If you enjoy reading books using the Kindle device or the Kindle app on mobile devices, you will be happy to learn that you can convert any PDF or even Word file on your computer directly into a Kindle file using nothing but the good old email, so that you can read, highlight, annotate, as you could with a regular Kindle book.

You will need to authorize an email to send from and find the email to send to.   This can be done in the control panel of your Amazon account.  Sign in to your Amazon account,  navigate to “digital content” and click on “settings”, choose “manage your content and devices” under “digital management”, and then select “settings” again.

On this page, find your Kindle email.  You will notice that each device has its own unique Kindle email that has been automatically assigned.  You can edit this email to something you can remember.  For instance, I changed mine to berlinfangipadmini@kindle.com.   

The next thing you will need to do is to “authorize” an email from which to send your files.    You can authorize a number of emails if there is a need to:

After this, you can simply email your PDF files from your authorized email (in my case bxf13b@acu.edu) to your Kindle email (in my case berlinfangipadmini@kindle.com) .  Make sure you use the word “convert” as your subject.

After this email is sent, wait a few minutes and then check your Kindle app to find the document in your Kindle booklist.   If it is not showing up, consider syncing your Kindle.

Sometimes the format may not look very neat, depending on how you format your document originally.  In most cases, however, I find it working well for personal reading.  For more professional-looking eBooks, consider other applications such as iBook Author.