We have created a Spring 2017 template course with some common information you might find useful, especially if you are starting the course as a blank one with no content.

The template include some generic university calendar items including the spring break, holidays, and general grades due dates.

Template Syllabus Page

The template also includes modules corresponding to dates in the semester, starting with Monday of each week. This may help you to populate content corresponding to each week, but you can always edit the names after you have populated the content.

Template Modules

As shown above, the template also has some common resources such as Canvas video tutorials your students may find helpful. It is under “module 0”, which also include some common resources as shown below:

Template resources page

After this template is imported into your course, you can adjust the content as you see fit.

The template is a resource, not a requirement. Use it only if it helps you to get ready for the semester. If you are not teaching the course using this weekly structure, this template may not be that helpful.

If you are interested in importing the template into your course for a quicker start in building your course, please send the URL to me(bxf13b@acu.edu).  Go to the settings page and copy the URL of the page  (Example: https://acu.instructure.com/courses/2067020/settings) and email it to me.