Building Randomized Quizzes from Question Banks

When building quizzes (generic term for quizzes, tests, or exams) in Canvas, it is a good idea to build first in “question banks” so that you can create random blocks of questions.  Here are a few benefits for doing this:

  1. It increases test security as students in your class will get different test questions drawn from the same question banks, or the same questions in different order.
  2. It allows you to reuse questions for multiple purposes in the same course.  For instance you can create chapter quizzes as well as major exams using the same question banks so that learning becomes iterative and accumulative.
  3. You can easily import your question banks into other courses without importing the quizzes, which makes it possible to re-create quizzes in different configurations.

In the tutorial below, I am going to show you how to create quizzes from question banks.

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