If your professor use Zoom meetings for virtual conferences or classes, you can watch the following video to learn how to use it.  Please note that the beginning of the video may not reflect how you access Zoom in Canvas.  But other steps should be similar. After the video, read the instructions that may be specific for using Zoom in Canvas.

Here are some specific steps to take using Zoom in Canvas.  It may vary a little based on the browser or device you use, but these should be some common steps.

1. Test it out:

Go to this site to join a test meeting:  https://zoom.us/test.  If you are prompted to download the Zoom.us.app, download and install it.  Then try the test meeting again.  If you have issues, contact Team 55 for assistance.

2. Join the meeting:

Click on the link your professor set up in the course for Zoom meeting. It may be within a module and it could be called a different name.  Your professor should have told you where to locate it or you can ask for the information.

When you find the link, click on it, and click on “Join A Meeting.” If you are prompted to sign up or sign in, choose “sign in” and sign in using your ACU email as user name.

You will be asked “Do you want to allow this page to open ‘zoom.us.app’?” Choose “allow.”

The next screen will ask you how you’d join the audio, you may need to choose “Join with Computer Audio,” if you use a computer for the meeting, or the appropriate alternative option if you use the Zoom app on another type of device such as iPad.

3. Set up your camera and audio.

When you are in the meeting, you should be able to see others and be seen, speak and hear.  If your audio or video does not work, configure it through the audio or video settings in the bottom left corner. You should also be able to mute your audio and hide your video as well.