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If you give a quiz to student via Canvas, you might sometimes want to find out such information as:

  • When a student leaves the quiz in the middle;
  • When a student resumes the quiz;
  • Which questions students have changed their answers for;

Canvas has a tool called “view log”, which provides a good deal of information about what students actually do while taking a quiz.

Please note, however, the log tool will not show you whether students are checking online, drinking coffee, or having computer difficulties.   The tool tracks mostly click history when students are taking a quiz, and it does allow you to have a fair estimate of how much time students spend on each question,  whether answers have been changed, or whether students have left a quiz and come back.   You do not always have to use the tool, but many scenarios (claims of computer difficulty, possibility of cheating) may make this tool very handy for your investigation.

Last but not least, by going over the quiz log, you have a better chance of finding out which questions still have difficulties with.  This, in turn, may help you to give better feedback to your students, or to adjust your teaching accordingly.

Please view this video from Canvas about the quiz log tool.    We will also be happy to show you how to use it.

Video:  New Feature Screencast (2015-01-31) from Canvas LMS on Vimeo.

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