On the Shelf: New items added to Center for Restoration Studies collections, May 2024

In May our colleagues in Technical Services and Cataloging added 409 items to Special Collections holdings.  We added many new second copies of some ACC and ACU academic catalogs (both undergraduate and graduate editions), some new hymnals, and many tracts in a variety of languages into the REST collection.

Photograph of four men sitting on their briefcases in grass, each wearing suits, matching hats, and looking at books. A house can be seen in the background.  Ca.1920s.  From Jesse P. Sewell Photograph Collection: https://texashistory.unt.edu/ark:/67531/metapth597076/

Our goal is to build a comprehensive research-level collection of print materials by, for, and about the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement.  But beyond assembly and preservation, a collection should be discoverable by those who need the information.  Collecting and preserving is only part of our task; those objects must be described and made available.  Thanks to the close and careful work of our colleagues upstairs, who describe our holdings, these materials are now discoverable. By discoverable I mean a patron can utilize our online catalog (such as by searching by author, or title, or subject) to find these materials.

409 new items…cataloged, shelved, and ready for research: 

Catalog Author Catalog Title
Abilene Christian University Undergraduate catalog
Ames, Edward Scribner Open letters on religion : and democracy, science, industry, technocracy, leisure
Ames, Edward Scribner Three great words of religion : faith, hope, love
Ames, Edward Scribner Liberalism in religion
Ames, Edward Scribner Undenominational religion
Ames, Edward Scribner Religion as enrichment of life : purposeful living, cooperative living, mystical wholeness, ceremonial celebration.
Ames, Edward Scribner Laborers with God : a sermon
Annis, C. G. “Blood”
Arlington Church of Christ (Va.) Churches of Christ in Virginia, Maryland and in our nations capital
Ash, Anthony Lee Dealing with divorce : a Herald of Truth study
Atkinson, Arthur W. L’¿glise que J̌sus a batie est ňcessaire pouir notre salut
Atnip, Charles Apostasy
Avila R., Francisco La verdad sobre el culto a Maria
Bales, James D. Catholicism and coercion
Bales, James D. The Biblical doctrine of Christ
Bales, James D. Our Christian responsibility for the education of our children
Ballard, L. S. Acts 2:38 Does not teach that baptism is a necessary condition to the remission of sins : a compilation of evidence and refutation
Banister, John H. (John Hugh) ¿Del Cielo o de los hombres?
Barnett, Joe R. Attacking the agony of loneliness
Barnett, Joe R. And…
Batres, Ra͠l ¡La palabra de Dios no es para discutir!
Baxter, Batsell Barrett A time for decision
Baxter, Batsell Barrett Ni Catolico ni Protestante, tampoco Judio
Baxter, Batsell Barrett H¿i-th̀nh đÆng Christ l̉ g? = What is the Church of Christ?
Baxter, Batsell Barrett Questions and issues of the day: in the light of the scriptures
Becton, Randy The bereaved : how Christians can help
Benson, George S. (George Stuart) America’s most dangerous threat
Benson, George S. (George Stuart) America and the welfare state
B̮i, Đ̌c HŁnh B̌c t́m thư k̕nh g¿i qu¿ v¿ linh m̄c v̉ t̕n h̐u c̥ng gìo = A respectful letter to priests and Catholic faithful
Billingsley, Dorris B. ¿Sabiais vosotros?
Billingsley, Dorris B. La salvacion de Noe : nuestra salvacion
Billingsley, Dorris B. The ABC’s of salvation
Binkley, Sam A workbook on some denominational errors
Bixler, Loyd World wide Bible study : manual of operation
Bixler, William Loyd For God so loved you!
Blackmon, Luther “Benevolence, the brethren and the Bible”
Brack, William Gene An open letter to the American people
Bradfield, W. A. (Willie Albert) El camino al Cielo
Brewer, Charles R. (Charles Richard) The kingdom of heaven
Budvarson, Arthur Mormonism, can it stand investigation?
Burcham, Ralph S. Framework of Christianity
Burcham, Ralph S. God’s only power to save–his son!
Campbell, Alexander The testimony of Alexander Campbell as to the history of Baptist churches
Campbell, Alexander Anecdotes, incidents, and facts : connected with the origin and progress of the current reformation, some of which have never been before published
Carrillo L., Juan Josǔ Cooperacion, benevolencia, etc.
Choate, Betty Burton alone…
Christian literature Commission Bible reading plan  : for Christian men and women
Clarke, Samuel The works of Samuel Clarke
Clevenger, Ernest ¿tmutat̤ a Biblìhoz : szem̌lyes haszǹlatra
Clough, Simon An account of the Christian denomination in the United States, in a letter to the corresponding secretary of the General Baptist Assembly of England
Cobb, Jerry E. Baptist doctrine and the Bible
Coffman, James Burton The non-denominational way
Cooper, Tommie Alcohol
Copeland, B. W. El mundo de nuestro padre
Cortex, Lionel M. Verdades b̀sicas de la Biblia
Cortez, Lionel M. Ancianos, pastores y obispos
Cortez, Lionel M. Como identificar la iglesia
Cortez, Lionel ¡Bienvenido!
Cosgrove, Owen If it makes no difference
Cosgrove, Owen Is a man saved by faith without works
Cosgrove, Owen Myths about Mary
Cosgrove, Owen Unity in Christ
Cosgrove, Owen What must I do to be saved
Cotham, Perry B. Sau s̨ ch¿t…r¿i ra sao? = After death … what then
Cox, Frank L. (Frank Lucius) 77 sermon outlines
Dederscheck, Hans J. Amor matrimonio familia
Dillon, Bill The amazing God
Dixon, H. A. (Hubert Allen) Class notes on Hebrews
Eaves, Thomas Alcohol
Elkins, Garland Come and see
Elkins, George T. Some facts about the Old Testament law
Elliott, Glen Mark workbook
Estes, Tom The Church of Christ is of divine origin
Filmer, William Edmund Rationalists in retreat
Flannery, E. L. Brethren I believe in it
Ford, Gynnath ¿Debe abandonar la “religi̤n de mis padres”?
Ford, Gynnath Are you prejudiced? : the verdict is yours!
Ford, Gynnath Are you waiting for a sign from God?
Gibbons, James E. Are visions, dreams, and religious experiences proof of salvation?
Goodpasture, B. C. (Benton Cordell) ¿Son las Escrituras verbalmente inspiradas por Dios?
Gray, Phillip A. ¿La B̕blia o la tradici̤n?
Gregory, Laverne Hablar en lenguas ¿una experiencia valida?
Grimsley, R. W. (Robert William) Can the common man know God’s will?
Grisales, Miguel Angel Dos pactos, ¿Cùl para los Cristianos?
Gruver, Kate Ellen The menace of Mormonism
Haddow, Bob The anti-instrument and other laws on trial : some fruits of legalistic anti-ism
Hailey, Homer La pregunta de las edades
Harper, E. R. (Ernest Rosenthal) Baptism – when is it Bible baptism?
Harper, E. R. (Ernest Rosenthal) E.R. Harper answers false charges against Church of Christ by George Bolen, Lexington, Tennessee
Harper, E. R. (Ernest Rosenthal) Why baptize by James L. Sullivan
Harper, E. R. (Ernest Rosenthal) Charts presented at the Lufkin debate
Hartline, Sam Churches of Christ in Georgia 1962
Haun, Delton Were you born a sinner? : did you inherit sin?
Haun, Delton 24 questions and answers about baptism
Haun, Delton How does God speak to us?
Haynie, B. F. La Biblia ensęa
Henderson, Parker Lee Buddhism and the Bible
Hill, G. R. El plan simple de Dios para la salvacion
Hobbs, A. G. ¿Es salvaci̤n por f̌e solamente?
Hobbs, A. G. ¿Qǔ diferencia hace?
Hobbs, A. G. Como entender la Biblia
Hobbs, A. G. Como hacerse Cristiano
Holland, Thomas A discussion of the issues facing the church
Houchen, Hoyt H. Is the Bible the word of God?
Hougey, Hal. Archeology and the book of Mormon
Howard, V. E. (Verna Elisha) H¿i-th̀nh đÆng Christ l̉ g?
Huffard, Elza Substitutes and their consequences
Hughes, Robert W. Alexander Campbell’s five days in Fife
Hurt, John Morgan Basic concepts of the Bible
Jackson, Wayne Hablando en lenguas
Jackson, Wayne El concepto b̕blico de la muerte
Jackson, Wayne Are Jehovah’s Witnesses true to the Bible?
Jackson, Wayne Atheistic humanism : it’s history and beliefs
Jennings, Alvin Ray Concordancia tematica de bosillo : 1000 referencias biblicas
Jennings, Alvin Ray Birth Control : Christian, Catholic, and communist views on contraceptives
Jennings, Alvin Ray The best surprise is no surprise
Jennings, Alvin Ray Concordance containing over 1000 references
Johnson, Clarence R. Abortion : The Biblical perspective
Johnson, W. C. Let the Bible speak about baptism
Jorgenson, E. L. (Elmer Leon) Answer and defense
Kauffman, Daniel, Bible doctrines briefly stated, or, 100 points on Christian faith
Kelcy, Raymond C. Undenominational Christianity
Kenney, Lucy A death blow on Campbellism
Kercheville, Mack ¿Que es la Iglesia de Cristo?
Ketcherside, W. Carl The authority totem
Kurfees, M. C. (Marshall Clement) The sermon outlines of M. C. Kurfees
Kuykendall, Elam B. Dressing to please God
Lanier, Roy H. Church of Christ versus denominationalism
Layton, Mac Algunas de las equivocaciones que hacen los “Testigos de Jehov̀”
Layton, Mac ¿Est̀ usted realmente bautizado?
Lee, Glann M. Calling upon the name of the Lord
Lemley, F. L. A re-study of marriage & divorce
Lindberg, Edwin Carl The ministry of elders : a handbook for elders in congregations of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Linscott, Gary ¿Sanidad divina?
Linscott, Gary Hablemos un rato de Dios
Lowry, Anna M. The martyr in black : twenty years of the convent life of “Sister Justina,” O. S. B.
Lucado, Max In de palm van Gods hand : overdenkingen bij de Psalmen
Lucado, Max (Max Lee) Kerstverhalen : hartverwarmende verhalen over engelen, een stal en de geboorte van hoop
Lucado, Max. God so loved you : a 40-day devotional
MacDonald, William Sepultados con Cristo : estudios primarios sobre el bautismo
Malcom, Darrel D. 20 minutes a day with the Bible
Malone, Avon (Avon Lee) La iglesia mal entendida
McAllister, D. M. Life’s greatest questions : what am I?, why am I here?, after death, what? : answered from the scriptures
McKerlie, H. Por qǔ esta iglesia : un estudio de la iglesia del Nuevo Testamento
McLean, Archibald Alexander Campbell as a preacher
McReynolds, A. B. Ten reasons why Christians should tithe
Meadows, James Lee A study of I, II, III John & Jude with supplementary subjects
Milholland, T. Eugene ¿Que es la Iglesia de Cristo?
Miller, Jule L. Una serie de estudios B̕blicos visualizados
Miller, Waymon D. (Waymon Doyne) How we got our Bible
Money, Royce On this rock I will build my church
Monroy, Juan Antonio Movimiento de restauracion e Iglesias de Cristo en Espąa : historia de quince ąos
Moody, Eva Estelle. Catalogue of the Boll Memorial Library : with a short biographical sketch and an account of Brother Boll’s death as written by his wife
Morley, Frank S. What we can learn from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Mullens, Leonard By what authority : the claims of Roman Catholicism versus the authority of the New Testament
Murray, Robert J. The age of accountability
Myers, Edward P. (Edward Paul) For Bible music
Nichol, C. R. (Charles Ready) A study in Methodist discipline
Norris, H. H. The Bible science and age of earth
North, R. Stafford The high price of wild oats
Norton, Howard W. A justi̇a exalta as nȧ̳es
Oliphant, W. L. (William Landon) Acceptable worship and the Lord’s supper : two radio sermons
Oliphant, W. L. (William Landon) Anthropology of the Bible or what is man? : a radio sermon
Padfield, David A. Ask your preacher
Parks, Norman L. (Norman Lexington) Jesus versus the “Eldership”
Parks, Norman, It Shall Not Be So Among You
Phillips, H. E. (Harlan Elwood) What’s wrong with modern marriage?
Polk,  John T. The absolute authority of the silence in the scriptures
Powers, David Church bus director’s handbook
R.L. Polk & Co. Abilene (Taylor county, Texas) city directory, including: City of Impact.
Reeves, Bill H. Casos biblicos de conversion /
Reyes, Ernesto Bienaventurados los misericordiosos /
Rice, John R. The second coming of Christ in Daniel
Robles, Francisco Avila La verdadera Mar̕a
Roper, David Be sure your sin will find you out
Russell, James W. The contribution
Rutherford, Rod What is happening to the Church?
Sawyer, Wyatt Purposing on purpose
Shappley H., Dewayne Lenguas y profecias : una exposicion de la 1 Corintios 14:1-40
Shappley, H.  Dewayne Negocios en las iglesias
Shappley, H. Dewayne La Iglesia de Cristo : ni Catolica, ni Protestante, ni Pentecostal
Sharpe, Robert F. Giving stocks
Showalter, M.V. Bible reading plan : to read yearly the entire Holy Bible
Sinclair, Dryden Ideas para el nuevo Cristiano
Sinclair, Dryden El principio de la iglesia en Jerusalen
Singleton, Diane That’s the preacher’s wife
Smith, F. W. (Fletcher Walten) How to praise God today : or, Can we have instrumental music in the worship?
Southern, Paul The person and the work of the Holy Spirit
Spencer, Claude E. (Claude Elbert) An author catalog of disciples of Christ and related religious groups,
Spratt, Walter L. El Espiritu Santo : bautismo – don
Stevens, Grover Why I left the Baptist Church
Stott, John Estudios para bautismo
Stroop, J. Ridley (John Ridley) Does love demand or excuse?
Sturgis, J. E. (John E.) Songs for soul-winning
Sweeney, Z. T. (Zachary Taylor) Should Churches of Christ receive unimmersed into formal fellowship? : a sermon
Sweet, R. B. Ahora que soy Cristiano
Tarbet, David A history of the Lord’s church in Danbury, Connecticut
Taylor, Robert R. Authority of elders
Thomas, Leslie G. (Leslie Grier) New directory of the Churches of Christ in the United States
Thornton, J. A. 104 sermon outlines: 88 outlines and 16 charts ( a full year’s preaching)
Titus, Charles B. (Charles Buttz) A ten-cent history of “Music in worship”
Tomlinson, L. G. (Lee Glenn) Churches of today in the light of scripture
Tran, Loc B. An approach to integration of science and religion
Trân, Văn Can DŁo-l¿ vℓ đ̌c th̀nh-linh = Pneumatology: doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Trân, Văn Can ĐŁơl¿ tƯn-th© theo kinh-th̀nh = Eschatology according to the Holy Bible
Trân, Văn Can NŁn nửn l̄t tỏn cʹu = The worldwide flood
Trân, Văn Can H¿i-th̀nh c̥ng-gìo la-m̂ v̉ gìo-hỏng trong th¿i-đŁi trung-c¿= The Roman Catholic Church and the popes in Middle Ages
Trân, Văn Can [Death]
Trân, Văn Can C̤ thư̂ng-đ¿ hay kh̥ng? = Does God exist?
Trân, Văn Can Th̉nh S̥-d̥m & th̉nh G̥-m̥-rơ b¿ h¿a thi̊u = Sodom & Gomorrah are burned up
Trân, Văn Can C̤ thư̂ng-đ¿ hay kh̥ng? = Does God exist?
Tran, Van Can Understanding the religion of Islam
Treat, J. W. El bautismo
Turner, Robert F. Are you “anti”?
Urrutia, Conrado Que es la Iglesia de Cristo
Valverde A., Efrain Los ciento cuarenta y cuatro mil
Valverde A., Efra̕n Las ultimas cosas
Valverde A., Efra̕n El bautismo : en once casos de conversion
Waldron, Jim E. Introduction to faith : Bible correspondence course
Walker, Fred Ce qu’est v̌ritablement l’Eglise du Christ
Wallace, William E. Are you disenchanted with the church? : Don’t give up! There’s a solution!
Warlick, Joe S. (Joseph Sale) Methodist dynamite exploded
Wheeler, Don History of the Church of Christ in El Paso
Widmer, Gladys ¿Por qǔ te detienes? : gu̕a Biblica para obreros
Wilkinson, U. G. Infidelity against itself, in three parts
Wilson, L. R. (Lawrence Ray) Broad-mindedness
Woodell, Jim Are you saved? : You can know for sure
Woods, Guy N. A defense of orphan homes
Wright, Gerald N. Three strikes and you’re out : The instrument issue
Wright, Wm. J. Baptism in plain English
Yocum, C. M. (Cyrus McNeely) The Disciples of Christ Congo mission in Africa
Zimmerman, John D. (John Daniel) Christian Church manual
8 days to more triumphant Christian living.
En busca de una iglesia
Mujeres y cigarros : ¡el clavo del cajon de los muertos!
El ministerio Christiano y el celibato del clero
¡M̀as que la vida! : ¿qǔ es?
Doce razones por que debe usted ser miembro de la Iglesia de Cristo.
Usted puede ser Christiano solamente.
Volviendo los ojos al siglo primero.
¿Le hace falta algo en su vida?
Hay una pequęa iglesia en su comunidad.
Presentando a un amigo.
Cristianos, nada m̀as.
¿Que debo hacer para ser salvo?
¿Deber̕a bautizar a mi recǐn nacido? : un estudio del pecado original, y el bautismo de infantes.
When a loved one dies.
8 days to more triumphant Christian living.
Un Sęor, una fe, un cuerpo.
¿Por qǔ creer en la Biblia? : busque adentro 6 buenas razones.
La musica en la adoraci̤n a Dios.
History of a class reunion : Freed-Hardeman College class of 1938, 40th reunion
En busca de una iglesia
La musica instrumental : por que la Iglesia de cristo no la usa en sus cultos
Mujeres y cigarros : ¡el clavo del cajon de los muertos!
El ministerio Christiano y el celibato del clero
¡M̀as que la vida! : ¿qǔ es?
Doce razones por que debe usted ser miembro de la Iglesia de Cristo.
Usted puede ser Christiano solamente.
¿Catolico? ¿Evangelista? o Cristiano : nada mas.
Volviendo los ojos al siglo primero.
Volviendo a la Biblia / Back to the Bible.
¿Qǔ es la Iglesia de Cristo?
¿Le hace falta algo en su vida?
¿Deber̕a bautizar a mi recǐn nacido? : un estudio del pecado original, y el bautismo de infantes.
El significado del D̕a del Sęor
¿Que debo hacer para ser salvo?
¿Podemos ponernos de acuerdo en cuestiones religiosas?
Cristianos, nada m̀as.
Presentando a un amigo.
Hay una pequęa iglesia en su comunidad.
The encyclopedia of the Stone-Campbell movement : Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Christian Churches/Churches of Christ/Churches of Christ
Acts of the Apostles
Restaurando el Cristianismo original.
Liderato Cristiano.
Estudie la Biblia por correspondencia.
El punto de perd̤n.
Restaurando el Cristianismo original.
El movimiento ecumenico de Dios.
Algunas cosas que usted debe saber.
Liderato Cristiano.
¿Qǔ dice la Biblia de Maria?
Estudie la Biblia por correspondencia.
El evangelio del siglo veinte.
Doce razones por que debe usted er miembro de la Iglesia de Cristo.
¿Nuevas lenguas : qǔ dice la Biblia?
¿Donde esta usted?
El puente a la vida.
Histore de l’eglise.
A igreja B̕blica.
Kristi f̲rsamling : den Nya Testamentliga f̲rsamling.
Trends of modern religion
Catherina Halepa Catsatos at work on bust of G. E. Steward
Golden jubilee
List of preachers of the Church of Christ.
Bible miracles vs frauds.
Recent opinions of biologists on evolution.
Financing New Testament Christianity : Who should give? How much? Why?
Daily thoughts : The beginning of the Gospel a congregational study of the Book of Mark.
Mission principles : [a symposium].
1986 Directory of Michigan Churches of Christ.
[Cordele Church of Christ “anti” history]
Prelude to prayer.
Ten ways to give more sensibly.
Are you ready for the judgement.
And so I said.
Are you looking for something?
Announcing a new series of pamphlets for use in the local church.
Church of Christ personal work : Bible readings.
By way of introduction.
The La Coste – Jackson debate.
They went to the Philippines : biographies of missionaries of the Disciples of Christ.
Resources, for evangelism and edification [a periodical].
Fellowship song book

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