On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, April 2024

In April our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 383 items to seven sub-collections within our Special Collections holdings. We added items to the Taylor Hymnal Collection, the general rare books collection, plus the ACU Archive and ACU Authors collections.  Additions to the REST collection included items in a variety of formats: books and monographs, bound periodicals, A/V items, and of course the ongoing tract, pamphlet and booklet project.   Browse the list and you’ll see several items in French and German.  These tracts are scarce and make fantastic additions to the collection.

Photograph of four men sitting on their briefcases in grass, each wearing suits, matching hats, and looking at books. A house can be seen in the background.  Ca.1920s.  From Jesse P. Sewell Photograph Collection: https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth597076/

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

646 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research: 

Catalog Author Catalog Title
Adams, Jim W. Justification by faith
Allen, James A. Alias “Campbellism” : review of “Blood before water and Christ before the church” by J.H. Grime
Allen, Leonard The bookroom : remembrance and forgiveness : a memoir
Alten, Dieter Die “Zeugen Jehovas” im lichte der Bibel : eine Aufkl̃rungsschrift
Alten, Dieter Wer sind die 144000 der Offenbarung? : wer hat recht?
Alten, Dieter Unser Leben mit Gott planen
Ames, Edward Scribner Whither Disciples?
Andrejewski, Richard ¿tudes sur le Saint-Esprit
Andrejewski, Richard La delinquance des adultes
Andrejewski, Richard L’Ancien Testament et le Christ
Andrejewski, Richard Řeflexions sur la řesurrection des morts
Andrejewski, Richard Pourquoi croyez-vous ce que vous croyez?
Andrejewski, Richard Le doute
Andrejewski, Richard Le Sabbat
Andrejewski, Richard Marie
Andrewjewski, Richard Le bapteme biblique
Atnip, David The truth about homosexuality
Barnett, Joe R. One day at a time
Baxter, Batsell Barrett The alcohol problem
Baxter, Batsell Barrett Que dit la Bible?
Baxter, Batsell Denominational errors answered
Becton, Randy You’re not alone
Becton, Randy Living one day at a time
Becton, Randy You’re not alone
Becton, Randy Living above life’s losses
Becton, Randy The bereaved : how Christians can help
Becton, Randy Can I be forgiven? : how you can live today and not fear tomorrow
Bowen, Steven Ray The blood of the lamb
Boyd, James W. Biblical evidence of the virgin birth of Jesus Christ
Brecheen, Carl Love : if it isn’t unconditional, it isn’t the real thing!
Brewer, G. C. (Grover Cleveland) Premillennialism
Brown, Genevieve Growing edges in home missions for Disciples of Christ
Butchart, Reuben A flame of the Lord’s kindling : historical sketch Ontario Woman’s Missionary and Auxiliary Organizations, 1887-1933
Butterfield, George Foot washing : a study
Caskey, David Understanding the Bible
Cates, Curtis A. What to expect when you visit the Columbiana Church of Christ
Cates, Curtis A. The New Testament church
Caton, N. T. A bridge over the chasm : from A.D. 1 to A.D. 200 ; pagan proof that the Christ of the Gospels is a historic character ; two lectures
Clapper, William H. Churches of Christ : what are they?
Clark, Winfred Moderation in the Philippian context
Cogdell, Gaston D. Dear Mr. Graham : an unanswered letter to the editor of the Telegraph register, official weekly publication of the Roman Catholic Church for the archdiocese of Cincinnati, Ohio
Colley, A. O. (Asa O.) The Colley-Tyndall debate : a synopsis of the arguments of both speakers
Connel, Lloyd “Beyond their power,” why?
Continent of Great Cities South America prayer guide 1998
Coppinger, Joe F. Do we commit sacrilege when we sing?
Cosgrove, Owen The justice and mercy of God
Cosgrove, Owen Can a Christian fall from grace?
Cosgrove, Owen The law and the gospel
Cosgrove, Owen Soul-saving Scriptures
Cosgrove, Owen Creation versus evolution
Cosgrove, Owen Soul-saving Scriptures
Cosgrove, Owen Creation versus evolution
Cosgrove, Owen Out of duty
Cotham, Perry B. (Perry Boyd) Church cooperation
Cowden, John B. (John Brandon) Moses or Ishmael
Cowden, John B. Law versus liberty and the bridge
Cowling, Ellis What is the Christian thing to do?
Cox, John D. (John Dee) The teachers’ meeting : a plan for conducting the meeting and twelve lessons for the study period
Davis, Charles H. Ye must be born again
Davis, W. M. (William Morton) Bible briefs and sermon outlines : a comprehensive view of the Bible in its relation to man as set forth in a series of scriptural themes by which the Bible becomes its own interpreter
Degge, Eldon H. Praying with Paul from First Corinthians
DeGroot, A. T. (Alfred Thomas) Independent Disciple missions and colleges : a preliminary study
Duncan, Bobby The gift of the Holy Ghost
Duncan, Homer Some observations concerning the so-called Church of Christ
Elkins, Garland The vine and the branches
Elkins, Garland Life’s library
Elkins, Garland Sin in marriage
Ely, Lois Anna Thy will be done : for fellowship in intercession
Exum, Jack What kind of God do you serve?
Exum, Jack Is abortion a personal choice?
Faulkner, Paul God and the family : “we will make it work”
Flannery, E. L. Numbering our days
Ford, Gynnath When the churches in our city met to unite!
Ford, Gynnath Christ or “Christianity”?
Fortune, A. W. (Alonzo Willard) The Disciples of Christ
Freed, A. G. (Arvy Glenn) Sermons, chapel talks, and debates
Freeman, S. A. At the last
Fudge, Edward Two appointments you will meet!
Gann, R. W. The Church of Christ
Gardner, Don The doctrine of continuous revelation
Gardner, Fred I. (Fred Irving) What is expected of me as a member of the Church of Christ?
Gatewood, Otis Baptism for the dead
Goodman, W. L. Did you know that the Bible teaches that we must obey these commandments?
Gray, Edward A. Grief and loss : conversation guide
Gray, Edward A. Twelve conversations for caregivers : conversation guide
Gray, Edward A. Life after sixty : 12 conversations for active living
Gray, Edward A. Marriage mentoring : 12 conversations for building strong marriages : leadership training
Gray, R. W. Ye are fallen from grace
Gray, R. W. Principles of biblical interpretation
Grimm, Hans Godwin Die Gemeinden Christi und ihr Weg durch neun Jahrhunderte
Grubbs, I. B. (Isaiah Boone) Hebrews
Guild, Claude A. (Claude Adrian) Why we left Lutheranism
Hafley, Larry Ray Review of the “Jesus only” doctrine
Hall, Alexander Wilford The design and importance of Christian baptism
Hallinan, Kristen Legacy changer : heal the hurt, redeem your story, create hope for your family
Harper, E. R. (Ernest Rosenthal) The passing of time
Harper, E. R. (Ernest Rosenthal) Lectures on cooperation
Harrell, David Edwin The Churches of Christ in the twentieth century : Homer Hailey’s personal journey of faith
Haun, Delton Must one be baptized to go to heaven?
Haun, Delton How does one become a member of the Church of Christ?
Haun, Delton Seeking a better understanding of grief
Hay, Olin W. Christian unity … our unchanging plea
Headrick, Lynn D. Why I want to assemble with the church
Henson, Mark Lanier Apocalypse then? : the revelation of Jesus Christ in A.D. 70?
Hines, Jacob Lee The purpose of miracles
Hobbs, A. G. Les miracles ont-ils cesš?
Hodge, Charles God’s deacons
Holloway, Gary Genesis : God creates his people
Holloway, Gary Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy : God goes with his people
Hooker, Harbert D. (Harbert Dews) Black board charts and sermon outlines
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Foreordination and predestination,
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Resurrection and the judgment
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Fake healers exposed : miracles and divine healing : radio addresses
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) The Bible – from God or the Catholic church
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Federal Aid to Catholic Church
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) Roman Catholicism vs. freedom
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) The law and the gospel
Hrichi, Shadia Rahab : rediscovering the God who saves me
Hudgins, O. E. Who marries to please God?
Huff, A. C., The great salvation
Hunton, Paul Divorce is not the answer
Ijams, E. H. (Elvin H.) Friendly talks to elders : simple, encouraging, practical messages to the bishops over God’s people
International Missionary Convention of the Christian Church International Missionary Convention of the Christian Church Music Hall, Exposition Building, Olive, between 13th and 14th Sts., St. Louis, Mo. October 13th to 20th.
Jackson, Larry C. Churches of Christ in South-Central Texas : Directory of congregations 2024
Jackson, Wayne The biblical view of death
Johnson, Jerry Abortion : the slaughter of the innocents
Johnson, W. C. About the Church
Johnson, W. C. About daily Christian living
Kurfees, M. C. (Marshall Clement) Walking by faith : origin of instrumental music in Christian worship
Lacuata, Eusebio M. We were Catholics
Laidlaw, Robert A. Will the church go through the great tribulation? : notes of an address
Lanier, Roy H. What must I do to be saved?
Lemmons, Reuel G. Repent or perish
Lemmons, Reuel G. You can have the Holy Spirit
Lemmons, Reuel G. A New Testament conversion
Lemmons, Reuel G. Abounding in discernment
Lipscomb, David Christian unity, how promoted, how destroyed : faith and opinion
Long, Ellis When struck “the hour” : the gospel of Jesus death, burial, resurrection, and appearances according to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John drawn together into one portrayal
Longman, Blanche Secor, A Christian Christmas in the home
Lucado, Max Zijn naam is Jezus : de belofte van Gods liefde vervuld
Lucado, Max Boh je s vami každý deň : zamyslenia na 365 dní
Lucado, Max Onwankelbare hoop : bou jou lewe op die onverganklike beloftes van God = Unshakable hope
Lucado, Max Bie rang you lü kun zhu ni : tao chu kong ju, bu an, jiao lü de jie you shi yi jiang
Lucado, Max Lieber Gott, du bist echt cool : [365 Andachten]
Lucado, Max The greatest sacrifice
Lyles, Cleon Is there a Hell?
Lyles, Cleon Is giving essential to salvation?
Lyon, Mack Bible prophecy and the kingdom of Christ
Madlaing, Arturo Gabot A plea for Christian unity
Malone, Avon, The royal priesthood
Manon, C. E. Calling on the name of the Lord
Mansur, M. A. The proper attitude toward the Scriptures
Marchal, Jacques La Trinite : mythe ou realite
Marchal, Jacques Le probleme de la souffrance humaine
Marchal, Jacques La justification par la foi
Marchal, Jacques Peut-on etre d’accord en matiere de religion?
Marchal, Jacques La predestination
Marchal, Jacques La foi seule suffit-elle au salut?
Marchal, Jacques La Trinite : mythe ou realite
Marchal, Jacques La famille Chretienne
Martin, Luther W. A Roman catholic president
Massey, Jim Night and day with tears : the work of an evangelist
Mattox, F. W. (Fount William), Christian solutions to modern problems
McCaleb, John Moody Facts about the resurrection
McGee, Pat Not a chance in a million
McInteer, Jim Bill Introducing the Church of Christ
McNight, Mid See journey to eternity
Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship Righteousness exalts a nation : fifty-seventh annual Memphis School of Preaching Lectureship
Meredith, Maurice A. Dead to the law, or, Is the Sabbath binding to Christians today?
Milholland, Tom The rules of love
Miller, E.H. The rejected challenge / E.H. Miller and M.L. Lemley
Miller, Rachel When it hurts to hope : honest conversations about living with unmet longing
Moninger, Herbert 101 things for adult Bible classes to do
Moore, Stanley L. God’s way to Heaven
Morgan, John Fundamentals of biblical counseling
Mouser, O. L. Why we left the “Pentecostal” faith
Moyer, Forrest D. Mark ye well her bulwarks
Myers, Edward P. (Edward Paul) Bible worship
Myers, Edward P. (Edward Paul) Bible preaching
Myers, Edward P. (Edward Paul) The God of the Bible
Myers, Edward P. (Edward Paul) For Bible music
Niemeier, Denver The combination of God
Oler, Mary Kelly Passing years 1942 : poems by Mary Kelly Oler
Oler, Mary Kelly Passing years 1955 : Season’s greetings from the Gayle Olers
Orr, William W. There is an answer to Bible problems
Padfield, David A. God and capital punishment
Phillips, H. M. The importance of the word
Phillips, Marvin When sinners come home
Phillips, Marvin If you died today would you go to Heaven?
Phillips, Marvin When sinners come home
Plachy, Frank B. Are you sure?
Porter, W. Curtis (William Curtis), Benevolent societies
Porter, W. Curtis Quibbles that backfired : interesting and humors highlights of discussions where arguments or illustrations were turned back on those that made them
Powell, Mark E. Near the banks of the river: celebrating Harding School of Theology in Memphis
Preston, Billie Getting along with parents
Pullias, Athens Clay How to live effectively with others
Ramsey, Johnny Practical Bible studies
Ramsey, Johnny The Bible book-by-book
Rawls, B. S. Not forsaking the assembling
Rawls, Burnell S. What is the Church of Christ?
Reichel, Gottfried Gemeinden Christi : eine Sekte?
Reichel, Gottfried Wesen und Wirken des Heiligen Geistes
Rowden, J. Lexique du vocabulaire sexuel de la Bible
Samsill, Tirey G. Why I am a member of the Lord’s church
Samuel, Jim Organizing, developing, and motivating personal workers
Saunders, Landon B. How the heart learns
Schales, R. L. Welcome
Schales, Robert L. Quick order form :   Thought tracts
Schales, Robert L. The Church of Christ
Schales, Robert L. The thief on the cross
Schales, Robert L. We invite you to study the Bible with us
Schales, Robert L. The incomparable Christ
Sewell, Daisy Elizabeth McQuigg The life of Christ
Shank, Harold God works : joining Jesus on the journey
Sharp, C. J. (Cecil James) New training for service : forty lessons, complete first year standard teacher training textbook
Shelburne, W. J. The ministry of the Bible School Association
Shelly, Rubel, Did Christ establish one or many churches?
Shelly, Rubel What will you say at the judgment?
Shelly, Rubel Baptism : how, who, & why
Showalter, G. H. P. (George Henry Pryor) Church directory and list of preachers of churches of Christ
Showalter, G. H. P. (George Henry Pryor) Christ in history : an appreciation
Simpson, John This new doctrine of saints only
Sly, Florence M. The home is a constant teacher
Smith, George D. (George Dallas) Prayer
Smith, Ralph Adam Seasonal Christians
Smith, Ralph How Mary got to heaven
Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies Lectureship Faith : responding to Jesus
Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies Lectureship Seek discipling for Jesus: From sinner to saint
Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies Lectureship Hope : longing for Jesus
Srygley, F. B. (Filo Bunyan), Did John the Baptist sprinkle? : a review of C. T. Thrift’s tract, “Why John the Baptist sprinkled the multitudes at the River Jordan”
Stovall, Charles E. Salvation by grace
Stratton, Gary David The Jesus climb : journeying from student to disciple
Stroop, J. Ridley (John Ridley) Do you have the faith of Abraham or of demons?
Teel, Gordon The class issue
Thomas, Leslie G. (Leslie Grier) Women and their veils
Thomas, Leslie G. (Leslie Grier) Eternal life : the Lord’s gracious gift to His people
Thurman, Dillard Divine healing : fact or fiction
Timmerman, Samuel La base de l’unite Chretienne
Timmerman, Samuel Comment dispenser droitement (interpřter) la parole de v̌riť?
Timmerman, Samuel Un regard au-dela de la mort
Timmerman, Samuel L’Avortement
Titus, Charles B. (Charles Buttz) A ten-cent history of “Christian Church”
Tolle, James M. Have miracles ceased?
Vander Linden, Lauren I want to move on
Walker, W. R. (Wilmer Russell) A functioning eldership
Walker, W. R. (Wilmer Russell) Scriptural basis of Christian unity
Walton, Charlie Oh God! Oh God! : straight talk about overwhelming loss
Ward, Mae Yoho Disciples of Christ in Latin America and Jamaica
Wardlaw, W. E. The Crossroads philosophy
Warren, Thomas B. (Thomas Bratton) A preacher stood up to preach
Webster, Allen Scruples : a study of tolerance in matters of opinion from Romans 14
Welshimer, P. H. (Pearl Howard) The open membership question
Welshimer, P. H. (Pearl Howard) A Bible-school vision
Wharton, Edward C. (Edward Calvin) Genesis : historical or mythological? : a study in historical evidences
Whiteside, R. L. (Robertson Lafayette) Christ and his kingdom : a review of R.H. Boll
Wilhite, J. Porter Silver threads
Wilkerson, Bob What’s different about the Church of Christ?
Willcutt, James Witchcraft
Willeford, James D. How we got our Bible
Willeford, James D. How we got our Bible :   Did the Catholics give us the Bible?
Willis, Cecil Dancing
Wilson, Gordon Should Christians keep the Sabbath?
Wilson, Noel What the Bible says about divorce
Wright, Cecil N. Suicide : to be or not to be?
Yater, Laurie G. Fashions : a modern look at modesty
Yeakley, Flavil Ray In defense of church discipline
Young, M. Norvel (Matt Norvel) Apostolic evangelism
The American Theological Library Association : essays in celebration of the first fifty years
The encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell movement : Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Christian Churches/Churches of Christ/Churches of Christ
[Pamphlets from 1964-1965 World’s Fair]
Was ist die Gemeinde Christi?
Im 20. Jarrhundert kann das Christentum nur dann Fortschritte machen, wenn es sich dem 1. Jarhundert zuwendet.
Das Evangelium und Du.
Was ist die Gemeinde Christi?
Nun, da ich ein Christ bin…
What to expect … when you visit a Church of Christ
Now hear this!
Facts you need to face.
The community religious census and how to make the most of it.
Directory [of] North Central churches of Christ.
Does he cry with me? : a biblical view of human suffering.
The good news
Golden jubilee achievements to September 30, 1924
Now that I’ve been restored.
Im 20. Jarrhundert kann das Christentum nur dann Fortschritte machen, wenn es sich dem 1. Jarhundert zuwendet.
1968 directory, churches of Christ outside the 48 adjacent U.S. states.
1971 World directory, churches of Christ outside the 48 adjacent states.
Find the place
Christ is better than…
The church of the New Testament.
La sexualite et le Chretien.
Que penser de la sorcellerie? De l’astrologie? Du spiritisme? De l’occultisme?
Le pouvoir de la priere.
L’homme : ame, corps et esprit.
Les deux alliances.
Ce qu’est l’¿glise du Christ.
Catholicisme ou Christianisme?
Le bapt̊me du Nouveau Testament.
Find the place
Christ is better than…
This is the Church of Christ.
Qualtre řaliťs : auxquelles vous devez faire face.
L’aspersion ou l’immersion?
The centennial of religious journalism
Nichol’s booklet (improved)
Sermon outlines and pulpit diagrams
Western church directory.
List of preachers of Churches of Christ
Memo to parents.
Votre Bible n’est ni Catholique, ni Protestante.
Once upon a time there was a man who had nothing … and God gave him ten apples.
Un nouveau dogme pour les Catholiques.
Le bapteme des petits enfants : du ciel ou des hommes?
Les miracles ont-ils cesš?
Les ¿glises de Christ.
Votre Bible n’est ni Catholique, ni Protestante.
Quel est le but de l’Eglise du Christ?
Interesting facts about the book of books.
Memo to parents.
The Christian comforter.
Churches of Christ salute you.
Primitive gospel herald
Christian chronicle.
The Holy Bible : containing the old and new testaments :  translated out of the original tongues … and with the former translations diligently compared and revised.
The golden book of favorite songs : a treasury of the best songs of our people
The Westminster hymnal.
New Christian hymn and tune-book : a selection of hymns and tunes for Christian worship : in three parts.

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