Guest post by Mark McCallon

The ACU Library’s Curriculum Builder LMS Plugin enables you to search for EBSCOHOST articles, e-books, and other digital sources directly from the Canvas system and provide access to your students.  Here is how it works:  You can search our ACU OneSearch directly from the Canvas LMS.  Simply click the button “Add to Reading List” and your selections are saved for your students to view.  Curriculum Builder allows you to annotate the reading list items so that you can provide additional information to your students. You can also share and copy other reading lists that have been created by faculty.

New features have been added that now allow you to collect the names of students as they access the readings.  You can now see who has done the readings and who hasn’t.  A drag-and-drop sorting order is now available in the reading lists, along with views of book jacket cover art and resource icons.  The full metadata of the article (author, title, publication, and date) will now display for your students.  You can also provide instructions for the reading lists that you create.  See this video for instructions on using Curriculum Builder and the new features.
Please contact Mark McCallon in the Library for questions, comments or suggestions.