On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, March 2024

In March our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 581 items to Special Collections holdings, with all but two going into the REST collection.   One item went into the ACU Authors collection, and another record was created for a small set of unbound periodical issues.  But the remainder built the REST collection, and again most of the new additions are tracts, pamphlets and booklets.

Photograph of four men sitting on their briefcases in grass, each wearing suits, matching hats, and looking at books. A house can be seen in the background.  Ca.1920s.  From Jesse P. Sewell Photograph Collection: https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth597076/

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

646 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research: 

Catalog Author Catalog Title
Allen, Evelyn Are you lost?
Allen, Jimmy What is hell like?
Ames, Donald P. The kingdom of God
Ames, Edward Scribner The Disciples of Christ : their growth, their heritage, their timeliness
Anderson, Donna Teenagers talk : Relationships with parents
Annis, Clare G. Has the world gone crazy?
Associated Churches of Christ in New Zealand Handbook : annual conference
Bailey, J. C. (John Carlos) Baptize baby? : infant baptism
Baker, Charles F. The Gospels
Bamford, Thomas The story of the planting and growth of the restoration movement in Nelson district, New Zealand and Spring Grove in particular from 1843 to 1948
Banister, John H. (John Hugh) How many churches did Christ build?
Banister, John H. (John Hugh) From heaven or from men?
Barber, Calvin Are you ready for your journey into eternity
Barnett, Joe R. Practice makes perfect
Barr, Vernon L. Barr’s answers to a Campbellite’s questions on Bible subjects
Battey, George, One church or many churches?
Baxter, Batsell Barrett A dangerous doctrine
Baxter, Batsell Barrett I talked to a stranger and he asked these questions
Baxter, Batsell Barrett The word became flesh
Baxter, Batsell Barrett What does the Bible say?
Becton, Randy Does anyone understand my grief?
Becton, Randy You’re not alone
Benson, George S. (George Stuart) Our post war America
Benson, George S. (George Stuart) Make mine freedom, an address in rock-ribbed New England
Berkley, Warren E. The social gospel
Berkley, Warren E. Judging in Matthew 7
Berkley, Warren The sin of intoxication
Berkley, Warren You can change
Black, Oliver K. Visitation evangelism manual
Blackford, Dick Shall we dance?
Blackford, Dick Withdraw yourselves
Boden, Alison E’en so, Lord Jesus, quickly come : an advent devotional guide for students
Boles, H. Leo (Henry Leo) Marriage, divorce, and remarriage
Boll R. H. Brother Boll interviewed
Boshart, Charles Faith : A condition of salvation
Boshart, Charles Confession : A condition of salvation
Boshart, Charles Baptism : Sprinkling, pouring, or immersion
Bowman, Jay Divorce and remarriage
Boyce, S. C. How shall I use the Lord’s Day
Bradfield, W. A. (Willie Albert), Salvation by grace
Bristow, J. T. A few minutes with someone who loves you
Britnell, Eugene Missionary and benevolent societies
Brown, Bryan The Christian and science
Brown, Danny The ten commandments
Brown, Danny The Godhead : One person or three
Brown, Danny The thief on the cross
Burnett, T. R. (Thomas R.) Doctrinal poetry
Butt, Kyle, Are the resurrection accounts contradictory?
Butt, Kyle, Archaeology and the Bible
Butt, Kyle Evolution, intelligent design, and testability
Butt, Kyle Faith founded on facts
Butt, Kyle Germs, labor fever, and Biblical sanitation
Butt, Kyle How can a loving God punish people eternally?
Butt, Kyle The predicted messiah
Butt, Kyle Reincarnation and the Bible
Butt, Kyle The unity of the Bible
Butt, Kyle The Trinity
Butt, Kyle Defending the Bible’s position on prayer
Butt, Kyle 3 reasons to believe the Bible is from God
Caldwell, Colly Why I believe that Jesus lived
Cambell, Kipp Are babies born in sin? : does the guilt of Adam really pass to every person?
Cambell, Kipp A scriptural consideration of baptism
Carter, Matt, Should Christians join a local congregation
Cartwright, Colbert S. The Lord’s supper
Caskey, Guy V. (Guy Vernon) The Christian in the church
Chalk, John Allen What if Christ had come yesterday
Chalk, John Allen The church of Christ : what is it?
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Joseph Smith tells his own story
Clark, J. R. The premillennial position of the primitive church : and what lies ahead? — What saith the Lord?
Clark, N. L. (Nimrod Lafayette) Clark-King discussion
Colley, Gary New translations : “what is wrong with them”
Consultation on Church Union A plan of union for the Church of Christ Uniting.
Cooper, James “Give me thine heart”
Cope, James R. (James Rogers) What you confess in baptism
Cosgrove, Owen The cruel mocker
Cosgrove, Owen The Church of Christ
Cosgrove, Owen The Christian life
Cosgrove, Owen Baptism what-who-why?
Cotham, Perry B. (Perry Boyd) The new birth : “you must be born again”
Cotham, Perry B. (Perry Boyd) Conversion
Cotham, Perry B. (Perry Boyd) The Holy Spirit in conversion
Cotham, Perry B. (Perry Boyd) The new birth : or, how and when is one born again?
Couch, Eddie G. The responsibility for training the young
Cox, John D. (John Dee) The power of faith : thirteen lessons
Cutter, Jerry L. The teaching : a scriptural examination of how the teaching is to be conducted in the public assemblies of the church
Danklefsen, Bob Why I chose not to become a Mormon …
Danklefsen, Bob Why I chose not to become a Pentecostal …
Danklefsen, Bob Are all the different churches from God?
Danklefsen, Bob Are the Latter Day Saints and the teachings of Joseph Smith from God?
Danklefsen, Bob Was the Catholic Church the first church?
Danklefsen, Bob The Baptist church — is it the church of the Bible?
Danklefsen, Bob The gospel of Christ
Danklefsen, Bob The Lord’s church II
Danklefsen, Bob Was the Catholic church the first church
Deaver, Roy (Roy Clifton) What you will find in the church of Christ in your community
Deaver, Roy (Roy Clifton) Why be concerned about Christian education
Deaver, Roy (Roy Clifton) Premillennialism : Matthew chapters 24 and 25 do not teach it!
Dickson, Roger E. Direct operation of the Holy Spirit in conversion and sanctification
Dickson, Roger E. The sword : selected scriptures on Bible subjects
Disciples of Christ Historical Society (Nashville, Tenn.) Celebrating your history in faith : Embracing all three branches of the Stone-Campbell Movement
Disciples of Christ. Council on Christian Unity A response to Evanston : a response of Disciples of Christ in the United States and Canada to the second assembly of the World Council of Churches, Evanston, Illinois, August 15-31, 1954
Dowling, Enos Everett A little bit of this, a little bit of that, and lots of thanks : bits and pieces of poetry
Dreese, Velva Manual for women’s council
Duke, Kerry, Is drinking wrong?
Dye, Ross W. Pornography
Edwards, Bruce A journey toward Jesus : 16 letters on salvation by grace through faith
Edwards, Johnie Why sing and not play in worship?
Edwards, Johnie The New Testament church
Edwards, Johnie What the church of Christ is about
Edwards, Johnie Does the Bible teach once saved always saved : or can a child of God be sin as to be saved
Edwards, Johnie Is there really a hell
Edwards, Johnie The home from the beginning
Edwards, Johnie Saved like the Ephesians
Elam, E. A. The majority rule is not scriptural
Elkins, Garland The Lord’s church is different
Elkins, Garland Does God endorse the modern dance?
Ellis, Lloyd E. Directory of the western Churches of Christ
Emmons, Wayne Good news!
Erhardt, Aaron, Amazing grace
Estes, Tom Immorality will damn one’s soul in hell
Evans, Jack Farrakhan : Million-man manipulator
Everett, Jim R. Just a Christian
Everett, Jim R. Testament or covenant?
Everett, Jim R. Interpreting the Bible : the ludicrousness of the lawless libertine
Everett, Jim R. Hope
Everett, Jim R. The Lord’s chastening
Everett, Jim R. “They were naked and ashamed” : (a study about “modest” dress)
Exum, Raymond T. Will all people be saved?
Farish, Robert H. Jesus, a divine being–fact or fiction?
Fiers, A. Dale (Alan Dale) Answers to some questions about the United Christian Missionary Society
Ford, Gynnath Am I following Christ or tradition?
Ford, Gynnath Having trouble understanding the Bible?
Ford, Gynnath Does God love and punish too?
Ford, Gynnath Should we use instrumental music in worship to God?
Ford, Gynnath Should I leave my father’s religion?
Ford, Gynnath Can I save myself?
Ford, Gynnath Is the Bible alone a safe guide?
Ford, Gynnath Is Protestantism the answer to Catholicism?
Ford, Gynnath Never underestimate the power of a woman!
Ford, Gynnath Let’s get acquainted!
Ford, Gynnath When life disappoints you!
Ford, Gynnath Welcome, newcomer
Ford, Gynnath Search the scriptures!
Ford, Gynnath God is interested in your children
Forsyth, Kathrine Harris. A history of the congregation of the Saint Charles Avenue Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Fowler, David The Christian and alcoholic beverages
Gatewood, David What teenagers can do to evangelize the world :  Teenagers talk
Griffin, David “For the remission of sins” : Acts 2:38
Guyan, Les C. (Leslie Crockett) Onehunga Church of Christ : a brief history
Hailey, Homer “The problem of suffering”
Hamilton, Mark W. Story, ritual, prophecy, wisdom : reading and teaching the Bible today
Harrison, Richard L. Our history
Harrub, Brad Evolutionary fossil errors
Harrub, Brad Stem-cell research — science’s “slippery slope”
Hass, Lonnie Headley The parish unity
Hass, Lonnie, (Lonnie Headley) Build my church : a manual for new church establishment
Haun, Delton Introducing the church of Christ
Haun, Delton Why need I become a Christian?
Haun, Delton May women be preachers?
Haun, Delton 24 questions and answers about baptism
Haun, Delton The relationship between faith and baptism
Haun, Delton Was there forgiveness in the Old Testament?
Hawk, Ray. Why I left the Methodist Church
Hawley, Monroe E. The Christian way correspondence course : Ten lessons, an answer key, and certificate of completion
Hazelip, Harold What the Bible says about baptism
Hazelip, Harold Can one be saved outside the church?
Hazelip, Harold Acts of the Apostles
Hazelip, Harold The religion of morality
Hazelip, Harold Lifting up Christ
Hazelip, Harold What is conversion
Hazelip, Harold The chain of God’s grace
Hazelip, Harold Does every one have a right to his own belief
Herald of Truth (Abilene, Texas) Jesus the Christ : Part II questions for study and review
Highers, Alan E. (Alan Edward) Purposing in financing the church : Financial affairs of the church
Hillis, H.M. Gain by giving
Hobbs, A. G. Did the Book of Mormon come from God?
Hogan, Gordon. Karachi Bible lectures
Hogland, George A. “The cup of the Lord” — is it the fruit of the vine only? : a reply to Leon Odom’s tract, “What is the cup of the Lord”
Hooper, Ray What color are Christians?
Hoover, R. A. (Robert A.) The tragedy of thinking small
Hopkins, William L. Basic morality
Hopper, Myron T. In-service training
Howard, V. E.   (Verna Elisha) Baptism of Holy Spirit
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Is the conscience a safe guide?
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Who has the right to be saved?
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) The bride’s attire
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Means of salvation
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Institutionalism? : Orphans homes – Church Cooperation
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Catholic-Protestant marriages
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Does it make any difference?
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Is the Church of Christ a denomination?
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) The Godhead : one or three? Radio addresses
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) The thief on the cross
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Is the conscience a safe guide?
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Fake healers exposed : miracles and divine healing : radio addresses
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Does it make any difference?
International Council of Religious Education The Christian quest : Youth and the Jesus’ way of life
Jackson, Hulen L. (Hulen Leon) Can Roman Catholics be loyal to both America and the Vatican: Why I can not vote for a Roman Catholic for public office
Jackson, W. S. B. (Wayne S. B.) Evolution and science
Jackson, W. S. B. (Wayne S. B.) Questions about marriage
Jackson, Wayne Shall we have women preachers
Jackson, Wayne The Acts of the apostles : from Jerusalem to Rome
Jackson, Wayne The Christian and civil government
Jackson, Wayne The case for the existence of God
Jackson, Wayne Does human suffering disprove the existence of a benevolent God?
Jackson, Wayne Christianity and world religions
Jackson, Wayne The Christian and civil government
Jackson, Wayne Principles of Bible prophecy
Jackson, Wayne Three dimensions of love
Jacobs, Jarrod The silence of the scriptures
Jacobs, Jarrod Are all religions equal?
Jacobs, Jarrod Answering objections to Bible baptism
Jacobs, Jarrod Jehovah’s witnesses
Jacobs, Jarrod The religion of freemasonry
Jacobs, Jarrod Termination
Jacobs, Jarrod To train up a child train yourself
James, Richard L. (Richard Lee) Channels of his spirit : a study guide on evangelism in the New Testament
Jenkins, Jesse G. Salvation by grace
Jenkins, Jesse G. The church of which Paul was a member
Jenkins, Jesse G. The benevolent work of the church
Jennings, Alvin Ray The thief on the cross : was he saved without baptism?
Jennings, Ellen The last round up : a true story of how God answered prayer
Jividen, Jimmy Tongue speaking : from God or man?
Johnson, W. C. Let the Bible speak about the thousand year reign
Keesee, Dayton The epistle to the Hebrews : Bible class outlines for high school students and adults
Ketcherside, W. Carl Equipping the saints
Kuykendall, Elam B. Will only members of the Church of Christ be saved?
La Coste, Robert Wayne Why not instrumental music in worship?
Langford, David Tell me my story : a community vision for discipling children
Lanier, Roy H. Forgiveness through blood
Lanier, Roy H. Jesus and traditions
Lanier, Roy H. Doing things exactly right
Larson, Dale The Christian home : A mature study for adults
Layton, Mac The thief on the cross
Layton, Mac What does Acts 2:38 mean?
Layton, Mac The second law of pardon
Layton, Mac Infant baptism
Lee, Allan W. Recollections of a dandy little up-to-date town, Yakima, Washington
Leggett, Marshall Restoration portraits
Lipscomb, A. B. (Alexander Bagby) Around the Lord’s table : a series of articles written by conscientious and thoughtful men about the world’s greatest commemorative institution
Little, Paul E. How to give away your faith [study guide]
Lucado, Max Nádej : inšpirácie pre každodenný život
Lyons, Eric Are Jesus’ words more important than the Bible writers?
Lyons, Eric The Bible’s teaching on baptism : contradictory or complementary?
Lyons, Eric What does it mean to “call on the name of the Lord”?
Lyons, Eric Could humans really have lived with dinosaurs?
Lyons, Eric Faith, evidence, and credible testimony
Lyons, Eric 5 reasons racism is ridiculous
Lyons, Eric The flood : high-water hyperbole or a clear-cut cataclysm?
Lyons, Eric Hearing God in the Twenty-First Century
Lyons, Eric To judge or not judge?
Lyons, Eric Making sense of baptism
Lyons, Eric Man and the age of the earth
Lyons, Eric “Three days and three nights”
Lyons, Eric What’s so important about Jesus’ resurrection?
Lyons, Eric Why I believe Jesus worked wonders
Lyons, Eric What does “believe” mean in John 3:16?
Lyons, Eric The moral argument for God
Lyons, Eric Guardian angels?
Lyons, Eric The four most important questions you will ever ask
Lyons, Eric Ephesians 2:8-9 : contradictory or perfectly consistent?
Lyons, Eric Creation and the age of the earth
Lyons, Eric Apologetics and the growth of the early church
Lyons, Eric Abortion : the ungodly irrationality surrounding unwanted infants
Lyons, Eric Did the Bible writers make mistakes?
Lyons, Eric Receiving the gift of salvation
Lyons, Eric 7 reasons to believe in God
Lyons, Eric 5 reasons to believe in Jesus
Maddox, R. C. The first resurrection : and who shares in it?
Maiden, Lewis Smith Bright burns the light
Malone, Avon (Avon Lee) The misunderstood church
Marlin, J. T. Is it right to dance?
Massey, J. E. God’s plan of salvation to man and how we should work and worship according to the Bible
Matheny, Tim Visitation handbook
McGill, James R. Bible baptism and Baptist baptism
McGill, James Directory of churches of Christ in Europe and the Near East
McKnight, M. F. (Millard Freeman) Journey to eternity
McMillan, E. W. (Edward Washington), The voice of opportunity from China and Japan
McMurray, Carl What can you expect when you visit with us?
McMurray, Carl The Lord’s supper and the second serving
McMurray, Carl Saved like a thief
McMurray, Carl What about abortion?
McMurray, Carl The old law or the new, does it make any difference?
McMurray, Carl Realized eschatology : understanding the A.D. 70 theory
McMurray, Carl Why believe the Bible?
McMurray, Carl Getting lost among the churches? : is the Lord’s church, established in the first century, really just another denomination?
McMurray, Carl Who do you trust?
McMurray, Gene Edward Teenagers talk : using your talents
Menzies, Hattie Why missions?
Merrick, Rex Family reunion recollections 1969 -1992 : Rotorua church of Christ
Meyer, Jack The original pattern of the New Testament church
Meyer, Jack What is the difference between the Christian Church and the Church of Christ?
Meyer, Jack Miracles abolished
Meyer, Jack What shall we call the church
Meyer, Jack God requires more than sincerity
Meyer, Jack Man is a free agent
Meyer, Jack The sabbath abolished
Meyer, Jack Certain scriptures contradicted by premillennialism
Meyer, Jack Handling aright the word
Milholland, T. Eugene Jesus Christ, the way, the truth, and the life
Miller, Dave Female leadership in the church? : study outline on relevant passages
Miller, Dave 13 objections to baptism answered
Miller, Dave Surrendering to his lordship : the principle of authority in the Bible
Miller, Dave Who believes in Hell anymore?
Miller, Dave Sunday and the Lord’s supper
Miller, Dave Male and female roles : gender in the Bible
Miller, Dave 3 reasons to believe the Bible has not been corrupted
Miller, Dave Behemoth : a tale like a cedar?
Miller, Dave Behemoth : “the first of the ways of God”
Miller, Dave God is unconstitutional?
Miller, Dave The universe : “a waste of space”?
Miller, Dave Evolution, environmentalism, and the deification of nature
Miller, Hollis Allen Can I believe Jesus is the son of God?
Miller, Jeff Did the laws of science apply in the beginning?
Miller, Jeff God and the laws of science : the law of causality
Miller, Jeff The laws of science — by God
Miller, Jeff Life from non-life : inevitable — given enough time?
Miller, Jeff Was the flood global? : testimony from scripture and science
Miller, Jeff Population statistics and a young earth
Miller, Jeff Does the fossil record support creation and the flood?
Miller, Jeff Do creationists have a “blind” faith?
Miller, Jeff Can quantum mechanics produce a universe from nothing?
Miller, Jeff The anthropic principle : the universe is designed for us
Miller, Jeff 21 reasons to believe the earth is young
Miller, Jeff 15 reasons the Big Bang and Evolution are unscientific
Montgomery, J. Dexter Church and home together
Mooty, Michael W. The church at worship
Nash, Leslie The history of Old Union Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Fayette County, Ky. : 175th celebration 1823-1998
Nichols, Pervie Christ is the answer
Nichols, Pervie Four questions about baptism
North, Stafford Do musical instruments in worship really make that much difference?
North, Stafford Will only the church of Christ be saved?
North, Stafford Shall we dance?
Nowlin, J. Edward Studies on the home
Odom, Leon Reconciliation : Friendship with God
Odom, Leon Bible classes and women teachers
Osburn, Glen Calvinism : biblically examined
Overton, Basil The Church : one body in Christ
Pack, Frank What happened after John died?
Pack, Frank Communism
Pepper, Clayton The problems from a divorce
Pilgrim, James You are going to love the Church of Christ after you read this
Pratte, David E. Is your religion satisfactory?
Price, Joe R. What defines clothing as immodest?
Pullias, Athens Clay What is gambling?
Quinn, Jon Do we inherit the guilt of Adam’s sin
Ramsey, Johnny God in our homes
Ramsey, Johnny When Jesus comes again
Ramsey, Johnny Fighting against God
Ramsey, Johnny Why men are lost
Ramsey, Johnny The conversion of Saul of Tarsus : practical lessons on becoming a Christian
Ramsey, Johnny Leading wise men to Christ
Ramsey, Johnny Practical Bible studies
Ravanelli, Glenda Now that we are parents : a guide for parents of infant children
Reed, Kenneth The greatest loss to the Church in the twentieth century
Reeve, Jack V. Extend your stewardship–Easter to Pentecost 1959
Rideout, Holbert L. Help for hurting parents
Roberts, Tom M. Letters to our children
Robertson, Si Si-cology 101 : tales and wisdom from Duck dynasty’s favorite uncle
Robinson, Edward J. To pave the way for his people : a life of Preston Taylor
Robinson, William The Evanston theme: Christ the hope of the world : the symbolic nature of biblical eschatology
Rogers, Clifton How much should I give
Roper, David The day Christ died
Ryan, Narka K. The meaning of church membership
Sadler, McGruder Ellis Standard leadership training manual
Sain, Harold Baptism and future adultery : or ; the sin of apostasy
Samuel, Jim Organizing, developing, and motivating personal workers
Sanders, Joe Does God send suffering?
Saving The American Family Conference Hope for our children : prayers, strategies and strength for a better tomorrow
Sayers, Stanley E. For this cause
Scott, Harvey A study in parent education
Sheffield, DeWitt D. I will cause the branch of righteousness to grow
Shelly, Rubel Do men speak in tongues today?
Shelly, Rubel The ink is dry : God’s distinctive word on marriage, family, and sexual responsibility
Shelly, Rubel Male & female God created them : a Biblical review of LGBTQ+ claims
Shelly, Rubel Can a saved man fall from grace?
Shelly, Rubel By what authority?
Shullenberger, William A. The if-then formula
Sinapiades, Mike The day they crucified my Lord
Sinclair, Donald Arthur The Bible and the plan of salvation
Sly, Florence M. Toward a Christian home
Sly, Florence M. Church and home together : What. Why. Where. Who. How. Resources for Christian family life education in the church and home
Sly, Virgil A. (Virgil Adolph) The Philippines : a Christian opportunity ; [Philippines missions of Disciples of Christ]
Sly, Virgil A. (Virgil Adolph) The Congo mission of Disciples of Christ
Smith, Eugene S. (Eugene Sidney) The way of Cain
Smith, Jim Forsaking the Assembly
Smoot, Mareta Disciples of Christ in interracial service
Spain, Elizabeth When you’re married to a minister
Sparagna, Aniceto Mario Ten contradictions of Roman Catholicism
Springer, Clint The Ten Commandments : sermon outlines
Stam, Cornelius Richard A panoramic view of the program of God
Stone, A. C. Questions to be used with book Bible scripture for cottage teaching and home study
Sweazy, George E. The church is the evangelist
Sweet, R. B. (Ralph Beeman) Now that I’m a Christian
Tabor, Jim Growing up with Christ
Tant, Fanning Yater Why “Herald of Truth” is wrong : debate notes for a discussion on “Sponsored cooperation among Churches of Christ” at Lufkin, Texas, April 11-14, 1955 [and] Abilene, Texas, Nov. 28-Dec 1, 1955, between E. R. Harper and Yater Tant
Thomas, Jimmy Masonry — a false religion
Thomas, Jimmy Why are you not a Christian
Thompson, Bert The day-age theory : another false compromise of the Genesis account of creation
Thompson, Bert The young earth
Thompson, Bert The limitations of science and its method
Thompson, Bert The mythology of science : spontaneous generation
Thompson, Bert “I’m not guilty, I’m just sick”
Thompson, Bert The “double-revelation” theory : an examination and refutation
Thompson, Bert The freedom to believe — a lie
Thompson, Bert Theistic evolution : curse of the church
Thompson, Bert How does science work?
Thompson, Bert Creation’s critics countered
Thorp, Roy L. Christian stewardship Easter to Pentecost 1958 : Manual for ministers and stewardship leaders
Titus, Charles B. (Charles Buttz) Who governs the church?
Tolle, James M. Denominationalism
Tolle, James M. The one baptism
Tolle, James M. Is the Book of Mormon from God?
Tolle, James M. An exposé of Jehovah’s Witnesses
Tolle, James M. The Church of Christ
Tolle, James M. Jesus saves
Tolle, James M. The Lord’s Supper
Tomlinson, L. G. (Lee Glenn) When was Christ crucified? : a scriptural investigation of the passover week and the sign of Christ’s divinity
Trent, Carroll C. Families of the Bible
Trout, Virgil R. The personality of Jesus
United Christian Missionary Society. Board of Missions and Education. Division of Christian Education A program guide for Christian youth : for seniors and older young people
Vinson, Anita Sue Teenagers talk: putting Christ in your classroom
Waddey, John H. (John Howard) Motherhood
Walker, R. C. , Raymond Clinton Rightly dividing the word of truth
Walker, R. C. , Raymond Clinton The Holy Spirit
Walker, R. C. , Raymond Clinton The kingdom of God
Walker, R. C. , Raymond Clinton “The little Bible”
Walker, R. C. , Raymond Clinton Searching the scriptures : With R. C. Walker, Sr.
Walker, R. C. , Raymond Clinton The great commission exemplified in Acts
Walker, R. C. , Raymond Clinton Worship
Walker, R. C. , Raymond Clinton Mother’s helper Bible lessons and coloring book
Walker, William F. Is church attendance necessary?
Wallace, Glenn L. The Church of Christ in light of the scriptures
Wallace, Steven J. The A.D. 70 doctrine
Wallace, William E. Something to give… to the “Jehovah’s Witness” caller : brief rejoinders to “Jehovah’s Witnesses” doctrine
Walton, Frank W. The gospel : Good news for you
Ward, Mae Yoho Report from Paraguay
Ward, Mae Yoho Christian action in Argentina
Warlick, Joe S. (Joseph Sale) “What is the sin against the Holy Ghost?” : the unpardonable sin
Warnock, Weldon E. If the unbelieving depart
Warnock, Weldon E. Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
Watts, Craig M. Christian faith and American citizenship : problems and possibilities, a study guide for congregations
Webster, Allen Can a Christian fall from grace?
Welshimer, P. H. (Pearl Howard) Facts concerning the New Testament church
West, Bob Read your children’s textbooks : An examination of humanism in the schools
West, W. B. How the New Testament church took care of orphans
Wharton, Edward C. The resurrection of Jesus Christ, historical or mythological? : a study in historical evidences
Wheeler, Pinckney Raymond A physician speaks on drug abuse
White, Edward A new creature : a lesson for new Christians
Wickizer, Willard M. (Willard Morgan) Guidance in personal evangelism : a manual for laymen
Wilburn, James R. Capitalism beyond the “end of history” : the rediscovery of the moral foundation of business ethics
Wilhelm, Jack, Thoughts on “contemporary” and “traditional” concepts
Willeford, James D. Is dancing Christian recreation?
Willeford, James D. Mixed marriages
Willeford, James D. A letter from heaven
Willeford, James D. Infant sinners
Willeford, James D. Parking and petting
Willeford, James D. Divorce and remarriage
Williams, Jon Gary The other side of evolution
Williamson, W. C. Were sins rolled forward or forgiven under the old law
Willis, Cecil Church discipline
Willis, Mike Reincarnation
Wilson, Dale Teenagers talk : influence
Winkler, Dan Just-if-ied never sinned : a study of Romans
Winkler, Dan The church at home with God : a study in Revelation
Winkler, Dan A 1 Corinthians 13 Christian : a study of love
Winkler, Dan God’s “word of encouragement”! : a study of Hebrews
Winkler, Dan Prayer : when I kneel at the throne of God : a study of prayer
Winkler, Dan The church we love : a study of Acts
Winkler, Mike The heart of God’s child : a study of attitudes
Wise, Harrell Instrumental music in worship
Witte, Nancy Inez The Bible tells a Christian woman how to dress
Wood, L. Foster If I marry a Roman Catholic
Yoder, Edward Compromise with war : a brief critique of the war philosophy of Charles Clayton Morrison as expressed in the Christian Century and The Christian and the War
Youngs, Bill The house that Brock built
Twenty-five years of kingdom building through the United Christian Missionary Society, 1919-1944.
About the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
Missionary directory.
Western church directory.
Directory of Churches of Christ.
What God says about bragging
What God says about homosexuality
What God says about jealousy
What God says about lying
What God says about pornography
What God says about obeying your parents
What God says about our words
What God says about what goes into your mind.
What God says about what goes into your body.
What God says about sex before marriage
What God says about stealing.
The Local church and the liquor problem : a suggested procedure for a program of alcohol education and action in the local church .
Your missionary world outreach dollar.
Why give? : Studies in the practice of stewardship. Four stewardship study programs.
Restoration restudied and restored : Round Lake men’s retreat.
This is your invitation to hear the gospel of Christ.
Christianity and humanism.
Does the fossil record support the theory of human evolution?
Faith and knowledge
Go Ye : For ministers for use the first Sunday in March.
Is your church organized for effective benevolence outreach?
The strength of the church.
Church schools of missions : Annual supplement 1958-1959.
How to finance the program of the local church.
The ecumenical communion service.
Notes to be used only with Bible scripture for cottage teaching and home study.
Old Testament narratives : Outline of Bible study for high school credit classes.
Inauguration of Riley Benjamin Montgomery : As president of Lynchburg College.
Education for the ministry : seminaries of the Disciples of Christ
Just Christians.
Why not be just a Christian.
Beverage alcohol destroys : Internally Externally Eternally.
The Church of Christ : in faith and practice.
Directory of churches of Christ in Europe and Asia.
Are we to keep the Ten Commandments?
Jesus Christ : the way the truth the life.
Listen carefully.
The history of man.
Looking for the Roman road to salvation.
God’s test of faith.
Warnings from God.
The covenants.
Who is Jesus?
One church.
Catholicism, too late! too wrong!
Recognizing the church of the New Testament.
Baptism according to the Bible.
Come, let us reason together.
Power to become a child of God.
Understanding the Bible alike.
Why are there so many churches?
Come and worship : celebrating the enrichment brought to the church through the Revised Standard version of the Holy Bible.
The Lord’s Supper (a supplementary tract).
Debunking “Jehovah’s Witnesses” : a written discussion between Ross Yerkes, a member of the cult of “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” and J.L. Davidson, a member of the Churches of Christ.
10 questions about the Christian’s hair.
Higher education for Christian leadership
The leadership training manual
What is the Church of Christ?
New life for Africa : Program five completed circles
Morning watch : not my will but thine.
In defense of God’s existence.
Scientific evidences of the Bible’s inspiration.
Associated Churches of Christ in New Zealand : Canterbury centennial 1868/1968.
Disciples of Christ and Spanish-speaking Americans : a symposium.
More than life! : what is it?
North Atlantic directory of Churches of Christ
Jesus Christ : the way the truth the life.
A moment to eternity

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