On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, July 2021

In July our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added over 130 items to the Center for Restoration Studies collections and 25 new items to the Taylor Hymnal Collection.  Some of the additions are newly published, others are new-to-us, and still others represent a second copy or a new-to-us edition or printing.  Several of the entries this month are of tracts and pamphlets and several more are for periodical titles for which we have unbound issues.  The work on unbound periodical issues continues (some titles have just a few issues, others several boxes worth) and the resumption of work on tracts is a great boon.  We have over 1000 tracts already foldered and cataloged, with another 2000 or so foldered and ready for cataloging.  When this is complete we will tackle the backlog of tracts and booklets…several boxes worth.  I anticipate very few of these will be held by any other institution, so the original cataloging will see an uptick in coming months.  We already have a student worker working in advance sorting the backlogged boxes.  When the catalogers are ready, we will be ready as well.  I hope that future installments of this monthly post will include many more tracts, pamphlets and booklets.  While these are too slim or small to stand on a shelf, they are a significant witness to Restoration thought.

Abilene Christian College. Prickly Pear, Yearbook of Abilene Christian College, 1952, yearbook, 1952; Abilene, Texas. University of North Texas Libraries, The Portal to Texas History, https://texashistory.unt.edu; crediting Abilene Christian University Library.

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

159 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research: 

Catalog Author Catalog Title
Words of life
Abilene Christian University, College of Biblical Studies (Abilene, Tex.) Ministry partners
Abilene Christian University, College of Biblical Studies (Abilene, Tex.) Ministry :   a focus on ministry, missions and the Word
Adamsville Church of Christ (Adamsville, Ala.) Vigil
Alexander Christian Foundation. The AIM : a publication of the Alexander Christian Foundation
Appalachian Christian Village (Johnson City, Tenn.) Times /   Appalachian Christian Village
Bailey, J. C. (John Carlos), South India news
Bateman, B. B. The silver star : for the song service
Belden, F. E. (Franklin Edson), Christ in song, for all religious services. Nearly one thousand best gospel hymns, new and old with responsive scripture readings,
Bethany College (Bethany, W. Va.) Bethany College alumni bulletin
Canton Christian Home (Canton, Ohio) Hearthstone
Christian Homes of Abilene (Abilene, Tex.) Lifeline
Church of Christ (Inman, Kans.) Gospel truth!
Church of Christ (Mason, Ohio) Present truth
Church of Christ (Pleasant Grove, Ala.) Words of life
Cloverdale Center for Family Strengths (Montgomery, Ala.) Our families magazine
Cosby, Kenneth E., Singing with the understanding
Episcopal Church The hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America, 1940 : with supplemental liturgical index and collection of service music, 1961
Forrest Park Church of Christ (Valdosta, Ga.) Latin American missions calling
Garrett, Leroy, Once more with love:   an occasional newsletter from Leroy and Ouida Garrett
Great Lakes Christian High School (Beamsville, Ontario) Laker connection
Greenwood Park Church of Christ (Bowling Green, Ky.) Church of Christ Student Center
Haitian Christian Foundation (Abilene, Tex.) North Haiti newsletter
Hogg, Jerry, Jerry Hogg’s newsletter
Kettring, Donald D. Steps toward a singing church
Lubbock Christian College (Lubbock, Tex.) Reflections
Lubbock Christian College (Lubbock, Tex.) Lubbock Christian College bulletin
Lynn, Monty L., Christian compassion ; a charitable history
McCaleb Institute for Missions Education (Abilene, Tex.) McCaleb Institute Nationscan
McCaleb Institute for Missions Education (Abilene, Tex.) McCaleb Institute newsletter
McCann, Forrest M., Hymns and history : an annotated survey of sources
McGee, Pat, Indonesian report
McLoughlin, Emmett For Roman Catholic priests only
Methodist Church (U.S.). General Conference. Commission on Worship. The book of worship for church and home : with orders for the administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies according to the use of the Methodist Church
Monypenny, J. Sins pay day
Moore, Morris, Facts that cause religious division
Morgan, Clarence C. Why I left the Christian Church
Morgan, Elmer, The church : in authority? or under authority?
Morgan, Xenophon W., The forbidden apple
Mormino, Samuel J., Why I left the Catholic church
Morris, A. M. (Alvin Marion), The world’s greatest secret
Morris, A. M. (Alvin Marion), Lessons for the masses: a tract consisting of ten chapters
Morris, Don H. (Don Heath), One in four : is too many
Morris, Don H., Add-Ran and its heirs
Mosby, Ed, What the Bible teaches about marriage
Moseley, J. Edward (Joseph Edward), Fabric of fact and faith
Moser, K. C. (Kenny Carl), Two great questions : What did Christ do to save sinners? and what must I do to be saved?
Moser, K. C. (Kenny Carl), Christ versus a “plan”
Moser, K. C. (Kenny Carl), Are we preaching the gospel?
Moser, K. C. (Kenny Carl), A friendly, personal message
Moser, K. C. (Kenny Carl), The relation of the conditions of salvation to the blood of Christ
Mott, L. A. What is the church of Christ?
Moyer, Forrest D., God’s true church : what is it?
Mueller, Matthew, Why does God permit Christians to suffer
Mullens, Leonard, Marriage and divorce
Mullens, Leonard, The churches of Christ
Mullens, Leonard, By what authority : the claims of Roman Catholicism versus the authority of the New Testament
Mullens, Leonard, Instrumental music
Murch, James DeForest, God’s answers for life’s problems : book IV
Murch, James DeForest, Studies in Christian living
Murch, James DeForest, A plea for unity among Churches of Christ
Murphy, Paul D., Why I changed churches
O’Grady, Ron. Bread and freedom : understanding and acting on human rights
Ohio Valley University (Vienna, W. V.) Ohio Valley University : a magazine for alumni and friends
Oklahoma Christian University (Oklahoma City, Okla.) Vision
Osborn, G. Edwin (George Edwin), Christian worship, a service book
Pacific Christian College Music ministry
Parsley, Malcom E., Malcom E. Parsley’s Korea news report
Pepperdine College Graphic
Pepperdine College The Pepperdine news
Pinellas Park Church of Christ (Pinellas Park, Fla.) Pakistan for Christ newsletter
Puget Sound Christian College (Edmonds, Wash.) The Log
Rodeheaver, Homer A. (Homer Alvan), Rodeheaver’s Sociability songs …
Sankey, Ira David, Gospel hymns : nos. 1 to 6
Slicer Street Church of Christ (Kennett, Missouri) Redeeming the time for Homecrest children
Smith, Paul M., The spiritual sword
Southeastern Christian College (Winchester, Ky.) SCC news
Sweet, Ralph, A re-study of salvation
Tabalujan, Benny S., Renewal through restoration : an uncommon call to Christian discipleship
Taylor, Richard, Thailand Bible literature
The Cincinnati Bible Seminary (Cincinnati, Ohio) Report
Thomas, Edith Lovell, Singing worship with boys and girls
Turner, Lee, Pakistan and Asian evangelism
Turner, Lee, Pakistan evangelism
United States. United States treaties and other international agreements
West End Church of Christ (Franklin, Tenn.) West End Contender
Western Christian Foundation (Wichita Falls, Tex.) Western Christian Foundation bulletin
Westview Boys’ Home (Hollis, Okla.) Westview Boys’ Home news
York College (York, Neb.) York College Collage
Greeks, Romans, and Christians : essays in honor of Abraham J. Malherbe
Christ and his church
Hearthstone; the magazine for the Christian home
Present truth
Pulpit helps
The Preceptor
The Missionary intelligencer
Go :   Campaign for Christ international
Ivory Coast Christian mission newsletter
Togo evangelistic African mission
Uganda mission
Mission, overseas with Churches of Christ
Focus on Buenos Aires : from the heart of the city, a light to the nations
One body : a magazine promoting Christian unity
Intersections: an Australian journal for Christian encounter and encouragement
Good tidings
Gospel herald : official organ of the gospel worker society
Australian forum
The Voice of Kentucky Christian College
Pepperdine law : the magazine of Pepperdine University School of Law
Multnomah message
Grace and truth
Florida College communiqué
The Apostolic light
The shield of faith
Vanderbilt Divinity School newsletter.
Ideashop : a resource for Bible teachers.
The Christian quarterly : a review for preachers and church workers.
Mission message
The Mexico messenger
Sound doctrine
The Gospel herald
The reformer
Pine Vale Children’s home
Rio 81
Plain talk
The pulpit digest : written by ministers for ministers.
The old paths
Old Paths
Therefore stand
Back to basics : a monthly journal dedicated to teaching first principles
Back to basics
Voice of truth
The Disciple
The Apostolic reflector
The logos
New songs of inspiration
The Lutheran hymnal : authorized by the synods constituting the Evangelical Lutheran Synodical Conference of North America
The Broadman hymnal; great standard hymns and choice gospel songs new and old, for use in all religious services, such as the worship hour, Sunday school, young people’s meetings, assemblies, and evangelistic services
Songs of the church
Thankful praise : a resource for Christian worship
Perennial songs : a new collection of hymns, tunes, and gospel songs, for Sunday schools, Christian endeavor societies, Epworth leagues, prayer and gospel meetings, and all other occasions of Christian work and worship
Pure gold for the Sunday school : a new collection of songs. Prepared and adapted for Sunday school exercises
Hymns of praise : numbers one and two combined, for the church and Sunday school
The singer’s worship series : almighty & majesty
The Bristol tune-book : a manual of tunes and chants
Songs we sing complete
Complete church hymnal : just what the name implies
Bill Garrett’s 1953 special sacred songs
Hymnal for Christian worship
Billy Graham crusade songs
The Billy Graham campaign book : singing evangelism / compiled by Cliff Barrows with grateful appreciation for the assistance given by Geo. Beverly Shea

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