In Fall 2015, we will fully implement Canvas, discontinuing support for other learning management systems.  You can request live sections before the semester, or you can get some master shells to work on your content right now.  See this tutorial here for further information about course shells.

Course content from Blackboard/CourseSites, Moodle and other instances of Canvas can be imported directly into Canvas. You will still need to check and edit items afterwards as learning management systems do not always match in their functions.  In some cases it may be just as easy to start from scratch instead of trying to move and match them. However if you would like to import, here are some tutorials:

There is no automatic importing function for OpenClass.  Content from OpenClass will need to be migrated manually.  Though “migration” is an analogy you can use working with Canvas, we would encourage you to think along the lines of redesigning your courses using the new learning management system.   Canvas may provide features and functions that inspire you to do something different this time, or the same things with greater efficiency for yourself and/or your students.   For instance, you might in the past use paper and pencil for tests.  Maybe you can use the quiz tool of Canvas this time.   Instead of using emails to collect student work, think about using assignments, which generates a column in the gradebook, an event in the calendar, and a notification to students all automatically!  The majority of our Spring 2015 pilot team are very positive about using Canvas.   Students also show great excitement about Canvas.   We would encourage you to try it too.