Having online quizzes saves you time from manually grading your quizzes. It gives you flexibility in moderating the quiz. However, as with other tools, it will take some time for you and your students to get used to it.  Here are a few suggestions I would give for you to ensure a smooth testing experience:

  1. Before you develop your quiz, I strongly recommend that you read this article: What options are available for Quizzes? 
  2. Remember that you do NOT have to use every option in Quiz settings.  Some are optional.  Be especially careful with the timing of your quizzes.  Read this article for some basic understanding of how due dates and availability work: What is the difference between assignment due dates and availability dates?  (This applies to quizzes too.)  Check with us if you are not sure.
  3. Start your semester by having fewer restrictions instead of using all of your restrictive parameters concurrently (limited time, due dates, available dates, access code…).  Add restrictions as you and your students become familiar with the testing environment.
  4.   Have an ungraded, one-question “test quiz” in your course with no time limit and unlimited attempts that students can always take before a real quiz to make sure everything works for their device.
  5. Make it part of students’ responsibility to get ready for the tests.  For instance, they should close all non-related windows or apps on their computers or devices.  Ideally they should restart their computer before a test.  They may also need to check their Internet connection, battery power, and automatic updates that could interrupt testing. Advise students to obtain help before class if they have found problems.  Do not use too much class time for troubleshooting.
  6. Go to student view (settings –> student view) to see and take the quiz from a student perspective to make sure everything works.  If you find problems with your questions or answers, make changes before everyone else takes it.
  7. Have a few hard copies of your tests ready, just in case.

Contact an instructional designer for help if needed as you get ready to release your quiz or exams online.

Check this page for additional Canvas resources.