulenwider, Ray, The servant-driven church : releasing every member for ministry
Fulford, Hugh, The Lord has been mindful of me : the autobiography of Hugh Fulford, Gospel preacher
Galilean Home Ministries (Liberty, Ky.) The shepherd : a publication of Galilean Home Ministries
Gallaway, B. P. The dark corner of the Confederacy; accounts of Civil War Texas as told by contemporaries
Gallaway, B. P. The ragged rebel : a common soldier in W.H. Parsons’ Texas Cavalry, 1861-1865
Gallaway, B. P. The dark corner of the Confederacy; accounts of Civil War Texas as told by contemporaries
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, A Protestant manifesto
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, Singing sages; an anthology of poems as aids to reflection
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, Whence and whither the Disciples of Christ
Garrison, Winfred Ernest, Intolerance
Gaunt, Alan. Always from joy : hymn texts 1991-1996
Gaynor, E. St. Patrick’s hymn book with tunes
Geraldine St. Church of Christ (Oklahoma City, Okla.) The campaign voice
German Presbyterian Convention of Ministers and Elders in the West. Gesangbuch für deutsche Gemeinden : enthaltend Psalmen und geistliche Lieder für öffentlichen und häuslichen Gottesdienst
Gilkey, Langdon, How the church can minister to the world without losing itself
Gilkey, Langdon, Maker of heaven and earth; a study of the Christian doctrine of creation
Golf Course Road Church of Christ (Midland, Texas), Master plan Exodus / New Jersey
Gowing, Peter G. Islands under the Cross; the story of the Church in the Philippines
Grasham, William Wesley. A consideration of the synoptic problem of eschatology with special emphasis on the imminent parousia
Grasham, William Wesley. The priestly synagogue : a re-examination of the cult at Qumran
Gray, Edward A., Life after sixty : 12 conversations for active living
Gray, Edward A., Twelve conversations for caregivers : conversation guide
Gray, Edward A., Grief and loss : conversation guide
Gray, James, Essentials for a living church : a study of scripture and tradition
Great Lakes Bible College (Lansing, Mich.) Key to the Great Lakes area
Great Lakes Bible College (Waterloo, Ontario) Great Lakes Bible college newsletter
Greer, Jerry Bob, Si Bradford: last of the great western lawmen
Gresham, Perry Epler. The sage of Bethany; a pioneer in broadcloth
Guild, Claude A. (Claude Adrian), Soul saving sermons
Hall, William D. Beliefs and consequences
Halley, Henry H. (Henry Hampton), Bible handbook; an abbreviated Bible commentary
Halsell, Grace. Soul sister
Hardin, Joyce, Sojourners : women with a mission
Harrison, Russell F., This is CYF
Harvesters of Oklahoma Christian College (Organization) Illustrations for teaching and preaching
Hatcher, William C. Circles of truth
Hawkins, Rival J. Adult class handbook : a guide for leaders
Hayden, Marshall. Pete, You’re God’s man : challenge and inspiration for every elder
Heaton, Jane, And what of our faith? : [programs for general meetings of the Christian Women’s Fellowship
Herrin, Margaret Duvall, On the road to centennial : in celebration of 100th anniversary of the Allisonville Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 1896-1996
Hicks, Olan, Divorce debate
Hicks, Olan, Divorce and remarriage : the Bible versus tradition
Hicks, Olan, Divorce, repentance, and the Gospel of Christ
Higdon, E. K. (Elmer Kelso), From carabao to clipper
High Plains Children’s Home and Famly Services (Amarillo, Tex.) Touching lives with love & hope
Hill, Jerry. Guatemala : joy and crown
Hill, Marilynne. Itoko Maeda : woman of mission
Hill, Marilynne. Threads of gold : a study book
Hodge, Charles B., Prayer the voice of faith
Hodge, Charles. My elders
Houston Christian Home (Houston, Tex.) Houston Christian Home news
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), Broken homes and handicapped children
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha), The Holy Spirit
Howson, Embrey Bernard. A history of the First Christian Church of Pikeville, Kentucky
Hu, Hualing. American goddess at the rape of Nanking : the courage of Minnie Vautrin
Hughes, David K., Linear algebra :   an introduction with applications
Hughes, Richard T. (Richard Thomas), Illusions of innocence : Protestant primitivism in America, 1630-1875
Hulse, L. J. In the beginning God
Humble, Bill J., Like fire in dry stubble : the life of Barton W. Stone
Humphrey, Don, The Beatitudes
Hunt, George Laird. A guide to Christian unity
Hunter, Barton. The Big difference
Hunter, Victor L., The human church in the presence of Christ : the congregation rediscovered
Hyatt, J. Philip (James Philip), Prophetic religion
Irelan, Elma C. Fifty years with our Mexican neighbors
Jacobs, James Vernon. Bible story-lessons for parents to teach (Old Testament)
James, Richard L., Dates and destiny
James, Richard Lee, Stories of Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas
Janes, Don Carlos, A trip abroad : an account of a journey to the earthly Canaan and the land of the ancient Pharaohs
Jeter, Joseph R. One Gospel, many ears : preaching for different listeners in the congregation
Jividen, Jimmy. Miracles : from God or man?
Jividen, Jimmy. Inspiration and authority of the scriptures
Johnson, Ashley S. (Ashley Sidney), The busy man’s Bible encyclopedia : designed for those who have but little time for study
Johnson, B. W. (Barton W.), Young folks in Bible lands : including travels in Asia Minor, excursions to Tarsus, Antioch and Damascus, and the tour of Palestine, with historical explanations
Jones, G. Curtis (George Curtis), I met a man; imagined remembrances of Jesus
Jones, G. Curtis (George Curtis), Candles in the city
Jones, James A. (James Arthur), Counseling principles for Christian leaders
Jones, Milton Lee. Discipling : the multiplying ministry : an analysis of multiplying discipleship in the ministry of Jesus and its application for the church of today
Kaufman, William E. The case for God
Keeble, Marshall, Biography and sermons of Marshall Keeble, evangelist
Kelley, Orval Leland Seventh-dayism x-rayed
Kellogg, Hallie Adams. He lifted me
Kelly, Mary Frances E. Some Chinese friends of mine
Kemp, Charles F. (Charles Frederick), Christian dimensions of family living
Kemp, Charles F., Pastoral preaching
Ketchersid, Eddy. Networking nuggets : connecting for success!
Ketcherside, W. Carl The kingdom of the Messiah : a study of the eternal purpose of God as manifested in the kingdom of His dear Son
Kingman Church of Christ (Kingman, Kans.) The Italian edifier
Klarmann, Andrew, Gregorian chant, a textbook for seminaries, novitiates and secondary schools
Knowles, Victor, A biography : Archie Word, voice of thunder, heart of tears
Knowles, Victor, Saved! : God’s wonderful plan for our salvation
Lambert, Herbert H., Getting inside the Bible
Lambert, O. C. (Orlando Clayton), Catholicism against itself
Lambert, Orlando Clayton, Catholicism against itself : volume 1 (abridged)
Lammiman, Boyd. Caught in the crossfire : the baptism that demonstrates, the faith that justifies
Langfield, Weldon, The truth about divorce and remarriage : a politically incorrect view of marriage, divorce, and remarriage in today’s church
Lard, Moses E. (Moses Easterly), Commentary on Paul’s letter to Romans : with a revised Greek text, compiled from the best recent authors and a new translation
Laster, John. Gaining traction : field guide for leadership teams
Lavender, Earl. A return to Christ centered missions
Lemmon, Clarence Eugene, The art of church management
Lemmon, Clarence Eugene, Religion helps
Lemmons, Albert G., Spiritual warfare seminar. Spiritual warfare revisited
Lemmons, Thom Daughter of Jerusalem
Lemmons, Thom. Woman of means
Lemmons, Thom. Jeremiah : he who wept, a historical novel
Lemmons, Thom. Mother of faith
Lester, Hiram J., Inasmuch– the saga of NBA
Levering, Patricia W., Disciplines for discipleship
Lewis, Jack P. (Jack Pearl), Leadership questions confronting the church
Lewis, Jack P. (Jack Pearl), The English Bible, from KJV to NIV : a history and evaluation
Lewis, Phillip V. Business report writing
Liggett, Thomas J. Where tomorrow struggles to be born; the Americas in transition
Lightfoot, Neil R. How we got the Bible
Linn, Jan. Reclaiming evangelism : a practical guide for mainline churches
Lipkin, Zwia. Useless to the state : “social problems” and social engineering in nationalist Nanjing, 1927-1937
Lockhart, Clinton, Principles of interpretation; the laws of interpretation treated as a science, derived inductively from an exegesis of many important passages of Scripture
Lotz, Philip Henry, The quest for God through worship; a book of worship services for churches, church schools, departmental assemblies, college chapel services, young conferences and similar gatherings
Loveland, Erma Jean, The church library : an outline of procedure
Lucado, Max Before amen : the power of a simple prayer
Lucado, Max. God’s inspirational promise book
Lucado, Max. The 3:16 promise
Lucado, Max. The applause of heaven
Macon Road Church of Christ (Memphis, Tenn.) Cameroun report
Maddux, Bernice Lewelling. Gather the treasure
Mann, Joyce Isabella, Wings of the morning; memoirs of Joyce Isabella Mann
Marcos Rivera, Juan. Letters to Jesus
Marney, Carlyle, The Carpenter’s Son
Martin, J. L. (J. Lemuel), The voice of the seven thunders, or, Lectures on the Apocalypse
Martin, Patricia Summerlin. Beautiful Bible stories
Mason, Tim R. Hadrian’s wall
May, Eugene, For better church members
McAllister, Lester G. God speaks to the church : Hoosier women in mission across a century
McAllister, Lester G. Arkansas disciples : a history of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Arkansas
McCabe, Joseph E., How to find time for better preaching and better pastoring,
McCaleb, Gary D., Listening : a search for community
McCaleb, James Harding. What is your life?
McCasland, S. Vernon (Selby Vernon), The religion of the Bible
McClung, Fred W. Work book on Romans : new and different way to study the Epistle of Romans
McCord, David M. At His table : 52 communion meditations
McCormick, Thomas R. (Thomas Richard) Campus ministry in the coming age
McDonald, Michael R. Loving God’s way : divine love for human relationships
McElroy, Charles Foster, Ministers of First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Springfield, Illinois 1833-1962
McGarvey, J. W. (John William), Jesus and Jonah
McGarvey, J. W. (John William), Lands of the Bible : a geographical and topographical description of Palestine, with letters of travel in Egypt, Syria, Asia Minor, and Greece
McGarvey, J. W. (John William), Evidences of Christianity
McGarvey, J. W. (John William), The four gospels
McGaughey, C. E., The hope of the world
McGavran, Donald A. (Donald Anderson), Eye of the storm; the great debate in mission. Donald McGavran, editor
McGavran, Donald A. (Donald Anderson), The bridges of God : a study in the strategy of missions
McGavran, Grace Winifred. We gather together
McGuiggan, Jim, The Book of Ezekiel
McKiernan-Allen, Linda. We worship in Spirit and in truth : study resource
McLean, Archibald, Where the Book speaks; or, Mission studies in the Bible
McLean, Archibald, A circuit of the globe : a series of letters of travel across the American continent, through the Hawaiian Republic, Japan, China, the Straits Settlements, Burma, India, Ceylon, Australia, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Scandinavia, France and England
McLean, Archibald, The history of the Foreign Christian Missionary Society
McLean, Archibald, The primacy of the missionary, and other addresses,
McLean, Archibald, Hand-book of missions
McLean, Archibald. … Epoch makers of modern missions
McManus, Jane Parker, Pioneers west of Appalachia
McManus, Jane Parker, L’est [sic] we forget : cemeteries of Vernon Parish, Louisiana
McMillan, E. W. (Edward Washington), The church and the adult
McRae, Glenn, Makers of a nation
McRae, Glenn, A man who wrote scripture
McRae, Glenn, Beginnings of the Hebrew people
McRae, Glenn, The two kingdoms
McRae, Glenn, Israel becomes a nation
McRae, Glenn, Israel restored
McWhirter, David I. An index to the Millennial harbinger
McWhorter, Jane, Let this cup pass
Mead, Frank S. (Frank Spencer), Handbook of denominations in the United States.
Mead, Patrick A. Becoming a Christian counselor
Meaford Church of Christ (Ontario, Canada) India news!
Merrell, James L. Finding faith in the headlines
Merrell, James L. They live their faith; portraits of men and women with a mission
Mgebroff, A. Earl. Healthy and whole : a doctor looks at life and faith
Miller, Dave Sexual anarchy
Miller, Florence, Dear Mr. Black : The letters of Florence Miller to William Black 1899-1912
Miller, Herb, Tools for active Christians
Miller, Herb. Evangelism’s open secrets
Miller, Herb. 300 seed thoughts : illustrative stories for speakers
Miller, James Blair, Our church’s story
Miller, Waymon Doyne. Modern divine healing
Milligan, R. (Robert), An exposition and defense of the scheme of redemption : as it is revealed and taught in the Holy Scriptures
Mills, Elizabeth Eastman (Elizabeth Anne Eastman), Adventuring with Christ in Paraguay : fifty years of service, 1920-1970
Milner, Vincent L. Religious denominations of the world : comprising a general view of the origin, history, and condition of the various sects of Christians, the Jews, and Mahometans, as well as the pagan forms of religion existing in the different countries of the earth, with sketches of the founders of various religious sects, from the best auth
Minter Lane Church of Christ (Abilene, Tex.) The Minter Lane hymnal
Mission Services Association (Knoxville, Tenn.) The Jamaican journal :   newsletter of the Jamaica Christian Mission
Monser, J. W. (John Waterhaus), An encyclopedia on the evidences : or, Masterpieces of many minds
Monser, J. W. (John Waterhaus), Types and metaphors of the Bible
Moody, Vernon W. Neither wife nor concubine : an historical novel
Moore, George Voiers, The art of church membership
Moore, John Monroe, The Little hymn book : a collection of hymns and spiritual songs for all services
Moore, William Thomas, The living pulpit of the Christian Church : a series of discourses, doctrinal and practical, from representative men among the Disiples of Christ, with a brief biographical sketch and steel portrait of each contributor
Morgan, Peter M. Story weaving : using stories to transform your congregation
Morris, Don H. (Don Heath), Farewell sermons of Don H. Morris : personal talks to graduates of Abilene Christian University
Morton, Clement Manly. Somewhere a voice is calling : the story of the life of one who listened
Moser, K. C. (Kenny Carl), Attributes of God
Muncy, Raymond Lee. Searcy, Arkansas : a frontier town grows up with America
Munro, Harry C. (Harry Clyde), The Church as a school; a textbook and guidebook to be used in connection with a church school standard or program of work in making a first-hand study of church school administration, dealing particularly with the Sunday church shcool
Munro, Harry C. (Harry Clyde), Be glad you’re a Protestant
Murch, James DeForest, The Protestant revolt; road to freedom for American churches
Nelson, John F., Raking leaves : or, my trail in words
Nelson, Ralph Waldo, Experimental Christianity and rival religions
Nelson, Ralph Waldo, The experimental logic of Jesus
Neth, John Watson. Walter Scott speaks : a handbook of doctrine
Norman, Elizabeth M. We band of angels : the untold story of American nurses trapped on Bataan by the Japanese
North American Conference on Faith and Order The nature of the unity we seek; official report of the North American Conference on Faith and Order, September 3-10, 1957, Oberlin, Ohio
Nottingham, William J. The practice and preaching of liberation
O’Neall, Kelly. Paths the Master trod, Lenten meditations
O’Neall, Kelly. Paths the Master trod, Lenten meditations
Olbricht, Thomas H. He loves forever : the enduring message of God from the Old Testament
Oler, Mary, A bit of America
Olson, David Eugene, Scientific reasons for believing in a personal God
Olson, David Eugene, The greatest teacher
Orahood, C. B. Says the apocalypse : a message of the Revelation of St. John to the Christian churches
Osborn, G. Edwin (George Edwin), A faith to live by
Osburn, Carroll D. Essays on women in earliest Christianity
Oster, Richard. 1 Corinthians
Outlaw, Cecil F. After a century, “To whom?”
Owen, Glenn, The adventure of Bible study
Owen, Robert, The evidences of Christianity : a debate between Robert Owen, of New Lanark, Scotland, and Alexander Campbell, president of Bethany, Coll., Va.
Palmer, Roy V. (Roy Virgil) Leitlinien zum glauben an Jesus Christus
Park Roy Church of Christ (Arlington, Tex.) Challenge
Parker, Howard D. Spiritual growth
Parker, William R. Prayer can change your life; experiments and techniques in prayer therapy
Patrick, Dale. Arguing with God : the angry prayers of Job
Paulsell, William O. Taste and see : a personal guide to the spiritual life
Pendleton, Winston K. Pursuit of happiness : a study of the Beatitudes
Perry, Bert M., Missionary, know thyself
Perry, Lowell G., Religious radio and television notebook
Peters, Eugene H. (Eugene Herbert), The creative advance; an introduction to process philosophy as a context for Christian faith
Petrillo, Denny Ezekiel
Pharris, Shirley, Do just people do this? : a fun book of art & stories
Phillips, Dale E. Let me introduce you to my father : a study on the nature of God
Phy, Allen. Hands of service
Pickering, P. Classical pre-millennialism : a debate
Polk, David Patrick. If only I had known : dramatic monologues for Advent and Lent
Pope, Richard M., Lexington Theological Seminary : a brief narrative
Pope, Richard M., The Church and its culture; a history of the Church in changing cultures.
Porter, Walter L., King Solomon’s advice : from the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon : a psychological analysis and commentary
Powell, Wilfred E. (Wilfred Evans), Scattered seed; the story of the Oswald Goulters, missionaries in China 1922-51
Powell, Wilfred E. (Wilfred Evans), Education for life with God : a discussion of the meaning of religious education
Powell, Wilfred E. (Wilfred Evans), The understanding of adult ways
Preston Road Church of Christ (Dallas, Tex.) Thailand :   a newsletter from the Chiang Mai church planting team
Quick, C. (Cornelius), Mysticism unmasked, or, Ministration of the Holy Spirit
Rambo, Lewis R. (Lewis Ray), The divorcing Christian
Ramsey, Johnny, Cover to cover : the message of the Bible : Bible questions answered
Reagan, Wes. Return to identity
Reed, May F. Lindsey, Come sail with me into a sea of poetry
Reid, Robert Bickley, Bursting with life : triumph through cerebral palsy
Rice, Ira Y. (Ira Young), Axe on the root
Riggs, G. W. Sermon outlines
Robarts, Charme. James : the other side of suffering
Roberson, Charles H. (Charles Heber), Books of the Old Covenant : an orientation course : Bible 311
Robinson, William, Completing the reformation : the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers
Rodeheaver, Homer A. (Homer Alvan), Modern quartets for men
Rodeheaver, Homer A. (Homer Alvan), Triumphant service songs. An all purpose book prepared to meet the requirements of every department of church work
Roehlkepartain, Eugene C., Exploring faith maturity : a self-study guide for adults (with leader manual)
Root, Mike. Unbroken bread : healing worship wounds
Ross, Emory. African heritage
Rowe, John F. (John Franklin), History of reformatory movements : resulting in a restoration of the Apostolic Church ; to which is appended a history of the nineteen general church councils, also a history of all innovations, from the third century down
Rowe, Myrtle, Silhouettes of life
Rushing, Ray R., You can read and use metric instruments
Russell, Anna. The Anna Russell song book
Russell, Bob, God’s message for a growing church
Russell, Edward E. My church
Salem Church of Christ (Florence, Ala.) Indochina news
Salvoni, Fausto Một cựu linh-mục nói chuyện với các bạn = A former priest speaks to you
Sammartini, Giovanni Battista, Magnificat for soli, chorus, and orchestra
Sanders, Albert J. A Protestant view of the Iglesia ni Cristo
Scott, Pat. Batten down the hatches : preparing for the storms of life
Scoville, Charles Reign, Evangelistic sermons delivered during the great meetings at Pittsburg and Des Moines
Sebren, George W. Golden chimes : our 1938 general purpose sacred song book
Seeley, Ann M. The bold Galilean
Sessions, Will A. (Will Anderson), Greater men and women of the Bible : a series of 52 Bible studies for adults
Shank, Robert, Elect in the Son; a study of the doctrine of election
Shannon, June Arthur. Footprints
Shelly, Rubel The art of being married
Shelly, Rubel Something to hold onto : studies in 1st & 2nd  Peter / Rubel Shelly
Shelly, Rubel. Surely this man was the Son of God : [five studies about Jesus from the Gospel of Mark]
Shelnutt, James B. (James Bunkett), Christian living
Sherwood & Myrtie Foster’s Home for Children (Stephenville, Tex.) The chatter
Sherwood, Henry Noble, Man’s growing idea of God : a study of Hebrew thought from Moses to Jesus
Shipley, H. C. Tour of the earth; a series of letters of travel through America, Hawaiian Islands, Japan, China, Malay Peninsula, Burma, India, Egypt, Holy Land, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, and England.
Short, Howard E. (Howard Elmo) Doctrine and thought of the Disciples of Christ
Showalter, A. J. (Anthony Johnson), Rudiments of music : with a few choice selections for the singing school
Siry, Joseph, Beth Sholom Synagogue : Frank Lloyd Wright and modern religious architecture
Sites, Jimmy C., Satan stole the show : a contemporary journey through the exciting book of Genesis
Sitoy, T. Valentino. Several springs, one stream : the United Church of Christ in the Philippines
Sly, Virgil A. (Virgil Adolph), To the ends of the earth
Smith, Alfred B. (Alfred Barnerd), Favorites. a collection of gospel songs for solo, duet, trio, quartet and group singing
Smith, Benjamin Lyon, A manual of forms for ministers : for special occasions, and for the work and worship of the church
Smith, Frank S. I believe in the church
Smith, George D. (George Dallas), Lectures on the Bible and What is man?
Smith, George D. (George Dallas), Outlines of Bible study : for use in Bible drills, Bible readings, Bible classes, prayer meetings and home study
Smith, Herbert, Fifty years in Congo; Disciples of Christ at the Equator
Smith, Joseph M. (Joseph Martin), Called to mission and unity
Smith, Ralph A., Indians in American-Mexican relations before the war of 1846
Smith, Ralph A., The “king of New Mexico” and the Doniphan expedition
Smith, Ralph Adam. Apache plunder trails southward, 1831-1840
Smith, Ralph, The contributions of the grangers to education in Texas
Smith, W. Alan. Children belong in worship : a guide to children’s sermon
Smithlawn Maternity Home & Adoption Agency (Lubbock, Tex.) Smithlawn home news
Sobrepeña, Enrique C. That they may be one : a brief account of the United Church movement in the Philippines
Stanger, Nora. Diamonds in the dew : an Appalachian experience
Stark, C. E., One hope
Starling, Ralph. Poetry based on the books of the Bible: summarizing in rhythm and rhyme every book in the Old Testament (39) every chapter in the New Testament (260)
Staton, Knofel. God’s plan for church leadership
Stevenson, Dwight E., The church after Paul
Stevenson, Dwight E., Christianity in the Philippines; a report on the only Christian nation in the Orient
Stevenson, Dwight E., Faiths that compete for my loyalty
Stevenson, Dwight E., The church — what and why
Stevenson, Dwight E., The church after Paul
Stevenson, Dwight E., Faiths that compete for my loyalty
Stone, Barton W. (Barton Warren), The biography of Eld. Barton Warren Stone
Swanson, Edward I. Ministry to the Armed Forces
Sweet, Albert. How to study the Bible : a unit study designed to make Bible study more enjoyable and of practical benefit
Sweney, John R., Sunlit songs : for use in meetings for Christian worship or work
Sycamore Church of Christ (Cookeville, Tenn.) Update
Teddlie, Tillit S., Songs of faith and love
Terry, Lois McBride. When two are one : a woman’s look at marriage for women today
The Bible Chair (Corsicana, Tex.) Navarro Christian
Thomas, J. D. (James David), The spirit and spirituality / by J.D. Thomas
Thomas, Robert A. (Robert Arthur), Where in the world are we going? : the overseas ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Thompson, Bert. Investigating Christian evidences
Thompson, James W. (James Weldon), Our life together
Thompson, James W. (James Weldon), The mark of a Christian : studies from 2 Corinthians
Thompson, Louise Glenn, Guide to child activity for teachers and mothers
Thompson, William G. A survey of the New Testament
Thornton, Jean Armour, I was a sky pilot
Tillman, Charlie D. (Charlie Davis), The revival : suitable for all kinds of religious meetings
Tourjée, Eben, The tribute of praise and Methodist Protestant hymn book
Tucker, Paul M. (Paul Marlin), God’s plan of redemption
Turner, J. J. Life, death and beyond
Tye, Norwood B. (Norwood Burl), The cooperative parish
Tyler, B. B. (Benjamin Bushrod), Concerning the Disciples of Christ
Tyner, William H. Out where the sinners are : lessons on missionary work with actual suggestions from missionaries on the field
Underwood, Gary M. First principles : topical studies for new converts
United Christian Missionary Society. 1959-1960 fact book
United Christian Women’s Fellowship. Department of Missionary Organizations. Manual for Christian women’s fellowship
United Church of Christ in the Philippines. Book of common worship of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines
United Church of Christ in the Philippines. General Assembly. Book of government : constitution and by-laws
United Free Church of Scotland. The anthem book of the United Free Church of Scotland
Uys, Sue. Successful Bible teaching : a creative approach
Vargas, Joaquín. Los Discípulos de Cristo en Puerto Rico : albores, crecimiento y madurez de un peregrinar de fe, constancia y esperanze, 1899-1987
Waddey, John H. (John Howard), Sacred principles on which we stand
Waddey, John H. (John Howard), Answers to your Bible questions
Wade, John William, The church through the centuries : a study course for youth and adults
Wade, John William, Inspiring illustrations : for teachers and leaders
Walker, Granville T. Go placidly amid the noise and haste; meditations on the “desiderata,”
Walker, Granville T. Preaching in the thought of Alexander Campbell
Wallace, Lew, The prince of India; or, Why Constantinople fell
Ward, Richard F. Speaking of the holy : the art of communication in preaching
Ware, Charles Crossfield, Kentucky’s Fox Creek
Watters, A. C. History of the British Churches of Christ
Watts, Craig M. Disciple of peace : Alexander Campbell on pacifism, violence and the state
Watts, Isaac, Divine and moral songs for children
Weatherhead, Leslie D. (Leslie Dixon), The Will of God
Webb, Kermit E. The Christ of the exodus
Weed, Michael R. Bible handbook : a guide for basic Bible learning
West, Robert Frederick, Light beyond shadows: a minister and mental health
West, Robert Frederick, Who are the Christian Churches and what do we believe?
West, Robert, There’s a spaceship in my tree!
West, Robert, The escape from the drooling octopod
West, Robert. Attack of the spider bots
Wharton, Edward C. Christ and the Church : the fulfillment of purpose and prophecy
Wheeler, J. Clyde, Winning what you want
White, B. F. (Benjamin Franklin), The B. F. White sacred harp : the selections are from the old Sacred Harp, remodeled and revised, together with additions from the most eminent authors, including new music
Wickizer, Willard M. (Willard Morgan), The derelict saint and other sermons
Wickizer, Willard M. (Willard Morgan), A functional church organization : a guidance manual for Disciples of Christ
Wiegmann, F. W. Christian happiness in the home
Wilkerson, Glenn. Trekking : searching for love and self-esteem
Willett, Herbert L. (Herbert Lockwood), Basic truths of the Christian faith
Williams, Jon Gary. The other side of evolution
Williamson, Clark M. A credible and timely word : process theology and preaching
Williamson, Clark M. When Jews and Christians meet : a guide for Christian preaching and teaching
Williamson, Clark M. A credible and timely word : process theology and preaching
Willingham, Ron, The inner game of selling : mastering the hidden forces that determine your success
Willis, John T., The message of Old Testament history
Willis, Ross Merlin, A new earth
Wilmeth, P. D. (Perry Davis), The King’s business : and other sermons
Wilson, John A. (John Austin), A vessel molded and used by the potter
Wilson, Louis C. (Louis Charles), The history of sprinkling : being a compilation of the best thoughts of standard authors, historians and lexicographers of ancient and modern times, together with reflections by the author
Winkler, John Park, Adventure in faith
Winther, Katha. Holy haikus
Wise, Erbon W., Sweat families of the South
Wishard, Larry. Milk, meat & honey : a Bible devotional handbook
Wissing, Douglas A. Pioneer in Tibet
Witt, Paul C. (Paul Chandler), La Vida Cristiana : estudios de la parabra de Dios = The Christian life: studies of the Word of God
Wood, Marge, The Secret Buzzard Society
Woodroof, Tim, A spirit for the rest of us : what Jesus said about the Holy Spirit and how it applies to your life
Woods, G. E. (George Earle), Sermons in outline
World Council of Churches. Assembly The Christian hope and the task of the church; six ecumenical surveys and the report of the Assembly
World Council of Churches. Division of Studies. The finality of Jesus Christ in the age of universal history
Wrather, Eva Jean. Alexander Campbell : adventurer in freedom : a literary biography
Wright, Guy John, The Bible : What? Whence? Wherefore?
Wright, Harold Bell, The shepherd of the hills, a novel
Wright, Harold Bell, That printer of Udell’s : a story of the middle West
Wright, Harold Bell, Recreation of Brian Kent
Wyker, Bertha Park, Spanning the decades : a spiritual pilgrimage
Wyker, Mossie Allman. Church women in the scheme of things
Wynnewood Hills Church of Christ (Dallas, Tex.) Jesus’ people sing
York, Bill (W. H.), The church
Hispaniola : encuentro de dos mundos
We preach Christ crucified : sermons in honor of Frank Pack by his students
You ought to be teachers
Shadow & light : literature and the life of faith
Unfinished reconciliation : justice, racism & Churches of Christ /  c edited by Gary Holloway & John York
Things that matter : a guide to Christian faith
The Syriac Peshiṭta Bible with English translation
Our Bible
The Harvest field
The impact of culture:   a collection of readings in intercultural communication
Unleashing the potential of the smaller church : vision and strategy for life-changing ministry
Directory of the ministry : a yearbook of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ
Is there a universal code of ethics?
A Mutual witness : toward critical solidarity between Jews & Christians
The evidence of God in an expanding universe : forty American scientists declare their affirmative views on religion
One faith : its Biblical, historical, and ecumenical dimensions; a series of essays in honor of Stephen J. England on the occasion of his seventieth birthday
Bethany college sermons
Voices from the hill
Directory of Churches of Christ
The church : a trilogy
Directory of the ministry : a yearbook of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ
The gospel according to John
Noul Testament : traducere in limba romana moderna
The Holy Bible : new revised standard version containing the Old and New Testaments and the Deuterocanonical books
A Through the Bible reading program
The church for the life of the world
Like a mustard seed : commentaries on the Statement of Faith of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines
Commitment and struggle : the life and ministry of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines : a festschrift for Bishop Erme R. Camba
Annual lesson commentary on improved uniform series of international Bible lessons
Speak the language of healing : living with breast cancer without going to war
The inspirational study Bible : life lessons from the inspired word of God
And the angels wept : from the pulpits of Oklahoma City after the bombing
Getting in step with the God of the nations
Making a difference : a supplemental history of Women of the Christian Church in Georgia 1986-1997
Invitations to communion
The Christian and the changing family
Jesus came teaching
Our best home cooking
Touch holiness : resources for worship
Covenanting toward unity : from consensus to communion — a proposal to the churches from the consultation on church union
Standard lesson commentary
Sullivan County, Indiana : 175th anniversary, 1816-1991
Filipino American experience : the making of a historic cultural monument
This is my story: sharing the gospel
Philippine directory of Christian churches, mission boards and related organizations
Genesis : English version for the deaf, translated from the Hebrew text
Preach the word : guidelines to expository preaching
The story : the Bible as one continuing story of God and his people
Taste and see that the Lord is good : Psalm 34:8 : a collection of recipes
The book of common worship : for pulpit and parish use
The book of common worship : for pulpit and parish use
Discerning the call : advancing the quality of ordained leadership
Preaching the new Common lectionary
All-in-one planning book : along the road with Jesus
Guidance material for men
Invitations to communion
Setting the table : women in theological conversation
The American pulpit series …
Disciples World reports on the National Benevolent Association 2002-2005
Journey through the Bible : a guide for leaders/learners : adult year one
Preaching the new common lectionary
Dreams come true! : stories of the mission in action!
Dreams on fire, embers of hope : from the pulpits of Los Angeles after the riots
Basics for teaching in the church
Towards Christian union : twenty-five years of thought and action in Churches of Christ 1935 -1960
Church spires in city skylines : a study book
Set free by the spirit
What’s a Christian to do?
Shoes at the threshold
What we believe
What will this babbler say? : Acts 17:18 : book of sermons
Preaching autobiography
The Bryant-Goff oral discussion of justification, imputed righteousness, assurance, unity & diversity
New Testament : McCord’s New Testament translation of the everlasting Gospel
The New Covenant, commonly called the New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ : translated out of the Greek, being the version set forth A.D. 1611, compared with the most ancient authorities and revised A.D. 1881 : newly edited by the New Testament members of the American Revision Committee, A.D. 1900.
Come ye apart : a year of missionary devotions for the invividual
Mormonism exposed : Joseph Smith, an imposter, and the Book of Mormon, a fraud
Weekly bulletin
The review of books and religion
The Berean reminder
Murmansk news
Korean Christian mission
Eastern European mission newsletter
Ira Y. Rice, Jr.’s Far East/world evangelism newsletter
Asian evangelism : a report from Key Communications
Indian life and hope
Kalomo reporter
Miracles & missions digest
Japan missionary
East African newsletter
Connections : International Health Care Foundation
The International Christian
Tokyo Christian
The Christian missionary monthly
The Jos journal
Christian mission to the Republic of Korea
The solid foundation
Mission to Mormons
The China reaper
The Meso-American messenger
Evangelism 73 newsletter
International Gospel hour news
Medical mission to Zambia
Steve Worley’s Nigerian World Bible School Follow-up Report
The challenge of world evangelism
Strategy : a mission bulletin of the ACU Center for Missions Education
Christian’s expositor journal
Singing in celebration : hymns for special occasions
Bible songs for children
Sunlight glees : for use in singing schools, literary schools, conventions and musical societies containing an excellent and varied collection of sacred and secular songs
The complete hymnal : a collection of standard hymns and best gospel songs
Great songs of the church, number two : a treasury of six hundred sacred songs suitable for all services of the church
Hymns ancient and modern : for use in the services of the church : with accompanying tunes
Gospel pearls
Songs of the kingdom
Songs of faith and praise
Thankful praise : a resource for Christian worship
Awakening songs
Great songs of the church a treasury of six hundred sacred songs suitable for all services of the church
Hymns of praise : a collection of songs, hymns and spiritual songs both old and new
Praise for the Lord
Songs of the church : a collection of over seven hundred hymns and spiritual songs both old and new, suitable for all services of the church and special occasions
Great songs of the church
Songs of faith and praise
Twice 55 community songs : the brown book
Songs for little singers No. 2 … for use by the elementary grades and in the home circle …
The Great Christian hymnal : (number two) …
The B.F. White Sacred harp
Sacred cross : our first 1950 book for singing conventions, singing schools, Sunday schools, etc.
Hymns of the Christian life : a book of worship in song emphasizing evangelism, missions, and the deeper life
Christian praise
Lorenz’s short secular songs for men
Songs of love and devotion : with simplified rudiments
Harbor bells [no. 6] : our 1937 book for singing schools, conventions, etc.
The majesty and glory of Christmas : 42 traditional carols & hymns
Ang Bagong Himnario : May 305 Awit Mga Piling Babasahin sa Biblia
Christian songs = Khristianskie pesni = Khrysti͡ansʹki pisni
Junior hymns and songs : for use in the church school, Sunday session, week day session, vacation session, junior societies
The Hymnal of the United Church of Christ
Master choruses : mixed voices, sacred
Hymns of the kingdom
The Methodist hymn-book : with tunes
The song wonder
A Manual of Gregorian chant : compiled from the Solesmes books and from ancient manuscripts
Grateful praise : our second 1944 book for singing schools, conventions, etc.
Vocal gems : a book of special requested songs for conventions, camp meetings, revivals and all religious and church work
Lord be glorified : companion hymnal for blended worship
Beth-el bells : a book of gospel songs for all Christian work and worship
Services of religion for use in the churches of the free spirit
Sweetest harmonies : our 2nd class and convention song book for 1987 : a book of out-standing songs for conventions, schools, and churches
The Chautauqua chorus book no. 4
The Concord anthem book : forty hymns for the use of mixed voice choirs in Protestant churches
Chante, mon coeur
Hymnal of the Church of God
Waves of glory : our 1940 class and convention book
Cantos espirituales : para usarse en todos los servicios de la iglesia de Cristo
Praise him book
Praise be to God!
Spiritual songs
Thy word
The socialist Sunday school hymn book

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