Canvas Is Getting a New Look!

A new Canvas user interface (UI) will be rolled out on Saturday, June 18th, 2016 at 8:00AM, which we found to be the best time for the change after reviewing the summer schedules of both the Abilene and Dallas campuses.

What will change?

  • The change will be Mostly cosmetic, involving an updated look of the entry page (also know as Canvas Dashboard). The change will not affect the internal structures, functions, or features of your courses. You will see a different global navigation and Dashboard, which has a new view, allowing you to color code your courses.
  • Canvas used to have two Turnitin integration methods. With this upgrade, only one of them will be kept.  We will explain further about this using this blog once we have more details.
  • No upgrade will be made to the mobile app – it has already been updated.  

Where can you learn more?

  • Test the Canvas test site (URL to bookmark: to experience the new user interface. Changes you make on the test site will NOT be saved to the live site, but can give you some experience testing out what has changed.
  • Contact the instructional designers (Berlin Fang and David Christianson) if you need further information.

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