Having a way to schedule meetings easily increase participation in office hours, which in turn helps students succeed in their learning.

There are many ways to schedule appointments within a specific time.
Canvas has a scheduler in its calendar¬† It’s a very useful but rarely used feature.

Here is a tutorial from Canvas:https://community.canvaslms.com/docs/DOC-12920-4152716604

And here is a link you could share with students showing them how to sign up for slots:


If you do this for multiple classes, you might want to use Google Calendar, which also has a great appointment option.  To set up, follow the instructions in this screenshot:

Google Scheduler
Once set up, you can then go to the appointment page,
Screenshot shows scheduler in Google Calendar
Copy the URL
Screenshot shows how to copy URL
Add to a module as an external URL
Add external URL in Canvas
Once students have this URL, they can sign up for appointments with you.
Screenshot shows how students can sign up for an appointment