RSS (Real Simple Syndication, as it is often explained) is a way to aggregate blogs or news you frequently read. You probably are already using it without knowing it. Many modules on your MyACU page are actually RSS feeds. ACU News, for instance, is an RSS feed.

RSS feed is also a good way to keep updated with information key to your work. For instance, recently we have heard about the need to “push” updates about OpenClass to faculty. As a matter of fact, you could also proactively “pull” such information by using related RSS feeds.

Using Feedly for RSS Feed

But to get started, we’d like to introduce you to feedly, a good way to manage your RSS feeds. Here is a video that shows you how you can set it up:

In this video, we shared two websites which may push information related to technology-enhanced teaching, and these are the URL for their feeds:

Here is another good feed to subscribe to, if you are interested in hearing from OpenClass about their updates:

If you do not use Feedly and would prefer to receive feeds by email, try Shootthebreeze (Thanks to Dr. John Weaver for recommending this resource!) which will create email alerts for you for posts from your favorite blogs!  You can also try the “subscribe2” tool of this blog.  On the top right corner of this blog, you should be able to see “subscribe2”, under which you can type your email.  This will also create email alerts for this blog.

Bring RSS Feed into OpenClass

OpenClass also has a great feature to integrate RSS feeds in your class site. This would be very helpful to push blogs, sites of interest to the class you are teaching. This way, learning gets extended beyond the textbook and your classroom. Give it a try after watching this video.